The 5 Best Air Mattresses: 

  • Best Overall: Serta Raised Air Mattress
  • Best Budget: Coleman Quickbed Airbed
  • Best for Back Support: SleepLux Air Mattress
  • Best Twin-Size: EnerPlex Air Mattress
  • Most Quiet: InnoTruth Air Mattress

Serta Raised Air Mattress

Why Serta wins as best overall air mattress

Here’s why we love the Serta air mattress — it’s a high-quality air mattress without a bunch of bells and whistles. It’s built well to support you, easy to inflate, and well-loved by reviewers. It’s comfortable to sleep on and is reliable in that it won’t deflate while you’re sleeping.

Serta’s most notable features

  • Built-in pump to inflate and deflate quickly.
  • Made with coils and vertical and horizontal supports for a level, comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Customizable to be plush, medium, or firm.

Why we picked this air mattress

The Serta mattress is sturdy and customizable, plus the Never Flat technology ensures you won’t wake up on the floor in the morning. It’s also plenty tall, which makes it easy to get in and out of.

Coleman Quickbed Airbed

Why Coleman wins as best budget air mattress

With the Coleman Quickbed Airbed, you’ll get a quality air mattress within budget that’s easy to transport. Perfect for the kids in the family, this air mattress is twin size and will easily fit in travel bags or small areas of storage. Though it doesn’t come with its own pump, it’s easy enough to blow up with a pump you might have from another air mattress. 

Coleman’s most notable features

  • ComfortStrong coils provide stability while you’re sleeping on the mattress. You won’t have to worry too much about rolling around or sinking in.
  • Double Lock Valve ensures the air won’t leak out at a rapid pace while you’re sleeping.
  • Lightweight so it’s easy to transport or store in small places.

Why we picked this air mattress

Air mattresses can really run up in price, but the Coleman Quickbed Airbed should fit most budgets. It’s a solid, reliable mattress from a solid, reliable brand that you can throw in the trunk of the car for your next trip.  

SleepLux Air Mattress

Why SleepLux wins as best air mattress for back support 

The SleepLux mattress is slightly more firm than most traditional air mattresses, which means it keeps its shape while you sleep and continues to provide support throughout the night. It also won’t lose air as quickly as some other mattresses, which also contributes to it keeping its shape all night long. The longer the mattress stays properly inflated, the longer you’ll feel that support.

SleepLux’s most notable features

  • Constructed with three layers to provide ample support while you sleep.
  • Built-in USB port allows you to charge devices.
  • Comes with a built-in pump so inflation is easy.

Why we picked this air mattress

The SleepLux air mattress is not only super durable, but it also provides a comfortable and supportive place for you or your guests to sleep. The mattress is made with an I-beam support system so that it won’t create dips or peaks while you’re resting. That means your neck, shoulders, and back will all be cradled comfortably.

EnerPlex Air Mattress

Why EnerPlex wins as best twin-size air mattress

Despite being a small air mattress, the EnerPlex air mattress is still incredibly sturdy. It packs a punch into its small packaging! Though it comes in other sizes, it’s a real winner in the small size simply for the quality you get that’s beyond the norm. 

EnerPlex’s most notable features

  • Made with coil beams to ensure an even sleeping surface.
  • Built-in pump allows you to inflate and deflate quickly.
  • Welded seams keep air from leaking out.

Why we picked this air mattress

There’s a lot to like about this EnerPlex mattress, but we mostly love that it’s such a sturdy little mattress to tote around when traveling. It inflates and deflates in no time and is the perfect sleeping surface for small spaces.

InnoTruth Air Mattress

Why InnoTruth wins as most quiet air mattress

It stands to reason that any inflatable furniture would make noise. There’s squeaking and creaking and shifting all over the place, but InnoTruth is made with a soft, sturdy material that mutes that annoying sound while you move around at night.

InnoTruth’s most notable features

  • Soft material is gentle on your skin while you sleep.
  • Built-in pump allows you to inflate and deflate in 3 minutes.
  • Weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

Why we picked this air mattress

It’s annoying dealing with a loud air mattress, especially if you’re accommodating guests. Finding one that won’t make quite as much noise isn’t easy, but InnoTruth offers a slightly quieter version that will absorb your movements rather than broadcast them to the world.

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