Who Is This Best For?

Folks with anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, or other conditions DTP can help

Those who already love Bear’s products

Folks prone to allergies (hypoallergenic)

Discount shoppers (affordably priced)

Those who want a mattress-sized blanket

Sleepers who want a choice between blanket colors

Who Won’t Love It?

Very young children (three or younger)

Those who want a throw-like weighted blanket

Individuals over 250 lbs (you might want something heavier)

Messy folks (not machine washable)

Intro To Bear

This weighted blanket is brought to you by Bear Mattress, a brand who made a name for themselves after their mattress fitted with a Celliant cover blew up in popularity. Celliant fabric combines a type of polyester with 13 thermo-reactive materials, meant to help speed up the recovery process and boost performance for athletes, or folks who work out often. While you won’t find any Celliant technology in the brand’s weighted blanket, it does have anxiety relieving properties that have been shown to help ease stress and induce sleepiness.

Bear Company Policies

Before we get into the heart of this review, we want to briefly review their different company policies. If you order a weighted blanket from Bear, they’ll give you free shipping and even free returns if you end up not loving the blanket.

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You actually get 100 nights from delivery to make that decision. If you choose to return it, Bear will give you a full refund. Just reach out to their customer service team to get the ball rolling.

If you decide to keep the blanket, it will be backed by a 1-year warranty in case of any defects. Though, we suggest you read into the warranty a bit more to find out exactly what is and what isn’t covered.

Bear’s Weighted Blanket Is Fairly Priced

This blanket comes in only one size and one weight, 15 lbs, so that means there’s only one price. And honestly, we think it’s actually pretty wallet-friendly considering Bear is a really great brand and this blanket is made from quality materials.

Queen – Light Grey$150
Queen – Charcoal$150
Queen – Cream$150

The Bear Weighted Blanket usually retails around $150, but Bear doesn’t shy away from giving discounts. For example, at the time of this post, you can get the blanket for $30 off. At that price, we’d say this is one of the more affordable weighted blankets we’ve had our hands on.

Materials And Construction

This blanket is 15 lbs and entirely made out of microfiber polyester, and we’d say that it feels similar to a winter jacket. It’s smooth, heavy-duty, and comfortable, although it isn’t necessarily soft-to-the-touch. However, that could be a plus side for people who tend to sleep hot.

Speaking of the materials on the inside, let’s get to the magic of the Bear Weighted Blanket — how is it able to relieve anxiety? Stuffed inside its quilted squares are tiny glass beads, and they’re evenly distributed across the whole blanket.

Bear Weighted Blanket Review 10 Quilted Cover
The beads are dispersed amongst the blanket’s quilted patches

They induce a deep touch pressure (DTP), which can help increase both serotonin and melatonin levels so you feel less tense, less stressed, and more sleepy. It’s kind of similar to when you’re being cuddled or given a hug, and research has shown that it can be beneficial in helping you receive more quality sleep.

Notable Highlights And Specs

So what else is important to know about this blanket? Well for starters, this is a queen size blanket, 60” x 80”, so it’s literally meant to cover a queen size mattress. This means it’s great to sleep with at night, but not so great for those who want a couch-size weighted blanket to cuddle up to.

Bear Weighted Blanket Review 11 Size
This blanket extends from corner to corner on a queen size mattress

You could also share it with two people — though, we also think it’s light enough for just one sleeper if need be. Unlike the Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket which is 10 lbs heavier. It’s still a queen size, but better suited for two.

It’s available in three different colors: light gray, charcoal, and cream. Most weighted blankets we’ve seen only come available in one color, maybe two, so it’s nice Bear offers a bit more variety.

Unfortunately, though, for you moms and messy eaters, the blanket is not machine washable. Nor does it have a cover that’s machine washable. So if you, your child, or a pet happens to get it dirty, you’ll have to spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent. Or you can hand wash and hang to dry for a more thorough clean, though it’ll be more time consuming.

Bear Weighted Blanket Review Care Tag
Care instructions for the Bear Weighted Blanket

On the bright side, the Bear Weighted Blanket is hypoallergenic! So stuffy sleepers can rejoice, because this bed is resistant to household allergens like mold, mildew, bacteria, and nasty dust mites.

Slumber Yard Verdict

If you want a relatively light weighted blanket that feels soft, warm, and is easy on your budget — this is a solid weighted blanket. Others we’ve tested have been 20 or even 25 lbs, which nice for some, but a little too heavy for petite and some moderately-sized folks. Weighted blankets can also get pretty pricey, so we think its value is pretty great.

Though, folks looking for a blanket to easily take from bed-to-couch or one with a machine washable cover, this isn’t the one for you. Feel free to check out our post on the Best Weighted Blankets to check out a few of the others we’ve tested out here at the Slumber Yard.

How did you get this blanket?

Like the pillow, mattress, and other products we’ve tested from Bear, this topper was sent to us by the brand so we could write an honest review about it. We don’t accept any form of payment or compensation in return for good review — unlike some of the other guys out there.

How quickly will my weighted blanket get here?

Bear says it should take around 2-7 business days to arrive at your home.

Is this blanket available in heavier or lighter weights?

As of right now, the brand only offers a 15 lb option.

Is this blanket acceptable for kids?

Bear doesn’t recommend this blanket to anyone younger than three years old, because it may pose a danger risk.

Does Bear ship free to Hawaii or Alaska?

Customers in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada will have to pay an extra $20 shipping fee.