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TempurPedic Adjustable Base Reviews

This is our mega review of the various TempurPedic Adjustable Bed Frame models, including the Ergo Extend.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

We’ve already published a comprehensive review of TempurPedic mattresses, but in this post we hone in on the company’s adjustable bed frame models. We will discuss the design, durability, mechanics, wireless remote, massager, and all of the features you can expect from a TempurPedic bed base. To be clear, we will be reviewing the Ease 2.0 Power Base, Tempur Ergo, and the Ergo Extend bed frames.

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    • 25-Year Warranty
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Who Is This Best For?

People with back issues (the various positions of the base might help to relieve pain)

Couples (TempurPedic makes king and California king options, alongside split models)

Folks that want a clean and simple design to their bed frame

Parents that need an adjustable base with a child lock feature

Anyone that wants a bed frame that’s most silent (Ergo Extend)

Who Won’t Love It?

People that want a bed frame that comes with a headboard

Individuals on a tight budget (TempurPedic definitely considers itself a luxury brand and prices its products accordingly)

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Why Get A Power Base?

Before we discuss the features and pros and cons of the TempurPedic power bases, let’s at least touch on the reasons why someone might want (or not want) to purchase one.

In many cases, people are buying adjustable bases for health reasons. They either snore uncontrollably or have back pain, joint pain, or some sort of health condition that prevents them from achieving restful sleep. There is no guarantee that a power base will fix these health-related issues, but they do offer you more options in terms of sleeping positions. You can even get split models that allow you to detach yourself a bit from a partner so that you get to try out different sleeping positions. Some bed frames—including those from TempurPedic—even have built-in massagers, though, they are typically a secondary feature.

tempurpedic sealy adjustable bed frame base
Adjustable bases allow you to find the most pressure reliving position for sleep and relaxation

Additionally, people purchase adjustable bases for convenience and comfort reasons. For instance, if you want to watch TV or read in bed, it’s hard to do any better than an adjustable base. You have virtually limitless position combination given that you can adjust the head and foot of the frame independently. Adjustable bases truly do provide an upgraded reading and viewing experience.

Buying A TempurPedic Adjustable Bed Frame

Seemingly everything is available online nowadays, including furniture. TempurPedic is now selling not only its mattresses and bedding products online, but also its adjustable bed frames. And if you do purchase one of the bed frames from their websiteyou get free White Glove Delivery. That means someone will deliver your power base for you, and set it up in your home for you. It’s really a great service, especially since power bases are pretty dang heavy. Many of the other bed frames we’ve reviewed offer free shipping, but it’s a little uncommon to see White Glove Delivery.

There isn’t, however, a trial period or return option, so hopefully you know what you’re getting yourself into, and you like your new power base. We can’t imagine many people want to return adjustable bases, though, because for the most part what you see online is what you get—there aren’t a whole lot of surprises.

If you do encounter defects or workmanship errors, all of the adjustable bases come with a 25-year limited warranty, which you can read more about on TempurPedic’s website.

Overview Of Different Models

In true TempurPedic fashion, the brand offers more than one adjustable power base. Here’s a quick breakdown of their three options:

  • EASE 2.0 — Entry-level power base that has the basics (i.e. head and foot go up/down).
  • TEMPUR Ergo — Middle-tier power base that adds nearly every feature you’d ever want.
  • TEMPUR Ergo Extend — Premium bed frame with all the bells and whistles, and then some.

So what do we think—which should you get? In all honesty, as nice as the Ergo Extend is, the Ergo is sufficiently feature-rich and we think it’s the best option for most people that want a TempurPedic base.

tempurpedic adjustable bed frame power base review

As you can see in the chart above, the big feature that the Ergo is missing is the pillow tilt option. That means that not only will the head adjust, but also the last 6″ of the bed frame to help you get into an even more comfortable position for reading and watching TV. Is it worth it? Most likely not. We do appreciate and notice the difference, but it’s not a monumental leap forward.

The Ergo also has a two-zone massager as opposed to a four-zone massager, but to us it’s all basically the same thing. No major points awarded to the Ergo Extend for having two more zones.

Sizes And Prices

Most adjustable bases come in three sizes (twin XL, queen, and split king). TempurPedic, however, not only offers the twin XL, queen, and split king, but also a standard king, California king, and split California king. Here’s a pricing breakdown as of mid-2019.

Twin XL$699-$1,899
King / Cal King$1,198-$2,998
Split King / Cal King$1,398-$3,798

If you do purchase the king, split king, CA king, or split CA king they will arrive in two separate boxes. The king and CA king will be split horizontally (i.e. head and foot). The split king and split CA king will be split vertically (i.e. right and left).

Setup Process For TempurPedic Bases

The setup process is definitely a two-person endeavor, but in many cases the delivery company will setup the bed frame for you. If you opt to build it yourself it will likely take you 45 minutes start to finish, and that includes disposing of the packaging.

For the most part, there’s only a few things that you need to accomplish in the setup process. You have to screw in the legs, attach the two bed frame pieces (if you get a king or CA king), cut off a few zip ties, plug in a few cables underneath the bed frame, and plug in the main power cord. Let’s put it this way: I’d rather put together another TempurPedic power base than IKEA furniture.

Design Of The Adjustable Bases

Whether you buy the Nolah Adjustable BaseNectar Adjustable Base, or those from TempurPedic, you get a similar overall look: metal frame with a dark grey fabric exterior. They have such a neutral, unassuming look to them that we’re convinced will work in any bedroom and with any bedroom set. And keep mind that the bed frames do not come with a headboard and that your comforter will almost certainly cover the frame such that no one can even tell what it looks like.

tempurpedic sealy adjustable bed frame base
TempurPedic adjustable beds have a durable, hardy, and squeak-free design

The bed frame feels solid and has next to no give—not to mention it’s squeak free. You can absolutely tell that the bed frames are high quality and built to last. One thing we wish they had was a velcro strip at the foot of the base (like the Leesa Adjustable Base has) to keep the mattress from popping up when no one is on the mattress. Obviously, this isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s on our wish list for sure. At least the TempurPedic bases have a large front rail.

Regardless of which model you get, the head and the foot will adjust, but the Ergo Extend adds the pillow tilt, which we discussed above. For the most part, the entire motor system looks the same. We felt that the motor was strong, reliable, and relatively quiet—certainly quieter than other bed frames we’ve tested.

tempurpedic sealy adjustable bed frame base
A look at the pillow tilt section of the Ergo Extend

You will notice that the Ergo Extend has a more premium look than the Ergo and EASE 2.0. It essentially has a fabric-wrapped metal frame and this goes a long way in making the Ergo Extend look a cut above most power bases. The Ergo Extend is also darn near silent when adjusting the head. It’s probably the most silent bed frame we’ve tested.

Wireless Remote And Features

All three models come with a wireless remote, however, the Ergo and Ergo Extend have noticeably more buttons and features. Here’s a comparison image of the three remotes.

tempurpedic adjustable base bed frame review
The Ergo and Ergo Extend have virtually the same remote

As you can see in our image above, the EASE 2.0 offers head up/down, foot up/down, a dedicated flat button, and a Zero Gravity button. The remote does not have a flashlight nor does the bed frame have under-bed lighting. All the remotes give the option to lock your position for safety reasons.

The Ergo and Ergo Extend add a three-speed massager, flashlight, under-bed lighting, a preset for TV watching, anti-snore mode, and a memory button for your favorite position. Again, we think the Ergo is the best option, partially because the EASE 2.0 lacks some of these more basic features (i.e. memory settings).

tempurpedic adjustable bed frame review power base
A look under the TempurPedic TEMPUR-Ergo Extend

The Ergo and Ergo Extend also add under-bed USB ports, which are quite handy. We really appreciate that they’re facing downward so that you do not clip them as you get out of bed.

tempurpedic sealy adjustable bed frame base
You can see the USB ports on the bottom of the adjustable base

As for the massager, it’s nice, but not worth writing home about. Of the dozen or so power bases we’ve reviewed, we can’t say that the massager from TempurPedic is anymore impressive. You can feel it through your mattress, and it is nice, but it’s hard to for any of the brands to differentiate their massagers. We do like it, though, and appreciate that there’s a head and foot zone. It would be nice to have different timers like the GhostBed Adjustable Base offers.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

The bed frames are nice, but we particularly like the Ergo and Ergo Extend. They are solid, look great, and have most of the features you could ever want in an adjustable base. We aren’t in love with the price points, but we understand that TempurPedic is positioning itself in as a luxury brand.


How did SY get the TempurPedic Adjustable Base?

We were sent it for free by TempurPedic so that we could test it out and post a review about it.

Is there a child locking feature?

Yes. All three bed frames give you the option to lock the position of the bed frame. For details on how to do this, check the manual with your power base.

How difficult is it to assemble the king size frame?

Not hard at all, though, the bed frame is heavy. It really is as simple as working with a few cables and screws.

Can I return the base if I don’t like it?

No, unfortunately there are no returns on the TempurPedic Adjustable Base, so make sure you’re absolutely sure before you purchase.

Do they offer a base for a standard king bed?

Yes, in fact, they offer a standard king model, split king, California king, and a split California king model.