Top Best Hybrid Mattresses

  • Best Medium Hybrid: Lucid Hybrid Mattress
  • Best Pressure Relief: Zinus Hybrid Mattress 
  • Best Responsive Mattress: Sweet Night Mattress
  • Best Budget Hybrid: Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress 
  • Best Comfy Hybrid: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

Lucid Hybrid Mattress

lucid gel memory foam hybrid review edge support

Why Lucid wins as best medium hybrid

Even though this bed has two layers of memory foam, it really doesn’t have your stereotypical, sink-in memory foam feel. You can tell it has memory foam inside, but it actually feels more like a neutral, soft foam mattress than a true memory foam bed. Probably the best way to describe it is neutral foam with a hint of memory foam.

Lucid’s most notable features

  • It’s great for anyone who likes memory foam. 
  • The Lucid Hybrid mattress is a nice, budget mattress. 
  • If you were to cut open your Lucid Hybrid Mattress (like we did), all you’d see is foam — no coils. That’s because the bed has a foam border around the coils for added edge support. 

Why we picked this bed

All things considered, the Lucid Hybrid Mattress is one of the best mattresses you can find on Amazon. It’s affordable, accommodating, comfortable, and supportive. This bed is all about value for the money, and we think it has that in spades.

Zinus Hybrid Mattress 

zinus green tea mattress review edge support

Why Zinus wins as best pressure relief

The comfort foam and the plush euro top cover give the Zinus hybrid mattress pressure-relieving qualities. The mattress’s hybrid design and coil layer still provide support and spinal alignment for back pain people. Many hybrid mattresses are too firm for side sleepers to enjoy, though the soft top makes Zinus a good choice for every sleeper. 

Zinus most notable features

  • The Zinus hybrid has an independent coil system that’s durable and supportive. 
  • The soft euro top cover gives the bed a nice, pressure-relieving quality. 
  • It’s a budget pick. 

Why we picked this bed

We picked the Zinus hybrid mattress for its sturdy design and pressure-relieving features. It’s hard for people who live with back or neck pain to find a mattress that helps their symptoms while still being within their budget. We believe the Zinus does just that.

Sweet Night Mattress

Why SweetNight wins as best responsive mattress

The Sweetnight mattress is a responsive, hybrid bed that combines all the best parts of an innerspring and memory foam mattress. It’s designed with a gel memory foam layer and tempered steel coils that give it a nice bounce when you move around on it. Keep in mind that it’s not a memory foam mattress, so it is around a medium-firm on our scale. 

SweetNight’s most notable features

  • If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, you’ll enjoy the supportive, firm feel of the SweetNight mattress. 
  • One unique aspect about the SweetNight mattress is that it comes in multiple thickness options, giving you more flexibility than other models. 
  • The SweetNight hybrid mattress is a budget pick.

Why we picked this bed

If you’re looking for a responsive, hybrid mattress that will get the job done, SweetNight is a good pick for you. There aren’t many bells and whistles with this mattress, but that’s what we like. It’s simple, supportive, and comfortable.

Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress

Why Olee wins as best budget hybrid

The Olee hybrid mattress has five layers, including a pocket spring layer that promises support. Olee takes the spot as the best budget hybrid mattress because of its outstanding price tag. Seriously, as supportive as this mattress is, you won’t believe how affordable it is. The memory foam cushion layer on the top makes it equally comfortable. 

Olee’s most notable features

  • For the comfort and durability of the bed, the price is unbeatable. 
  • It’s a tad firmer than average, so while you sink into the top layer, you’re quickly supported by the various other layers. 
  • Gel-infused memory foam helps draw heat away from your body as you sleep. 

Why we picked this bed

The Olee hybrid mattress is durable, dependable, and comfortable. We really like the price and the solid construction of this mattress. As far as a budget mattress goes, you could do a lot worse. If you’re looking for a firm mattress for a good price, don’t pass on the Olee galaxy hybrid mattress.

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

casper element review edge support

Why Casper Original Hybrid wins as best comfy hybrid

Casper takes our spot for the best comfy hybrid mattress because of how the details of the bed cater to the sleeper’s needs. The Zoned Support design of the mattress provides relief in all the right areas — the mattress is softer around the shoulders and firmer around the hips and lower back. We also like the AirScape top layer that promotes airflow while you sleep.

Casper’s most notable features

  • The bed is great for heavier individuals
  • The Original Casper Hybrid will support back, stomach, and combination sleepers the best
  • It is considered temperature-neutral

Why we picked this bed

This is almost the exact same bed as the Original Casper mattress but with support coils rather than support foam. We like the bed a lot. We’d recommend this bed to folks who want the Casper feel with some additional support and durability.

How We Test Mattresses

The Slumber Yard team personally tests and assesses each sleep product we review through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to honesty and authenticity. We have personally hand-tested over 175 mattresses. Our reviews, comparisons, and buyer guides go beyond product descriptions so you can get a real-person perspective of each bed’s feel, look, and value. From our sleep science certified editors and writers to our production and business teams, everyone’s committed to helping you find the mattress of your dreams and (hopefully) the best sleep of your life.

Hybrid vs. Innerspring Mattress

What is an innerspring mattress, and what is a hybrid mattress? The easiest explanation here is that a hybrid mattress almost always has an innerspring or pocketed coil base, but an innerspring mattress doesn’t necessarily have to be a hybrid. 

Hybrid mattresses utilize two different materials; usually, it’s innersprings and some type of foam — such as memory foam, latex foam, or polyurethane foam (aka neutral-foam).

Innerspring mattresses are beds that have coils as a support base. There’s likely an innerspring mattress in your grandma’s guest bedroom or somewhere in the back corner of your garage collecting dust. That isn’t to say they aren’t good mattresses; they’re just very traditional.

Nowadays, you see many more hybrid mattresses with pocket springs online because they can help isolate motion better. You still get a lot of support, but with reduced motion transfer, which is, objectively, a good thing.

Hybrid vs. Foam Mattress

An all-foam mattress is exactly that, a mattress made from multiple foam layers. We’ve reviewed a ton of all-foam beds, like Tuft & Needle or Casper Mattress. They’re definitely comfortable, but there’s a reason why most brands are also releasing hybrid models of their mattresses.

Hybrid beds tend to offer up more support than all-foam mattresses because of the coil units. Typically, a 12” hybrid mattress will last longer and feel more supportive than a 12” all-foam mattress for a heavier person. Also, because they are coil spring mattresses, they have the extra bounce factor, especially if the system of innersprings is paired with a layer or two of latex foam.

Common Foam Materials

Online mattresses are made with a variety of different materials and what goes into the construction determines the feel and firmness of the bed.

Memory foam — Memory foam is a denser foam that softens over time and when heat is applied. You’ll get that sink-in feeling if you lay in one spot. For some people, this feels like being comfortably cradled, but it’s like being stuck for others.

Polyurethane foam — Polyfoam is usually used to support all-foam mattresses because it’s affordable and comes in many different densities. As a general rule, the denser it is, the firmer it feels. It’s just slightly cooler than memory foam, but this depends on the density, as well. It generally has a lower point elasticity than memory foam, so it affects a larger area when you press down.

Gel memory foam — Gel memory foam is a newer technology that incorporates gel into the foam to boost temperature regulation. It helps cool people down. It’s not a perfect solution, though, because the bed can still warm up a bit.

Latex foam — It has more of a sponge-like feeling. It’s very bouncy and airy and stays cooler than memory foam. Here’s our list of the best latex mattresses. If you get one of these beds, you might want to think about a king-size mattress if you share it with a partner — they are quite responsive and bouncy.

Gel/hyper-elastic polymer — This material is heavy and feels odd but is great for airflow, responsiveness, pressure relief, and support. It also tends to have high point elasticity (i.e., press on one area, and it doesn’t spread too much to the other side of the mattress), making for low cross-bed motion.

There are two basic construction types for mattresses nowadays: all-foam and hybrid mattresses. Interestingly enough, hybrid technically encompasses both innerspring mattresses and pocket coil beds. The difference between them is:

  • Innerspring mattresses have a coil support structure that’s more traditional. 
  • Pocketed coil mattresses also use spring supports, but they are individually wrapped in fabric and move somewhat independently from one another to help improve motion isolation.

Who Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For?

Now that you know what a hybrid and innerspring mattress are, why would somebody purchase one? Typically, for starters, they’re ideal for those looking for a little extra support — i.e., heavy sleepers, folks with back pain, or back and stomach sleepers.

The pocket coils work together to provide localized support, and the bed as a whole can hold up longer for heavier folks than an all-foam bed will. It’s not always the case, but typically for a heavy person, a coil spring mattress is a better idea because of the bounce-back and bi-directional support.

Suppose you’re a hot sleeper. In that case, hybrid mattresses can sometimes help you sleep more temperature neutral than some all-foam beds — especially if you’re sleeping on a traditional, viscous memory foam mattress.

Sleeper Type

“Sleeper type” refers to the position you sleep in. And your sleeper type plays a pretty significant role in what kind of bed you should be sleeping on.

Back sleeper

Those who sleep on their backs and stomachs generally need a mattress that’s on the firmer side. They need extra support so that their hips and shoulders don’t sag and cause alignment issues for their spine and hips. 

Side sleeper

People who sleep on their sides tend to prefer a bed between soft and medium-firm on the firmness scale (depending on body type). When you sleep on your side, you need plenty of pressure relief in the shoulders and hips. If the bed is too firm, you’ll have issues with your shoulders, scapula, and hips. 

Combo sleeper

Sleepers who alternate between the different sleeping positions often benefit from a medium-soft to a medium-firm bed while avoiding overly plush or firm mattresses. They still need support and pressure relief, so somewhere in the middle of the firmness scale is ideal.

How Long Does a Hybrid Mattress Last?

All mattresses wear out over time and with use. However, there are things you can do at home to help prolong the life of your mattress while preserving its support and comfort. A typical life expectancy for both innerspring and hybrid mattresses is around ten years to 12 years max.

While that 10-year expectation often refers specifically to the springs in either mattress type, the upper layers on hybrid mattresses are usually designed to have a similar lifespan. Even so, some recommend estimating hybrid mattresses’ lifespans as closer to 8-10 years, as the foam material can wear out before the springs.