Who Is This Best For?

People that want an affordable adjustable bed frame

Amazon shoppers (this is an Amazon best seller)

Anyone with back issues (these types of frames can be helpful to your situation)

People that frequently read or watch TV before bed

Who Won’t Love It?

People that have a California king mattress (they don’t offer that size)

Anyone that has to have a bed frame with a headboard

Classic Brands Adjustable Base Review

There’s a ton of hype about the Classic Brands adjustable base on Amazon, so we were determined to find out how much we liked it and how it compared to other bases we’ve tried at the Slumber Yard. It comes with almost everything you can ask for in an adjustable base, and similar to many of the other items on Amazon, it’s extremely wallet-friendly. It’s not unheard of for an adjustable bed frame to sell for over $1,000, like the Purple Power Base. The Classic Brand Adjustable base, however, gave us sticker shock because of how affordable it was. This review will focus on its design, special features, the setup process, and everything else you need to know if you’re looking to purchase this bed frame.

Setting Up The Adjustable Base

classic brands adjustable bed base frame review from amazon
Here’s the queen size Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Base

The queen size bed frame shows up in a box that’s about 6′ x 4′ which means delivery won’t be as quick as with your standard bed-in-a-box mattress. Last we checked, delivery takes about two weeks, but at least it is delivered straight to your house.

Once it arrives, however, the assembly process is pretty straightforward. One person could put it together in about 45 minutes, but with a team of three (like you see in the video below) the setup time ends up being 30 minutes or under.

One thing that we appreciate about the design is that there aren’t cords all over the place. You have a few plugins on the underside of the frame, but those all run together to one outlet. It has a really clean, simple design.

Design Of The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Frame

classic brands adjustable bed base frame review from amazon
Make sure to keep the footer on the bed frame

We like the look of the frame. The design is nothing special, but it should match just about any room setup. It has a grey fabric mesh exterior that is pretty plain, but that was clearly the intent—they want the bed frame to fit any bedroom.

We keep the 10.5″ legs on the frame so that there’s storage under the bed. It’s not as roomy as with the Zinus SmartBase (not actually an adjustable base), but it can fit smaller boxes, shoes, blankets, and pretty much whatever else you’d want to conceal under the bed.

You will notice that the bed frame lacks a headboard. That’s not an error in our pictures. Most adjustable bases do not come with a headboard nor do they have the option of attaching one. We don’t see this as a huge deal, but if just have to have a headboard, you can buy separate brackets to attach one.

Also, as a heads up, you should keep the footer (silver bar at the end of the bed frame) in place. That allows you to adjust the bed frame without having the mattress slide off—these are really common to see. And, speaking of mattresses, this bed frame is compatible with most foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses that you can buy online, though, you should check with the respective manufacturer to make certain. It should fit most beds in the 8-12″ height range.


You’ll also notice that the Comfort Adjustable Base is available in twin XLfullqueenking, and split king, but not California king for some reason. We’ve seen this will a lot of adjustable bed frames. One thing we don’t usually see, however, is a brand that offers both king and split king sizes. We think it’s a great option for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of syncing together the two ends of a split king bed frame. And just so you know, the split king is just two twin XL bed frames next to each other.

Dimensions And Height

Here’s a look at the rough dimensions for the base:

  • Twin XL — 38″ x 79″ x 15″
  • Full — 53″ x 74″ x 15″
  • Queen — 59″ x 79″ x 15″
  • King — 75″ x 79″ x 15″
  • Split King (one side) — 38″ x 79″ x 15″

The bed frame also comes with three different height of legs. The most popular is the 10.5″ but they also send you the 4″ and 6.5″ for a lower profile. You should make sure to use all of the same legs. In other words, don’t mix and match the 10.5″ with the 4″ and 6.5″ legs.

The head angle goes from 0° to 65° and the foot goes from 0° to 50° which we think will be perfect for most sleepers.

Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Base Features

classic brands adjustable bed base frame review from amazon
We love that it has a wireless remote (not a wired one)

As mentioned above, the Comfort Adjustable Bed Frame has a lot of features, especially considering it is priced for budget shoppers. The first (and most obvious) feature is that the bed frame adjusts, both at the head and foot. You can see in the video below that the head and foot can be adjusted independently or in concert using the wireless remote.

We do appreciate that when you adjust the angle of incline, it’s not actually adjusting the space under the mattress. In other words, your storage space does not change regardless of whether the bed frame is propped up or laid flat.

Quiet Motor – Also, the motors are fairly quiet such that we don’t envision you disrupting your sleeping partner unless they’re a light sleeper that’s sensitive to lower noise levels.

The motors work quickly as well, though, not so quick that it’s jarring. It’s about the right speed that you remain comfortable, but aren’t frustrated at the time it takes to switch between positions. If you go from laying flat to propped up, that will take about 25 seconds.

Programmable Settings – The remote even has three programmable settings so that you can save your favorite positions.

Anti-Snore – On top of that, it has an anti-snore mode and a TV preset so that you can quickly position the bed for watching TV.

Zero Gravity – Even more, the bed frame has a “Zero Gravity” setting that supposedly puts your body in an ideal position for sleep, and it’s ultra-comfortable. It can also apparently help with circulation and back pain. You can get to the Zero Gravity position by pressing the “ZG” button on the remote.

Massager – Perhaps the best thing about the bed frame (aside from the price) is the built-in massager, which is compatible with most mattresses. In fact, what it does is shake the frame of the mattress and reverberate through the bed. It’s not as deep or intense as a real massage machine, but we do like the feature.

There are three-speed settings as well. The low mode is fairly faint. The medium mode is pretty nice. And the high mode gives you a good shake—though, not too much that it’s super distracting.

The remote also allows you to set timers and turn on a flashlight, which is pretty neat. It’s almost as if they thought of everything with this adjustable base.

Buying The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base

classic brands adjustable bed base frame review from amazon
The massager is different, but we think you’ll like it

This particular bed frame is available at a number of retailers, however, it looks like Amazon is the outlet most people go through—judging by the fact that it’s (probably) the best selling adjustable base on the site. As you might know, whenever you shop on Amazon, prices bounce around quite a bit. As of when we’re posting this review (February 2019), here were the average prices for the bed base on Amazon:

Twin XL$425
Split King$850

I know the table above says “MSRP,” but it should say “Approximate Average Price.” In any case, the Classic Brands Comfort Bed Base is super affordable. You will be hard-pressed to find a cheaper, more capable adjustable bed frame out there. If the Queen size remains below $600, we would be shocked if you ended up with a different bed frame on account of price.

That said, it doesn’t come with a proper trial period, meaning returns (most likely) aren’t free and shipping will take about a week or so given that you have to schedule delivery.

Classic Brands Adjustable Base Review: Verdict

What’s there not to like? This thing is affordable, works as described, is compatible with a lot of mattresses, and looks nice. I’m sure some people will want a headboard, but at least they give an option to achieve that. We wish that it came with a trial period, but most people sort of know what they’re getting into. At the end of the day, it’s a really nice adjustable bed frame, but the price makes it that much better.

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Why Get An Adjustable Base?

The reasons to buy an adjustable base are myriad, but for most people it comes down to two things: (1) comfort or (2) convenience.

An adjustable bed frame can make it easier to fall asleep for pregnant women, people with a bad back, anyone with hot flashes or menopause, individuals suffering from sciatica or lower back pain, and on and on. The adjustable base allows you to select which angle is most comfortable to you given that you no longer need to solely sleep in the flat position.

As for the convenience factor, adjustable bed bases make watching TV and reading in bed a lot more enjoyable. You no longer need to stuff a bunch of pillows behind your back to get comfortable. The bed can actually articulate to fit whichever position is best for your viewing/reading pleasure. And, for the record, it really does work this way. Adjustable bases—particularly those with the convenience of a wireless remote—make sitting in bed fun.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why don’t they make a California king option?

Not sure. We’ve noticed that a lot of adjustable bed frames seem to ignore the California king option. It could be that it doesn’t sell well or that they just haven’t gotten around to listing it for sale yet. We noticed the same thing with the Nectar Adjustable Base, which is for the most part the same frame as this one.

Does the Classic Brands Adjustable Base come with a headboard or brackets?

It doesn’t come with a headboard (like a lot of adjustable frames), but they do sell separately brackets to attach a headboard.

What other products does Classic Brands sell?

On Amazon, Classic Brands sells all sorts of other bedroom-related products. They have mattresses, other frames, foundations, pillows, and mattress protectors. You can check out their entire lineup of products on Amazon. It looks like Classic Brands also sells products at Walmart, Wayfair, and other retailers, though, as of now, it doesn’t look like they have an e-commerce store themselves.

What batteries does the remote require?

The remote takes AAA batteries, which are actually included in the box when you buy the adjustable frame.

Is this an Amazon Prime product?

It doesn’t look like it. Right now, we just see on Amazon that there’s free scheduled delivery.

How much does the bed frame weigh?

It’s about 150 lb, but that depends on the size.