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best electric heated blanket review

Best Electric Heated Blankets

The top-rated electric heated throw blankets for comfort, relaxation, and sleep.

In this post, we discuss the three best electric blankets. Heated blankets are great for relaxing both the mind and body, and for keeping cozy during the cold months. Read on to learn what we thought about each of these heated blankets.

If you’re the kind of person who tends to always be on the cold side, an electric heated blanket is going to be your new best friend. Electric heated blankets are simply blankets that have had insulated wire strung inside them, which can safely heat up through an electric outlet, so that they’re not only soft and comfortable, but warm, as well.

These blankets are also great for treating menstrual cramps, or cramping muscles. On top of that, they can also help you to lower your thermostat a couple of degrees at night, which can save you money on your gas and electric bill, and who doesn’t want that?

In this making of this list, we considered things like price, size, comfort, heat distribution and range, controller and cord length, and care. Keep reading if you want all of the details about the best heated blankets.

sunbeam electric heated blanket review

Our Favorite

See on AmazonThis is a soft, comfortable blanket that also happens to heat very well and is cost-effective.
serta sherpa fleece reversible heated electric blanket

Extra Comfortable

See on AmazonThis is a double-sided electric blanket with multiple heat settings and an auto-off feature.
softheat electric heated blanket review

Mild Heat

See on AmazonIt doesn't get hot, but it does have several clever features.

How to Use Your Electric Heated Blanket Safely

Because these heated blankets use electricity, they can be dangerous if not used properly. Like we stated above, I even hesitate to throw them in a washing machine and will probably opt for a spot clean regime. Here are some more tips on how to use your blanket safely:

  • It’s best to err on the side of caution and replace your electric blanket after 10 years, even if it seems to be working properly. Older blankets are much more likely to have faulty wiring, and are not as safe as current models.
  • Replace your blanket if it has bent wiring, scorch marks, frayed fabric, exposed elements, dampness, worn patches, damaged cords, or loose connections. Check to see if it is still under warranty, first.
  • Your heated blanket should have an automatic shut-off feature, so that the blanket doesn’t overheat.
  • Never run the electric cord of your heated blanket between a box spring and mattress, or between a couch and a wall.
  • It’s not recommended to use an electric heated blanket with young children, those with very sensitive skin, anyone incapable of controlling it on their own for any reason, and never use them in an infant’s crib.
  • Always turn your blanket off and put it away somewhere safe when not using it.

Sunbeam Electric Heated Blanket


  • People who want a fuzzy blanket
  • Those who want a blanket that gets hot (not just warm)
  • Anyone who wants a wide range of options of blanket colors or patterns

Let’s start with Sunbeam, since they happen to be the most popular brand on Amazon for heated blankets. Specifically, we got the Sunbeam microplush heated electric throw blanket with an EliteStyle controller, for around $35.

This blanket is 50” x 60”, which is a good couch blanket or throw blanket size. It’s a microplush polyester material, and we think it’s the softest and most comfortable material we tested. Sunbeam has a huge range of heated blankets in all different materials, though, so feel free to check those out on Amazon, too.

best electric heated blanket review sunbeam
The Sunbeam blanket has a basic 3-setting remote

You can feel the wires of this blanket if you add a little pressure, but we didn’t find them to be a problem. Its heat range includes low, medium, and high settings. This is the smallest range of options between all three blankets, but we think this blanket gets the warmest. We used a temperature gun and found it got up to over 80℉. It will also automatically shut off after three hours of use, as to not overheat itself.

As for the cord on this one, it’s not as long as we’d like. The plug where the cord connects to the blanket is also a couple inches inward from the edge of the blanket, and we’d like it to be on the edge instead. It’s an awkward placement.

Sunbeam states that you can wash this blanket in the washing machine in cold water and on a gentle cycle, and then tumble dry on a low, delicate cycle. The manual says the blanket will probably shrink a little, so pull on the corners to stretch it back out. The manual has pretty strict instructions to make sure the blanket is COMPLETELY dry before using it again to avoid shock or other problems. This is a sketchy sounding situation to us, so feel free to just spot clean your blanket with a mild detergent and some water.

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Serta Reversible Electric Blanket


  • Anyone who wants a dual sided blanket
  • People who love sherpa material (how could you not?!)

The Serta electric throw blanket is made by the company Perfect Fit. It comes in six different colors and we got this blanket for around $40, but be sure to check current pricing for yourself.

This blanket is also 50” x 60”. One side of this blanket is a microplush polyester, and the other side is a white Sherpa material that is really cozy. The microplush on this blanket isn’t as soft as the Sunbeam blanket, though, and the fibers aren’t as long so it’s less fuzzy.

best electric heated blanket review serta
The Serta remote is a little big, but it has a nice layout

This blanket has a heat range of settings from one to five, and it has automatic shut-off after four hours. We found its highest heat to be 80℉. While we were using it around the office (the Big Dog production squad likes to keep the office cold), we accidently let the controller drop on the floor (which is kind of to be expected), and the controller went on the fritz. It was switching all around between settings. We left it alone for a few days, and now it’s back to normal, so we’re going to say it’s “temperamental.” Also, you could feel the wires on this one, as well, but it didn’t bother us while cuddling up with the blanket.

The cord on this blanket is a little annoying, being the shortest length at 8.5’. The controller is placed halfway down the cord, so about 3-4’ away from you. If you want to be able to reach the controller while using the blanket, this means you’re doomed to loom only about 4’ away from the nearest outlet.

The manual says that this blanket can be machine washed and air dried, but again, we recommend a spot clean to err on the side of caution.

SoftHeat Electric Blanket


  • People looking for a larger heated blanket (great to use on the bed)
  • Those looking for a blanket that doesn't get too hot (i.e. great for children)

The electric heated blanket we got from SoftHeat is called a luxury fleece blanket with safe and warm low-voltage technology. It comes in five different colors and in sizes twin, full, queen, or king. We got a twin for around $50, which is the most expensive blanket on this list.

Even though we got the smallest size available, this is the biggest blanket we tested at 64” x 80”, which is enough to completely cover the top of a standard queen size mattress. It’s made with a microfleece material that isn’t as soft as sherpa. The fleece makes it a bit staticky and all of our hair (or our pets hair) sticks to it very easily.

best electric heated blanket softheat
The remote for the SoftHeat blanket sits on the floor

The cord length for this blanket is super long at over 23’ and the controller is meant to lay flat on the floor (which solves the problem of us dropping the controller). It’s heat range is between 1-10, which personally, we found to be unnecessary. You can’t tell the difference from one setting to the next.

Because this is a low-voltage blanket, it doesn’t get that hot; we measured it to only be 77℉ on the highest setting. Because of this, the automatic shut-off is 10 hours since it won’t overheat as quickly.

Also, the heat mainly comes from the middle of the blanket, not the whole thing, which we don’t like. What we do like is that this blanket has very small and thin wires, so you pretty much don’t feel them at all, and we like that the plug where the wires connect to the blanket is on the edge, instead of further into the blanket like the others.

The SoftHeat blanket can be both machine washed and dried. We’re sticking with spot cleaning.

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