Whether you’re looking for a traditional pillow or something you’ve never tried before, you have options when it comes to the Purple Pillow and MyPillow. Purple offers two completely different models to choose from, and MyPillow gives you the chance to choose your firmness level. In this post, we’ll discuss which kind of sleepers these pillows cater to, and why you might choose one over the other.

Whether you’re in search of a new pillow to compliment your new mattress or it’s time to upgrade your current pillow, we have you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between Purple Pillow vs. My Pillow:

  • Construction — The original Purple pillow is constructed with Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the Plush Purple pillow is made with “Smart Fluff,” and MyPillow is filled with shredded polyfoam.
  • Feel — Purple’s flagship pillow is like nothing you’ve ever tried, while their plush pillow and MyPillow are soft and fluffy.
  • Sleeper type — Purple’s original model is best for back sleepers, but the plush model and MyPillow are suitable for back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers.
  • Price — The Original Purple Pillow is right under $100, and the other pillows are about half the price.
  • Temperature — MyPillow sleeps a little cooler, but the original Purple Pillow is one of the coolest pillows we’ve tested so far.

The Purple mattress made waves in the bedding industry when they introduced a bed manufactured from a gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, so they made a pillow with the same technology. They also added a more traditional model to their catalog for folks who don’t want to stray too far outside of the box with their bedding products.

MyPillow skipped the mattress making and went straight to selling pillows. Unlike Purple who made their name as a popular online mattress brand, MyPillow got their name out there through TV advertising. And boy did it do wonders for them. Now the brand has earned itself a spot as one of the top-selling mail-order products in history. It’s worth noting that major retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s dropped MyPillow in early January 2021 after the CEO of the company got involved in politics.

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Original Purple Pillow Review

The first pillow to show up in Purple’s product catalog is simply called the Purple Pillow, and we can confidently say you’ve never slept on anything like it unless, of course, you own the Purple mattress. Here are the major highlights of this pillow.

Original Purple Pillow Materials

purple pillow review grid hyper elastic polymer
The gel-like Hyper-Elastic Polymer inside the Purple Pillow

Purple’s flagship pillow is made with the same kind of gel-like Hyper-Elastic Polymer you can find in their mattresses. It’s a single-sided pillow with zippers on the bottom so you can easily remove its machine washable cover and run it through the laundry. The cover is 88% polyester, 3% nylon, and 9% spandex.

The inside cover feels similar to a recreational basketball jersey—but softer. The pillow is also a whopping 10 lbs, so it’s pretty dang heavy and you’d certainly be the reigning pillow fight champion with it. One caveat we have is the white powder that covers the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s 100% safe and non-toxic, but it gets messy once you take the cover off.

Original Purple Pillow Feel

If you can, try to imagine soft, squishy rubber. Similar to the rubber ball or toys you probably played with as a kid that were really stretchy and floppy, or even gel shoe insoles. That’s essentially what the Purple Pillow feels like. Like we’ve been stressing throughout this comparison, it’s a feeling you’ll have to get used to. But once (if) you do, it feels pretty pressure relieving, supportive, and responsive.

It also sleeps really cool, which is good news for hot sleepers. It’s not due to any cooling technology, but the countless air pockets allow impeccable air circulation.


The original Purple Pillow is the most expensive one in this lineup, but the price isn’t outrageous for what you’re getting. It retails right under $100, and the company isn’t keen on running coupons. We recognize this might be expensive to some, but if you compare it to the TempurPedic Pillow, it’s not the priciest pillow on the market.


As far as loft goes, it’s about 3.25” uncompressed and 2.75” compressed. That makes it a little too high for stomach sleepers, and not very comfortable for medium to heavy side sleepers.

Purple Plush Pillow

The Purple Plush Pillow is similar to MyPillow in that it’s more like a classic, fluffy pillow—the PPP is actually softer and fluffier than MyPillow. If you want a product from Purple but aren’t feeling risky enough to try out the flagship model, this one should be right up your alley.

Construction And Materials

purple plush pillow review
The zippers on the side of the Purple Plush Pillow

Inside the Purple Plush Pillow, you can find their proprietary “Smart Fluff” material which is made from denier poly fiber puff balls. Mattress folk use the term “proprietary” to describe a material made by a company, for the company. The pillow’s cover is made with 60% lyocell and 50% nylon which feels soft to the touch when you lay your head down on it or run your hands across it. It comes in a standard size and king size. The standard pillow’s dimensions are 26″ x 18″, and the king size is 35″ x 16.5″ so you’ll need a king size pillow case.

Also, if you want to give the pillow a good cleaning, you can actually throw the whole thing the washing machine, rather than just the cover.

It’s much lighter than the original Purple Pillow, weighing in at around 3.6 lbs. Instead of having zippers on the bottom, this pillow comes with zippers on the side so you can leave them unzipped for a softer pillow, zipped up for a firmer pillow, or you can play around with variations in between.

Purple Plush Pillow Feel

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this post, the plush pillow feels much different than Purple’s original pillow. It’s light, airy, and fluffy—it’s really quite nice. The pillow is also moisture-wicking so it sleeps slightly cool. It’s not quite as cool as the OG purple pillow, but it’ll certainly feel cooler to you if you flip it over to the other side in the middle of the night. Especially if you keep the zippers open to allow better airflow.


The Purple Plush Pillow is more affordable than the flagship model, but around the same price as MyPillow. The standard size retails at around $50, and the king is about $65. Once in a blue moon you can find a 2-for-1 deal. For Purple, that’s an incredibly good value. You can check the current prices on Purple’s website.


Its loft is 8” uncompressed, whether the Plush Pillow is zipped or unzipped. When it’s zipped and compressed, loft is about 2.5-3.5”, but unzipped the fluff spreads out and the loft is about 2”-4”.


MyPillow has sold over 41 million units worldwide and is one of the best selling pillows on Amazon. They even added a MyPillow mattress to their product catalog. Now, let’s dive into the main details behind this best-selling pillow.

Materials Of My Pillow

My Pillow Supima Review
MyPillow in all its glory

You can probably contribute at least a part of their success to its accommodating materials and construction. They have two sizes; the queen is 18.5” by 30” and the king is 18.5” x 34”. After you choose your size, you’ll pick your fill level based on gender and your T-shirt size. The heavier you are, the more fill your pillow will have—and the more fill there is, the firmer it will be.

The Pillow cover on the MyPillow Supima model (the one we tested out) is made with 100% cotton and it’s filled with patented interlocking shredded polyurethane foam. If that sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you, it’s essentially neutral-foam that looks like it was put through the blender. They recommend you throw the pillow in the dryer with a damp towel before first time use so the interlocking material inside can activate.

After that first run through the dryer, the brand recommends you wash MyPillow (it’s machine washable like Purple’s plush pillow) every few months or so to make sure it stays clean and in tip-top shape.

My Pillow Feel

We tested out the white fill, and the green fill Supima model from MyPillow and we thought they both felt like soft, light foam. It’s similar to the feel of the Purple Plush Pillow, but it’s honestly a little lumpier due to the shredded, interlocking fill. It’s not a big deal once you get used to it, but it’s something you’ll notice upon first impression. It’s also slightly underwhelming considering all of the hype about it, but it’s still nice. Let’s just put it this way—we don’t think they’d have over 40 million customers if it wasn’t comfortable.

Pricing For My Pillow

The price of the MyPillow Supima model slightly varies depending on the size you get. For the queen model, and it’ll cost you about $40, but it’ll be around $10 more for a king size pillow. To be completely honest, we were a little surprised at the cost of MyPillow. You can check the prices and models on Amazon.

It’s definitely comfortable, but so is the Plush Purple Pillow—which is pretty much the same price as MyPillow’s king size model. The main difference is that Purple has a reputation for making premium products. With that being said, some people just want to buy something comfortable from a big name brand. So MyPillow is definitely a safe option.

Loft And Sizing

My Pillow Fitting Guide
A look at the sizing guide from MyPillow

The loft of MyPillow really depends on which size and fill you get. The more fill there is inside a pillow, the loftier it will be. But MyPillow has a very specific method to match you with the most ideal pillow for your body type, so we recommend you play by their rules.

Sleeper Type Analysis

purple plush pillow review
The Purple Push Pillow works for all sleeper types, just look how cozy JD looks

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a little less loft than side sleepers, so when it comes to the Purple Plush Pillow, they might want to keep the zippers unzipped. They should also enjoy the My Pillow, but we suggest going with a pillow with a lesser fill.

The Original Purple Pillow, however, will be a little too lofty for most stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers

We think all sleeper types should find the Purple Plush pillow comfortable if you adjust the zippers properly. For side sleepers, you’ll want a little extra loft to keep your spine in alignment, so it’ll work best with the zippers up.

We also think they’ll enjoy MyPillow, unless you’re on the heavier side over 230 lbs. The original Purple Pillow, however, won’t be best for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers

After having several Slumber Yard members try out the Purple Pillow, we found the Original Purple Pillow is most suitable for back sleepers, and the pictures on Purple’s website allude to that as well. My Pillow is also perfectly suitable for back sleepers.

Most back sleepers should enjoy the Purple Plush Pillow, however, we recommend leaving the zippers down for a less firm feel, unless you weigh over 230 lbs. In that case, we recommend leaving the zippers up for a loftier, firmer feel.

Purple Pillow vs My Pillow: Verdict

We can’t crown a definite winner because we think the Purple Pillows and MyPillow will all appeal to different people. What we can do, is give you some pointers on the pillows you might want to look into based on your circumstances.

  • Are you a hot sleeper? You’ll probably be more comfortable sleeping with the original Purple Pillow, or even their plush model.
  • Do you want a safe option? Millions and millions of people seem to like MyPillow, so odds are, you will too.
  • Are you feeling adventurous? The OG Purple Pillow is one of the most unique pillows on the market.
  • Do you want something more soft and fluffy? You have an option between the Plush Purple Pillow and MyPillow. If you want to save money, the queen size MyPillow is the most affordable.

Thank you for coming to The Slumber Yard, and hopefully we were able to help your pillow decision a little more clear. Always remember to sleep right. Sleep tight.

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Company Policies For Purple And MyPillow

Now that we’ve covered all the good stuff you came here for, let’s get into the details about the company’s different policies. It might not be as fun to read about, but it’s helpful information that you should be aware of in case you want to return a product, or make a warranty claim later down the line.

You’ll get free shipping regardless of the pillow you choose, but you’ll get a 100-night trial to test out the Purple Pillow whereas you only get a 30-day return window for MyPillow. Just make sure the pillows are clean and undamaged if you do decide to return them. MyPillow does have an edge with their warranty coverage, however, with their 10-year policy compared to Purple’s one-year warranty policy.

If you’re a sucker for fun packaging, the Purple Pillow will arrive in a Purple colored (they really stay on brand) duffle-like bag. The plush model, on the other hand, will be packaged inside a decorative box, while MyPillow just comes in clear packaging with the face of their enthusiastic CEO pasted on the front.