Who Is This Best For?

Folks who are often stressed out or suffer from anxiety

Shoppers looking for a weighted blanket at a fair price

People with significant others who often travel

Who Won’t Love It?

People looking for a lounge around/couch blanket

Children (it’s a little too heavy)

Layla Weighted Blanket Overview

Using a weighted blanket during the nighttime is a great way to relieve stress and improve your overall sleep in a natural way. They’ve been used to treat folks with anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and more because of the proven benefits of the blanket’s gentle pressure stimulation.

Now people are catching on to their impact, so weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular among the general public. Wondering how it works? When you lay in bed with a quality weighted blanket draped over you, your body reacts by releasing serotonin which is the chemical your body produces to regulate your mood. In simpler terms, serotonin is known as the happy chemical—so the more of it that’s in your body, the better your mood is.

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Layla is following in the footsteps of their sleep industry counterparts, and recently released their new Layla Weighted Blanket for sale on their LaylaSleep.com. We think it is a top-shelf product with a decently fair price tag compared to some of the other weighted blankets we’ve tested out.

Like most of Layla’s products, you’ll get free shipping with your purchase of their blanket. If you purchase it and don’t end up liking it after a few weeks, there’s no need to worry.

The company is offering a 120-night trial to test out your blanket, and will give you 100% of your money back if you decide against it. They’re basically eliminating any possibility of you having buyer’s remorse, and that’s something we really appreciate. If you decide to keep your blanket, you’ll have a five-year warranty policy, so you can be sure you’re covered by any manufacturer defects for half a decade.

Construction And Feel Of A Layla Blanket

The Layla Weighted Blanket is dual-sided, meaning it uses two different kinds of fabrics, one for each side. If you’re familiar with the Layla mattress, you know two-sided products are kind of their thing.

The black side of the blanket is made out of cotton with a 300 thread count, and the gray side is 100% polyester/mink. The gray fuzzy side is ultra soft, so it’s great when you’re trying to snuggle up, and the black side feels somewhat like a quilt, so it’s ideal when it starts to get a little warmer since the cotton is cooler than the polyester/mink blend.

layla weighted blanket review
A look at the cotton side of the Layla Weighted Blanket

Whichever side you choose to have up against your body, the blanket’s Deep Pressure Touch mimics the feeling of a soft embrace. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, though, you should know a weighted blanket is going to be a little warmer than others due to the extra weight. If this is the case for you, we suggest you try opening a window or using a fan so you can still get the benefits of your weighted blanket without getting too warm.

layla weighted blanket review
You can see the soft gray side of the blanket

The blanket has the same distinctive hexagon pattern quilted into it that you’ll find on their mattress and pillow, but each hexagon is filled with high density micro glass beads to ensure even weight distribution. They kind of feel like a bunch of soft mini bean bags dispersed evenly across your body. The beads also make you feel like the fabric is clinging to you and gently melting over your curves.

Specs For The Layla Blanket

How heavy your blanket is will all depend on what size you’re looking for—either twin, queen, or king. The twin is 48” x 72” and weighs 15 lb, the queen size is 60” x 80” and weighs 20 lb, then the king is 80” x 87” weighing in at 25 lb. You can see all models on LaylaSleep.com.

If you’re feeling intimidated by having 15+ lb on top of you, we think it’s important to note how weightless it feels while you’re snuggled up under it. So it feels heavy when you’re carrying it around and pulling it on top of you, but since the weight is distributed equally it feels much lighter when you’re sleeping with it.

layla weighted blanket review
The blanket’s weight distributes evenly

The Layla weighted blanket is big enough to cover your mattress just as long as you get the corresponding size, but it’s not the size of an actual comforter. So it’ll cover you and a loved one while you’re sleeping, but it won’t hang down far enough over your mattress to conceal your sheets if you were to go without your comforter.

If you spill a little coffee or tea on your blanket from having breakfast in bed, all you’ll need to do to have it looking good as new is throw it in the wash on cold, and tumble dry on low. One thing you can’t do is iron it, so unless you want a crusty singed blanket, make sure to keep it away from your ironing board.

layla weighted blanket review
The blanket perfectly covers the surface of the corresponding mattress size

The Layla Weighted Blanket isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. The most affordable one we’ve seen so far is from YnM which goes for around $70, and the highest price we’ve seen is the Calmforter for about $180. The Layla lands somewhere in between those prices, around $160 for a queen size blanket. Due to the large dimensions of the blanket and dual-sided materials, we do think this one is worth the price.

Benefits Of Getting A Layla Weighted Blanket

There are several reasons why somebody would want a Layla Weighted Blanket, many of which have to do with your health and wellness like we mentioned before. If you have anxiety or you’re somebody who lays awake at night for an hour before you finally fall asleep because of all the thoughts rushing through your mind, the DPT (Deep Pressure Touch) from the blanket will help soothe your nerves, and make you feel calmer so it’s easier to fall asleep.

layla weighted blanket review
D-Payne really enjoyed testing the Layla Weighted Blanket.

It’s also a great stand-in for your loved one if they go away on a trip without you. We’re not saying it’ll listen to you talk about your day or cook you dinner, but it’ll act as big spoon during the middle of the night almost as well as your significant other will. Just instead of an arm draped over your body, you get a nice fluffy blanket giving you a little hug.

Why Would You Not Want This Blanket?

As you might be able to tell by their large dimensions and weight, the Layla Weighted Blanket is not going to be the ideal throw blanket for your couch. Carrying around a solid 20 lb dumbbell may not be super difficult, but carrying a 6ft 20 lb blanket that’s sprawled out in your arms and dragging on the floor from the bedroom to the living room is not a good time.

Also, if you’re looking to replace your child’s favorite well-loved blanket, this may not be the right one. We think it’ll be a little too heavy for them to pull it on and off their body. So if you’re looking for a lighter weighted blanket to keep on your couch or to gift to your child, you should check out the Magic Blanket. We should note that we’ve tried additional weighted blankets since making that list, so don’t forget to check out our other blanket reviews, as well.

Layla Weighted Blanket: Verdict

We’ve been a fan of Layla’s products since we first tested out their Layla mattress, and our stance is no different with their weighted blanket. If you’ve tried everything in the book to get a better night’s sleep, but haven’t found the trick, you might want to give the Layla Weighted Blanket a try. Due to its high quality, unique pattern/design, and functionality we think it’s well worth the price. Especially since you have a trial period to make sure you the blanket actually works for you. We’d probably encourage anyone who’s on the edge of a decision to go ahead and try it out, there’s basically nothing to lose.

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How did the Slumber Yard get the Layla Weighted Blanket?

Layla sent us their blanket so we could review it like the rest of their products we’ve talked about on the Slumber Yard. That isn’t to say we have to make positive comments on their products, though. We always give our honest opinion if we like something, and we’re especially honest if we don’t.

What are the other products manufactured by Layla?

Other than the blanket and mattress we mentioned earlier in this post, Layla also sells a pillow, mattress topper, foundation, bed frame, and bamboo sheets. You can always head to their website to check out all the information regarding their other products.

What does the five-year warranty cover?

The warranty covers any defects from natural wear and tear, such as ripped seams or fraying, just as long as it’s not a result of your mistreatment. It’s also non-transferable, meaning you can’t give the blanket to your sister after a year and expect her to be covered by the warranty.

Is the blanket soft?

Yes, the Layla Weighted Blanket is very soft.

What sizes are offered?

They sell the twin, queen, and king.

How much does it weigh?

The twin is 15 lbs. The queen is 20 lbs. And the king is 25 lbs.