Who Is This Best For?

Those who live in extreme climates and want to heat/cool their mattress

Sweaty sleepers

Couples who can’t agree on a bed temperature (they make a Dual Zone system)

Fans of Shark Tank (BedJet was featured on the show)

Who Won’t Love It?

Budget shoppers that can’t justify spending $300+ on this

Anyone that doesn’t have an issue with temperature regulation

Overview Of This Review

Just so you know, we did a paid feature with BedJet on another blog that we own. That is how we got a BedJet machine. This review, however, we were not compensated for since we do not allow brands to sponsor reviews on The Slumber Yard. This is exactly what we think of the unit—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hope you enjoy.

BedJet Company Policies

BedJet was invented by a former engineer that worked on the building of the NASA space suit, Mark Aramli. BedJet and Aramli were featured on the popular CNBC show Shark Tank. Although he did not fair well on the show (all five “sharks” denied him), that same year BedJet sales took off, and it’s now one of the highest rated products on Amazon, at least in mattress/bedding section.

bedjet review bed jet review heating cooling system for mattress system
A look at the BedJet machine

BedJet is currently available through Amazon, or the official BedJet site. It will ship free to you straight to your doorstep, and will come with a 60-day return policy. If within those 60-days you decide that BedJet just isn’t for you, you can receive a full refund, without any restocking fees or shipping fees.

BedJet also comes with a two-year warranty, in which the fine print reads that they will replace any item that is damaged or defective, with no additional shipping costs.

BedJet also has one of the more hilarious commercials that we’ve ever seen. It reminds us a bit of the way that Purple markets their products. Here’s a look at the commercial.

video thumbnail

How BedJet Works

BedJet’s intentional use is to warm up or cool down your bed in a matter of about 30 seconds, without causing you to sweat, either. It uses fan technology to send a gentle stream of air under your sheets, working quietly and efficiently. And because over 50 percent of couples argue over sleep temperature, BedJet included a system to have different temperatures per side of the bed.

bedjet review bed jet review heating cooling system for mattress
BedJet also sells a Dual Zone system for couples that just can’t agree

If you and your partner disagree over sleeping warm and cozy or cooled off, BedJet offers a bundle of two BedJet machines and also an Air Comfort Cloud Sheet, which can be purchased separately, as well.

The Air Comfort Cloud Sheet is essentially a white, 100 percent cotton top sheet, but with two separate pockets that can be filled with either warm or cool air, so that each side of the bed can stay at different temperatures. The pockets have slits that the BedJet nozzle is fitted through.

The Cloud Sheet can be used with just one BedJet, as well. This makes it so only one side of the bed is heated or cooled while the other stays more temperature neutral. The Cloud Sheet can be used under your normal bedding, and can be washed the same as the rest of your bedding. You can learn more about the sheets on BedJet’s website.

bedjet review bed jet review heating cooling system for mattress remote control
A look at the BedJet remote control, which is included in the box

Moving on, BedJet can be controlled with either the provided remote or through a smartphone app. We think it’s a tad easier to use with the app, because you can more clearly see the exact temperature and airflow levels. You can also set a timer, and you can save your preferred settings. It also has preset options, like “desert heat.”

BedJet Design

Your complete BedJet package includes the BedJet machine, a hose, a nozzle, a hook (to hold the nozzle next to the bed), and also an essential oil aromatherapy kit. The essential oils help to keep your bed smelling fresh, and can even help you to get some better rest.

bedjet review bed jet review heating cooling system for mattress system
What’s in the box

The BedJet machine is 6.75” tall, so your bed frame will need to be around 7” for it to fit under. If it’s not tall enough, BedJet does separately sell a vertical mount stand, or BedJet will just have to lay flat on the floor next to your bed. Just make sure you don’t trip over it in the middle of the night. Also, BedJet should work fine with adjustable bed frames as long as they have 7” of room. You can read more about compatibility on BedJet’s website.

bedjet review setup process
BedJet mounts in between your mattress and bed frame.

We’d like to note that BedJet did not fit perfectly with our bed frame when we took it home for testing. The bed frame was too thick, and we don’t have a box spring in between the frame and the mattress, so it made things difficult. The nozzle ended up peeking out on top of the mattress a few inches instead of laying flat on the mattress like it’s supposed to.

BedJet Price & Coupon Code

BedJet is not the same as a heated blanket or a mini heater, and so it’s not priced the same. Here’s a look at the pricing breakdown.

Single Unit$499
Queen – Dual Zone$1,129
King – Dual Zone$1,149
Split King – Dual Zone$1,179

Remember, the dual system includes two separate BedJets and an Air Comfort Cloud Sheet. We’ve seen them go on sale for as low as $299 for an individual and $689 for the dual system, though. You can also get the Cloud Sheet for $139, and on sale for $79. You can check current BedJet offers here.

After testing, we realized that having BedJet meant that we didn’t have the need to heat or cool our entire home while we slept. According to the Department of Energy, for every degree you lower the thermostat, you have the possibility of saving up to 4 percent on your utility bills. This means that BedJet could possibly save you money over the long run.

BedJet Review: Verdict

If you live in an area where the nights get very hot or cold, BedJet might be a great option for you. If you and your partner are fighting over the room temperature or keeping the fan on or the window open, BedJet might be a great option for you, as well.

We think that this product is also going to work well for sweaty sleepers who are done with waking up drenched in sweat, and women who are pregnant or menopausal. BedJet does a great job of keeping you dry while keeping you feeling toasty or cool. BedJet might be able to make your AC, your cooling mattress, your ceiling fan, obsolete in your venture to keep cool through the night.

We love that we can control (our side of) the mattress down to the exact degree, and we love that we’re saving money off of our utility bills by not heating our entire home, but just the bed.

How did SY get BedJet?

We were sent BedJet so that we could test and review the machine.

How loud is BedJet?

It’s actually fairly quiet—far more quiet than you’d think. Most people probably won’t have an issue with the sound from the machine.

Do I need two BedJet units?

Maybe. The only reason to purchase two is if your partner and you cannot agree on the bed temperature.

What if I don’t like the BedJed?

Luckily for you, customers will receive a 60-day risk-free trial. If by the end you decide you don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund.

How tall does my bed have to be for BedJet to fit?

The BedJet is 6.75” tall, so ideally, you should have about 7″ of space underneath your bed for it to properly fit.