You can use a weighted blanket to help relax, release stress and get a good night’s sleep by using the principles of deep touch pressure (DTP) therapy. When you use a weighted blanket, serotonin, and melatonin in your brain increase, and you feel less stressed. A study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that weighted blankets reduced insomnia severity by 50%

There are a lot of weighted blankets on the market. Finding the right one for you can get overwhelming; we’re here to make it simple. In this Nolah weighted bamboo blanket review, we’ll talk through what it’s made of, how it performs, and if you should buy it or not. 

JD trying out the Nolah Weighted Blanket

Nolah Weighted Blanket Construction

The Nolah weighted blanket is a cooling, breathable, and naturally antibacterial blanket. It has a classic grid-quilted look. Let’s get into the construction of the weighted bamboo blanket from Nolah.

  • Double-sided bamboo cover: The cover of the Nolah weighted blanket is not removable. That’s not a deal-breaker for us, but we wanted to point it out. The cool thing about the bamboo cover is that it’s naturally antibacterial. So if you’re someone who lives with allergies, this blanket won’t irritate your skin or respiratory tract.
  • Microbead filling: Each of the quilted squares on the blanket is filled with micro glass bead filling. Better for the environment than other alternatives traditionally used in weighted blankets – like plastic. The microbeads evenly distribute the pressure across your body. 

How Much Does The Nolah Weighted Blanket Cost?

The Nolah bamboo weighted blanket’s price is about average on the market. We have seen more expensive and cheaper alternatives. The good news is that Nolah is basically always running sales on the blanket. So more than likely, you won’t pay the full sticker price. 

48” x 72”15 lbs$249
48” x 72” 20 lbs$299
80” x 87”25 lbs$349

Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket Performance

Nolah weight blanket feel

The Nolah weighted blanket is double-sided, so you get to choose the feel that you prefer. Rest assured that both sides are smooth and really comfortable. The difference is simple: the blanket’s outside has a smooth, durable feel. If we had to compare it to something, we would say the outside of the blanket has more of a sheet-like feel – silky and smooth. The inside has a softer feel closer to what you expect a cozy comforter to feel like. 

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Temperature regulation

The Nolah weighted blanket is designed to sleep cool – hot sleepers rejoice! Bamboo naturally sleeps cool; you won’t get too hot when using the blanket. As a bonus, it also has moisture-wicking properties, so if you sweat while you sleep, the blanket stays dry. 


In general, the ideal weight for a weighted blanket is between 12 to 20 pounds. The general rule is 10% of your body weight. You don’t want it to be so light that you don’t reap the benefits offered, but not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable. Nolah offers a blanket option of 15 lbs, 20 lbs, and 25 lbs.

Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket Verdict

Overall, we like the Nolah blanket. There are many things to love, like its reversible design and micro glass beads. It evenly distributes the weight of the blanket across your body, so you’ll be able to fall asleep fast and actually stay asleep. If you’re a restless sleeper who would benefit from what a weighted blanket has to offer, we recommend the Nolah weighted bamboo blanket.

Here are our favorite parts:

  • It gives people the option to choose their softness level.
  • The Nolah weighted blanket uses micro glass beads, a better alternative for the environment.
  • It sleeps cool, and it is surprisingly breathable. So even though it’s like a giant hug, you won’t get all sweaty.
  • Naturally antibacterial thanks to its bamboo design.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Nolah weighted blanket machine washable?

We know one of the most important questions is, how do you wash a weighted blanket? You can throw it in the washing machine, however not every washing machine would be able to handle the weight of the blanket. 

What does a weighted blanket do for you?

It’s pretty simple; weighted blankets can help you feel better. They are most commonly used for their therapeutic benefits for relieving anxiety or stress. 

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

There are various benefits to weighted blankets. Such as relieving stress, increasing serotonin, and reducing insomnia severity. It also can help you sleep. It can help you relax and fall asleep fast, and actually stay asleep all night.