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burrow couch sofa review

Burrow Couch Review | Online Sofa In A Box

An in depth look review of the Burrow sofa, which is a couch that you buy online and ships in a box.

You can buy just about anything online now, including your furniture. We tested a love seat sofa from Burrow to see if it provides a lounging experience that suits the price tag. Ultimately, what we're looking for is whether this is the best couch or sofa online right now.

Who Is This Best For?

  • Shoppers who aren’t looking for expensive luxury furniture
  • Anyone interested in a modular design that allows you to add on later
  • People who want a simple, goes-with-almost-anything look
  • Folks who move frequently (easy to assemble/disassemble)

Who Won't Love It?

  • People looking for a budget-tier couch (Burrow isn’t exactly cheap)
  • Anyone that wants a couch with reclining capabilities

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Just about every home has a living space that revolves around the couch. It’s just a universally accepted piece of furniture that American society has decided is a necessity.

Burrow is an online furniture company that makes modular seating—loveseats, armchairs, chaise lounges, and couches of various sizes. They also sell decorative pillows and cozy throw blankets, but their primary focus is lounge seating.

That’s just a quick video about our experience with the Burrow sofa. Below is a full review with even more details, including pros and cons.

Burrow’s Policies — Shipping and Returns

Every order from Burrow comes with free shipping just like the dozens of mattresses that we’ve reviewed in the past. The bed ships in multiple boxes, but Burrow does a great job of packaging everything so that it’s easy to drag inside and start assembling.

You’ll then have a 30-day window to make a return if necessary. The return policy is fairly specific, though, so it’s a good idea to read through the all the terms before you decide to make a purchase. There are certain reasons that allow you to make a fully-refunded return, while other cases may be grounds for a partial refund, and still others will not be eligible for any returns at all.

The Design Of A Burrow Sofa

Burrow’s big selling point is that all of their seating is designed in modular pieces that are compatible with each other in a variety of arrangements.

It’s a build-it-yourself construction, similar to IKEA furniture, but with some clever assembly hardware that allows you to easily deconstruct the pieces and add-on later. It’s a latching system that keeps the pieces securely together, without involving an abundance of screws or other tedious methods of putting things together.

burrow sofa couch review
Burrow accidentally sent us two different colors, so we made lemonade

The look of their furniture is simple, clean, but cozy. It isn’t overly modern or stylized, and it isn’t trying to cash in on the resurgence of retro decor trends. It’s the kind of couch that’s going to look at home in most homes, assuming you haven’t gone full ‘70s or something equally specific.

Regardless of which piece you choose, you get to pick the color of the fabric and the legs. The legs aren’t anything particularly impressive, we wouldn’t call them a work of craftsmanship, but they look just fine and do the job. You also get to choose the height of the arms—high or low. For the upholstery, if you’re not sure which of the color options you like best, you can request swatches from Burrow.com to see how the fabrics look in your space.


The feel of the sofa cushions is somewhat dense and cushiony. It doesn’t feel like sitting on a pillow and it doesn’t feel like sitting in a dentist’s waiting room. Overall, the sofa is quite comfortable.

burrow couch sofa review
Burrow is comfy, but not the best we’ve ever tested

The firmness is nice from what we tested. You don’t sink in too much, but you still get enough cushioned padding to keep you sitting comfortably through a whole Lord of The Rings movie. The seat cushions are also flippable, with a firmer side and a softer side, so you get a little room for adjustment if needed.

burrow couch sofa review
Overall we do like the design of the Burrow sofa

We’d also say that Burrow makes a comfortable positioned seat. The back rest is at a good angle and the seat depth is comfortable for most people. Our team here in the office ranges from 5’ to 6’5” and no one felt awkward on the love seat we tested.

Price And Value

Pricing for Burrow furniture depends on which piece you choose. As of this post, the love seat we tested is marked at about $995 and the sofa is currently about $1,395. You can check the current prices and offers on Burrow.com.

We call this a good value. The numbers aren’t outrageous and the product is well-made, versatile, and generally nice (if nothing special) to look at.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Fabric Sofa$1,395
Leather Sofa$1,995
Fabric King Sofa$1,795
King Leather Sofa$2,495

Getting a modular piece of furniture from Burrow may actually end up saving you quite a bit of money in the future; if you decide to move, you can just remove or add pieces to your existing seating in order to suit your space, rather than buying a whole new piece of furniture.

Verdict On The Burrow Couch

We like their furniture, we think it’s a good value, and we think the design concept is convenient and smart. Overall, we would order from Burrow again. It might not be the most stylish thing in the world, but we think it’s versatile and should work in just about any room. Apparently, Burrow has been so successful that Amazon launched their own couch brand, Rivet, to compete with them.

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How’d you get your Burrow love seat?

We purchased Burrow, but ended up returning the sofa due to a design issue. Essentially what happened is they sent us two different colors. Apparently, the issue resulted from shipping problems caused by Hurricane Florence. At least that gave us a chance to test customer service and the free return option. It all worked just fine.

Are the cushions washable?

The cushion covers and other upholstery can be spot cleaned. Here’s how, according to Eric from the Burrow chat box: (1) Remove any loose debris and blot stain. (2) Blot or spray water and bleach solution on the stain and allow solution to soak into fabric (if possible, place a clean towel between the fabric and foam cushion to absorb any excess moisture). (3) Thoroughly rinse fabric with water until clean. (4) Let fabric air dry.