Who Is This Best For?

Budget shoppers who don’t want to spend over $200 on a bed frame

Anyone looking for a minimal design

People who don’t want to have to use a box spring in their bed setup

Who Won’t Love It?

Very active sleepers (can be squeaky)

Those looking to invest in a very thick and very sturdy bed frame

Overview: Zinus Mia Modern Studio Bed Frame

In order to keep your mattress clean, properly supported, and feeling comfortable, you’re going to need a bed frame. Bed frames not only help your room to look put together, they also prolong the longevity of your mattress’ life and protect its warranty.

zinus mia modern studio platform bed frame review
There it is: the Zinus Mia Modern Studio Bed Frame

The Zinus Mia is a platform bed frame, meaning it has a headboard and is a little bit sturdier than a typical bed frame. Platform bed frames can also sometimes come with a footboard. The Zinus Mia bed frame utilizes wooden slats to support your mattress, so a box spring is unnecessary, but you can still use one if you really wish to.

Buying This Bed Frame

Zinus is one of the most sought after brands in the bedding space on Amazon. As an example, this Mia Platform Bed is all over Amazon with thousands of reviews. They sell all things bed related, from mattresses to sofas to bed frames, like the one we’re reviewing in this post. Most of their items ship free with Amazon Prime, as well.

zinus mia modern studio platform bed frame review
Mia is just one of dozens of products that Zinus offers

The Mia Platform bed frame in particular has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon and over 3,100 reviews (that’s as of late 2019), and was awarded the 2016 Good Design Award. It will ship to you completely free thanks to Amazon Prime in one long, thin, cardboard box. The bed frame will also be accompanied by a limited 5-year warranty, which you can read more about on their website.

Bed Frame Details

While buying new things is always exciting, the looming set-up process can feel like a burden. Zinus thought one step ahead here and included the necessary tools needed for set up within the box. They also guarantee “under-an-hour assembly,” but we’re not sure if that includes your friend that you bribed into helping you or not. This is also great for anyone who moves a lot, because taking it apart is just as easy. Just make sure that the arrows match up on all four corners and holes are aligned, as improper assembly can lead to the slats being too wide or part C being too short.

zinus mia modern studio platform bed frame review
It’s a nice, affordable frame that’s easy to assemble/disassemble

This bed frame is composed of a black, steel frame and wooden slats that support your mattress. The headboard is a minimal and chic design of three steel bars, coming to 38” in height. The wooden slats are all attached by string, which made putting it together incredibly simple. You just roll out the slats down the bed frame, and they’ll be secured in place by velcro.

This bed frame is available in the sizes twinfullqueen, and king. It is not available in twin XL or California king. If you get a queen size model, there will be 12 slats that are distanced 3.43” apart. This is a recommended distance because some companies will consider your mattress warranty void if you keep your bed on a frame where the slats are more than 4” apart.

zinus mia modern studio platform bed frame review
On the queen size, the slats are about 3.5″ apart

Because the slats are closer together, your bed will be properly supported just fine. It also means you won’t need a box spring, but you could still use one if you really wanted to. It might cover up the headboard, though, and make your mattress extra tall.

This bed frame is 14” tall, with 12” of clearance, leaving lots of room for extra under-bed storage for clothes, sport equipment, or seasonal items. A twin or full size bed frame can support 250 lb, and a king or queen can hold up to 500 lb.

While this is a really good bed frame, its only intention is to support your mattress and make it look like you have your life together. It is not adjustable, nor does it have any fancy features like phone charging.

Zinus Mia Platform Bed Frame Function

The Zinus Mia Platform bed frame has a great minimal design and will fit into almost any modern bedroom. We actually have it here at the Slumber Yard for our mattress reviewsmattress comparisons, and best lists. After testing over 50 mattresses on this bed frame, we have some notes.

zinus mia modern studio platform bed frame review
It has a hyper-minimalist design

First is that while this is a sturdy bed frame and has done well by us for the most part, it can be squeaky if everything is not tightened properly. It squeaks when we get on it, off it, and if we roll around on the mattress on it. We’ve also noticed quite a few customer reviews on Amazon that note that this maybe isn’t the best choice of bed frame for *ahem* adults who like to participate in adult activities. The bed frame will also shift a little bit with a weight shift, but not to the point that it annoys us.

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Besides that, the aesthetics of this frame are good. It’s neither a particularly masculine or feminine frame. It is currently only available in black, but they do say that black goes with everything. When we look at this bed frame, we think it could be a perfect option for a sleek loft apartment in the city.

Average Price

The Zinus brand is notorious for affordable bedding products. While they do have some super budget bed frames available like the SmartBase, we think this bed frame is still priced very reasonably. And hey, that will leave you more money leftover for a mattress (we’ve reviewed a lot). Check out a rough pricing breakdown by available sizes:


Zinus doesn’t offer deals or discounts too frequently, but feel free to check out our Mattress Deals page to see other current offers that can save you some money.

Zinus Mia Platform Bed Frame Verdict

This is one of our favorite bed frames that we use here at the Slumber Yard, next to the Zinus Lottie Platform bed frame. This bed gets the job done and has a clean, simple design, but it is a little squeaky. But hey, this price is hard to beat, so we say if you like it, grab some WD40 and go for it.

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How did you get the Zinus Mia Platform bed frame?

We got it ourselves to test mattresses on. We actually bought it on Amazon.

Can I attach a foot board to the Mia Platform bed frame?

No, you cannot unless you find some other hardware that allows you to do so.

Is this bed frame supposed to be used strictly with a Zinus mattress?

Nope! Although it is a Zinus bed frame, you can use any mattress from any other company, as long as it’s the same size.

Do I need to use a box spring with this frame?

No, no box spring is necessary when you’re using the Zinus Mia Bed Frame.

Is it sturdy?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, it won the Good Design Award in 2016. However, it can squeak if everything isn’t properly tightened.