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Purple Seat Cushion Review

Purple Seat Cushion Review

A review of all of Purple’s seat cushions and pads, including the Royal, Double, Ultimate, and Simply.

Last Updated: August 19, 2020

Matt Ross

We’re already fans of Purple’s mattresses, but in this review, we’re focusing on their seat cushions. Purple has seven different cushions to choose from, all of which use their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

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Who Is This Best For?

Soccer moms sitting on bleachers

Long-haul trucker drivers

Long-hours office dwellers

Generally, anyone with a sore butt will probably like Purple Seat Cushions

Who Won’t Love It?

Those who don’t find themselves sitting for long periods of time such as waitresses, tour guides, etc.

If you’re happy with your chair as-is

Anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on the luxuries seat cushions provide

Purple Seat Cushion Review: Overview

Purple took the mattress world by storm when it released the Original Purple mattress, which uses Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer for a unique feel. Then, in 2018,Purple released the New Purple mattress line which includes Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4.

If the silicone, airy feel of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a little too much for you to be sleeping on every night, consider a cushion instead. Purple offers a diverse line of seat cushions and pads, so you can still have some Purple comfort without being overwhelmed (or have your bank account drained) by a whole mattress.

Also, in true Purple fashion, they made an amusing commercial to go with their seat cushions. Here’s a look at that.

Benefits Of A Purple Seat Cushion

With a majority of Americans sitting down for extended periods of time, we should all probably be putting a little more thought into what it’s doing to our bodies. Statistically, one in four Americans sit for more than eight hours a day. That’s equivalent to how much time we should be sleeping.

purple seat cushion review pad hyper elastic polymer
The Ultimate Purple Seat Cushion (cover removed)

One of the easiest ways to decrease the chances of developing back and spine issues is by upgrading your chair with a seat cushion; specifically a gel seat cushion. Unlike other seat cushion materials like memory foam, gel seat cushions ensure immediate contouring and support when you sit down or change position. Because of Purple’s cushions’ unique grid format, your weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t push back any pressure at all. This creates better support for your spine and less pressure on your joints.

Seat cushions are also great for petite drivers who need a little boost, sports game enthusiasts who spend lots of time sitting on cold metal benches or people with medical issues like tailbone and hip pain.

Purple Seat Cushion Models And Pricing

Purple has a collection of seven seat cushions to browse, including one back cushion. In this Purple seat cushion review we will mostly focus on the Double Cushion and the Ultimate Cushion, but we included some brief yet substantial details about each separate cushion for you below:

SizePrice (MSRP)
  • Portable Cushion — The basic, most affordable option. Best for hard chairs, vehicles, travel and sporting events.
  • Everywhere Cushion — This cushion has handles to make traveling with it easy. Best for traveling, errands, bleachers or stadium seats.
  • Back Pad — Supports the natural curve of the spine. Compatible with seats that have a bad rest.
  • Simply Cushion — This medium-sized cushion works great with soft or firm surfaces. Best for hard chairs, couches or sofas, the car and office chairs.
  • Royal Cushion — The Purple Royal Seat Cushion, the most popular option, will make firm surfaces feel like a throne. Best for hard chairs, office chairs, gaming and hobbies.
  • Double Cushion — This cushion is dual-sided, with a firmer side and a more cushioned side. Best for soft chairs like a couch or sofa, the car, hard chairs and office chairs.
  • Ultimate Cushion — The biggest, thickest cushion that Purple offers. Best for heavier folks, hard chairs, soft chairs, extended sitting sessions and truck driving.

After testing the Double Cushion and Ultimate Cushion around the office, we did notice that our cheeks and tailbones were less fatigued or sore at the end of a long workday. The Ultimate Cushion was our favorite; it’s exactly what sitting on the Purple 4 mattress feels like.

purple seat cushion review pad hyper elastic polymer
All seat cushions come with a soft, removable cover (Ultimate Cushion shown)

The cushions also come with plain black covers to help keep things nice and clean and a handle for easier carrying. The two cushions we tested are on the heavier side, so even though the covers do have handles, we don’t recommend them for traveling. They’re better suited for keeping in one place.

What Purple Seat Cushions Feel Like

Each model will have a distinct feel. The Ultimate, for example, has a denser, firmer feel, which is why it’s a great option for heavier individuals.

The Double Cushion has a somewhat firmer side and a somewhat softer side. It’s a nice option for individuals who weigh under 225 lb. It’s our favorite. This would be perfect for an entire workday.

purple seat cushion review double
A look inside the Purple Double Cushion

The Royal, Portable, and Simply Cushions are thinner and softer. As such, they will be preferable for abbreviated sitting sessions (i.e. under five hours).

Caring For Your Purple Seat Cushion

To clean your Purple Seat Cushion, separate the cover from the cushion. You can wash the cover in a washing machine, but keep the temperature on a cold setting and tumble dry low when you’re done. To clean the cushion itself, hand wash it in warm water and use a gentle detergent. Air dry once you’re finished.

Pros And Cons Of The Purple Seat Cushion


  • Variety of options
  • Support for your hips and tailbone
  • Helps with better posture


  • You have to hand wash the seat
  • Some of the options are pricey
  • Lack of size inclusivity

Other Purple Reviews

Purple Seat Cushion Review: Verdict

We like our Purple Cushions. These cushions are great for those who want to experience Hyper-Elastic Polymer without having to commit to sleeping on it every night, for those who sit over six hours a day or anyone with tailbone or hip soreness.

purple seat cushion review pad hyper elastic polymer
We even brought the Purple Seat Cushion to the coffee shop!

Purple offers several seat cushion models that are intended for different uses. As an example, The Ultimate or Double Cushion is not going to be great for carting around to sporting events because they’re big and heavy. The Everywhere or Portable Cushion would be better for that. Whatever cushion you choose, we hope your booties are happy.

Company Policy Information

Whichever Purple cushion you choose, it will ship for free. From the day of delivery, you’ll have a 30-day trial period to test if your derriere is more comfortable.

purple seat cushion review pad hyper elastic polymer
A look at Hyper-Elastic Polymer (Ultimate Cushion shown)

If within that 30-day window you decide the cushion isn’t best for you, Purple offers no hassle returns, meaning you can return the pillow for a full refund, with no need to pay for shipping or restocking fees. Technically, you could test out all of Purple’s seat cushions before you make a decision, but we don’t advise it for the sake of Purple’s delivery crew.

If you love your Purple seat cushion and keep it longer than a month, it will be covered under a one year warranty. You can see the seat cushion warranty on Purple’s website.

Purple Reviews

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Amazon Reviews: Amazon customers for Purple seat cushions were a mixed bag. While some were thrilled with the relief it provided, some felt the cushion was overhyped.

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How did you get these seat cushions?

Purple sent them to us to try out. We are in no way required to say good or bad things about their products, ever. We always give our honest opinions here at the Slumber Yard.

How do I wash my Purple Seat Cushion?

The black cover can be removed and thrown into your normal washing machine. Then, take the cushion and rinse it with some soapy water.

How long will any Purple Cushion last me?

Purple claims you can achieve 25 years of comfort without any wear or support loss, even with regular use.

How much weight can a Purple Cushion take?

None of Purple’s seat cushions have a weight limit because they’re not supposed to ever break down or wear out. So, any seat cushion should be fine for any weight or size.

Can I get a different color seat cushion cover?

Purple only offers a black seat cushion cover at this time. We’re hoping for a purple one, though.

Is the Purple Cushion comfortable?

If you’re open to a squishy/stretchy feel, we think you’ll like them. They also do a good job of keeping your butt cooler since they are made of a gel-like material.

How many seat cushions do they offer?

They have 7 seat cushion models.