Who Is This Best For?

Those looking to soften up their bed

College students that want to brighten up their dorm room mattress

Anyone who enjoys breakfast in bed, but is also messy (this will help to protect your mattress)

Fans of Marriot Hotels (they use eLuxury/ExceptionalSheets products)

Who Won’t Love It?

Someone whose mattress has permanent indentations deeper than one inch (time to get a brand new mattress, buddy)

Anyone who thinks their mattress is too soft and wants to make it firmer (that’s not what this pad is all about)

Kids, elderly folks, and anyone that wants a waterproof mattress pad/protector (this one is not waterproof, though, it does provide another barrier)

Why A Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are great to add some extra padding to your mattress. If your mattress arrived just a little firmer than you’d like, a mattress pad can help to soften it up, without having to shop for a new mattress. Or say you have a college dorm bed, a pad would help to make your mattress more comfortable.

eluxury mattress pad review exceptionalsheets
The eLuxury Extra Plush Mattress Pad in all its glory

They can also thicken up your bed by up to three inches. This is great for getting some extra support and durability out of your bed. Pads usually utilize materials like polyurethane foam or memory foam to provide extra pressure relief, which is especially important for side sleepers.

Mattress pads also offer easier care for your mattress, since most of them are machine washable. Many mattress pads can also prevent bed bugs and dust mites, and are waterproof, which helps to keep your breakfast-in-bed situation way less of a hassle.

eLuxury Supply Company Policies

Before we dive into the policies, let’s clarify one thing. This mattress pad is technically an ExceptionalSheets product, though, eLuxurySupply owns ExceptionalSheets, hence the title of this review. As such, it really doesn’t matter whether you purchase an eLuxury or ExceptionalSheets mattress pad because they’re both coming from the same company and manufacturing facility.

eluxury supply mattress topper pad review bamboo amazon exceptionalsheets

Whether you order through eLuxury Supply directly or on Amazon, the mattress pad comes with free shipping.

eLuxury and Amazon both offer a 30-day window for mattress pad returns, in which you will receive an exchange or full refund. If you decide to return, eLuxury will provide a prepaid return label. You as the customer will be responsible for packaging and returning the product, though.

eLuxury extends a one-year “hassle-free” warranty on their mattress pads, but their memory foam pads do not have a warranty. If there is a defect in your product upon arrival, we recommend you reach out to the company and explain your situation. They’re very nice and helpful.

eLuxury is a veteran-owned company, and their mattresses and mattress pads/toppers are made in the USA.

eLuxury Mattress Pad Details

eLuxury has many mattress pads and toppers to choose from, but we tested with Extra Plush Bamboo Mattress Pad with a Fitted Skirt. We’ve been told that this particular mattress pad is the most popular pad that they offer. It’s available in all bed sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

eluxury mattress pad review exceptionalsheets
Close up on the super soft cover

It is filled with 100% polyester, and then its top is 100% polyester and its bottom is a cotton, polyester blend. It’s 1.5” thick in total. All of these materials are laboratory tested and certified safe without the use of flame retardant chemicals by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

eluxury mattress pad review exceptionalsheets
You can see that the skirt completely wraps the mattress

This pad uses an elastic skirt to help attach it to your mattress. It should create a snug fit, and can fit around mattresses up to 18” thick.

To clean and care for your mattress pad, simply wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle using a mild detergent, then tumble dry with little or no heat.

Firmness And Feel

This mattress pad has a soft, neutral-foam feel to it. Let us clarify that this is a mattress pad, not a topper. A mattress pad is typically filled with a fluffy material (in this case, polyester fluff), so it shouldn’t change the feel of your mattress too much. It will just make your mattress softer. Toppers are usually thick slabs of some type of foam, and can therefore change the feeling of your mattress from neutral to memory, etc.

For example, if you have a medium-firm memory foam mattress, after adding this mattress pad, it will feel more like a medium memory foam mattress—just a tad softer.

eluxury mattress pad review exceptionalsheets
Adds a little extra comfort to your existing mattress

Keep in mind that this particular mattress pad is designed to soften your bed a little, not a lot. And, at the risk of stating the obvious, it’s not going to make a soft bed firm. If you’re looking for a firm mattress, click here.

eLuxury Mattress Pad Price

We can confidently say that buying a mattress pad can be cheaper than buying a brand new mattress, even including some budget beds. The price of a queen size pad is typically around $135, which we don’t find too steep, but it’s obviously not “cheap” considering the 8″ AmazonBasics mattress (an entire mattress) is only about $80 more.


eLuxury Mattress Pad Review: Verdict

We think a the eLuxury Mattress Pad has a lot of pros to it. It can soften up your mattress, protect your bed, and makes for easy cleaning. If you love your current mattress, but find it a tad too firm, consider getting this pad or others.

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    How many ounces of fill are there per square foot?

    This mattress pad has 25 oz of fill per square foot.

    Do they offer custom sizing options for this pad?

    Yes, they do make custom pads for different sizing options! Just reach out to the company and let them know what you need.

    Is this a topper or pad?

    This is a pad, meaning is secures around the mattress and just add a little extra cushioning.

    Tell me more about eLuxurySupply / ExceptionalSheets

    The company was founded in 2009 by United States military veteran. ExceptionalSheets is a brand of eLuxurySupply. They make all of their own products in Indiana—no outsourcing.

    Where can I buy this mattress pad?

    You can find it on eluxury’s website as well as Amazon and a few other online stores.