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NovaForm Mattress Topper Review (EVENcor GelPlus Gel Memory)

NovaForm Mattress Topper Review (EVENcor GelPlus Gel Memory)

The NovaForm Topper is one of the most popular foam toppers on the market, especially on Amazon and CostCo.

Last Updated: September 2, 2020

In this post, we detail the memory foam NovaForm mattress topper, which is available at Costco and through Amazon. Read on to learn who we think will like this mattress topper best.

Who Is This Best For?

Memory foam lovers

Those looking to make their mattresses feel softer

Anyone looking for a topper that comes with a cover

Costco and/or Amazon frequenters

Budget shoppers

Who Won’t Love It?

Active sleepers who don’t like a softer, thicker memory foam feel

Those who have a sagging or broken mattress (you don’t need a topper, you need to replace your mattress)

Hot sleepers (memory foam tends to trap heat)

Why Buy Mattress Topper In The First Place?

We’ve been loving mattress toppers lately here at the Slumber Yard. They’re a great way to make your mattress feel softer or firm it up, or even change the feel of your bed completely. The NovaForm topper does this well by giving you the option to experience a softer memory foam feel.

Mattress toppers are great if you need to add a couple inches of thickness to your bed. This could make your mattress look better within the frame, and add some extra cushioning. This is typically a very useful tactic for college dorm room mattressesguest bedrooms, or pregnant women.

In case you didn’t know, pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their left side. This can be uncomfortable if you’re normally used to sleeping on your back or stomach. Adding a soft mattress topper will help to make room for your curves while you’re on your side.

Mattress toppers are also useful for keeping your mattress clean and protecting it. Instead of spills on your entire mattress, you only need to clean your mattress topper. You also wear out your mattress topper before you wear out your mattress, which can save you money in the long run.

novaform mattress topper review
A look at the NovaForm EVENcor GelPlus Topper

Please note that if your mattress has permanent sagging, is broken or torn in any way, or you’ve had it for over seven years, a mattress topper is not the answer for fixing your mattress. The mattress is the foundation, and you need to get a whole new one.

NovaForm Company Policies

We bought our NovaForm topper from Amazon, but they’re also really popular at Costco. If you’re a Costco member, you can simply get it from the store or order one online. If you order through Amazon, sorry, but this product isn’t eligible for Amazon Prime (as of early 2019).

novaform mattress topper review
A side view of the NovaForm Topper

NovaForm offers a 10-year warranty on their topper. Also, their foam is made in the US, but the cover that comes with the topper is made in China.

NovaForm Topper Details

This topper is available in sizes twintwin XLfullqueen, and king. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a California king size option.

As for how you connect the topper to the mattress, just simply lay it on top of your bed. The foam does a pretty good job of sticking to the mattress, especially if you have a cotton cover on your mattress.

novaform mattress topper review
The topper comes with a soft, silky (and loose) cover

Some other toppers have straps or a zipper to connect them securely, but we don’t think that would have been necessary with the NovaForm topper. Just place the cooling Egyptian cotton cover over both the topper and the mattress—and don’t worry, this is a deep fitted sheet that can fit beds up to 20” thick.

novaform mattress topper review
JD is out! Apparently, he really likes the NovaForm Topper

But let’s go back to that cover we touched on. It’s cool to the touch in the center, where the trunk of your body lies. It’s also machine washable, which is great for keeping things clean. The cooling cover is very necessary, because, besides the fact that this topper has these annoying little blue beads that get everywhere, its soft memory foam can make it easy to heat up while you’re sleeping. The cover helps a bit with temperature regulation.

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Firmness And Feel

This topper has a very soft, memory foam feel. We think chances are this topper will make your bed feel softer and cuddlier. Memory foam is notorious for giving you that sinking feeling as the material hugs around your body. But active sleepers who tend to toss and turn a lot, beware, because this can sometimes make you feel “stuck in the mud.”

Keep in mind that weight also plays a factor in the firmness level of your mattress topper. The lighter you are, the more you’ll lay on top of the topper instead of sinking down into it, making it feel firmer. Heavier sleepers will find that they sink into the mattress more because they literally put more weight into it, making it feel softer.

novaform mattress topper review
The topper is a nice solution for side sleepers

Because this topper is 3” thick, we think it’s a good option for heavier individuals because it’s enough cushioning that they won’t just sink straight through to the mattress.

Price Point

This is a little tricky because this topper is available from multiple sources on Amazon, so the prices range a bit. Below is an average cost calculator, but be sure to check out current prices, because we’ve seen this topper for around $140 for a queen size.

King / Cal King$160

And of course, if you’re a Costco cardholder, it’s available there, as well, but we’re not sure about price because we’re not a Costco member (feel free to judge us).

NovaForm Topper Verdict

This is one of the most popular mattress toppers on the market, and we can see why. The memory foam is soft and comfortable, and we like the cooling cover that’s included with it. If you want to experience memory foam without spending a ton on a whole new mattress, this might be a good option for you.

How did we get this topper?

We bought it on Amazon because we wanted to try it out.

Can I put a normal fitted sheet on top of the included cover?

Absolutely! As long as your sheets are a breathable material, you should still benefit from the cooling properties. Just make sure they’re deep enough to cover the corners of the mattress and topper together.

What is the topper made of?

It’s a gel memory foam topper.

Is this a cooling topper?

It’s supposed to be, but it doesn’t really sleep cool. All it does is add a little cushioning to your bed.

Is this topper affordable?

It is. That’s one of the main reasons people buy it.