Who Is This Best For?

Those who know and love the Leesa brand

Anyone looking for a very thin and simple looking bed frame

People who snore, have back issues, are pregnant, or injured

Anyone that wants a sturdy, squeak-free bed frame

People that want an easy setup process

Who Won’t Love It?

Anyone looking for the cheapest adjustable bed frame on the market

Those looking for additional features, like built-in massager

People that just have to have a headboard

Quick Outline For This Review:

Our Video Review

While there is plenty to read about this in this post, we recognize that some people would like to start off with a video, so here’s the review we published on YouTube.

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Hopefully the video answered all of your questions, but if you’d like to learn even more about the Leesa Adjustable Base, there’s an entire written post below.

Buying Process For Leesa’s Adjustable Bed Base

We already really like the flagship Leesa mattress and Leesa Hybrid mattress, and we’re excited that they’re venturing into accessories.

You can expect your Leesa bed frame to ship to you for free, and arrive within 2-9 business days. All of Leesa’s products are American made, so they can ship pretty fast since they’re not coming from overseas.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
We really like the minimalist design to the Leesa Adjustable Bed Base.

From the day that it’s delivered, you’ll have a 30-night risk-free trial period to make sure that you love your new adjustable bed frame. Make sure to ask a friend to help you bring in the package that this bed frame is in, because it weighs around 150 lb. Leesa also offers white glove delivery, which means a delivery crew will bring the frame into your home, set it up for you, and then dispose of all the unwanted packaging, for an additional $100. On top of that, they’ll remove your old mattress (if you also purchased a new mattress to go with the frame) for an additional $50.

If for some reason you don’t like the bed frame, just contact the company—they offer completely free returns. They will arrange for a local donation or recycling partner to have the base picked up, and then you can expect a full refund within a couple of days. We can’t imagine anyone researching this bed frame, buying it, and wanting to return it.

If you don’t return your adjustable bed frame, it will be covered under a warranty. It’s technically a 25-year limited warranty, but there are tiers within it. Basically, your warranty changes after one year, and then three years. You’ll also need to register your product with Leesa’s manufacturing partners with the provided warranty card. You can read more about it here.

Overview Of The Leesa Adjustable Base

If you don’t opt-in for the white glove delivery, you’ll need to set the Leesa Adjustable Base up yourself. Don’t worry, though, the setup process is super easy.

First, you have to unfold the base like a book, and then all we had to do was attach the legs, put in some bolts with some clips, and then flip it over (you might want someone to help you with this part because like we said earlier, this thing is pretty heavy). You might notice there are some zip-ties holding down the machinery on the bottom of the base; we recommend you flip the bed over first and then crawl under the bed to cut the zip-ties. This makes sure everything stays in place while flipping the bed frame over.

video thumbnail

The whole process probably took about 10 minutes. We love that you don’t need any tools for this set-up process. Also, if you get a king or Cal king size, it will come in two packages that you need to set up.

The legs should also be adjustable so that you can dictate how short or tall you want the bed frame. We haven’t seen this before, and we really like it. We think it’s nice for older people who maybe have a harder time getting in and out of bed, so they’ll need the bed closer to the floor, or for those who like to store things under the bed, so they’ll want more room.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
We love that the legs are adjustable as well

The base starts at 10” and can go to 14” tall in 1” increments. The head can be adjusted from 0 to 55 degrees, and the foot can be adjusted from 0 to 40 degrees. What that means in practical terms is that it does everything you’ve read about and will turn your bed into the ultimate book-reading contraption.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
You can see the two micro velcro strips toward the bottom third

Like most other bed frames we’ve seen, there is an attached hook at the foot of the bed base to help keep your mattress in place, but then Leesa also added two adhesive strips near the foot of the base. This is very creative of them, because it has the same visual design as the Leesa mattress, but it’s also functional.

The Leesa Adjustable Base is available in the sizes twin XL, queen, king, and California king. If you get the king or California king size, it will show up as a split model (two separate frames in two separate boxes), but the sides can be synced so that each side moves up and down together to accommodate a normal king size or California king size mattress. If you want to take advantage of the split option, which means each side of the bed can move independently from each other so you and your partner can have different settings, just don’t sync the sides. And according to their site, you’ll need to twin XL mattresses to complete the split king or split California king set up.

Built-In Features & Remote

This base is made with birch wood, black powder coated steel, and 100% polypropylene. The hook is already welded onto the top of the adjustable base. Like we mentioned earlier, this base stays on brand by being light grey with some white Jersey stripes.

This bed frame has a bit of a different look to those that we’ve tested before, because it’s super thin. Because of this, we think it will fit into any bedroom pretty seamlessly. You could also get a surrounding frame for it, which would give you options for adding a headboard, because you can’t add a headboard to this base.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
The simple, flat-grey exterior should fit in any room

The Leesa base also has some fun features. It’s bluetooth enabled, has adjustable telescoping legs so you can adjust the height, under-the-bed LED lighting, and a wireless remote control. The remote control is very user-friendly, which we always consider a plus.

There are some buttons to move the head and foot of the base up and down, and then buttons to move them both at the same time. It is, however, missing a backlight for when you use the remote in the middle of the night. We would love to see Leesa add this to the remote in the future—the light bulb icon that you see in the center of the remote controls the under-bed light.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review remote
Pretty basic remote, but we’re thankful that it’s wireless

When we heard LED lights under the bed, we honestly thought it was an aesthetic feature, like the lights would make under the bed glow for a cool look. Instead, the base has one small light directly in the middle of the bed frame, not bright enough to light up the space. We guess it’s more for mechanical work in the dark (why would you try to mess with stuff under the bed in the dark in the first place??) So to be honest, we didn’t consider the light to be much of a feature—or at least not one that moves the needle.

As for movement, we’re happy with the range and we like that it can move both the head and foot of the bed together. It’s pretty quiet when moving, but the motor makes a whizzing or whining noise that’s a bit more annoying sounding than other beds that we’ve tested. But we think that if you owned this bed frame, you’d get used to it.

Price & Discounts

The MSRP on this bed frame is $1,095 for a queen, but sometimes Leesa will offer specials or discounts. This is a little bit on the pricey side, considering this bed frame doesn’t really have any additional features besides its adjustable legs. No massagers, preset zero gravity button, USB charging ports, or (cool) lights. But, it still is quality. Here is a chart of its price per size:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$995
King / Cal King$1,795

You can always check Leesa.com for the current deals on this base. They might change the promotions from time to time.

Final Review Verdict: Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame

There are some things we really like about this bed frame, and some things that we don’t. We really like the simple look of this bed frame, how easy it was to set up, and how the legs adjust so you can change the overall height, but we wish the LED light was bright enough to light up the bottom of the bed and we wish it had USB chargers. If you really love the Leesa brand and are looking for something sleek and simple, you should go for it, but in terms of quantity of features, we’re just saying we’ve been more impressed with some other adjustable bed frames on the market. Again, we really like it. What it’s supposed to do, it does well. But there’s nothing extra special about it besides the simple, elegant design.

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How did you get to try out this bed frame?

Leesa sent it to us for free so that we could try it out. But as always, all opinions are our own.

Should I use a box spring with this bed frame?

No, not unless your box spring is somehow adjustable. In which case, if it is, send it to us so we can check it out.

What other accessories does Leesa have?

Lots of things! They also have a platform bed frame, a foundation, a normal steel bed frame, some pillows, a blanket (which we’re waiting for them to send over so we can review), and a sheet set. We’ve posted reviews and comparisons for their mattress and a few of their other products.

What other things did you not like about the wireless remote?

The first thing is that the remote is almost too simple. We wish that it has a built-in flashlight and a preset zero gravity button. Now, it’s true that you can easily adjust the bed frame to get into the zero gravity position, but it would be nice to have the dedicated button. Same sort of issue with the flat button—there isn’t one. Also, no child lock button or feature.

What are your other complaints with the actual bed frame?

As we’ve stated several times, we really like the look of the frame and the fact that it’s really sturdy — and we think the adhesive strips are borderline genius. That said, we thought the under-bed light was a bit disappointing and we really wish there was a massager, even if we don’t use them that often. In all honesty, the massagers are somewhat overblown, but to make the bed frame more competitive, the massage feature would have been nice to have.

How does it compare to other bed frames?

It’s basically right in the middle. We think it’s the nicest looking adjustable bed frame, but it’s not as feature-rich as even some of the cheap bed frames.

Does the adjustable base come with a wireless remote?

It does. It’s a simple remote, but it definitely gets the job done.

Do the head and foot adjust?

Yes. They both adjust.

What is the bed frame made of?

The frame has a fabric outside, but the main structure itself is made of metal.

Will my mattress work with the Leesa Adjustable Base?

Most likely, but you should check with the manufacturer to make sure.