Who Is This Best For?

Budget Shoppers (Percale set)

Folks who love the Tuft & Needle name

Those who want sheets with a warranty policy

Folks who want dirt repelling sheets (Linen set)

Both warm and cool sleepers (cozy or breathable options)

Who Won’t Love It?

Folks who want more neutral color options

Those looking for sheets with a high thread count

Tuft And Needle Sheets Review

If you’ve never heard of the Tuft & Needle, they’re one of the most popular beds you can order online. They were also recently purchased by Serta-Simmons, one of the most well-known bedding brands in the world, so we only see them gaining more momentum from here.

We’re fans of the Tuft & Needle mattress here at the Slumber Yard because it’s so accommodating and affordable, and now we’re here to reveal if we’re equally as impressed with their sheet sets. Above, you can find a handy outline to help you navigate our detailed review.

Overview Of Tuft And Needle Sheets

Tuft Needle Bed Sheets Review 15 Overview
An overview of the brand’s three sheet sets

As you’ll learn in this review, Tuft & Needle has three different sheet sets to choose from Percale, Jersey, and Linen. They range in price and are made with different materials, so we can see each one appealing to different sleepers.

Jersey Sheets — This cozy sheet set is made with 50% cotton and 50% TENCEL Lyocell, and they’re pretty wallet-friendly compared to the rest of Tuft & Needle’s lineup, or even other sheet sets we’ve tested here at the Slumber Yard. If you want really soft sheets to cuddle up to, these might be a good option for you.

Percale Sheets — A set including comfortable, smooth sheets with a 215-thread count that’s ideal for folks who want a pair of quality sheets that are a notch above standard sets you’d pick up from JC Penny or Target. They aren’t the most affordable sheets we’ve seen, but they’re certainly not the most expensive either. The queen set, for example, retails for $90.

Linen Sheets — For a set of linen sheets, we think Tuft & Needle hit the nail on the nose for affordable luxury. They’re strong and durable, yet breathable for sleepers who tend to warm up during the night. The brand also claims that the sheets only get softer and softer of the years that you use them (that’s right, they said years). Additionally, if you compare them to other linen sets we’ve tested out, purchasing these can save around $50 or more — especially if they’re on sale.

Tuft And Needle Jersey Sheet Set Review

Tuft Needle Jersey Sheets Review 19 overview
The components of our Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheet Set

Out of all three Tuft & Needle sheet sets, their Jersey option is the most affordable. Though, they don’t feel like your typical light and breathable sheets.

We think these are best for folks who are looking for something extra soft and cozy.

Tuft And Needle Jersey Sheet Price

The queen set we were given came included with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases. If you purchase the king or Cal king size set, you’ll be given two king pillowcases. Below is a breakdown of the Jersey Sheet set’s different prices.

Twin / Twin XL$60
Full / Queen$70
King / Cal King$80

As we mentioned before, they’re definitely the most affordable between the three sets. So if you love Tuft & Needle sheets but you’re not comfortable spending more than what you would at Target, these may be the ones for you. You may even be able to get them for cheaper if you purchase them on sale. At the time of this post, for example, you can get these sheets for about $15-$25 off.

Jersey Set Materials

Tuft Needle Jersey Sheets Review 10 Mattress Shot
You can tell they’re soft just by looking at them

So what do we mean when we say these sheets aren’t like your standard ones? Well, we think they’re warmer and more soft-to-the-touch. Like if you were to sleep on a pair of sheets that were made out of your favorite soft t-shirt — they’re seriously cozy. They are 50% cotton and 50% TENCEL Lyocell. So if you get cold easily during the night or if you’re looking for your perfect cool-weather sheets, we think these would be a great go-to.

Now, let’s get down to the technical stuff here. The Sheets are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified and are made in Pakistan. The pockets are 16” deep, which they say can fit a 14” thick mattress. Most mattresses are 10-13” thick, so we think they should fit just about everybody’s bed.

The one downside we can see with these sheets is that they aren’t available in a lot of basic colors, like white, beige, or ivory. Instead, you have Rose (pink), Periwinkle (light blue), Fog (grey), Charcoal (black), and Marigold (orange/gold).

Tuft And Needle Percale Sheet Set Review

Tuft Needle Bed Sheets Review 11 Percale set
The unboxed Percale sheet set from Tuft & Needle

These sheets feel comfy and crisp, and we’d compare them to the type of sheets most of us are used to. We think the Percale set is best for people looking for breathable, soft sheets.

They’re more expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill sheets, but they’re decently affordable compared to Tuft & Needle’s Linen sheets and other online bedding brands that make quality bedding.

Price Of Tuft Percale Sheets

If you’re looking to spend a little extra money on quality bedding without breaking the bank, you might like the price tag on Tuft & Needle’s Percale Sheet Set. They’re moderately priced compared to the rest of their sheet products, as they start at about $75 for a twin set and go up to $125 for the Cal king set.

While the brand isn’t huge on giving discounts on their mattresses because they’re already so affordable, but we have seen them discount their sheets. If you catch them during a promotion, you can purchase them for about $8-$12 off.

Percale Sheet Materials

Tuft Needle Bed Sheets Review Percale Overhead
An overhead look at their Percale sheets in action

We think these sheets feel like your standard set, just a little more high quality than something you’d pick up at an average big-box store (like Walmart, Target, or other large chains). They’re not as soft as their Jersey sheets, so we think this set is ideal for folks who are in the market for something more breathable. Overall, we think they’re on the lighter side, thin, and smooth without the sheen you see on sateen sheets such as Boll & Branch.

The pockets are 16” deep, meaning it can fit mattresses 14” thick or less. They suggest you wash these sheets before you use them, just use a cool water cycle and a mild detergent. The Percale sheets are also iron-friendly, just make sure to use the cotton setting.

These sheets are made with 100% SUPIMA cotton sourced from the United States, plus they’re made without chemical softeners and wrinkle guards. So if you ask us, we think they’re pretty quality.

Thread Count

They are woven and sewn in India and have a 215-thread count — high enough to feel soft and comfortable, but not as luxurious as something like Brooklinen. Though, thread-count isn’t the end all be all measurement for nice sheets. You should also take materials into account.

Tuft And Needle Linen Sheet Set Review

Tuft Needle Linen Sheets Review 18 Linen overview
They sent us the sand Linen Sheet Set, which is a light beige color

For those of you who want a thicker, heavier, yet breathable set of sheets — you may want to consider Tuft & Needle’s Linen Sheet Set.

While they’re the most expensive sheets from the brand’s three options, we also think they’re the most premium.

Linen Sheet Set Price

Prices for the Linen Sheet Set start at about $175 for a queen size and cap out around $225 for the Cal king set. However, you may be able to save around $20 or so if you purchase during a promo.

Budget shoppers may balk at the price of these sheets since you can buy full comforter sets from department stores at the same cost. But we see some sleepers thinking they’re worth the higher price tag, especially if you want a pair of durable, heavy-duty sheets. They’re also more cost-effective than other linen sheets on the market.

Linen Sheet Set Materials

Tuft Needle Linen Sheets Review 13 On Mattress
These sheets fit perfectly on the Tuft & Needle mattress, but they’ll fit most beds 14″ thick or smaller

When we say the Linen Sheet Set is heavy duty, we don’t mean they’re fuzzy and bulky. Quite the opposite actually — they’re incredibly breathable and not exactly soft-to-the-touch upon the first impression. They’re actually supposed to soften up over the years as you use them.

The material is more textured and made of certified European Flax, meaning they’re natural and cooler sleeping than cotton. So if you’re a particularly hot sleeper, you might sleep more comfortably with these fitted around your mattress.

Getting down to the specs, these sheets are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified and they’re sewn in India. Like the pockets on the other two sheet sets, these are also 16” deep and fit best on a mattress 14” thick or smaller.

Tuft And Needle Sheets Review

Tuft and Needle is known for their affordable, wallet-friendly prices and we think the same idea applies to their sheets. They’re much less expensive than luxury sheets like Boll and Branch or Brooklinen, but offer more quality designs (we think) than your standard sheets at Target or other popular retailers.

We think the jersey set is perfect for anyone who wants a really soft, cozy pair of sheets. We think they’re great for the wintertime, or for people who like to keep their homes ultra cold during the night.

Their percale sheets are more like your standard sheet set — light, crisp, and generally comfortable for any season. They’re also the middle-tier option between the three, meaning they aren’t the most expensive or the cheapest.

The linen sheet set is ideal for people who want an affordable pair of quality linen sheets. They’re thick, breathable, and perfect for sleepers who tend to sleep hot at night. Though they do have a bumpier texture than smooth percale sheets, so we wouldn’t opt for them if you want something particularly soft.

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Tuft And Needle Company Policies

Some sheet sets, even luxury ones like from Boll and Branch, don’t come with additional perks like online mattresses do. However, when you purchase sheets from Tuft & Needle, you’re guaranteed a few different policies.

First of all, you’ll receive free shipping to your doorstep and a 100-night risk-free trial. Since you’re unable to run your hand across the sheets through your computer screen, the brand wants to give you ample time to test them out. If by the end of the trial you don’t think Tuft & Needle’s sheets are worth the money, you can contact customer support to get the ball rolling on a free refund.

If you end up loving your sheets — great. You’ll be given a one or 2-year limited warranty (depending on the sheet set) in case of a manufacturing defect. Like we mentioned before, most bedding accessories like linens don’t come with additional policies. So we definitely give an edge to Tuft & Needle for being more accommodating. To check out the specifics on warranty policies, make sure to head over to their website.

Which one of Tuft And Needle’s sheet sets are most affordable?

If you’re in the market for more budget-friendly sheets, their Jersey Set is the most cost-effective.

What comes included in the sheet sets?

For twin and twin XL you’ll receive one pillowcase, one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet. If you purchase a full or queen set, you’ll be sent two standard pillowcases, one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet. For those who purchase king or Cal king, you’ll be given two king pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

What are the wash instructions?

For all sheets, you’ll want to wash them before you use them for the first time. Make sure to use cold water and a gentle detergent. Line dry or use the tumble dry setting on low heat.

What are the Tuft And Needle warranty policies?

Their Jersey Sheet Set has a 1-year warranty, while their Percale and Linen Set have a 2-year warranty.

How did you get these sheet sets?

Tuft & Needle sent us their sheets so we could test them out, as we did with their Tuft & Needle Mattress, and write an honest review about them on our website.