Who Is This Best For?

Side sleepers and those that like a softer bed

People that like a memory foam feel

Who Won’t Love It?

People that don’t want to spend $200+ on a mattress topper

If you need to firm up your mattress

Why A Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are a great addition to any mattress, especially if you are looking to make them feel softer or want a different feel. The Layla Topper has some great benefits. You get to customize the feel of your current mattress and get the perks of copper-infused memory foam.

Mattress toppers are also a great way to add some extra thickness to your mattress, especially if you find that your current mattress is a little too firm for your sleeping habits. Instead of buying a whole new bed, you can just purchase a mattress topper to give it some cushion. This also works great for college dorm beds, guest bedrooms, or for pregnant women who need to switch up their sleeping position during their pregnancy.

If you currently own the Layla mattress—which is flippable/double-sided—the Layla Topper lets you further customize the firmness of your bed by adding some additional comfort. You can put the topper on either the “Soft” or “Firm” side of your Layla bed for a different and unique feel.

Mattress toppers also do a great job of keeping your mattress clean and extending the durability of your mattress.

Layla Company Policies For The Topper

This mattress topper has a lot of the same company policies as the Layla mattress. This includes free shipping straight to your doorstep, and then a 120-night trial period in which you can test out the Layla Topper and see if it’s a good fit for your sleeping habits.

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If after testing the topper you decide it isn’t for you, just contact Layla’s customer support for a full refund. You can see all of their policies on Layla’s website.

Layla will arrange for you to donate your mattress topper to a local charity, and will issue your refund after they receive your donation receipt.

layla mattress topper review construction memory foam profile
The topper on the “Firm” side of the Layla Mattress

If you decide to keep your Layla Topper, it will be covered by a 5-year warranty. The warranty covers splitting or cracking of the foam, or defects in the cover.

Layla Topper Construction Details

You don’t have to have a Layla mattress to use the Layla Topper; it can be used on any mattress of matching size. It’s available in sizes twintwin XLfullqueenking, and California king.

layla mattress topper review construction memory foam cover
You can see how soft and inviting the cover is

The Layla Topper uses straps on all four corners to help keep it in place on top of your mattress. You might need to get an extra deep fitted sheet to fit around both your mattress and the topper, as the Layla Topper adds an extra 2” to your bed.

layla mattress topper review construction memory foam
Copper-infused memory foam inside the Layla Topper

This topper is made with the same materials as the Layla mattress: copper-infused memory foam and the same geometric print cover. Layla uses copper-infused memory foam to help draw body heat away from the mattress, instead of causing it heat you up. Copper is also naturally antimicrobial, which means it blocks and kills bacteria.

The Layla Topper is not machine-washable. To keep it clean, simply spot clean the cover with diluted laundry detergent and a clean cloth, and let air dry.

Firmness And Feel Of The Layla Topper

The Layla Topper has a soft memory foam feel. The purpose of the topper is to make beds feel softer and cuddly, in the way that the soft memory foam contours to your body as you sink down into the material.

If you have the Layla mattress, the topper lets you experiment with different firmness levels. The topper takes the medium-soft side down to a soft, and the firm side down to a medium-firm. So between the Layla mattress and its topper, all firmness levels are available for you to experiment with for your body and sleeper type.

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This topper also has cooling abilities because its memory foam is copper-infused. We wouldn’t go as far as saying this topper is “cool to the touch” or will keep your cold while you sleep at night, but it will pull heat away from you so that you don’t sleep hot. Instead of the warmth that usually comes with memory foam material, you’ll probably sleep at a neutral temperature. This is a great option if you find that the mattress you have right now sleeps too warm for you.

layla mattress topper review construction memory foam stomach sleeper
Dang, Owen is out

Just so you know, this is a topper, not a pad. A pad is usually filled with a fluffy material, and shouldn’t change the feel of your mattress too much.

Price Of The Layla Topper

While the Layla mattress is priced relatively affordably to compete with other bed-in-a-box mattresses, their topper is on the more expensive side of mattress toppers and pads that we’ve tested. A queen size topper goes for around $300.

Twin XL$229
King / Cal King$399

Luckily, they do offer discounts from time to time, and getting a topper is a whole lot cheaper than replacing your entire mattress. You can check current offers on LaylaSleep.com for the topper.

Layla Topper Verdict

The Layla Topper is great for anyone who wants a plush mattress with a memory foam feel, loves memory foam but doesn’t want to sleep hot, or already has the Layla mattress and wants more options when it comes to firmness levels. The price is a tad steep, but this is going to make your bed comfortable, keep you from heating up too much while you sleep, and is cheaper than shopping for a new mattress.

How did you get the Layla Topper?

Layla sent it to us to try out. We hope you found our honest review of the product helpful.

If I can’t get the Layla mattress, will the topper be a suitable substitute?

We think so! The feel of the Layla Topper is very comparable to that of the soft side of the Layla mattress. Although, this can differ depending on the firmness level of your current mattress, so don’t expect that the Layla Topper will feel exactly like the Layla mattress. Mostly, you’ll just benefit from the same soft, memory foam feel and copper infusion.

Where is the Layla Topper made?

Like the Layla mattress, it’s manufactured in the United States.

Does Layla offer financing for the topper?

Yes. As of early 2019, they used Affirm for financing. Apparently, you can get payments as low as $12 per month depending on which size you select.

What does the Layla Topper feel like?

It has a soft memory foam feel, just like the Layla mattress.

How long does delivery take?

According to the Layla website, delivery takes about 3-6 days. In our experience it’s about 4 business days, which is pretty typical.

Is it soft or firm?

It is quite soft and we believe it’s best for side sleepers in particular.