You’ve likely heard of Beautyrest, the premium mattress line from Simmons, who are long-time veterans in the mattress industry. Entering the game before the bed-in-a-box craze, the brand sought out to make mattresses that were available on their website direct-to-consumer, as well as beds you can purchase through third-party retailers. This review will focus on the Beautyrest Black mattresses that you can purchase through Beautyrest (the Black and Black Hybrid), so continue on below to learn more!

Beautyrest Black
Beautyrest Black
Why it’s Great
This is the flagship mattress from Beautyrest. It features pocket coils and gel memory foam and several cooling upgrades.
Best for
People that want a bed from a mega brand
Anyone that wants a coil bed
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam

Beautyrest Black Feel And Firmness

Beautyrest Black and the Beautyrest Black Hybrid both use a combination of foam, including memory foam, but they feel slightly different. The original Beautyrest feels like a standard foam hybrid mattress. It doesn’t have any particular strong feel. It’s bouncy and springy, but the comfort foams in the top layer make it cozy and comfortable, so you don’t feel any of the springs. 

As far as the Beautyrest Hybrid goes, that’ll feel more like a memory foam hybrid. You feel supported because of the pocketed coils in the foundation, but you sink into the memory foam and become hugged by the mattress more than the other. If you like the feel of memory foam, you’d like Beautyrest Hybrid. 


Both Beautyrest Black mattresses come in at a medium firmness level, which we rated more around a medium-firm. Though, you can upgrade to a more plush mattress for several hundred dollars, depending on the model and firmness level you want. 

Pressure Relief

You’ll get more conforming pressure relief with the Plush or Ultra Plush mattress options. Not only do you get that characteristic from memory foam, but the softer mattress profiles are also great at relieving pressure. 


Without paying for any upgrades, the Beautyrest Hybrid mattress will be a bit more temperature-regulating for people who are looking for cooling relief throughout the night. It comes with BlackICE technology which makes the mattress ideal for hot sleepers, while you’ll have to pay for that upgrade on the Beautyrest Black.

Beautyrest Black Construction And Design

The Beautyrest Black is 13” tall, while the Beautyrest Hybrid is only slightly thicker at 13.5” high. They also both have the same T3 pocketed coil foundations with extra edge support reinforcements. Though, their comfort layers differ and contribute to the beds’ different feels. 


The comfort layers inside stack up as:

  • 1/2” Plush Comfort Foam
  • 1” Medium Comfort Foam
  • 1 1/2” Energy Foam
  • 1/2” Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam

Beautyrest Hybrid 

The comfort layers inside stack up as:

  • BlackICE™ Hybrid Technology
  • 1” RightTemp™ Memory Foam
  • 2” Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam
  • 1” Firm Comfort Foam
  • Cover

    The covers on each mattress have a little something extra to offer. 

    The Beautyrest Black mattress has HeiQ V-Block, which is an antimicrobial technology that uses micro silver and other technology to help fight against bacteria. 

    The Beautyrest Hybrid, however, comes with BlackICE technology. It helps make the mattress cooler and more effective against relieving hot sleepers. You can purchase the cooling tech on the other mattress, but it’ll cost extra.

  • Durability

    Top-line construction provides a solid sleep foundation with staying power. Between the multiple foam and gel layers combined with high-end craftsmanship, the Beautyrest Black beds are mattresses that will stay with you and your family for years to come.

Sleeper Type Analysis 

If you sleep strictly on your back or stomach, you typically need a firmer mattress to keep proper spinal alignment. Side sleepers, on the other hand, usually like more plush and soft beds. 

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    The Medium model from each mattress should be perfectly supportive for most back and stomach sleepers. Heavier back and stomach sleepers may not think it feels like a medium-firm, but they should keep your back from sagging into the mattress.

  • Side Sleepers

    The Beautyrest Black Plush Pillow Top and Ultra Plush models are made for side sleepers and offer a good amount of pressure relief. They are soft yet supportive. Though, we also think the Plush option in the Beautyrest Hybrid will also work. 

  • Combination Sleepers

    The short answer is yes. It won’t matter which version you get; the Beautyrest Black Natasha should be suitable for most combo sleepers. For the Plush version, you’ll want to favor your side. For the Medium versions, you will likely want to favor your back or stomach.

Body Type Analysis 

All body types will feel comfortable on this mattress, whether it be more petite to plus-size individuals. Because of their heavy-duty pocketed coils, these Beautyrest Black beds are able to accommodate and support any type of sleeper. Just remember, the more you weigh, the softer a bed will feel and vice versa. 

Will Couples Like The BeautyRest Black Mattress?

When you share a loved one with a significant other or a furry pet friend, there are a few things you want to keep an eye out for, including motion isolation and edge support.

Edge Support

While many mattresses drop to near-zero support around the edge, Beautyrest Black mattresses include reinforced edge support. Sleeping near the edge of the mattress feels as supportive as when you’re sleeping in the middle of it.

Motion Isolation And Noise

Individually wrapped pocketed coils effectively deaden motion transfer across the bed. Not quite as much as a foam mattress, but it’s still pretty good. In other words, the Beautyrest Black mattresses ensure sleep partners rest undisturbed.

Beautyrest Black Mattress Price

We were a little surprised to see the Beautyrest Black mattress be a little less expensive than the Beautyrest Hybrid, but it’s not by much. Both of these beds are very expensive and land in the premium-luxury tier of mattresses. A queen size Beautyrest Black retails for $2,699, and a queen size Beautyrest Black Hybrid retails for $2,599.

With that said, you can get your hands on a Beautyrest Black deal to bring the price down about $100-$200 more. 

Beautyrest Black Mattress Reviews Verdict

Beautyrest mattresses are some of the best beds you can get your hands on if you’re willing to invest a pretty penny into your sleep (always a good choice). Both of these mattresses have hybrid constructions, with each a little something different to offer. 

It primarily comes down to price and whether or not you want a memory foam feel that the Beautyrest Hybrid provides. Though whichever you choose, there is an option for all sleeping positions, and they are accommodating for just about any body type. 

Company Policies

These policies might look a little different depending on where you buy it, from Beautrest’s website to However, this is what you’re guaranteed if you buy either one of these beds from Beautyrest Black.

  • Free white glove delivery and free returns (this is a little unheard of in the industry, as there’s usually a fee to return a white-glove-delivered bed. 
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year warranty