We’ve written a ton of Best Mattress lists, but we also want to help connect hot sleepers with their perfect pillow. After testing out a variety of different ones, we’ve come up with our top five favorite cooling pillows to accommodate folks who tend to warm up at night. Our top favorites include products from popular online bedding companies Purple, Bear, Brooklyn Bedding, Leesa, and GhostBed.

Some individuals naturally sleep hot, regardless of outside temperature, pajamas, or the type of mattress they sleep on. If that’s the case for you or a loved one, consider buying a cool sleeping pillow to make nights a little more comfortable. In this post, we go over our top favorite cooling pillow picks, including our Editor’s choice, our favorite foam pillow, and the best option for your money.

We chose these pillows based on the collective experience of our editors, and you can rest assured knowing we try to publish the best, most helpful content. And with that in mind, let’s take a quick look a the best cooling pillows:

We’re a group of young professionals who know a LOT about mattresses and sleep products and are looking to help shoppers navigate through the expansive world of online bedding brands. In this edition of Slumber Yard’s best list, we put together a small list of pillows after considering the many (emphasis on many) different ones we’ve had through our doors and under our heads.

Purple Harmony – Editor’s Choice

Purple Harmony Pillow Review Overview
An overhead look at Purple’s Harmony Pillow

The folks who brought us the popular Purple mattress have incorporated the same Hyper-Elastic Polymer material into the Purple Harmony Pillow for ultimate support and airflow. It’s certainly a luxurious cooling pillow, and the $160 price tag reflects that.

The pillow’s core is made using Talalay latex foam and is surrounded by what the brand calls a “360º Purple Grid Hex.” You can actually see it through the pillow’s machine washable white mesh cover, and it looks and feels like a bunch of mini, gel-like hexagons.

The secret to the Purple Harmony Pillow’s cooling power is the 360 Purple Grid Hex and latex because it allows for a ton of extra airflow. All of those little hexagons you see are air pockets, making this pillow extra cool and breathable. Talalay latex is also a cooler sleeping material than memory foam or polyfoam, so this combination is really ideal for people who sleep super warm. It’s one of the coolest pillows we’ve tested out.

The Purple Harmony Pillow comes in two sizes; standard and tall. Their standard size is 6.5” in loft and the Tall size is 7.5” in loft. With that said, we’d recommend the 6.5” model to back, stomach, and petite side sleepers, while the 7.5” model will likely suit average side sleepers or heavier individuals looking for more support.

Bear Pillow – Best Cooling Pillow

bear mattress pillow review side sleepers
Bear’s pillow works for a range of different people, including (most) side sleepers

The Bear Pillow uses what the brand calls LOFT-X hybrid foam to provide sleepers with a feel that’s like a combination between memory foam and latex foam. It’s comfortable and pressure relieving but still responsive. You definitely don’t get that viscous memory foam feel like you would on Brooklyn Bedding’s memory foam pillow.

We will note that these pillows aren’t lightweight. Bear made them to be super durable and supportive, so the queen size weighs 5 lbs and the king is 7 lbs. We think side sleepers will like the 7 lbs model better, while back and combo sleepers might want to go with the 5 lbs model.

If you’re a petite individual though or a stomach sleeper, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this pillow. Due to its loftiness, we think these types of people will find it to be a little uncomfortable.

You’ll notice blue mesh panels on the ends of the pillow and they aren’t just for looks. They enable increased airflow throughout the pillow and contribute to its breathability and cooler sleeping temperature.

Additionally, the cover is made using Bear’s “Double Ice Fabric” which gives it a cool feel, without being overly cold. It’s also machine washable (cold water, tumble dry on low), making spills or drool marks way easier to clean. And we’re only talking about the cover here, not the foam insert.

The queen size usually retails for just under $100, but if you happen to catch it on sale, it can drop another $20 or so. If you want the king size, it’s about $115 at MSRP, or around $20 off if you purchase during a promotion.

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex – Best Latex Pillow

Talalay Latex Pillow Overview
The Talalay Latex Foam Pillow with a soft organic cotton cover

If given a choice, would you prefer an organic/natural product over the alternative? If the answer is yes, the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay pillow might be for you. It’s made using materials sustainably sourced from mother nature, including Talalay latex from rubber trees and organic cotton.

It’s extremely bouncy, bendy, and responsive. We know bendy isn’t normally a word used to describe pillows, but it’s almost like a big slab of luxuriously soft and comfortable rubber. Plus, the machine-washable organic cotton cover makes the outside feel plush and soft-to-the-touch.

This isn’t the coolest bed on our list since there is no cooling technology that’s actively cooling you down. Considering the combination of moisture-wicking organic cotton and breathable Talalay latex, however, we think it helps keep sleepers from overheating during the night.

This pillow comes in two sizes and two loft options, so you’re able to choose one that really accommodates you. Therefore, we think this pillow works for all different sleeper types. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and heavier individuals will probably want the high loft model, and those who sleep on their stomachs or people who are more petite would probably enjoy the model with less loft.

The Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow isn’t the most affordable pillows in this list, but it’s the most expensive either. A queen size will run you about $90 before discount, and a king will be about $100. Though, we have seen them offer 25% off discounts, so keep your eyes peeled.

GhostPillow – Best Memory Foam Pillow

ghost pillow ghostbed review construction and foam
A look at the construction inside — check out the inner mesh cover and aerated gel memory foam

For folks who are interested in a really cool pillow that’s physically cold-to-the-touch, GhostPillow does one heck of a job with its patent-pending cooling technology. The cover is made with “Ghost Ice Fabric” that stays really cold, especially in the winter.

The inside is made with a gel memory foam support core with a special phase change material on top of it to turn up the coolness a notch. It also has an inner mesh cover that helps contribute to airflow and the overall cool feel of the pillow.

We think the value of this pillow is pretty great, considering it’s one of the cooler sleeping ones on this list and the most affordable. At retail, this pillow goes for about $85, but if you buy it during a sale/promo, you can usually get it for around $20 off.

Like the other pillows on this list, the icy cover is machine washable in case of a spill or stain. If you happen to get the foam insert dirty, you’ll have to spot clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Leesa Hybrid – Best Cooling Gel Pillow

leesa hybrid pillow review gel cooling insert
The cooling side featuring a gel cooling pad

This is Leesa’s premium dual-sided pillow, and we added it to our list because it’s a real quality pillow with a super-effective cooling side. The cool side is textured and made with memory foam and an actively cooling gel pad, while the flip side is quilted and feels more like a traditional pillow — soft and fluffy. We think you get the best of both worlds with this pillow

The cover is made with 60% Tencel Fiber and 40% Nylon, and it’s completely safe for the washing machine — just wash it with like colors and warm water. It’s also pretty stretchy, even though it’s a thicker material.

Overall, we’d say both sides of the pillow are super comfortable, and it accommodates both hot and neutral sleepers.

The Leesa Hybrid pillow is also pretty unique in that it has removable pillow inserts to adjust the loft (height) according to your preferences.

Side sleepers, back sleepers, or heavier individuals probably want a pillow with more loft, while stomach sleepers and more petite individuals might want a pillow with lower loft.

The pillow comes in two sizes: standard and queen. The standard size retails for about $110 and is 16 x 24”. The queen, on the other hand, is about $10 more and 16 x 28”.

Warranty, Shipping, And Free Trials

All of the pillows mentioned in the list above can be found and purchased online, and you can read in-depth reviews about any pillow you’re interested in if you follow the review link we’ve provided in each section. With that said, each brand will offer a few different policies to customers who purchase their pillow including free shipping, a risk-free trial period, and possibly warranty coverage (depending on who you purchase from).

First things first, like we said, each brand on our list will provide free shipping to the contiguous United States (other states/countries will have to double-check).

You’ll also receive a risk-free trial, so you can test out your pillow, considering you don’t have the chance to actually get a feel for it over the internet. Trials can range from 30 nights like the one offered by Leesa (average for pillows) or 100 nights like the one Purple offers their pillow customers.

If you decide to keep your pillow, most brands will offer a warranty on the product. That way, if any manufacturer defects arise, you aren’t liable or responsible to pay. Warranty policies differ, though, from brand to brand, so we highly suggest you look into a company’s different policies before you commit to a purchase.

Caring For Your Pillow

Most of all of the pillows we have mentioned above are machine washable, but you’ll want to take a close look at your pillow’s specific wash and dry instructions, i.e., temperature setting, speed setting, air dry, tumble dry on low. Every pillow is designed/manufactured differently, and they have to be treated as such.

Also, if your pillow has a cover, the insert is likely not machine washable. That’s the case for Purple Harmony, Leesa Hybrid Pillow, GhostPillow, Bear, Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow, and many others with foam/gel inserts. So if you happen to spill on your pillow and the liquid seeps through the cover, you’ll have to spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. You want to make sure you don’t get the foam or gel insert super wet, or you risk damaging the material. So use as little water as you can, and leave the foam/gel insert out until it’s completely dry.