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People that like options (Brooklinen has many of them)
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If you just need cheap sheets

Brooklinen Sheets Overview

Brooklinen makes high-quality textile products that look super cozy. You can get everything from duvet covers and loungewear, to shower curtains and towels and, of course, sheets. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Brooklinen was established to sell “beautiful and ridiculously comfortable sheets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg,” according to their website. Needless to say, sheets are their thing, but are they really all they are cracked up to be? In this Brooklinen Review, we reveal all of our thoughts on their different sheet products .

Now, let’s cut the small talk and dive into this Brooklinen sheet review.

Classic Percale And Luxe Sateen Sheets

Both of these Brooklinen sheets, Luxe Sateen and Classic, are made with 100% OEKO-TEX certified long-staple cotton. They are available in most standard mattress sizes, including twin XL for if you have an adjustable bed frame and two twin XL size mattresses.

There are a few convenient features of the sheets that make them user friendly and should help you enjoy making your bed just a little bit more.


  • For starters, every side of the fitted sheet is labelled with a short side or long side tag. It’s a tiny detail, but if you have ever done the fitted-sheet dance, trying to figure out which side goes where, you know how helpful these little labels can be.
  • Brooklinen’s pillowcases are built with an envelope fold closure that covers the exposed end of your pillow when you put it on. This kind of closure helps to keep your pillow cleaner, and also looks a bit more clean and sleek because it helps to prevent those pesky pillow tags from peeking out of the case. 
  • Additionally, the fitted sheets are wide enough to fit comfortably on mattresses up to 15” tall, so they should stay snuggly put on just about any mattress on the market. If you have a thicker mattress, or you find that your fitted sheet is slipping, here are a few tips. 

Brooklinen Colorways

Brooklinen sheets have a bunch of stylish colors and patterns to choose from including pink, white, off-white, charcoal, grey and white stripes, and more!

We got one set of sheets with the windowpane pattern, which is a large linear grid pattern, and another set with the smoke stripe pattern, which reminds us of notebook paper (in the best way). Both of these patterns are really sleek and we think that they are neutral enough to work with any bedroom style but also add a bit more of a pop of character than say, plain white sheets, would. 

brooklinen sheets 2

Overview Of Brooklinen’s Sheets

Brooklinen offers four styles of sheets, but the most popular are Luxe Sateen and Classic Percale. Here’s a quick overview of all of the Brooklinen sheet sets:

Classic Percale — Made of 100% long-staple cotton with a thread count of 270. Design to be the best blend between quality and value, while offering a cooling surface for hotter sleepers.

Luxe Sateen — Also made with long-staple cotton, only these have a thread count of 480. These are what you’d consider “affordable luxury” sheets in that they’re really nice, yet the price is reasonable.

brooklinen reviews luxe core sheets

Washed Linen Sheets — Made from French and Belgian flax and individually garment dyed in Portugal, these linen sheets are incredibly popular and are a good option for hot and sweaty sleepers who want an opulent set of sheets. They are definitely on the more expensive side, with a queen size sheet set selling for around $250, but for linen sheets this price tag is actually only slightly on the high end of average. In general, when you are going for linen sheets, you are going for a more luxurious product, no matter the manufacturer.

Heathered Cashmere — Combining cotton and Himalayan cashmere, these sheets are super soft and luxurious. If you are looking for a set of sheets that will be a bit more warm and snuggly, cashmere is probably the way to go. These are a limited run offering from Brooklinen, so things might change, but currently the heathered cashmere sheets are Brooklinen’s most expensive collection. You can get a queen size cashmere sheet set for around $280.

That said, we think these sheets are really nice and, if you’re in a life stage that affords you to invest in sheets that will last, we think these Brooklinen sheets are a good bet.

The Classic Percale sheets set (which includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases) ranges from about $100 for a twin to $150 for a king, with the queen size sheets, the most popular size for adults, coming in right around $130.

The Luxe Sateen sheets are a bit more, for a queen size set, you can probably expect to spend around $150, for a king, it’ll be around $170.

Overview Of Prices

Twin / Twin XL$129
Full / Queen$149
King / Cal King$169

As you’ve seen above, Brooklinen’s sheets aren’t quite like the cheap pack of sheets that you can grab off the shelf at Target for $40, but they are marketed as high-quality sheets, and that definitely comes with a bit more of a price tag.

Does Brooklinen Offer Discounts?

Brooklinen does seem to offer discounts pretty frequently on their sheets, and we always aim to stay up to date on any deals and promotions and might even have some coupon codes available for you right here. 

Brooklinen Sheets Classic vs Luxe

So, what is the difference between these two Brooklinen sheets? In short, it ultimately all comes down to thread count.

The Sateen Luxe sheets have almost double the thread count that the Classic Percale sheets do, and this, along with the stitch used to construct them, changes the way that they look and feel quite a bit. The Sateen Luxe sheets have a 480-thread count and use an under one, over three weave which gives them more of a soft and slightly luminous finish. These sheets feel a bit more buttery, like tencel or your favorite pair of jeans that have been washed a hundred times.

Brooklinen’s Classic Percale sheets have a thread count of 270 and use an over one, under one stitch which gives them a crisp feel and a matte finish. They remind us of sheets that you would find in a five-star hotel. They feel clean and soft without being necessarily smooth and silky.

Either way you go, both sheet sets should keep you feeling nice and comfortable through the night. The Percale sheets, though, feel a bit more light and airy while the Sateen sheets have more of a luxurious feel to them. 

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Caring For Your Brooklinen Sheets

Care is pretty easy and, if done properly, will really contribute to the longevity and lifespan of your sheets.

First, it’s important to know how to store your sheets. Brooklinen suggests avoiding plastic boxes, which can cause yellowing. When storing, you want to let your sheets breathe to keep them fresh.

Wash your sheets on a cool or warm cycle (not hot), and line-dry them naturally to best preserve fibers, colors, and elasticity. If you do choose to dry your Brooklinen sheets in a dryer, make sure you use a low heat and low tumble cycle. 

Brooklinen Company Policies

First off, let’s talk about the purchasing process with Brooklinen. While they aren’t in the business of selling a bed in a box, they do have some really consumer-friendly policies that show you just how confident they are in their products.  

brooklinen reviews sheets

When you buy sheets from Brooklinen, you will receive:

  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
  • A 365-night trial period
  • Free returns 
  • Lifetime warranty

That is really generous for sheets! If you wash them a few times and decide that they aren’t quite right for you, Brooklinen will still let you return or exchange them without any additional fees at any time during your first year of owning them.

Brooklinen Review Final Verdict

We like the Brooklinen sheets for their luxury, quality, and durability. We definitely think that these sheets are a really nice quality and will be a cozy addition to any bed. The stylish colors and patterns that they come in are a nice bonus, and the policies that Brooklinen offers really can’t be beaten. If you aren’t planning on investing in your sheets though, and you really just want something that will be good enough for the time being, Brooklinen’s sheets might be a bit out of your price range.

Brooklinen vs Boll And Branch

In the story of Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch, you have two quality bedding companies who deliver several premium sheet options. Both of these brands offer percale, sateen, and linen sheet sets. They also have warmer options, as Brooklinen offers a cashmere set, while Boll and Branch sells a cozy jersey set. However, Boll and Branch utilizes organic cotton in their materials, is ultra environmentally-friendly when it comes to the farming and manufacturing process, and they ensure fair practices when it comes to wages and safe working environments for their employees overseas. Brooklinen, while they aren’t as eco-conscious, focuses more on delivering high-quality sheets at a reasonable price. As such, Brooklinen tends to be more affordable than the options from Boll and Branch.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long do Brooklinen sheets last?

According to Brooklinen’s website, sheet sets should be completely replaced every 2 years (or 1 year for pillowcases).

Should I wash my Brooklinen sheets before using?

Yes. According to Brooklinen, you’ll get them clean and loosen the cotton fibers, enhancing your sleep experience. (SOURCE)

Why are Brooklinen sheets so expensive?

We can’t deny it, Brooklinen sheets are a bit more expensive than the average sheet set. That said, we think they’re exceptionally durable and are really high quality. So you might pay a little bit more, but they will last longer than a cheaper set.

Should I wash my Brooklinen sheets before using?

Yes. According to Brooklinen, you’ll get them clean and loosen the cotton fibers, enhancing your sleep experience.

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