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benq trevolo s portable bluetooth speaker review

BenQ treVolo S Review

In this review we take a look at the BenQ treVolo S Wireless Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker with 3D sound.

In this post, we review the BenQ treVolo S, which is an entirely new take on a consumer-level bluetooth speaker for the home. Rather than focus so much on the specs and features, however, in this post we're going to cover how it fits in the home and whether or not it's worth your consideration.

Who Is This Best For?

  • Someone that wants an attractive looking speaker for their bedroom or living room
  • People that want clear and detailed audio, especially with regard to vocals
  • Anyone that listens to a lot of lossless media files (that’s how you get the most out of this speaker)

Who Won't Love It?

  • Fans of hip hop or electronic house music (the bass is just average)
  • Anyone that wants a speaker for pool parties
  • People that don’t want to spend more than $150 on a speaker

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BenQ treVolo S Features

The BenQ treVolo S speaker comes in a compact design, but surprisingly weighs about 2.2lb, mostly because it encases a new type of speaker technology and a hefty battery.

benq trevolo s bluetooth speaker review
It’s a good looking speaker

We think this is a really cool and unique design, and we love that you can fold those wings in if you need to transport the speaker. That said, it’s not really meant to compete with regular portable Bluetooth speakers. The trevolo S is designed to be your go-to speaker at home or the office.

When you get this speaker, it also comes with a power adapter, quick start guide, warranty card, and a carrying case. And there are three methods for playing music with this speaker:

  • Bluetooth (it also has NFC for quick-pairing Android devices)
  • AUX cord
  • USB DAC for a PC or notebook

To operate this speaker, you can choose from six buttons. They’re located on the top of the speaker and they can control playback, volume, bluetooth, power, and mode. These buttons are clicky and they make the speaker really easy to use.

benq trevolo s bluetooth speaker review
Easy to use system

The mode button can be used to switch into 3D sound mode, which essentially provides a little more oomph to your music. Also, the speaker utilizes dual 12W woofers, dual amplifiers, and dual vibrating diaphragms for quality sound.

Sound Quality

We like the overall sound quality of the BenQ treVolo S speaker, and were surprised at how well it handled the mids in particular. We did notice that the sound quality varied based on what type of music was playing or the audio file format of the song.

benq trevolo s bluetooth speaker review
It sounds best when playing country, classic rock, vocals

We found that lossless formats like .WAV or .FLAC made for much better sound quality, and that is by design. Those files really allow the speaker to take advantage of the electrostatic sound system inside.

As far as volume, the treVolo S doesn’t get very loud, but it will be just fine for small and medium sized rooms. It uses an electrostatic method of playing sound, which limits it from getting crazy loud, but we’d say if you play it at 60-80% it should be fine. According to BenQ, “electrostatic speakers have a distortion rate of less than 1%” whereas conventional speakers can have a distortion rate closer to 10%. We think the treVolo speaker is perfect for playing music in your bedroom or your living room.

This speaker is definitely house party material, but like we said above, there’s not a ton of bass. It’s there, but it doesn’t get pounding, which your neighbors might appreciate more anyway.

benq trevolo s bluetooth speaker review
We love the foldable design

We want to note that while we do think this speaker is great for toting around because of its compact design and carrying case, we don’t think it’s great for outdoor use. There are a lot of holes in the speakers that stuff can fall into, so we wouldn’t say that this is an ideal speaker to take to the beach or camping, since you run the risk of getting dust, dirt, or sand inside of it. And while it’s made with premium metal materials, we still think that one good drop could break it. So if you want to travel with this speaker, think more house to office or home to hotel room.

Battery Life

On a full charge, this baby can last a whole day long. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro USB. Battery life is around 18 hours on a single charge.

benq trevolo s bluetooth speaker review
Close to 18 hours of battery life

If you’re using the speaker at home more as a desktop speaker, you won’t have to worry about battery life since it will remain plugged in. We expect this is what more people will end up doing.

Review Verdict

We think this is a really neat speaker. Ideally, it’s best for using in your room, dorm room, or around your home since it’s great for filling a small room with sound. We also love its unique design and honestly just think it looks really cool. Unless you strictly listen to bass-heavy music, we think this is a great speaker option for music lovers. We’re not 100% convinced that consumers will be willing to pay up for electrostatic sound, but the speaker has been fun to play around with.

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How did SY get the treVolo S speaker?

We were sent the speaker by BenQ so that we could review it and see if it would make a nice speaker for your bedroom.

Where can I get the mobile app?

It's available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, though, it looks like BenQ is phasing out the app since you can enter 3D sound mode by using the button on the speaker.

Where else can I get the speaker?

So far, it's only available on BenQ's websites and Amazon.

Is it waterproof?

No. This is an indoor speaker not meant to be exposed to water.

Can I pair two treVolo S speakers together?


Can I play audio via USB in addition to Bluetooth?

Yes you can. This is partially the reason why this is a great speaker for computers.