Who Is This Best For?

Someone who already has a Helix mattress

Those looking for long warranty protection on their adjustable bed frame (up to 25 years)

People that frequently work, use their computer, read, or watch TV in bed

Individuals that want an feature-rich bed frame with an attractive, minimalist design

Who Won’t Love It?

Those looking for a bed frame with returns available

Anyone looking for a massage feature

People that move homes with any regularity (this is not a fun bed frame to move)

Free Shipping And The Other Policies

Helix Sleep has taken the online mattress world by storm with their Sleep Quiz and custom mattress model. You can see our full Helix mattress review here. That’s just a quick overview. Now let’s hone in on their adjustable bed frame.

Helix offers free “Threshold” delivery, which really just means that they’ll bring it right inside your front door, not all the way to your bedroom. This actually seems a little odd to us, because you’ll need to be home for them to bring the bed frame into your home, but then they don’t finish the job.

Regardless, we’re sure you can work something out with the delivery company so that they can just leave it at your front door while you’re at work (or maybe you can just slip them each a couple more bucks and they’ll bring it all the way to your bedroom).

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Once your bed frame has been delivered, you’ll have to set it up. We recommend that you ask a friend over to help you with this, as the bed frame is pretty heavy. The only tool you’ll need is a knife or scissors to remove the cardboard packaging, and then setup is super simple from there. Just screw on the adjustable legs (make sure all the legs are the same height), flip the bed frame over, and put the provided batteries in the remote and you’re all done.

All in all it took about 15 minutes, including clearing all the trash out of the room. There isn’t much to it since the bed frame ships almost fully assembled.

This is Helix’s only product that does not come with a trial period, nor do they accept returns or exchanges, so good thing you found this great review before you bought. This base does come with (up to) a 25-year warranty though, which is on the longer side for adjustable bed frames we’ve tested.

Design Details & Specs

This adjustable base has a neutral tone as its border color; sort of a greyish/brownish color. The bed frame is made of steel, foam, wood, and fabric upholstery. According to Helix, it should easily be able to fit inside a slat-less bed frame, but you can’t attach a head or foot board directly to the adjustable bed frame.

helix adjustable bed frame review
We like the simple, low-profile look of the Helix Adjustable Bed Frame.

It comes in a really wide range of sizes for adjustable bed frames. This includes a twin XL, queen, split king, and split California king. This is one of the few bed frames that we’ve seen so far that’s available in a California king size, which we think is pretty cool.

We mentioned earlier how the legs on this bed are adjustable. We really like this feature because customization and options are always nice. A shorter bed frame is better for people who may struggle getting in and out of bed or have pets who are allowed on the bed. Taller bed frames are good for people who like to store stuff under their bed frames or who have longer legs.

The method for changing the height isn’t our favorite. In fact, Dillon got them stuck when he first tried to adjust them. You need to press the button out of the hole and then find another hole for it to be released into. We like how the legs on the Nolah Adjustable Base are much easier to adjust. Anyway, the legs range from 6-10”, with 1” options in between. This is a pretty good range of options that should satisfy almost everyone’s preferences.

helix adjustable bed frame review
A look at the frame by itself

The bed frame also features friction strips that help to keep the mattress tied to the bed frame so that you don’t have a bed that pops up off of the frame. This isn’t something that you’d think about unless you’ve tested other adjustable bases, but it’s something that we certainly appreciate having. Here’s a look at those friction strips.

helix adjustable base review friction strips
Close up on the friction strips (aka micro velcro strips)

We do want to mention that sometimes this bed frame was a little glitchy—let us explain. While adjusting it, sometimes the bed frame motor has to pause for a second, and then it will keep going, and then other times you’ll need to release the button and then hold it again to keep the bed frame moving. Not sure if that’s a safety feature, but it was a little odd.

Features And Details About The Remote

This bed frame has the widest range of adjustability that we’ve seen so far. It folds up so much, we feel like a taco while laying on it. But in all seriousness, the head of this bed frame can adjust from 0 to almost 90 degrees. Helix doesn’t have the exact range that it can adjust, but here’s a photo for you so that you can see. The foot of the bed also adjusts pretty high.

While it has the largest range, it also moves the somewhat slow. There was a somewhat noticeable difference between how slow this bed frame is compared to others that we’ve tested, but you probably won’t notice yourself if you don’t have another adjustable bed frame to test it against.

This bed frame is also moderately loud while moving, and it makes a whiny sounding noise. We wouldn’t recommend moving it while your significant other is asleep. You also can’t move the head of the bed and the foot of the bed at the same time, you have to do one at a time.

The “flat” button only requires you to press it once. If you hold it, it’ll trip the bed frame up. This bed does feature the “Zero Gravity” position, which a lot of people like and want in their adjustable bed frame. The Zero Gravity position reduces the forces of gravity on your spine, so it’s a great position for reducing back pain and improving circulation.

helix adjustable base remote review
The Helix remote is simple and functional

We really love the remote. It’s simple, straightforward, and has a pretty slim, sleek design. While the remote for the Purple Power Base gives you more options, this one is about half the size.

Something we noticed with this remote that we really like is that it’s backlit, so it lights up every time you press a button. This is great for nighttime use, or maybe it’s just a lazy Sunday so you made your room as dark as possible to watch movies. Either way, the light on this remote makes it much easier to use in the dark.

It also features a flashlight button that shines some light out, which we could also see being very helpful. The remote also has an “anti-snore” position button and “memory” button so that you can save your favorite position.

helix adjustable base review usb charging ports
USB charging ports on the Helix Adjustable Base

Last feature we’ll touch on is the USB charging ports. Considering you need to plug this bed into an outlet and that takes up space to charge your phone, it’s always a really nice touch when they include this feature. We do wish that instead of having four USB ports (2x USB-A and 2x USB-C) on only one side of the bed, they had two on each side.

Retail Price Of The Bed Frame

This base is priced pretty moderately in the adjustable bed frame game. We think that it’s priced accurately. A queen size will cost you around $850. If Helix is running a sale or offering a coupon code, it should be hovering somewhere on your screen. And be sure to check out our Mattress Deals page, as well, because we have some great deals that will save you some extra cash on products like mattresses, pillows, sheets, etc.

Check out this price chart to see what each size will cost you:

Twin XL$750
Split King$1,500

You can always check HelixSleep.com to see what deals they’re currently promoting. We’ve seen them offer anything from absolutely zero dollars off to $200 off—it just depends on the season and what their marketing department feels is right.

Our Final Verdict

To be honest, this is a pretty basic adjustable bed frame. We do love how it has a wider range of adjustability than we’ve seen before, that they offer a California king size option, and we really love how simple yet functional the wireless remote it. It’s definitely not the quietest or fastest bed frame we’ve seen before, but it still works just fine. The price is decent and the bed frame works decently.

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed frame but don’t need anything that’s fancy or luxury, we think this Helix Adjustable Base could be an option for you.

How did you guys get your hands on this bed frame?

Helix sent it to us. As always, all opinions are solely our own.

How many pounds can the Helix Adjustable Base hold?

It can support up to 850 lbs, including your bed.

What are some of the additional features on the Helix Adjustable Base?

This adjustable base comes with a “zero gravity” position, a “memory” button to save your favorite position, USB charging ports, and adjustable legs.

What happens if I want to return the base?

Helix does not accept returns or exchanges on their adjustable base, so make sure you’re positive before you make your purchase.

Does it come with a warranty policy?

Yes, your Helix Adjustable Base will be protected by a 25-year warranty.