Who Is This Best For?

Those looking for a contemporary bed frame with a headboard

Anyone who wants a really sturdy bed frame

Amazon shoppers (it’s one of the best selling bed frames on Amazon)

Anyone who doesn’t want to have to use a box spring

Who Won’t Love It?

People that want a 100% noise free design

If you’re not living in a fraternity house while in college anymore, chances are that it’s time to get a bed frame for your mattress. Bed frames not only prolong the life of your mattress, they’re a great way to dress up your bedroom and help you feel like a real adult.

zinus lottie bed frame review
It’s a good looking bed frame

The Zinus Lottie bed frame is a platform bed frame. Platform bed frames are usually made of wood and are more study and thick. They also typically come with a headboard and/or a footboard. The wooden slats that they use are fine to support your mattress, so you don’t need to use a box spring.

Buying The Zinus Lottie Bed Frame

Zinus is a company that makes all things bed related, like mattresses, bed frames, box springs, and more. They also have a huge market on Amazon, with most of their items being available through Prime.

After purchasing your Lottie Platform bed frame, you can expect it to ship to you completely free, thanks to FedEx. Make sure that it’s comfortable and looks good in your room.

If you love your Lottie Platform bed frame and decide to keep it, Zinus will cover it under a 5-year limited warranty.

Zinus Lottie Platform Bed Frame Details

Let’s talk about setup. Zinus was pretty creative here in that they store all of the materials needed to make up the bed within the headboard. You need to unzip the headboard when you’re ready to build it, and take out all the materials, including the tools that you’ll need. Yup, they really thought of everything here.

zinus lottie bed frame review
A closer look at the headboard of the Lottie bed frame

Setup takes about a half hour to an hour tops. It’s probably something you want to call a friend over to help you with, but it’s not impossible to do alone. The wooden slats are all attached by string, and then connect to the rest of the bed frame with velcro, which made putting it together easier. So you simply roll out the slats down the bed frame and then they should stay put.

zinus lottie bed frame review
We really like the stitched fabric headboard

If you get a twin or full size frame, the slats will be 2.82” apart. If you go for a queen or king size, they will be 3.29” apart. This is a good distance because some mattress companies say that if your bed frames slats are more than than 4” apart, it could void your warranty. Because the slats are closer together, you won’t need to use a box spring, although you still can if you really want to.

Just so you know, the headboard on this bed frame is 43”, and there is about 6.3” of room under the bed for storage. This bed frame has a weight limit of 500 lb.

Although this bed frame looks really nice, it doesn’t have any fancy bells or whistles. It’s simply a bed frame.

Zinus Lottie Platform Bed Frame Function

We think the Zinus Lottie Platform bed frame is a really nice looking bed frame. It’s actually the one we use for a majority of our mattress shots.

We can pretty much guarantee that this is a sturdy bed frame. We’ve unboxed and reviewed over 50 mattresses on it over the course of a year and it’s never let us down.

zinus lottie bed frame review
It has a simple, yet attractive design

We love the look of this bed and think it’s great for most couples because it’s not too masculine or too feminine looking. It comes in a dark grey color, and we like the square design on the headboard. This bed frame will make your bedroom look like you have your life together with its simple and contemporary design that doesn’t stand out too much.

Zinus Lottie Platform Bed Frame Price

While Zinus is a budget bed brand and they do have some super budget bed frames like the SmartBase, this platform bed is priced a little higher. Understandable, considering what a quality bed frame this is and it includes a nice headboard. Check out this pricing breakdown by size:

SizePrice (MSRP)

Because Zinus is already a budget brand, they don’t frequently offer discounts or sales, but you can still check out our Deals Page to see current offers. You can also check the price on Amazon.

Zinus Lottie Platform Bed Frame Verdict

We give this bed frame two thumbs up here at the Slumber Yard. Not only is it a nice looking bed, it’s very durable and sturdy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We think you’ll be hard-pressed to find another bed frame of this caliber for a better price. If you think this bed frame would look nice in your bedroom, we say go for it.

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How did you get this bed frame?

We bought it ourselves because we needed a frame to test mattresses on.

Does this bed frame come in different colors?

Zinus has a wide range of platform bed frames to choose from, but this specific model is only available in the dark grey pictured here.

Is this Zinus bed frame supposed to be used with a Zinus mattress?

Not specifically. This bed frame can be used with any foam, spring, or hybrid mattress.

What is this bed frame’s weight limit?

This frame has a weight limit of 500 lbs, which includes the weight of your mattress.

How does shipping work?

The Zinus Lottie Platform Bed will be shipped to your address for free via FedEx.