Believe it or not, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress. People come in varying sizes, and everyone has their own sleeping preferences that require the right mattress for ultimate comfort. With so many to choose from, purchasing a new bed can be a bit overwhelming. As such, we sought out our top favorite choices for the best mattresses of 2021, each addressing a specific sleep type and need: sleeping positions, health concerns, comfort levels, and more.

In short, there’s a mattress out there with your name on it — you just need to do a little research to find the best mattress for you. Not sure where to start? Our experts hand-tested more than 150 mattresses and rounded up the best of 2021. Keep reading to find the right mattress for you and your sleeping habits.

The 4 Best Mattresses

  • Nectar Mattress – Best Memory Foam Mattress
  • Tuft And Needle – Best Budget Bed
  • Purple Mattress – Best Cooling Mattress
  • Layla Hybrid – Best Soft Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Best for:

  • All sleep types
  • People who need a comfy foam bed
  • If you want a memory foam mattress

Nectar is a popular memory foam mattress in the online mattress industry. It’s about 11” thick, has a thick poly foam layer for support, and memory foam for comfort with a gel-infused cover. This gives Nectar has a viscous, traditional dense foam feel. It’s firmer to start but softens as you lay down on it. We rate it at around a 6/10 or between a “medium” and “medium firm.”

As such, we think it’s about the right firmness level for all sleeping positions, so long as you like the dense foam and want a slightly firmer feel. Nectar is truly the best memory foam mattress we have reviewed this year.

Tuft and Needle

Best for:

  • All types of sleepers, including back, stomach, and side
  • Shoppers who want an affordable foam mattress

The Tuft and Needle Original is highly affordable and is nearly universally accepted as comfortable. It has a soft foam feel and is around a “medium” on our scale. It’s really the best bed for a guest room, teens, kids, college students, and those on a strict budget.

The other nice thing about Tuft and Needle is that it’s incredibly responsive, meaning it reacts almost immediately to pressure. It’s not like a memory foam mattress that leaves behind a body impression. Instead, it snaps back into shape quickly.

tuft and needle mattress review edge support

Purple Mattress

Best for:

  • All types of sleepers, including back, stomach and side
  • If you’re looking for a unique mattress with a different type of feel

The Original Purple mattress is one of the most sought-after beds online. It’s completely unique and is a great option for those that are interested in trying something new. It’s one of the only beds to feature Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a proprietary comfort material.

If you’re looking for a traditional/familiar mattress, you might want to look elsewhere because Purple is totally unique (in a good way) and definitely not your average mattress. But what makes Purple so “unique?” It all has to do with Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a gel-like material that’s the main comfort layer on all of their beds

We love Purple for a few reasons. First off, it’s comfortable for all sleeper and body types as they offer several different models to choose from. Secondly, it’s responsive so you never really get a “stuck” feeling in the mattress. You can freely rotate positions at night. Thirdly, it’s fantastic for hot sleepers. It helps to circulate airflow and does not seem to retain heat.

Layla Hybrid

Best for:

  • People who want/need a soft mattress
  • If you’re open to a flippable mattress
  • If you really like memory foam

Unlike other beds on the market, Layla Mattress is meant to be flipped, offering two mattress firmness levels in one bed. Along with that and its superior, soft memory foam feel, we had to give it a spot on our best mattress list (among other reasons.)

The “soft” side is really soft, plush even. We rate it at around a 2-3/10 on our firmness scale, which translates into a “medium-soft.” The “firm” side is only a little firmer at about a 5/10, or a “medium.” As a result, the Layla Hybrid is one of our favorite soft mattresses for side sleepers. It offers a great deal of compression and pressure relief. That said, you don’t feel unsupported because of the pocketed coils that are in the middle of the mattress.

layla hybrid mattress review edge support

How We Test Mattresses

The Slumber Yard team personally tests and assesses each sleep product we review through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to honesty and authenticity. We have personally hand-tested over 175 mattresses. Our reviews, comparisons, and buyer guides go beyond product descriptions so you can get a real-person perspective of each bed’s feel, look, and value. From our sleep science certified editors and writers to our production and business teams, everyone’s committed to helping you find the mattress of your dreams and (hopefully) the best sleep of your life.