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best weighted blankets review

Best Weighted Blankets For Adults, Anxiety & More

In this post, we cover the best weighted blankets, including for adults, individuals with anxiety, and anyone that has a tough time falling asleep.

We’re comparing three of the most top-rated weighted blankets on the market: the YnM, the Magic Blanket, and the Calmforter. Make sure to read on till the end to learn which one was our favorite blanket.
ynm weighted blanket

Most Affordable

See on AmazonA simple weighted blanket that won't break the bank.
the magic blanket weighted blanket review

Most Popular

See on AmazonThe Magic Blanket is soft and comfy, but it isn't cheap.
calmforter weighted blanket review

Our Favorite

See on AmazonThe Calmforter not only has a clever name, but also is a super-soft, inviting blanket.

Weighted blankets can help to soothe everyday stress and anxiety, as well as help you to fall asleep and stay asleep longer through the night. Some studies have also found that weighted therapy can help to increase levels of serotonin and melatonin, while decreasing cortisol levels, overnight. To learn more about the many benefits of weighted blankets, read on till the bottom of this post.

You can compare the feel of weighted blankets to that of someone giving you a good hug, or being held, and we found the effect to be relaxing, soothing, and comforting.

Best Weighted Blankets: Sizing Overview

To be on the safe side, go for your recommended weight. Licensed therapists recommend a weight that’s 10% of your body weight, with wiggle room for one pound. So, say you weigh 140 lb; your weighted blanket recommendation would be a 13-15 lb blanket. Through our own experimentation with our diverse Slumber Yard staff, we think that 12 lb is a good starting point. Let your body get used to this weight, then work up from there to whatever feels good you for.

As a disclaimer, because of the extra weight these blankets carry, they will be warmer than standard blankets. If you don’t like to sleep warm at night, there are other environmental factors that can cool you off, like using a fan or wearing silk pajamas.

To do this comparison between the YnM, Magic Blanket, and Calmforter, we considered details like price, weight and size, weight distribution, overall feel, care, and shipping and return policies.

YNM Weighted Blanket


  • Budget shoppers
  • Anyone looking for a durable weighted blanket

This is on the cheaper end for weighted blankets and the most affordable one on this list. We did notice that pricing tends to change, so check current offers. Also, we could only find this blanket for retail on Amazon.

They were currently sold out of their 12 pounder, so we got the 15 lb blanket. It’s 48” x 72”, which is enough to almost cover a full size mattress. YnM’s complete weight range is 7 to 25 lb, varying by different sizes. They tend to be sold out of a few options at a time, but they do restock, so just keep an eye on it.

best weighted blankets ynm
A closer look at the YNM blanket

This blanket is made out of organic cotton. It’s quilted into large squares, which are filled with a wool like material and super tiny glass beads, which is what adds weight to the blanket. Because of the wool, the weight stays distributed very well, probably the best out of all the blankets, comparatively. It doesn’t make much noise when it moves, either.

Organic cotton is good for you skin and allergies, but it wasn’t the most comfortable of all the blankets. It was a little scratchy, but we found that YnM separately sells covers for their weighted blankets, as well. The blanket we have is supposed to be the inner layer. We recommend getting a cover (or multiple covers), and will go over this more in the care section. The blanket does feel very thick and durable; you won’t be worried about tearing it. We had one of our bigger production guys try out it, because it is a heavier weight, and he liked it, but thought it was too hot to use in the summertime.

best weighted blankets ynm
Can be used with or without a cover (sold separately)

As for care, the blanket we got (which is the inner layer) is advertised as machine washable on a low, gentle setting and then lay it out flat to air dry. You can also get it dry cleaned. From our observations, we think it would take just about all day for this blanket to dry out, because it’s so thick and there is that wool material holding the beads. This is probably why the company so strongly suggests you get their separately sold removable cover, which would make for much easier cleaning.

The Magic Blanket


  • Anyone looking for a variety of materials to choose from
  • People who want a weighted blanket for lounging around on the couch with

Next, let’s go over the Magic Blanket. We got ours on Amazon for about $190, which was the most expensive blanket in this round up. This blanket is available on Amazon and their own independent website, so check both for current pricing and blanket options.

Magic Blanket has blankets with various weights starting at 4 lb, and they go all the way up to 24 lb. The specific blanket we got is 42” x 60.” It’s not big enough to cover a twin size bed, so it’s more of a throw blanket style for a couch. It’s a decent size for Slumber Yard team member Kelsie, who’s 5’3”, but not for Slumber Yard team member Matt Ross, who’s 6’0”. To go up in size, you have to go up in weight, and we didn’t want to experiment with a 16 lb blanket right away.

best weighted blanket magic blanket
The Magic Blanket has a furry, soft cover

This blanket is constructed in squares, and the squares are filled with small polypropylene pellets, which are just plastic beads. They’re bigger than the glass beads used in the other two blankets. This is what weights the blanket.

What we noticed with this blanket is that it has a lack of materials holding the beads in place, so the beads tend to bunch up on one side of their square. Also, you can hear the beads moving around. For instance, when you stand up with the blanket wrapped around you, all the beads fall down to the bottom of their squares, and it has a rainfall sound. This weight shift of course isn’t too much of a problem if you’re laying down flat with the blanket evenly on top of you, but it tends to fall off the side of the bed or the couch more easily if you shift your weight.

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As for overall feel, we really like the chenille material they offer. It has long strands and feels soft and luxurious. The other companies we tested didn’t offer this material. The Magic Blanket website also offers blankets in materials like cotton, mink, fleece, and such, but the chenille seems to be their most popular.

To keep things clean, the Magic Blanket cleaning instructions say to machine wash and then air dry this blanket. This should be the same protocol for all the materials they offer. To be completely honest, we didn’t wash this blanket during testing, but because the material is on the thinner side we think it would be fine and dry fairly quickly.

Calmforter Weighted Blanket


  • Those looking for a weighted blanket with a soft, furry cover
  • Anyone that's interested in the Calmforter's "Sensadots"

The Calmforter (Haha, get it? It’s a calming comforter.) is a weighted blanket distributed by Platinum Health. This blanket comes as a full set, with both a weighted insert and a cover. This blanket was our medium priced one, costing about $180 on Amazon. They also sell them on the Platinum Health website. Be sure to check for current pricing, as we noticed it changes a bit on Amazon.

The Calmforter only comes in one size and weight, which is 12 lb and 60” x 80”. This was the biggest blanket we tested, and it’s big enough to pretty much completely cover a queen size mattress. They believe this is the perfect weight, as they state, “Studies show that most users prefer a 12 lb blanket.”

They state that if you want less weight, only have half the blanket on top of you. If you want more than 12 lb, fold the blanket in half to double up. We don’t necessarily agree with this logic, because you will only be able to get 12 lb of pressure out of this one blanket, no matter how you fold it. We did like the weight of the blanket, though, and found it to do its intended job.

The Calmforter comes in a minky material that’s soft and plush, and comes in a variety of color combos. We got the brown and cream combo (roasted coffee/chantilly cream, as the website labels it), but the cream was more of a butter yellow, just so you know.

best weighted blanket review calmforter
You can see the soft, minky cover

One side is soft and smooth, and then the other side is textured with these little bumps which are called “SensaDots,” and are recommended for fidgety children. Even our adult team here at the Slumber Yard liked the texture of the dots, and found them soothing. Additional covers are available for separate purchase through their website if you stain your cover or just want to switch up the colors, but they are only available in the minky material.

For construction and weight distribution, like we said, this is a two part system. The minky cover is removable, via ties on the inside corners of the cover and blanket. The inner insert looks and feels similar to the YnM blanket, in that it’s a cotton material with big square stitching to hold the beads. This blanket is also weighted with glass beads and some sort of polyfill so that the beads stay evenly distributed and quiet.

We wouldn’t say it’s as quiet or has as good of weight distribution as the YnM blanket, but it’s still good and feels durable. The cover does a good job of masking the quilted blanket underneath, making it feel smooth all over, and making sure this blanket has a non-therapeutic appearance.

For care, having the cover is nice because it makes it much easier to keep things clean. Simply remove to cover to machine wash and dry it. They do not provide washing instructions for the inner weighted layer, leading us to assume that you shouldn’t machine wash it. A cover also prolongs the life of the blanket, as the weighted portion of the blanket isn’t getting repeatedly washed.

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More Information About Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are actually a fairly new phenomenon in the sleep aid space. Weighted blankets were originally used by psychiatrists as therapeutic treatment for their patients with severe anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autism, and more, but it was then found that almost anyone can benefit from them. As we stated above, the weight of a weighted blanket is very comforting. It’s just enough weight to make you feel like you’re being hugged or swaddled, and is slightly warm, as well. This is often related to the term deep touch pressure, or DTP. DTP is a term used to describe weight being gently and evenly distributed on the body. Examples of this are hugs, massages, and weighted blankets. DTP is scientifically proven to release serotonin, which is a chemical in the brain thats linked to feelings of being calm, mood regulation, sensory processing, and decreasing activity in the nervous system.

In times of distress or insomnia, simply lay down with the blanket laying flat on top of you, and breathe deeply while waiting for the effects to kick in. It takes a minute or two, but after our own experiments, we began to feel calm and sleepy after a couple of minutes. After weeks of testing, we actually found that we found it hard to sleep without our trusted weighted blanket, as the feeling is so addicting.

Weighted blankets can be used by children, teen, and adults, but just make sure to abide by the weight recommendations that we talked about above: 10% of your body weight, plus or minus a pound. If you find that you’ve adapted to this weight, then you can experiment with heavier blankets, but keep in mind that heavier weights are not recommended for children.