Buying The DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame

If you’re a fan of DreamCloud or interested in exploring their different products, we think you’ll enjoy their adjustable bed frame because we know we did. Similar to DreamCloud’s mattress, your adjustable bed frame will also ship in a box the height of a small human. It’ll usually ship via FedEx or UPS, but sometimes it does get sent through a different carrier. Either way, it should take about five business days to get to your home.

dreamcloud adjustable bed frame review
DreamCloud’s Adjustable Bed Frame and mattress

Once you receive your new bed frame, you’ll have 50 nights to make sure it lives up to your expectations. If you decide you don’t like it, you can reach out to DreamCloud and they’ll either pick up your mattress for you, or they’ll help you donate it to a charity near you. You should expect to be refunded within the next week or so.

If you decide to keep your bed frame, it comes with a warranty—DreamCloud will cover your entire adjustable bed frame for three years, from the framework to the electronics. So you can rest easy knowing DreamCloud stands by their products.

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The Ins And Outs Of This Bed Frame

Getting a box full of unassembled pieces of furniture can sometimes be daunting, and DreamCloud knows that. On their website they claim “it’s the fastest adjustable frame assembly in the industry,” and even though we haven’t tested out every adjustable bed frame out there, we thought it was pretty simple.

They included all the tools you’ll need to set up the bed frame, so you won’t have to go rummaging through your tool box every 10 minutes for a different tool. It took us about 30 minutes to set up the bed frame and a few extra minutes to figure out the motor clamp, but we think you could get it done a little quicker.

dreamcloud adjustable bed frame review
D-Payne trying out the DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame

For a queen size mattress, the dimensions of the frame are 60” x 80” x 15,” and it obviously gets bigger or smaller depending on the model you choose (twin XL, full, queen, king, and split king). We think it’s great you can purchase both a king and split king bed frame, because proper king adjustable bed frames are a little hard to come by. For those of you who go with a split king bed frame, you can take a look at your owner’s manual to learn how to sync the two sides together. That way, you can use the split king bed frame with a normal king size mattress if need be.

Whichever one you go with, you’ll still have about 10” of storage space to put your winter clothes, extra linens, or whatever else you want to keep under your bed. When the head of your mattress is elevated, it can get up to 40” tall. Then when the foot of your bed is elevated, it can get up to 21” in height. So you have a lot of options as far as which position you want your mattress to be in.

The core is made out of black metal, and it has a grey upholstered border that we think looks good in any bedroom, whether your accents are black and white or pink and yellow. To make sure your bed doesn’t go slipping and sliding around the bed frame, there’s also a metal bar at the bottom of the frame to hold your bed in place. One thing we don’t love about this bed frame is how you can’t have a headboard or footboard attached to it, because they would restrict the frame’s movement. So if you have a headboard you absolutely cannot part with, this may not be the bed frame for you. Or else, secure the headboard to the wall and just know that there will be some space between the headboard and the bed frame.

dreamcloud adjustable bed frame review
The bar at the foot of the frame prevents the mattress from slipping off.

On the flip side, we do like how it’s not very audible when you’re adjusting your bed frame up or down. Sometimes adjustable bed frames can be disruptive and loud, but we think the DreamCloud adjustable bed frame sounds more like a bee buzzing around in the distance. Just make sure you don’t put too much pressure in certain sports while it’s moving or while in massage mode, or else it does make some noise.

DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame Features

With DreamCloud’s adjustable bed frame, you’re getting a lot more than just a foundation to keep your mattress off the ground. We’ll start the list off with one of our favorite features which is the massage setting. You’ll be able to control three massage zones (head, flat, and foot) with the wireless remote that DreamCloud will provide for you, and your massage will last fifteen minutes. We’re not saying it’s a deep tissue massage you’ll get in a resort spa, but you’ll definitely feel the vibration.

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The next feature we really love about this bed frame is the “Zero Gravity” setting, which is the “ZG” button on the wireless remote. Nasa came up with this position for when their astronauts were in space to provide them with support and proper alignment. When you’re in this setting, it almost feels as if you’re weightless and it’s proven to relieve back pressure and boost circulation.

dreamcloud adjustable bed frame remote review
Control your DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame with this handy-dandy remote.

You also have a USB outlet with two ports on the right side of the bed frame, so you won’t have to struggle to get your electronics to reach your bedside. Have trouble seeing in the dark? The USB has a little blue night light that will help you see where you need to plug in your USB cord.

A few other features worth mentioning here are all the things you can do with the wireless remote. There’s an anti-snore button, timer, a flashlight at the end of it, and you can even program it to double as a TV remote so you can turn your TV on and off with it.

It’s Affordable, But Not Cheap

When a company includes so many additional features to a bed frame like DreamCloud has, they usually up the prices a little more. With that being said, we think DreamCloud was pretty fair with their pricing considering everything you get with their adjustable bed frame. You can see a complete breakdown of pricing by size in the table below and on DreamCloud’s website.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$649
Split King$1,298

If you compare those prices to the Leesa Adjustable Base which starts at $1,000 for a twin, or a Bear Adjustable base which retails around $1,800 for a queen, you can see why we think DreamCloud’s price is really reasonable.

Final Thoughts On The Bed Frame

When we take price, features, and assembly time into consideration, we would say the DreamCloud adjustable bed frame is Slumber Yard approved. We really like the zero gravity and massage feature, and we love how good of a value the whole thing is. So if you’re looking into buying this bed frame, we think you should go for it. If you don’t end up liking it, remember you can always return it for a full refund (as long as it’s in the 50-night trial period). That’s it for us and thanks for choosing the Slumber Yard for all your nighttime needs.

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Why don’t they make a California king?

We’re not exactly sure why. They could have found that a majority of people who buy a DreamCloud mattress don’t go with a California king. It’s always possible they will come out with a California king bed frame in the future.

Does DreamCloud have a showroom where I can try out their product before I purchase?

They don’t currently have any showrooms, but the folks over at DreamCloud don’t believe that a five minute test is adequate to see if you enjoy their product. They do have a 50-night trial for their adjustable bed frame so you don’t have to fully commit to the bed frame when you purchase, and you’ll have plenty of time to try it out.

Will any mattress work with the DreamCloud adjustable bed frame?

Not every mattress will work with the DreamCloud adjustable base, but most bed-in-a-box mattresses will. If the bottom of your mattress is flexible it should be fine, but if you can always double check with the company just to make sure.

Are there other products from this brand?

On you can find their hybrid memory foam mattress, as well as different bed frames including a foundation, and a bed frame with a headboard.

Can I get a discount on a DreamCloud adjustable bed frame?

Not at this point, but that isn’t to say they’ll never have any promotions going on. We have updated deals and coupons from many different brands over on our deals page.

Can I get financing for the DreamCloud adjustable bed frame?

Yes! Financing is available through Affirm and you can choose that option at checkout. They’ll do a soft credit check to make sure you qualify for financing. You will quickly be notified with the amount you were approved for, your interest rate, and how long you have to pay it off.