Who Is This Best For?

Individuals that want an adjustable base with a massager built-in

People with back issues, trouble sleeping, or other ailments (these bed frames can be very helpful)

People looking for cool, under-the-bed lighting features (this is the best we’ve seen)

Anyone who wants adjustable legs with their bed frame and a squeak-free design

Folks that like to watch TV, read, and work in bed

Who Won’t Love It?

People looking for a trial period with their bed frame

Anyone that has to have a bed frame with a proper headboard attached


Buying The Nolah Adjustable Bed Frame

Nolah is one of our favorite companies partially because with every mattress sold they donate to wildlife charities. With the Nolah Signature 12, we “adopted” a bald eagle, which is awesome, and with the original Nolah mattress we “adopted” a polar bear. Not sure if they make any donations when you purchase an adjustable bed frame, but that’s what we’re reviewing in this post so let’s get to it.

nolah adjustable bed base review for the nolah mattress
The Nolah mattress on the their adjustable base

After purchasing your Nolah Adjustable Bed Base, you can expect it to show up within about a week to a week and a half via UPS. They usually give you an estimated arrival date when purchasing through their site. It will be delivered in a box similar to the one the mattresses come in, but bigger and heavier. Ours said “No Pressure” on it, no pun intended.

Shipping is also completely free, unless you’re shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. Nolah makes sure to note that you should make sure that the box isn’t left outside in wet or moist weather any longer than necessary, because water damage is not protected under the warranty. Also, Nolah doesn’t offer a trial period or returns for this product. If you buy it, you’re stuck with it, so it’s a good thing you found this very detailed review, first. If you want to try an adjustable bed frame that has a trial period, check out the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame or the Leesa Adjustable Base.

Nolah’s warranty for their Adjustable Bed Frames is a 10-year limited warranty. You can read more about it on NolahMattress.com.

Nolah Makes Two Adjustable Bed Frames

Before we dig into the details, it is important to note that Nolah makes two bed frame models:

  • Nolah Adjustable Base — This is the standard model that starts at $799.
  • Nolah Adjustable Base w/ Massage — Upgraded model with the same design, but adds in a massager. Starts at $949.
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For this review—because they are so similar—we will be focusing on the massage model. Everything that we say about this model will also apply to the base model, excluding, obviously, the massage component.

Details About The Bed Frame With Massager

The Nolah Adjustable Bed Base was fairly simple to set up. The only tool you’re going to need is a box cutter to open the box, because it’s taped up pretty well. From there, all you’ll need to screw on the six legs, plug in the power box, and put the batteries in the remote. The instructions said something about pairing the remote to the bed base, but we didn’t need to do that. Keep in mind that if you get a split king size, it will come in two separate boxes of two twin XL’s.

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You might notice while unpacking that the legs come in blocks of four. This is what makes the legs adjustable—they’re buildable. Nolah says that you shouldn’t make the bed base any shorter than 6”, which is two of the leg blocks, because they’re each 3”. Online, it says that they’re each 2.25”, but ours are 3” (we measured). So, the bed can range from 6” short to 12” tall if you choose to have it supported by four legs instead of six.

The frame adjusts at the head and foot of the bed, but we noticed that we got another additional feature where the bed frame also adjusts at the very head of the bed. It’s only about the last six inches at the top of the bed. This is a game changer; we’ve never seen this before, and we think it’s really cool and makes the bed that much more comfortable for reading or watching TV in bed. Besides that, the head can adjust up to 60 degrees, and the foot 35 degrees. It moves about as fast as any other adjustable bed frame we’ve tested, but it’s a bit louder.

nolah adjustable base review bed frame
The bed frame is adjustable is almost every way

The material on the top of the bed base is textured to help keep the mattress in place, and then there is the customary hook at the bottom of the bed to also help keep the mattress in place. It works pretty well, and best with the Nolah mattress.

This bed base is available in sizes twin XL, queen, and split king. Fortunately, the split king can be synced so that it can be used with a normal king size mattress.

Features, Wireless Remote & More

We think this is a very good looking bed frame. It has a very dark grey border and the legs are skinny, so that it really doesn’t stand out at all. Also, the edge of the bed is soft (much like the Purple Power Base), so you can’t hurt yourself on it, like Slumber Yard member JD is so prone to doing.

nolah adjustable base review bed frame
We really like the fabric exterior and simple design

The remote to this bed frame is phenomenal. It’s wireless and battery powered. It has 14 buttons on it and they’re all pretty straightforward and easy to use. It has a pre-programmed “Zero-Gravity” button, which is a position used for NASA astronauts to reduce pressure on the back. It also comes with pre-programmed anti-snore and flat position buttons, and one extra programmable position, which was actually already set when we got the bed base. You can change it if you wish, though.

nolah adjustable base review wireless remote
It’s a little big, but we like the layout and the fact that it’s backlit

The bed frame has two USB chargers on either side, which we love. Everyone of course has their smartphone to charge, but most of us have another device that needs charging, so both sides can do that with this bed frame.

Another one of our favorite features on this bed frame is the nightlight. You turn it on with the remote, and it lights up the bottom of the bed. Other bed frames we’ve seen have had under-the-bed lighting, but it’s been one spot in the very middle of the mattress and you can’t see the light illuminating outside the edges, which is kinda lame.

Besides all that fun stuff, we can’t forget about the massaging feature. Before we even tell you about it, we have to note that it’s somewhat loud. Probably the loudest that we’ve tested, so if you’re someone who wants to use the massage feature to help you fall asleep, this might not be the best bed frame for you.

Our team is split with our opinions of the massage feature itself. Some of us found the vibrations to be too close together, so it was very buzzy and didn’t transfer through the mattress well. Others on our team felt that the way the massager pulsed and was very pleasant. You will have to make your own opinion up. All we can say is that it’s not like the massager we’ve experienced on most of the bed frames we’ve reviewed.

Price Of The Bed Frame

A queen size costs $1,099 MSRP, but Nolah tends to run little specials or deals which will save you a little money. If we have a coupon for you, it should be hovering to the right of this text. If not, you can always check out our updated Mattress Deals page for current discounts or NolahMattress.com.

Twin XL$949
Split King$1,798

Nolah also offers a more affordable bed base that doesn’t have any extra features besides being adjustable. If you’re not interested in any massaging or fancy lights, but still want the pressure relief, this could be a great option for you. A queen costs around $949 for a queen, which is $150 less than the one with additional features.

Final Verdict On The Nolah Bed Frame

The Nolah Adjustable Bed Base has a lot of features that we’re really into, like the additional adjustments at the head, under-the-bed lighting, and USB chargers on both sides of the bed. The massage feature wasn’t our favorite—if you took a poll of everyone in our office—though, especially because we have so many other great adjustable bed frames to compare it to.

If you’re more excited about the adjustable legs and zero-gravity feature on this bed frame, we say go for it. If you’re only in it for the massage, check out the Purple Power Base instead.

Review team

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How did you guys get to test out the Nolah Adjustable Base?

It was sent to us by Nolah so that we could test it out and review it here. As per usual, all opinions here are completely our own.

What other products does Nolah sell on their website

Besides the two bed frames, they sell two mattresses, two pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector.

What is the difference between the two Nolah Adjustable Bases?

The entry level unit is a basic adjustable base, but if you upgrade you get a massager and the head of the frame will adjust.

Will my current bed work with the Nolah Adjustable Base?

Most likely it will, but you should double check to make sure.

What sizes are available?

Nolah offer the twin XL, queen, and split king. You can sync the split king frames to make a proper king bed frame.

Is shipping free?

Inside the Contiguous US, shipping is free.