Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Most Comfortable: Nectar Mattress
  • Most Affordable: Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best Value: Casper Element 
  • Most Versatile: Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress
  • Most Reliable: Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Why Nectar wins as the most comfortable mattress

The Nectar mattress takes our pick for the most comfortable memory foam mattress because we like the pressure-relieving material that conforms to the curve of your body. It’s one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market for comfort and value! 

Nectar’s best features

  • It has a distinct, dense memory foam feel.  
  • The Nectar mattress is great for people who sleep with pain — the memory foam construction offers pressure relief for pain points like the knees, hips and shoulders. 

Why we picked this bed

Ultimately, Nectar snags our spot for the most comfortable memory foam mattress because of its versatility. Most people can sleep comfortably on Nectar, thanks to its medium-firm construction. It strikes a really good balance between pressure relief and support. We also think it’s ideal for sleepers who weigh under 230 lbs., especially if you like a slightly firmer feel.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

zinus green tea mattress review

Why Zinus wins as the most affordable mattress

Zinus is one of the cheapest beds on the market. It’s a great value for anyone trying to save money for college, get a bed for an Airbnb property, or simply spend more money on a great mattress accessory. If you’re a fan of the pure memory foam feel that slowly surrounds you as you sleep, then Zinus might be the right pick for you. It provides ample pressure relief for side sleepers, but it might not have enough support for back and stomach sleepers. 

Zinus best features

  • All of the foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The Green Tea bed is around a medium-soft on the firmness scale and has a pure memory foam feel.
  • We also noticed that the firmness of this bed changes per season because of the temperature. This bed seemed to be firmer in colder weather and softer in warmer weather.

Why we picked this bed

We actually think the Zinus will make a great mattress for kids, college students, and guest bedrooms, so long as you definitely want a memory foam bed. However, heavy people and back and stomach sleepers who want a firm mattress should avoid it. Also, keep in mind that memory foam is known to trap heat through the night, so you might want to consider another bed on the list if you are a hot sleeper. 

Casper Element

casper element mattress review stomach sleeper

Why Casper Element wins as best value

Casper Element is the cheapest model of the ultra-popular Casper mattress. The Casper Element is a nice mattress for the price. It’s not a luxurious bed by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s not what Casper was going for here. It’s a basic, affordable mattress that is comfortable and accommodating for a wide range of sleepers. If you’re on a shoestring budget or you’re looking to furnish your guest bedroom, the Element is worthy of your consideration.  

Casper’s best features

  • The comfort layer of the Element mattress is made of AirScape foam, which gives the mattress a nice neutral-foam feel. The AirScape foam is much more responsive than memory foam. It’s still soft and comforting, but it doesn’t wrap or hug your body.
  • As an added plus, the foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, so they do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Although the Casper Element skews slightly firm, we think it’s a viable choice for all sleeping positions. Casper wanted to offer a budget bed to accommodate most people comfortably. However, as an all-foam mattress, we wouldn’t recommend it for people over 250 lbs.

Why we picked this bed

The Casper Element is a nice mattress for the price. It’s not a luxurious bed by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s not what Casper was going for here. It’s a basic, affordable mattress that is comfortable and accommodating for a wide range of sleepers. If you’re on a shoestring budget or you’re looking to furnish your guest bedroom, the Element is worthy of your consideration.

Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

linenspa mattress review gel memory foam hybrid

Why Linenspa wins as the most versatile mattress

Overall, we like that the bed incorporates coils instead of dense support foam, like all-foam beds. We’ve found coils tend to provide more support, last longer than support foams, and can work for all types of bodies, including heavier people. Another thing that makes Linenspa versatile is that it’s available in three heights, including 8″, which has smaller coils and less memory foam, but it is cheaper.

Linenspa’s best features

  • Linenspa foams are CertiPUR-US certified and are not made with any harmful materials.
  • Because of the innerspring system, this bed is very responsive and bouncy. There is absolutely no stuck-in-the-mud feeling with this mattress. We think it’d be great for pillow fights.
  • The thinner model will feel the firmest, the 10″ model is in between, and the 12″ is about a true medium on the firmness scale.

Why we picked this bed

The Linenspa mattress is a good bang for your buck. The 8″ bed is a good bang for your buck, as long as you’re a predominantly back or stomach sleeper who is petite to medium-sized. It’s not going to work for couples, but if you have a kid’s room, guest bedroom or college dorm that needs a mattress, this is a great option. It could also be a good bed for an Airbnb property.

The 10″ model is undeniably better than the 8″ one since it’s a little softer and more pressure relieving, and we think will be a smarter pick for most people. But if we could only choose one of the three, the 12″ is the one we’d pick, no question. It’s pretty comfortable, supportive and checks most of the baseline boxes that you’d want in a bed at a great price point.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

tuft and needle review back sleeper

Why Tuft & Needle wins as the most reliable mattress

Some sleepers just want a mattress that offers reliability and comfort without a high price tag — no hoopla. That’s the charm of Tuft & Needle, and as you get into the review, we think you’ll see, and eventually feel, what we mean. In fact, many people seem to love Tuft & Needle as the company is among the top five most popular mattress-in-a-box brands available on the market. 

Tuft & Needle’s best features

  • The mattress is comfortable and accommodating.
  • Tuft and Needle is about a medium on the soft-to-firm spectrum. It’s in that sweet spot where a lot of people will find the bed comfortable.
  • The other nice thing about Tuft & Needle is that it’s incredibly responsive, meaning it reacts almost immediately to pressure. So it’s not like a memory foam mattress that leaves behind a body impression. Instead, it snaps back into shape quickly.

Why we picked this bed

It’s not perfect, but there is a lot to like with Tuft & Needle, especially if you care about price. The mattress is comfortable and accommodating.

As we’ve mentioned ad nauseam, this bed is all about value for the money. There’s nothing wholly unique about the bed, but anyone on a budget should put Tuft and Needle on their shortlist of beds to consider.

How to Find the Best Memory Foam Mattress

Take into account sleeping positions

Side sleepers

Side sleepers need to go for soft or medium in the firmness scale, which won’t put much pressure on the shoulder or hip. Petite side sleepers can choose a softer profile to ensure they receive a proper amount of pressure relief. Meanwhile, side sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs. can opt for the “Medium” option if they want a mattress with a bit more support.

Back and stomach sleepers

Generally speaking, firmer mattresses are better for back and stomach sleepers because they help keep the body aligned. The firmer the bed, the more support it’s going to offer. If you have back pain, look for high-quality memory foam that is firm but contours around the body, relieves pressure and helps ease back pain. 

Take into account temperature 

Memory foam is very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the same bed can feel quite different depending on your surrounding environment. For brevity’s sake, the warmer the room, the more memory foam will sink in. Conversely, the colder the room, the firmer memory foam will feel.

We don’t want to get too far into the weeds, but as temperatures rise, viscosity goes down. For those of you who are new to the term viscosity, all it refers to is the degree of fluidity. Materials and objects with low viscosity behave more fluidly. For example, memory foam is engineered with visco-elastic polymers, which is why it’s so sensitive to changes in temperatures.

Memory Foam vs. Non-Traditional Foams 

Memory foam


  • One of the most popular types of materials because it’s widely considered cozy
  • The material cradles and hugs your body when you settle in
  • Provides ample pressure relief
  • It has a sink-in feel and cocoons you in the heat that comes off your body
  • Great for motion isolation


  • It tends to feel softer in the warmer months and firmer in the colder months
  • Sleeps hot

Gel memory foam


  • It’s basically the same thing as memory foam, but it is more efficient in temperature regulation
  • It has microbeads or a gel slab, which actively try to regulate your temperature
  • Great for motion isolation


  • Although it’s better than standard memory foam, it is not the best material for airflow

Proprietary foam


  • These foams are becoming increasingly popular among bed-in-a-box brands
  • They will vary per brand, but they usually make an effort to help regulate temperature


  • The feel and other benefits vary by brand
  • Brings something unique to the table

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