Who Is This Best For?

Folks with anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, OCD, and more


Hot sleepers (comes with a cool side)

Die-hard Purple fans

Individuals with allergies (hypoallergenic materials)

Who Won’t Love It?

Budget shoppers

Individual users (it’s a little big/heavy)

Anyone looking for a lighter, throw-like blanket

Who Are Purple and Gravity?

You may remember seeing a Purple commercial on TV as they’ve gotten pretty creative with their advertisement nowadays. If you aren’t familiar with the brand at all, it was established by two brothers; one rocket scientist, and one “comfort genius,” who came up with a revolutionary material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

We usually compare this material to a Dr. Scholls insole, as it’s really soft, squishy, and stretchy. They used the material to make a unique bed dubbed the Purple Mattress (it’s actually Purple too). Some like it, others love it. Our own Slumber Yard front-man Owen sleeps on a Purple mattress, and he recommends it to anyone who’s curious about trying something unique.

Purple Gravity Blanket Review Tag
We love a good collaboration here at The Slumber Yard

The people at Gravity specialize in weighted blankets, and have a catalog filled with different weighted blankets, and duvet covers to keep them clean. We wrote a review about their second-generation Cooling Weighted Blanket which we enjoyed, so we were excited to see what they conjured together with Purple.

A Peek Into Purple’s Policies

Before we get into our thoughts on the Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket, we just want to briefly gloss over Purple’s company policies so you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you press that purchase button. First off, those in the contiguous United States will receive free shipping and almost free returns, you’ll just have to cover the return shipping fee.

You have 30 nights to test out the blanket, and if it doesn’t strike your fancy, go ahead and reach out to customer service to get the ball rolling on a return.

If you do decide to keep the Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket, they don’t offer a warranty like they do on their other products. Instead, they say if there are any defects upon arrival, to contact customer service to get it worked out. We don’t love this policy, since we’ve seen others like Layla who offers a 5-year warranty on their weighted blanket, but we wouldn’t necessarily call it a deal breaker.

How Pricey Is The Purple Weighted Blanket?

It all depends on what you consider pricey. If you’re like us, you might do a little eyebrow raise upon first glance at the price. If you’re Elon Musk, or someone of that stature, this weighted blanket is chump change. Unfortunately, we aren’t all making that Tesla CEO money, so yeah you’ll probably think this blanket is expensive.

The MSRP of a Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket is about $300, but we’ve seen them offer up to $50 off and throw in a few sleep masks (like they are at the time of this post). So, hopefully you can catch it when the price is around $250. You check Purple.com for the offers today.

Purple’s Weighted Blanket Is Bigger Than Most

We’ve tested out more than a few weighted blankets here at The Slumber Yard, certainly more than the average consumer, and we can confidently say we’ve never seen one of this weight and size. The only size offered is a queen/king; it’s 35 lbs and measures out to be 90” x 90”. To carry it around I (Slumber Yard member McKenzie Dillon) had to fold it up, and let’s just say I could get pretty ripped if I were to do reps with this blanket as I would with an arm weight. In other words, it’s pretty dang heavy — even for a weighted blanket.

Gravity Weighted Blanket Review Queen Size
The blanket could technically take the place of your queen comforter since it’s big enough to cover the sides

It’s designed to be big enough to take the place of your comforter, and to share with a partner if you sleep with a loved one (or a giant dog). A majority of the blankets we’ve seen were either sized for individuals or barely big enough to touch both edges of a queen size mattress. So if you plan on using this blanket as an individual, be prepared for a lot of weight.

Our resident Purple-lover Owen tested out the blanket by himself, and with his larger frame, he wasn’t too bothered by the weight as it was evenly distributed across the bed. He did, however, struggle to pull up the covers when they fell over the side, and had one heck of a time making the bed in the morning. Considering these results, we’d be real wary to suggest this blanket to a single user.

Materials And Dual-Sided Construction

The Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket is dual-sided and features one fuzzy side and one cooler side, which is good news since weighted blankets have earned themselves a reputation of sleeping a little warm. The plush side is constructed out of a “Minky Fabric,” while the flip side is made with Purple’s “Cooling Tech Fabric.” It’s not cool-to-the-touch nor does it have active cooling technology, but it definitely sleeps cooler than the soft side — we think the feel of the material is somewhat comparable to a quilt. So if you’re a hot sleeper in the market for a weighted blanket, you may enjoy this one.

Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket cool and warm side
A close up look at the warm side of the blanket (left) and the cooler side (right)

Folks who suffer from allergies may also like this blanket, since all of the materials inside the blanket are hypoallergenic (like all of Gravity’s products), meaning it’s impervious to common household allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold, and mildew.

Inside the blanket’s insert lies the “weighted” part of the blanket; 35 lbs of environmentally-friendly high-grade glass beads. Imagine a bunch of tiny little marbles that are evenly distributed throughout the blanket. These beads provide you with deep touch pressure, which mimic the sensation of being cuddled or hugged. The other 10% of the internal materials is polyester fiber to make the blanket feel extra comfortable.

As a result, it helps calm the nervous system and signals the release of serotonin to your brain, a hormone that promotes happiness. This makes weighted blankets ideal for those who suffer from anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Autism, insomnia, and other conditions that make it difficult to fall asleep.

Purple Gravity Blanket Review sleepers
Owen looking cozy as he cuddles up with the Purple weighted blanket

In my own experience sleeping with this blanket with my S.O., we think it helped lull us to sleep pretty well. While I (thankfully) don’t struggle with sleep-depriving anxiety, my legs tend to feel restless around bedtime if I don’t get enough exercise during the day. Sleeping with the Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket, however, helped ease my leg’s inability to sit still which is something I was really excited about.

Caring For The Cover

Clean freaks everywhere can rejoice because the duvet cover on this blanket is machine washable and dryer safe. This makes it super easy to clean off any spills or scuffs you may get on your Purple x Gravity Weighted Blanket. Just throw it in your washer with similar colors on the cold water setting, and tumble dry on low.

Purple Weighted Blanket Review Insert
The weighted insert is zipped inside the blanket’s duvet cover

The weighted insert, however, is hand wash only. We strongly advise that you listen to the care instructions, or you might end up with a ruined blanket and a dryer filled with tiny glass beads.

Purple Gravity Blanket Review Verdict

So who will like this blanket and who won’t like it? We like it for couples with a queen size mattress looking to relieve their anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep disrupting disorders that are eased by deep pressure touch. This might actually be one of the best weighted blankets for couples we’ve seen come through our double doors.

You may want to look into other options if you’re buying a weighted blanket for just yourself or a younger child, as it’s pretty heavy for one person to comfortably handle. It also isn’t the best for somebody looking to spend under $200 on a weighted blanket, because even after a discount, this sucker is still well over.

How did you get this blanket?

Our friends over at Purple sent us this blanket so we could test it out, and post our honest feedback about it on our trusted website.

What other products do Purple have?

On Purple’s website, they sell beds, blankets, sheets, pillows, bed frames, seat cushions, and even a dog bed so your furry friend can enjoy Purple too.

What else does Gravity Sell?

Gravity’s product lineup includes weighted blankets, duvet covers, a throw, sleep masks, and a pillow.

Can I wash this blanket?

To wash this weighted blanket, remove the dual-sided duvet and run it through the washing machine on a cold water setting, and tumble dry on low. The weighted insert on the inside is not machine washable.

What are the blanket’s dimensions?

The blanket is one large 90″ L x 90″ W square, and fits like a comforter over a queen mattress.

How heavy is the Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket?

Think weighted blanket is 35 lbs and most ideal for two individuals to share.

What makes the blanket so heavy?

Opposed to a regular blanket, the Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket is filled with tiny glass pellets and are evenly distributed across.