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Nectar Adjustable Base Review

Nectar Adjustable Base Review

Our complete review of the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame with built-in massager

Last Updated: September 25, 2020

Matt Ross

We've already posted numerous reviews and comparisons of the Nectar bed in a box mattress, but in this post we are dissecting the company's adjustable bed frame. Yes, it's affordable, but what else does the Nectar Adjustable Base have to offer? Find out in this review!

    • Free Shipping & Returns
    • 50 Night Trial Period
    • 3-Year Warranty
    • Wireless Remote
    • Built-In Massager
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Who Is This Best For?

Anyone that owns the Nectar mattress

Individuals that read or watch TV before bed

People that have aches and pains (3-zone massager built-in)

Couples (available in a split king so you can independently control each side)

Anyone that hates cords (includes a wireless remote and USB ports on the side)

Who Won’t Love It?

People that own a king or California king size mattress (right now, the frame is not available in those sizes)

Individuals that must have a headboard with their bed frame

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame Review

Want to get a better look at the Nectar Adjustable Frame? Check out this video review from the team at Slumber Yard.

Now let’s dive into the details about this bed frame, including who will like it, how much it costs and where to buy it.

Setting Up The Nectar Adjustable Base

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame set up was moderately simple and pretty self-explanatory. But you’re going to need two people for this one, so make sure to call over a buddy. It took us about 30 minutes to set it up, and then a couple minutes to figure out the motor clamp. You’re probably more competent than us, and could do it in 25 minutes. It was really nice that they included all the tools that we would need to set the bed frame up, so we weren’t scrambling for our own.

Nectar Bed Frame Specs

Let’s take a quick look at the dimensions of the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame so you can see how it might fit in your home.


The dimensions of this bed frame are a little tricky because it is adjustable at both the head and foot of the bed. While completely flat, the bed frame is 15” tall. When the head of the bed is elevated, it can reach up to 40” in height. When the foot of the bed is elevated, it can reach up to 21” in height. This bed frame doesn’t come with a headboard, but there is a metal bar and the bottom to hold your mattress in place.

nectar sleep adjustable bed frame review
Johnny G sure looks happy


This bed frame is offered in the sizes twin XL, full, queen, and king. Nectar also offers the split king option, meaning each side of the frame moves independently so that you and your partner can have your own setups. We want to note how uncommon it is for a brand to offer a proper king size bed frame, instead of having you sync up two sides of a split bed frame. So that’s something we really appreciate.


Underneath the bed, you have about 10” of room for storage. That leaves enough space to keep out-of-season clothes, shoe boxes, suitcases, etc. We also want to note that storage space does not change, even when you move the foot and head sections up and down.

nectar sleep adjustable bed frame review
We like the simple, clean design to the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Nectar Adjustable Base Features

Now that we’ve looked at the functional specifications of the bed frame, let’s explore the extra features it offers. Here’s an overview of the features included with the Nectar Bed Frame.

nectar sleep adjustable bed frame review remote
We love the wireless remote with the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
  • Upholstery — The core composition is made of black metal and has a grey upholstered border. We’re confident that it can seamlessly blend into just about any bedroom.
  • Massage Feature — Using the provided wireless remote, you can control three massage zones: head, flat, and foot. Each massage session will last 15 minutes. And while we say “massage,” know that it’s more of a gentle vibration—there are no kneading sensations. The massage feature also should work with pretty much any mattress since the vibrations are reverberating through the bed.
  • Noise — The bed frame is pretty quiet when you are adjusting it up or down—it actually has a very subtle buzz that is more soothing than anything. We also did not experience any slipping or give in the bed frame and it’s surprisingly quick to make your adjustments. We did notice that if you put too much pressure in certain spots while the bed frame is massaging or moving, it can be noisy. But if you rearrange your sleeping position, the massaging sounds much more gentle, almost like white noise.
  • Zero Gravity — Our favorite way to enjoy this bed is a head massage while we’re in the “zero gravity” setting. It’s a position that NASA scientists discovered for their astronauts, and is proven to relieve back pressure while improving circulation. To achieve this setting, there is a “ZG” button on the remote. Nectar offers even more details about zero gravity on their website.
  • Remote — The remote also has a ton of cool features. You set it up to turn on your television, to save your preferred sleeping settings, and it also has a little flashlight on the end of it. If you look closely, in the image above, you can see all of the features of the remote, including the timer, flashlight, anti-snore button, and the others.
  • USB Outlets — Besides all that, the bed frame has two USB outlets on the right side of the bed for easy nighttime charging of your electronics. You might even be able to see in the image above that the USB outlet has a little night light built-in. It’s not enough to disrupt or impair your sleep, but it should serve as an easy way to find the outlets in the middle of the night. It’s almost as if they thought of everything.
nectar sleep adjustable bed frame review usb
We really like that they included two USB ports on the sides

Nectar Adjustable Base Price

Considering all that this bed frame can do, we’d call the price very moderate. We haven’t seen any discounts applied to this bed frame yet [Check deals on Nectar’s website], but remember that if you tack on a Nectar mattress with your purchase, you’ll get a discount (on the mattress), and they’ll throw in two free pillows. Check out this pricing break down by bed frame size:

Twin XL$849
Split King$1,698

There are certain adjustable bed frames on Amazon that are cheaper (and less feature-rich), but if you compare Nectar’s to that of Leesa, Purple, Casper, Saatva, and GhostBed, it is quite a bit more affordable. A queen size adjustable bed frame for around $800, comparatively speaking, is pretty darn affordable.

Nectar Bed Frame Review Verdict

We just recently got into reviewing adjustable bed frames here at the Slumber Yard, and we have to say that we’re impressed. This bed frame was fairly easy to set up, and we love all the features (especially the zero gravity). If you’re looking for something to elevate your nighttime and sleeping experience, Nectar’s adjustable bed frame might do the trick. In all seriousness, we think it’s a very good value.

Pros And Cons Of The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame


  • Good value for the price
  • Built-in massager and zero gravity features, plus USB outlets
  • Sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly into any room


  • Three-year warranty period is shorter than competitors’ warranties
  • Not available in California king size
  • Might be out of some shoppers’ budgets

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  • Amazon Reviews: The Nectar Adjustable Frame isn’t available on Amazon right now, but you can buy the Nectar mattress (with two free pillows) on their official site.

Company Info

Nectar Store Locations

Although Nectar doesn’t operate any of its own stores, you can find Nectar products in more than 1,500 retailers across the country, including select Macy’s, Sleep Works, and Mattress Firm stores.

Nectar Contact Information

Find Nectar On Social Media

Comparing Nectar vs Lucid Adjustable Base

Although the Nectar and Lucid Adjustable Bases look similar, there are a few notable differences between the two products. For starters, unlike the Nectar bed frame, the Lucid model (called the L300) doesn’t have the built-in massage or zero gravity functionality. On the other hand, the L300 is more affordable and easier to assemble, which could make it more appealing to budget-conscious shoppers.

nectar sleep adjustable bed frame review remote massager
A look at the Nectar Sleep Adjustable Bed Frame

Nectar Company Policies

Your adjustable bed frame will show up in a large cardboard box that’s about 6′ x 4′ x 8″ which means it’s small enough to be shipped via major carriers such as FedEx and UPS (though it doesn’t always get delivered by these carriers). Total delivery time is about five business days. You can see the delivery details on Nectar’s website.

  • Risk-free trial period: 50 nights
  • Warranty policy: Three years
  • Shipping: Free (via FedEx, UPS or another major carrier)
  • Returns: Free (Nectar will arrange pick-up)


How did SY get the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame?

We were sent the bed frame for free by Nectar Sleep so that we could test it out. The bed frame now lives in our office so that we can compare it to other popular bed frames.

Why don’t they make a California king or twin?

Nectar most likely figured that kids did not need an adjustable bed frame, which is why they didn’t make a twin. As for the California king, we don’t have a solid answer for you here—maybe they will make that size in the future.

Does Nectar Sleep have showrooms where I can try before I buy?

Nectar products are available in more than 1,500 retailers across the country, but the company doesn’t operate its own showrooms. That said, Nectar Sleep does offer 100% free returns inside the trial window, so there’s very little risk for the first few months with the bed frame.

What other sleep products does Nectar make?

As of now, they have a bed-in-a-box mattress (I’m sure you’re well aware of that), a pillow, a metal bed frame, a frame + headboard, a mattress foundation, sheets, a weighted blanket, a mattress protector, a platform bed, a nightstand and a dresser.

Will my mattress work with an adjustable bed frame?

Not all mattresses will work with an adjustable bed frame. Make sure the bottom of your mattress is flexible, or double check with the company. Most of the bed-in-a-box mattresses out there should work with an adjustable bed frame.

Does this bed frame elevate from both ends?

Yes! You can either elevate them at the same time, or just one end at a time.

Does it come with a wireless remote?

Yes. The Nectar Adjustable Base comes with a wireless remote.

Does it have USB charging ports?

Yes, on both sides of the frame.

What is the actual frame itself made of?

It has a cloth exterior, but the frame itself is made of metal.