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Allswell Mattress Topper Review

An honest review of Allswell’s three memory foam mattress toppers

Last Updated: May 24, 2020

Walmart’s mattress brand Allswell released three memory foam mattress toppers with different temperature regulating properties and price points. In this post, we’ll be discussing feel, firmness, materials, and more to determine if these toppers are worth the money or not.

Who Is This Best For?

People that like a viscous memory foam feel

If you need to soften up your bed

Who Won’t Love It?

If you hate memory foam

People that want to make their bed firmer

Our YouTube Review Of The Allswell Toppers

If you would rather listen than read, here is a short video that outlines what you need to know about the three different Allswell mattress toppers.

Of course, there’s a lot more you’ll want to consider before making a final decision. Keep reading to learn more about these memory foam mattress toppers.

Allswell Company Policies

We want to quickly discuss what you’ll be getting into when you purchase one of Allswell’s mattress toppers. First off, you’ll get free shipping and free returns with their toppers just like their Allswell mattress.

The topper will arrive at your home via standard ground shipping, or you can spring for 2-day expedited shipping if you’re in a hurry to get it. It’ll come in a box about the size of a cooler, or half the size of the box that a mattress would come in.

You can expect a 30-night risk free trial when you order the topper so you aren’t obligated to keep it if you decide you don’t like it (within the trial time). Just make sure you save the tags, and that the topper is still in good condition.

Unboxing Your Allswell Mattress Topper

When you remove your Allswell mattress topper from its box, the first thing you’ll want to do is carefully take off the plastic wrap without cutting the topper itself. Next, unroll the topper on a flat surface, but hold off putting it on top of your mattress right away. You should wait 48 hours to sleep on it so it has time to fully transition back to its intended form. Once a few days pass, you have the green light to place it on top of your bed.

If you order the 3” graphite infused model, there isn’t a particular side that needs to face up. However, if you purchase the second tier model you’ll want to place it so the copper color side is facing up.

Allswell Copper Gel Topper
Allswell’s copper gel topper with the copper side facing up

Lastly, if you purchase the first tier model, place it on your mattress so the graphite color is facing up. The only thing left to do after that is lay down, relax, and enjoy the pressure relieving memory foam.

Allswell Entry Level Topper — Graphite Infused

Construction: The first topper offered by Allswell is 3” thick, and constructed out of “Moisture Wicking CoolFlow Foam.” In a nutshell, it’s basically open-cell memory foam and it’s the same foam used throughout all three models. This topper is also infused with graphite, which is meant to absorb your body heat as you sleep.

Allswell Graphite Topper
Allswell’s entry level graphite infused mattress topper

Price: This mattress topper model is the most affordable out of the three options. It starts at about $80 for a twin size mattress topper, and goes up to $135 for a king size topper. We are a little surprised about their prices because Allswell has a reputation for offering quality mattresses for very reasonable prices. This isn’t to say this mattress topper isn’t affordable, we just expected all three of them to be a little less

Feel: It has a distinct memory foam feel, but it’s softer and less responsive than the other two. We think you get a prominent deep viscous feeling when you lay on this, even more so than the second and first tier models. We put a coffee cup on the topper to test it out, and when we removed it, we could see the cup’s ring before it slowly returned back to normal. So you can only imagine what it’d do with your arms or your trunk.

On our scale from soft to firm, we rated this one in between medium and medium-firm. If you’re on the fence about memory foam, we’d probably suggest you look into the other models because we think this one is more ideal for folks who absolutely love the feeling of memory foam.

Allswell Second Tier Topper — Copper Gel Infused

Construction: The second mattress topper model offered by Allswell is 4” thick and infused with Copper Gel. The Copper gel works in a similar way that graphite does, in that it draws your excess body heat away from you. Another benefit of using copper gel in a mattress or mattress topper is that it’s antimicrobial, and it stops the growth of microorganisms you don’t want anywhere near your sleeping space.

Allswell copper gel topper construction
A look at the two layer construction of Allswell’s copper gel topper

This mattress topper offers a little more support than the entry level one because it has an additional layer of dense polyurethane (neutral) foam underneath the comfy memory foam layer. As we mentioned earlier the entire mattress topper is 4” thick, and the polyurethane slab takes up 2” of it.

Price: Due to that second layer of material and copper gel, the second tier mattress topper model is a little more expensive than the first. The retail price starts just under $100 for a twin size mattress topper, and goes up to $155 for the king size.

Feel: This topper also has a deep viscous memory foam feel, but we think it’s slightly less prominent than the first. The memory foam feel is more neutralized due to the poly foam layer underneath.

You can also flip it over for a more neutral foam feel if you don’t love the memory foam. This isn’t advertised on their website or anything, we’re just putting the option out there because we think it works.

On our scale from soft to firm, we rated the second tier mattress topper a medium-firm.

Allswell Top Tier Topper — Graphite & Copper Infused

Construction: The construction of the third model is similar to the second in that is has two layers of material; one 2” memory foam layer and one 2” dense poly foam layer. The memory foam slab provides the comfort while the poly foam layer provides support.

It uses a combination of graphite and copper gel to make the mattress cooler than other memory foam materials, but it’s also constructed with a cooling strip in the center of the mattress topper.

Allswell’s top tier topper with a two layer construction and cooling strip

Price: As you could probably guess, this topper is the most expensive one out of the three. They don’t make twin or full sizes, but the queen size retails for about $160 and the king size is priced right under $180.

Feel: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this mattress topper has a memory foam feel. We’d say it feels similar to the second tier mattress with a medium-firm rating. The biggest change with this mattress topper is the cooling feel in the center. Don’t take it lightly when we say this one is cool-to-the-touch. We could feel it actively cooling us when we laid down on it, so this is definitely a good option for hot sleepers.

Wes nestled in Allswell’s top tier Memory Foam Topper

On a scale from soft to firm, we gave this one the same rating as the second one which is a medium-firm.

Cleaning and Care

Allswell recommends you use deep fitted sheets when you use these toppers since they add a little extra thickness to your mattress. If you already have a thick bed, you’re definitely going to want to spring for the deep fitted sheets. You can check out popular deep pocket sheets on Amazon here.

If you spill or make a mess on the mattress topper, you can spot clean with a mild detergent and warm water.


So after all is said and done, what do we really think about the Allswell mattress toppers? If you’re a huge fan of memory foam, we suggest you save money and go with the entry level model. Unless you’re an individual over 250 lbs, then you might want to look into the toppers with more support.

If you aren’t the biggest fan of memory foam but think these toppers sound nice and comfortable, try out the second tier model. It’s slightly more expensive than we thought it’d be, but if the price isn’t a factor, you should go for it.

We think the top tier model is a little expensive, but people who tend to heat up or even sweat during the night might want to spend the extra money on it. If you’re not a hot sleeper though, we’d look into the less expensive models.

You can also take a look at our other mattress topper reviews, or our full-length review on Allswell’s Hybrid Mattress.

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How did you get these toppers?

They were sent to us by Allswell to review.

Is financing available for the Allswell toppers?

You can apply to qualify for financing through Affirm at checkout.

Is there a warranty policy with Allswells toppers?

No, you will not receive any warranty coverage when you purchase an Allswell topper. You will if you purchase their mattress though.

What other products do they sell?

You can purchase mattresses, toppers, bedding like pillows and sheets, and you can even buy an Allswell tiny home.

Are Allswell’s products manufactured in the United States?

According to their website, they manufacture products and source supplies from all over the world.

How many toppers do they make?

There are three core mattress topper models.

What do Allswell toppers feel like?

They all have a viscous, dense memory foam feel, a bit like a TempurPedic mattress.

Are they comfortable?

If you like memory foam, we expect that you’ll really like these mattress toppers.