There’s a lot of chatter among the bedding industry about both the Casper Pillow and MyPillow. In this comparison, we’ll break down the construction and materials of both pillows, price, feel, and more to find out the kind of sleepers these pillows will appeal to.

For those of you in a rush, below is the gist of what we’ll be discussing in this post. Also, just to clarify we will be comparing the Casper Down Pillow and My Pillow Premium in this article. We mention this because both companies make multiple pillows.

  • Pillow Materials — The Casper Pillow is filled with ethically sourced down, and My Pillow is stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam.
  • Price Difference — The Casper Pillow is usually about $80-$115 more expensive than My Pillow on Amazon.
  • Construction — The Casper Pillow has a five chamber construction while My Pillow comes in different fill levels.
  • Company Policies — The Casper Pillow has an edge with a longer trial period, but My Pillow has Casper beat with their warranty.

Now, let’s start reviewing why you might choose one pillow over the other.

Intro To Casper Pillow And My Pillow

Casper is one of the biggest names in the online mattress industry, so it was no surprise when they tried their hand at making a comfortable pillow, too. MyPillow, however, made themselves known as “the world’s most comfortable pillow” (we’re quoting their website here) through television advertising. In a short amount of time, the brand became one of the most successful mail order products in history and have sold over 40 million pillows. So which pillow do we think is better? We honestly think it depends on you and your specific preferences, and we’ll explain more about this throughout the post.

Casper Down Pillow
Casper Down Pillow
Why it’s Great
Casper’s Down Pillow has a fluffy/puffy feel for those that are interested in a more traditional pillow.
Best for
People that want a traditional down pillow
All sleep styles
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
30 Night
1 Year

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Before we get into the details about Casper’s Down Pillow, we want to briefly touch upon Casper’s other pillow — the Original Casper Pillow. It’s more affordable, and the inside is constructed with a supportive core and fluffy outer-layer. If you’re a price conscious buyer but you love Casper products, feel free to give their original pillow a try.

The Casper Pillow’s All-Natural Construction

As you probably know, down pillows are made with the delicate, fluffy feathers from specific birds. The Casper Pillow is made with both white duck down and exterior feathers to make it feel soft, yet supportive. In Casper’s case, the down is ethically sourced from ducks who have been properly cared for. It’s even certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), and it definitely gets our stamp of approval.

Casper Down Pillow Review Cover
Overview of Casper’s Down Pillow

It has a 5-chamber construction, which makes the Casper Down Pillow different than the other pillows we’ve tested here at The Slumber Yard. The soft down material takes up a majority of the outer chambers, while duck feathers make up 40% of the pillow’s outer chambers. This makes the pillow more structured and supportive than other flat, unresponsive down pillows. It comes in two different sizes; standard and king. The standard pillow is 18” x 26” while the king size pillow is 18” x 34”.

A brand can’t dub their pillow ‘all-natural’ without an eco-friendly cover, so Casper made sure to fully commit to the plight to be environmentally conscious. The cover on Casper’s Down Pillow is made with 100% organic cotton, and we think it makes the pillow look as luxurious as it feels.

This Pillow Has A Soft Down Feel

Folks who like down pillows are likely attracted to their soft and fluffy feel — kind of like a ball of cotton candy or a cloud. That’s what the Casper Down Pillow feels like, but without the reputation that some down pillows come with. Sometimes, once you lay your head on a down pillow, it goes flat and you have to constantly wake up to fluff it throughout the night.

video thumbnail

All this pillow needs is a good fluff once a day before you go to sleep, and you’re all set. So we think the Casper Down Pillow gives you the best of both worlds — the fluffiness of down and the support of large, exterior feathers.

The Casper Pillow Accommodates (Most) Sleepers

When you’re trying to figure out your ideal pillow, you should first consider your sleeper type, then your body type. Side sleepers will probably want a pillow with more loft, so their neck and spine remain in proper alignment. Stomach sleepers should consider a pillow with less loft so they don’t wake up with an uncomfortable kink in their neck.

Casper Down Pillow Review Stomach Sleeper
The Casper Down Pillow works for all sleeper types, including stomach sleepers

It’s a little trickier for back sleepers to decide because they could essentially go either way, but we usually recommend they go for a pillow with more loft so their neck is properly supported. Especially for back sleepers who snore, because a loftier pillow will open up their airways.

Your body type also plays a factor in the kind of pillow you should purchase. In general, petite individuals enjoy pillows with less loft more, while heavier folks would benefit from a pillow with more loft.

Casper Down Pillow Review Loft
A look at the compressed loft of Casper’s Down Pillow

When the Casper Down Pillow is compressed, it’s about 2.5″-3″, and about 5.5” when it’s sitting by itself. So what kind of sleeper do we think this works best for? We think all sleeper types (back, stomach, side, and combo) will find this pillow accommodating. The only people who might not love it are side sleepers over 250 lbs, or petite back sleepers.

MyPillow Original
MyPillow Original
Why it’s Great
MyPillow is one of the best known pillows in the world. If you want a fluffy, shredded foam feel, chances are you’ll MyPillow.
Best for
If you want a fluffy foam pillow
All sleeping positions (multiple options available)
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Trial Period
60 Night
10 Years


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My Pillow Is More Affordable Than Casper

We mentioned how we think the Casper Down Pillow has a luxury look and feel. Well, it also comes with a luxury price — especially compared to the cost of My Pillow.

The queen size My Pillow on Amazon will run you about $40, while the king size My Pillow retails for about $50. If you want to get your hands on a standard/queen size Casper Down Pillow, on the other hand, it’ll cost you around $125 and the king size is around $165.

The Casper Down Pillow is one of the most expensive pillows we’ve ever tested along with the TempurPedic Pillow, but we recognize not everybody is price conscious. So if you can justify the price of the Casper Pillow, like the people who appreciate its all-natural construction — we say give it a chance. Otherwise, My Pillow is comfortable and certainly a crowd favorite.

It Comes In Different Fill Options

It’s common to see a pillow available in different sizes, but My Pillow comes in different fill options as well. Usually, the more fill inside a pillow, the loftier, and firmer it is. The brand recommends you choose your fill level based on your gender and T-shirt size. For example, if you’re a woman and wear a medium sized T-shirt, My Pillow recommends you go with the medium fill.

My Pillow Fitting Guide
A look at the sizing guide from My Pillow

What exactly is the fill made of? Stuffed inside My Pillow is shredded polyurethane foam (fancy mattress talk for neutral-foam). Imagine taking a slab of neutral-foam, and running it through the blender. That’s basically what you’d find in My Pillow if you were to cut through its cotton cover.

MyPillow Review Wash Instructions
My Pillow wash instructions for first time use

When you initially unbox My Pillow, you might be a little confused — it doesn’t exactly look or feel like a pillow. That’s because you have to throw it in the dryer for 15 minutes upon first use, to activate the interlocking material inside. After that, the brand recommends you regularly wash your pillow to keep it clean, and long-lasting. One thing people love about My Pillow is how they’re manufactured in the United States, compared to Casper, who couldn’t specifically tell us where the Casper Pillows were made.

The Feel Of My Pillow

We think My Pillow is a generally comfortable pillow, and it’s probably why so many people seem to like it. There’s nothing super special about it, which can make it hard for people to take a hard, negative stance against it. It honestly just feels light, neutral-foamy, and soft. It’s not light like Casper’s fluffy down material, but it’s light in the way that aerated neutral-foam feels light.

video thumbnail

The biggest complaint we see on the internet about MyPillow is how it feels a little lumpy, and it seems like some people aren’t able to get passed it. Due to the shredded poly foam, you can almost feel each individual piece when the pillow is between your hands. It’s not noticeable when you lay down in it, but we understand why some people might not love it. Just remember, millions and millions of people didn’t seem to mind it.

Which Sleeper Type Does My Pillow Accommodate Best?

Since this pillow comes in multiple firmness options, and your ideal My Pillow is determined by your body type, we think it’ll accommodate all sleepers (back, stomach, side, and combo). They also explicitly mention on their website that all sleeper types will enjoy My Pillow. And after we tested out the pillow, we pretty much agreed with this statement too.

We thought it felt lofty enough for side and back sleepers, but it’s malleable and compresses enough for stomach sleepers to feel comfortable on it too. Just give it a little fluff before you fall asleep, similar to the Casper Pillow, and it’s ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what we mean when we say the best pillow in this comparison really depends on you and your specific preferences. Here are a few key questions you should ask yourself to narrow things down.

  • Are you a big fan of down pillows? The Casper Down is one of the more luxury options on the online market.
  • Do you want a more ‘customized’ pillow that has different fill options? MyPillow might be a good choice for you.
  • Do you want a longer trial to test our your new pillow? Casper will give you a little over three months.
  • Are you a heavy side sleeper? You might want to go with an option from MyPillow.
  • Are you an eco-conscious customer? The Casper Down Pillow will probably the better pillow for you.
  • Do you like products made in the USA? MyPillow makes all there products right here in the states.

Thanks for checking out The Slumber Yard, and don’t forget to check out our deals page before you make a purchase to make sure you save as much money as possible!

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Buying A Casper Pillow or My Pillow

Even though company policies might not be as fun to learn about, it’s important you know what you’re signing up for when you order a Casper Pillow or MyPillow. First of all, you’ll get free shipping regardless of the pillow you choose.

If you decide to purchase a Casper Pillow after reading this comparison, you’ll get a 100-night free trial to do so — which is about two months more than the 30-day return window MyPillow gives you. If you end up not liking the pillow you chose, reach out to customer service and they’ll get the return process started for you.

If you do decide to keep your Casper Pillow, the product will be covered under a 1-year warranty policy. This is where My Pillow has the edge, because they’ll cover your pillow under warranty for a whole decade.

If you’re attracted to creative packaging, the Casper Pillows ships in a cylinder blue box. We like to keep it around the office for storage purposes. My Pillow is packaged in standard plastic wrap, with a picture of their enthusiastic (that’s putting it lightly) CEO on the front.