Who Is This Best For?

Those who prefer luxury products

Folks looking for natural/organic sheets

Warm sleepers (cool, breathable options)

Cold sleepers (warm flannel options)

People who support USA made products

Who Won’t Love It?

Budget Shoppers

Folks indifferent to the feel/brand of their linens

Boll And Branch Sheets Review

Boll And Branch is known for making incredibly soft, luxurious sheets. In this review, we put them to the test to figure out whether or not they are worth it.

The links above will help you quickly navigate our Boll and Branch review. We’ve tried to be as thorough as possible, and made sure to mention basically everything that we could think of, both good and bad.

Intro To Shipping/Returns Policies

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s gloss over their different company policies so you know what you’re entitled to if you decide to purchase sheets from Boll and Branch. If you’re interested in any of their other products like the Boll and Branch mattress, note that they might have different warranty/trial policies.

For starters, the brand will waive shipping fees for all US customers so you’ll receive free standard ground shipping. If you need it in a hurry, though, you’re able to pay to upgrade to 1-2 day shipping. The only international countries they ship to at the time of this post is Canada (for an extra fee), but they’re serious about expanding their brand to other countries — so stay tuned.

Boll and Branch reviews Luxury Bedding Sheets Unboxing
Even the box that the Boll and Branch sheets ship in screams luxury

You have 30 days to decide if you do or do not love your Boll and Branch sheets, and if not, you can get in contact with customer service to get a full refund, which will be reimbursed to whatever method of payment you used to purchase.

Boll and Branch doesn’t offer a warranty policy on their sheets, but that doesn’t mean they won’t leave you hanging high and dry if there’s an issue. If there is any damage to your sheets that you feel you didn’t cause or your wasn’t your fault within a year of purchasing them, head over to bollandbranch.com and search for their returns page. Their Quality Assurance team will assess the damage, and act accordingly if they find the problem was due to a manufacturer defect. For damage after that year mark, though, they deem inevitable wear-and-tear.

Overview Of Boll and Branch Sheets

As we mentioned before, Boll and Branch is known for their really soft, luxurious feeling sheets. They’ve only been established for four years (as told to us by a friendly B&B customer service rep), and they’ve already proven themselves to be serious competitors in the bedding industry.We think they’ve really set themselves apart because of their premium products that utilize natural and organic materials.

Boll and Branch Reviews Best Sheets
The clean look of Boll and Branch’s best selling sheets

In fact, the brand focuses on being environmentally-friendly and sustainable throughout the entire process, from the initial design to the end of manufacturing. You can learn all about their process and more about who they are as a brand on their Boll and Branch website, and we encourage you to check it out if you’re curious.

Boll and Branch Reviews sheets ethically sourced
All of the materials used to make Boll and Branch sheets are sustainably and ethically sourced.

They have four different sheet fabrics to choose from, meaning you can probably find a set that fits your specific needs and preferences. For example, the sheet set we’ll be focused on during this review is the Classic Hemmed, which is made from their “Signature Fabric” and it’s described as feeling “soft and drapey.” They also offer cooler options for hot sleepers, or a “soft and cozy” flannel option for those who really like to feel snuggled up in bed. In a nutshell, if there’s a certain feel you’re going for, they probably offer it — but for a premium price.

Boll And Branch Sheets Price & Discount Code

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Target or Walmart sheets, and you’ll be forking out some extra dough for Boll and Branch’s premium organic materials. Their Classic Hemmed Sheet Set is the more affordable option compared to their other sheet sets, and comes in all standard sizes: twin, twin Xl, full, queen, king, king w/ standard sheets, Cal king, and split king.

Twin XL$190
California King$260
Split King$295

Prices start at about $160 for a twin size set, and they go up to about $295 for the split king set. If you’re thinking about one of their other sheet sets, you can expect to pay anywhere between ~$160 to around $325, depending on the one you settle on.

Accordingly, we think if you’re on a budget or in the market for regular ol’ sheets, these might not be the ones for you. If you’re willing to pay more for luxury organic sheets from an eco-conscious brand, though, you may not mind the higher price tag.

Comfort And Materials

The Classic Hemmed Sheet set is made with their Signature Fabric and uses GOTS certified single-ply organic cotton, which also has a couple of other notable certifications including STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and Fair Trade.

Boll and Branch reviews Luxury Bedding Sheets Made In India
A peek at the certification tags on Boll and Branch sheets

Boll and Branch’s signature sheets have a 300 thread count, and use a combination of organic cotton and a sateen weave to achieve their premium, yet lightweight feel.

Sateen is similar to satin in that it gives off a glossy look, but it’s supposed to be extra soft and breathable. With that in mind, these sheets definitely feel super soft and light. The fabric almost feels like it’s melting over your body — it’s really luxurious and what you’d hope to expect from premium sheets. We think they could even belong in a high end, luxury four or five star hotel.

They send fabric swatches if you want to feel/test out a certain fabric before you commit to buying, which is nice because some people may not want to gamble on buying a pair of $160+ sheets in case they don’t love them. Just reach out to customer service at help@bollandbranch.com to talk about swatches.

Boll and Branch reviews Luxury Bedding Sheets Overview
A queen size sheet set from Boll and Branch

As far as specs go, the sheet’s pocket is 17” deep and has an elastic band around the entire edge just in case you need it to be a little stretchier. They say your sheets might be a little loose-fitting upon unboxing, but that’s because Boll and Branch doesn’t pre-shrink the materials with chemical sizing agents like other bedding brands. They really want to stay true to their organic roots. But after the first few washes, your sheets should naturally shrink down to the perfect size.

Most sets will come included with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. If you order the twin or twin XL set, though, it’ll come with just one pillowcase.

The Classic Hemmed sheets are available in 10 different neutral/cool colors which includes white, ivory, navy blue (Mineral), and a blue floral pattern (Botanical). So unless you’re going for a bright 80’s or a dark bachelor pad vibe in your bedroom, we think just about anyone can find a color that matches their style.

Boll And Branch Care Instructions

If you’re spending over $150 on sheets, you want to make sure you take proper care of them so you really get your money’s worth. You should wash the sheet set together in the washing machine using cold water, and a mild detergent that’s free of brightening qualities, added dyes, or bleach. Boll and Branch suggests Tide Free and Gentle Detergent Liquid as some viable options. Also, make sure you use a gentle fabric softener

Boll and Branch reviews Luxury Bedding Sheets Care Tips
Care tips from Boll and Branch

The sheets are also dryer friendly, but make sure you run them on a delicate cycle. We mentioned earlier how your sheets will shrink after the first couple of washes to perfectly fit your mattress, so they recommend running them through the wash right away so you can get a head start on making them more fitted.

For you wrinkle sticklers out there, these sheets are okay to iron, and they say you can shake them out before throwing in the dryer to help with wrinkles. Since they’re organic cotton, though, it’s kind of inevitable as the material is more wrinkle-prone than standard cotton.

Are Boll And Branch Sheets Worth It?

This question is pretty subjective, because the answer primarily depends on what exactly you think is and isn’t worth $160+. If you think you’re comfortable on just about any pair of sheets and cringe spending $50 on sheets from Target, we can see you feeling some buyer’s remorse if you purchase any expensive pair of sheets, including these.

If you’re on the fence about dropping that kind of cash on a sheet set, though, or if you’re already a fan of premium sheets, we think Boll and Branch could be a game changer for you. They’re seriously soft, lightweight, and super comfortable to sleep between. And considering the natural and organic aspect of their products and the eco-conscious values of the whole brand, we don’t think it gets much more quality than this.

How did SY end up with the Boll & Branch sheets?

We were given the Boll and Branch sheets in exchange for an honest review from our team members.

Where are Boll and Branch sheets made?

Boll and Branch is a U.S. based brand, but their products are made different parts of the world. Their cotton for towels and sateen products is sourced from India, and their flannel products are made in Portugal using cotton from Turkey. With that said, Boll and Branch only sources products from people who are experts in the craft, with sustainable practices and fair wages. Learn more about how they source their materials at bollandbranch.com/pages/about-us

What is the thread count of Boll and Branch sheets?

The Boll and Branch sheets have a 300 thread count

How can I wash Boll and Branch sheets?

You can wash your entire sheet set together in one load, and the brand suggest that you use cold water and a mild detergent without dyes or bleaches. Tide Free is an example of a suitable gentle detergent. Hang dry or run through the dryer on a delicate cycle.

What other products can I buy from Boll and Branch?

Boll and Branch offers sheet sets, a mattress, a mattress topper, mattress protector, as well as bathroom essentials like towels, a bath mat, robes, beach towels, and more.