Who Is This Best For?

Layla mattress loyalists (although most other mattresses are compatible too!)

People who like to read or watch TV in bed

Couples, especially those who snore (it is available in split king and has an anti-snore function)

Anyone capable of putting together Ikea furniture (set-up is super simple!)

Who Won’t Love It?

People with a tight budget

Sleepers with a full or California king mattress (not available in these sizes)

People who want a stylish looking bed frame (it is pretty simplistic in design)

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What Is An Adjustable Bed Frame?

Automatic and adjustable bed frames have really grown in popularity in recent years. They make it easier for sleepers to read (or, let’s be real, watch Netflix) in bed, lay with their head, feet, or both elevated at a certain angle, and some even come with extra features like a massage function or charging station (both of which are available on the Layla Adjustable Base Plus).

Essentially though, an adjustable base is just one of several options out there for you to add support to your mattress. Most mattress companies recommend using some sort of base or foundation to support and protect your mattress. This means, keeping it elevated and off of the ground–where it can more easily get dirty–and supported by something like a box spring, slatted foundation or base (whether it is adjustable or not.) Keep in mind, when shopping for an adjustable base not all mattresses are compatible. We have found that the vast majority of beds are, but if you read up on your mattress’s warranty, it should include information about compatible bases. 

Layla Bed Frame Policies

If you’ve explored our site, you’ve probably found that we have reviewed a lot of products from Layla, and we tend to find their products to be really well made and relatively affordable. Layla mattresses have made several of our best lists, like our list for the best bed in a box and best mattress for the money, so it is fair to say that we expect good things from them.

When you buy a mattress online, there are certain policies that usually come standard, but with bed frames, those policies can be a little bit more hit or miss. Fortunately, Layla offers fairly friendly policies with their adjustable base. 

First and foremost, when you order the base from Layla, it will ship to you completely free in under a week. Layla says that it is really easy to set up, but if you want somebody to set it up for you, Layla offers white glove delivery and set up for $150.

Layla sleep adjustable base bedframe
A look at the Layla Adjustable Base (pretty sleek, right?)

Once the base is all set up, you will have 30 days to test it out and make sure it’s right for you. If, in that first month, you decide that you aren’t in love, you can send the adjustable base back and receive a refund from Layla.

If you keep the base, it is covered by a 10-year warranty, which is pretty good for an adjustable base if you ask us. We find that the most mattresses usually last around ten years, so the fact that an automated base like Layla’s can promise the same amount of longevity really speaks to their confidence in the product. 

Overview Of The Adjustable Base’s Construction

The base itself is fairly standard and minimal looking, it certainly isn’t going to win any beauty contests, but this low profile look is actually purposeful. Layla’s adjustable base is slim enough to actually fit within your existing standard width bed frame if you’d like to opt for an adjustable base, but don’t want to sacrifice the style of your bedroom. You can basically just replace any other support system that was previously within your bed frame with the adjustable base. 

Layla makes this even easier by providing adjustable feet, which can raise your adjustable base 5” to 14” off the ground depending on your preferences. The legs are really easy to assemble, they come in four 3” segments and simply screw together, and then on to the bottom of the frame. This ensures that your base will be the right height for your desired bed frame, and is also really helpful for seniors and the elderly, or people with certain injuries who need their bed to be easier to get into.

layla adjustable base review
The Layla Adjustable Base has a sleek low-profile look and adjustable legs

The base itself is 2” thick and is made with a simple black fabric that has a bit of stretch to it. Though the base is fairly thin, it is able to support up to 750 lbs and comes in four sizing options: twin XL, queen, king and split king. Unfortunately Layla does not make this bed frame in every size, so if you want a full, twin, California king or other sized adjustable base, this probably won’t be the base for you. 

A neat feature of the split king base is the customizability of each side of the bed. If a couple is sharing a split king, they can both set their own presets and their side of the bed can move independently from their partner’s. With a split king, though, make sure you buy two twin XL mattresses, as opposed to one king size mattress, or else you won’t be able to move each side separately. 

Another thing to note about the base is that it does have a large silver rail at the foot of the bed that will help keep your mattress in place and prevent it from sliding off of the base when it is lifted up. 

Features Of The Adjustable Base

If you go for the standard Layla Adjustable Base, you will get a quality automated base that is wireless remote controlled and provides full body articulation. You can move your head and feet independently and even program up to three positions into the remote so that you can adjust the bed to the perfect TV watching or book reading position with one touch.

The wireless remote also comes with two preset positions: lay flat and zero gravity. You can quickly and easily adjust the bed to a neutral position or move to zero gravity, which is meant to reduce spinal compression and relax muscles, all with one push of a button.

On top of the basic articulation of the adjustable base, the standard Layla base also comes with four USB charging ports (two on either side) so that you can charge your devices without having to even get out of bed. Gone are the days of schlepping across the room in the dark because you forgot to plug your phone in before bed, you’ll always have a charging port right at arms reach. 

Special Features Of The Layla Adjustable Plus

If you opt for the Adjustable Plus model from Layla, you will have the benefit of several other special features. There is a built in vibrating head and foot massage function that includes three intensity levels and an auto shut-off timer. Honestly this is a pretty awesome feature, especially for folks with neck and shoulder pain or for athletes and runners with general soreness/aches. You can fall asleep to a gentle foot massage or ramp up the intensity and work out the knots in your shoulders while you get your Netflix binge on. 

The Adjustable Plus has an additional pre-set button as well. The “Zzz” button on the remote is actually an anti-snore feature that will lift your head (or the head of your partner who tends to saw logs in their slumber) 10° in order to open up nasal airflow and alleviate sleep apnea and snoring. 

The adjustable plus also has wall-gliding technology, meaning it will hug the wall and stay the same distance from the wall at all times, even when you move the head of the bed up and down.

Additionally, it is equipped with seamless under-bed lighting around the bed’s perimeter to help you see your way to your bed at night.

The adjustable plus is also Alexa and Google Home compatible, so you can actually ask your smart device to adjust your bed for you. Or, for those remote misplacers of us out here, there is also a wifi app you can download on your phone that will control the base. 

All in all, there are so many great features on both the Layla Adjustable Base and the Adjustable Plus, and we think the frame and the remote are really well designed and intuitive. 

How Much Does The Layla Adjustable Base Cost?

As we’ve covered, there are actually two adjustable bed frame options from Layla and, with all the additional features that come with the Adjustable Plus, there is quite a bit of a price difference. If you opt for their standard adjustable base in the queen size, which is the most common mattress size for adults, you should expect to spend just under $1,000. With discounts though, a queen size can run for about $100 off. Layla offers discounts fairly regularly and we will always try to let you know if they have any deals or coupons running on our page. 

Twin XL$899
Split King$1,798

The MSRP of the Adjustable Plus is about $500 more in the queen size, at around $1,500. If they have discounts running, it’s usually between $100-$200 off. With all of the special features offered by the Adjustable Plus, we would compare it to the Purple Power Base, which has several similar features and a similar price tag. 

If a bed frame is all you need, there are definitely some much more affordable options out there. If you are really sold on getting an adjustable bed frame, though, both options from Layla are pretty solid. The price range of around $1,000 is fairly standard for an adjustable bed frame so, depending on the features that you are looking for, and depending on how many zeros are in your budget, you might find that it is worth it to invest in an adjustable base from Layla.

So What’s The Verdict On The Layla Adjustable Base?

The decision is yours. There are several great features included with the Layla Adjustable Base Plus, and a more affordable price tag if you opt for the standard Layla Adjustable Base, but we know that there are also a lot of other bed frames out there to choose from. So, if you are still trying to decide if this base is the right one for you, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What is your budget? If you are trying to keep the purse-strings tight, take a look at the more affordable Lucid L300 Adjustable Base or opt for a bed frame that is not adjustable.
  • Do you have any injuries or recurrent aches and pains? The massage feature of the Adjustable Plus is handy but only if you think you’ll utilize it.
  • Do you have a Layla mattress? Though you can use practically any mattress on this bed frame, if you’ve bought from Layla before you might be keen on buying from them again.
  • Are you or your partner a snorer? The anti-snore feature might be the solution if you’ve tried everything else to drown out the noise.

Hopefully this has given you some guidance and you are one step closer to getting the base you want. If you need a new mattress for that base of yours, you might want to take a peek at some of our favorite memory foam mattresses. As always, thanks for stopping by the Slumber Yard!

How did the Slumber Yard get the adjustable base from Layla?

Layla was kind enough to send their base to us so that we could review it and let you know our thoughts. We do not, however, accept any sort of payment or compensation for the things that we write about any products that we test and every word and opinion expressed here is completely our own.

What other products does Layla make?

Layla has all sorts of sleep accessories. We have written extensively about both their memory foam mattress and their hybrid mattress. They also sell pillows, a weighted blanket, a few other bed frames and even a Layla bed for your pet, among other things.

How do I know if my mattress will work with the Layla Adjustable Base?

There are very few mattresses that are not compatible with adjustable bases, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure the bottom of your mattress is flexible and to always check your warranty. Most mattress companies will expressly tell you which kinds of bases your mattress should and should not be used on. If you have a Layla mattress, both the all-foam and hybrid models are compatible with the adjustable base.

Is there anywhere I can check out the adjustable base before I buy it?

Nope, Layla is all online. Fortunately though, the don’t leave you totally in the dark with this decision. Layla does offer a 30 day trial after you receive your bed frame so that you can make sure that you love it.

Does this adjustable base come with a massager?

Yes, the Layla Adjustable Base features a vibrating function in the head and foot with three different intensity levels.

Can I return the frame if I don’t love it?

Yes, Layla will give you 30 days to give it a trial run. If you decide against the adjustable base by the end, you can contact customer service to receive a refund.