Sleep masks are generally designed to promote better sleep by blocking out unwanted light, but there are plenty of masks on the market that serve multiple purposes. Unfortunately, for consumers, they aren’t always “one size fits all” and some masks will feel more comfortable and accommodating to you than others. Use this helpful guide to direct you to the sleep mask that best fits you and your circumstances.

Our Top Picks for the Best Sleep Masks:

  • Best for Side Sleepers: Alaska Bear
  • Best for Sensitive Eyes: MZOO Mask
  • Best for Dry Eyes: Kimkoo
  • Best for First-time Users: Bedtime Bliss

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

Best for:

  • Several Color Options
  • Slik Material

It can especially be uncomfortable if you’re laying up against the strap adjuster, which tends to be located on the side of the mask. We think Alaska Bear’s Natural Sleep Mask, however, eliminates these problems.

Back sleepers (usually) don’t have any issues when it comes to sleeping with a sleep mask, but it’s a different story for people who sleep on their side. Certain masks may be too heavy or dense, causing side sleepers to wake up after a few hours feeling a lot of pressure up against their temples.

The mask is constructed with natural mulberry silk on both sides, making it ultra smooth, thin, lightweight, and most importantly — comfortable for side sleeping. We also think it feels cool and luxurious against the face, and it did a good job at blocking out unwanted lights.

Owen sleeps real comfortably on his side with this mask

MZOO Sleep Mask

Best for:

  • Those who want a mask designed with memory foam
  • People looking for a mask with contoured eye cups
  • Folks who want ear plugs included

The MZOO sleep mask fits comfortably around the head and face, and has a firmly sealed fit so it helps prevent dry eyes and irritation. Plus, unlike other masks, it’s manufactured using heat-bonded technology rather than glue.

It also has contoured eye cups so your eyes and eyelashes don’t ever touch the inner shell of the mask when you’re wearing it. As an added plus, they include a set of ear plugs so you can block out bothersome noises as well as unwanted light.

MZOO Sleep Mask Back Sleeper

Kimkoo Sleep Mask

Best for:

  • Folks with dry eyes
  • Consumers who appreciate extra security (lifetime warranty)
  • Those who want a mask backed by medical professionals

The kimkoo hot compress eye mask is plush, purple, and feels nice and fuzzy against your face. The one downside of this mask, we think, is its bulkiness. But if you sleep on your back and want to relieve your dry eyes, it’s probably something you’ll be able to look past.

How does it work exactly? The inside is filled with flaxseed filling that naturally absorbs moisture, and releases upon heat activation. That means no water is necessary, which we thought was really neat.

All you need to do is pop it in the microwave for 30-50 seconds, close your eyes, and put on the sleep mask for about 6-8 minutes. During this time, the mask helps improve your eye’s natural process that prevents tear evaporation, resulting in refreshed and healthier eyes.

For a specialty mask with an innovative design, we found kimkoo to be pretty affordable.

Kimkoo Sleep Mask Packaging
The purple Kimkoo mask in its packaging

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask

Best for:

  • People looking for a light feeling sleep mask
  • Those who want contoured eye cups for more eye room
  • Folks who want their mask to come with ear plugs

The sleep mask from Bedtime Bliss is made with 100% polyester on the outer shell, and 100% polyurethane foam (jargon for neutral-foam) on the inside, making it particularly lightweight. We actually think it’s a little reminiscent of microfiber.

It does a pretty good job at blocking out light, but some of our testers did have a little light peek through the nose area. With that being said, it was only a tiny amount and they noted how they didn’t think it was enough to disrupt sleep.

One feature they loved about the Bedtime Bliss mask is its contoured eyes, allowing their eyes and eyelashes to bat and blink without touching the inside of the mask. This was a major contributor to the “barely there” feeling we were looking for. It also comes with a pair of earplugs if you want to block out unwanted noise like honking horns or your partner’s loud snores.

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Back Sleeper

How We Test Sleep Masks

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