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Best Amazon Mattress Reviews

Best Amazon Mattress Reviews

These are the top-rated mattresses on Amazon right now, according to us

Shopping for a mattress on Amazon can be a blessing and a curse. Shopping on Amazon has its benefits (that’s been established), but it can be hard to sift through and decide between all the random online mattress brands that Amazon search results throw at you. Well, lucky for you, we’ve tested pretty much all the best selling mattresses available on Amazon and broken them down for you in this post.

The Best Mattress On Amazon

So, you’ve decided to go the online route in your mattress-buying endeavor. Maybe that’s because you like the bed-in-a-box concept. Maybe you want that industry-standard risk-free trial period. Maybe it all comes down to the convenience of being able to shop for a mattress from the comfort (or discomfort, more likely) of your current, soon-to-be-replaced bed.

Narrowing down the search to beds available on Amazon has the benefit of easy and familiar navigation, Amazon pricing (which can differ from the MSRP), and that nifty little “compare to similar items” button. Of course, you can check out online mattresses by visiting the company’s website, but if you want to see a variety of brands all in one place, Amazon can do that for you. In this review, we’ve listed our top favorite beds available on Amazon, and you can use the jump links below to jump to any point of the review you’d like.

However, before we jump into the beds, let’s just quickly cover how we selected this list. First and foremost, we disregarded the major brands (e.g. Casper, Leesa, and GhostBed) with the exception of Tuft & Needle (we’ll explain later) that also sell on Amazon.

Why? Well, we felt if people were going to buy one of these mattresses, they’d probably just buy directly through the brand’s site so they don’t have to worry about how Amazon handles trial periods, warranties, and all that stuff (more information on that down below). For this list, we wanted to focus more on the lesser known brands that tend to be more affordable.

Honest Video Review For Best Amazon Mattress

Top 4 Best Amazon Beds

Tuft & Needle Nod – Best Foam Mattress On Amazon

tuft and needle nod mattress review back sleeper
Comfortable neutral-foam feel

The Nod is an Amazon exclusive mattress from the popular brand Tuft & Needle. It’s an 8″ all-foam bed that consists of just two layers. Its top layer is a proprietary foam that has a soft neutral-foam feel. We think most folks out there will like the feel. Our team members here think it’s a very comfortable bed, and is one of the best foam mattresses.

The Nod mattress is also fairly responsive. This means you won’t get any of that stuck-in-the-mud type resistance you get with a lot of memory foam beds. This will make switching between sleeping positions effortless.

Speaking of sleeping positions, we think the Nod bed comfortably accommodates all types of sleepers (side, back, stomach and any combination thereof). The bed is about a medium in terms of firmness and strikes a healthy balance between comfort and support.

When it comes to body type, since this is an 8″ all-foam bed, we don’t think the T&N Nod is the best option for heavier folks. That’s the case with most all-foam beds 10″ thick or under, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Heavy people will be better off with other beds on this list that contain coils. Petite and average sized sleepers will be just fine on this bed, though.

Why we picked this bed – As you can tell, we like the Tuft & Needle Nod a lot, as do a lot of other people. After all, it has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon for a reason. It’s price may have something to do with that as well. To put it simply, the Nod is extremely affordable. Prices range from about $250 to $500, depending on the size you’re looking for. There’s a good chance that T&N Nod is the single best mattress on Amazon.

Lucid Hybrid – Best Memory Foam Mattress

lucid memory foam hybrid mattress
The Lucid Hybrid has a comfortable, responsive memory foam feel

For people who prefer hybrid or coil beds, the Lucid 10″ Memory Foam Hybrid is a solid option. The 5.5″ individually encased coils not only provide the bed with a solid support structure (great for heavy folks 250 lb+), but also give the bed a little bit of bounce.

On top, the mattress uses a 2.5″ layer of memory foam, but don’t let the name fool you—it’s actually more of a responsive memory foam that gives the bed a neutral-foam feel.

Overall, we think the bed comes in around a medium on the firmness scale. It strikes a nice balance between support and pressure relief. As such, we think this bed is ideal for all kinds of sleepers (back, stomach, side and combo) and body types, given the coils in the bed.

Why we chose this mattress –Bottom line, if you prefer more of a responsive or neutral-foam over traditional memory foam and you want coils for added support, it’s tough to beat this mattress considering you can sometimes snag the bed for around the $300 mark. Pricing fluctuates often so it might behoove you to see what it’s currently being offered for on Amazon.

Nest Bedding Flip – Best Flippable Bed On Amazon

nest bedding flip mattress amazon bed in a box stomach sleepers
Accommodating for all types of sleepers and body types

While it has two sides, Nest Flip is also a hybrid mattress, so it contains coils, which is better for heavier people or people that just want/need extra support. In general, coils are also more durable than dense foam support structures, so this combined with the fact that it is double-sided means this mattress will likely have a long lifespan.

Overall, we’d rate the “Medium” side of Nest Flip at about a medium on the firmness scale, and the “Firm” side somewhere between a medium-firm and firm. Back and stomach sleepers will find the mattress provides more than enough support and side sleepers will find the mattress to be fairly accommodating as well, on the “Medium” side.

We also found that this mattress provides pretty solid edge support. That’s a big plus for couples with one partner who constantly finds themselves pushed towards the perimeter of the bed.

Why we added this bed – All in all, if you’re a fan of two-sided mattresses, Nest Bedding Flip has a lot to offer. It’s one of our favorite budget beds out there and it gives you two firmness levels, essentially giving you two chances to find the perfect feel.

AmazonBasics – Best Cheap Mattress For Your Budget

amazon basics side sleeper mattress
You can often find the AmazonBasics mattress for under $250!

What would an Amazon mattress list be without a mattress from the actual company? That’s right, this mattress comes to us from the popular AmazonBasics line of products (i.e. it’s owned by Amazon, not a third party seller). However, the bed didn’t just make this list due to its name, we actually think it’s a great value.

Look, if price is your main concern and you don’t really care about thickness or longevity, the AmazonBasics mattress is an excellent option. It’s perhaps the best cheap mattress you can buy on Amazon, yet it’s still fairly comfortable and solid enough to get the job done (at least for a few years). To be clear, it’s all about the budget price, not necessarily the quality of the foam mattress.

It’s worth noting that the bed comes in three different models. You can choose between 8″, 10″ and 12″ options. As you might imagine, the thicker the model, the more expensive the price tag, but honestly, even the 12″ model is still very affordable.

Each model uses a top layer of memory foam, but like the Lucid Hybrid mentioned above, it’s more of a responsive memory foam. As such, the bed has what we consider to be a soft, neutral-foam feel. Overall, it’s a very comfortable and accommodating mattress that we think suits all sleeper positions.

However, given its simple all-foam construction, we just don’t think it’s the most ideal option for for heavy folks. If you weigh over 250 pounds, you’ll most likely want to stick with one of the hybrid options mentioned above.

We we added this bed – As long as you know what you’re getting with the AmazonBasics foam mattress, we think it’s a solid value play. In our eyes, it’s best for petite and average sized individuals who just want a super cheap foam mattress on Amazon. If you don’t fall into that category, we also think this a perfect mattress to throw in your guest room. As you might expect, this is also the best selling memory foam mattress on Amazon because it’s the house brand.

Casper Element – Best Foam Mattress

casper element review back sleeper
We think Casper Element suits all sleeper positions, including back sleepers

Casper is synonymous with the online mattress game, and Casper Element offers the comfort of their ultra popular flagship mattress at a more affordable price point. Like the original Tuft and Needle Mattress, Casper Element has a simple two layer construction and comes in a medium firmness level meant to suit all sleeper positions.

Because this bed is constructed with just two foam layers, we wouldn’t recommend it to heavy sleepers who need more sturdy support. Though, it’s great for petite to average sized sleepers who are looking for something simple.

Why we chose Casper Element – Like we said before, Casper Element is supposed to be the brand’s budget-tier offering, and we think it’s a worthy choice among the top wallet-friendly foam mattresses on Amazon. A queen size retails for $595, and that’s just the price before discounts are applied. It only gets cheaper! If you want a simple foam bed backed by the biggest bed in a box brand online, this is a great option.

Linenspa Hybrid 12″ Hybrid – Best Selling Amazon Mattress

linenspa memory foam hybrid mattress review side sleeper
A look at the 12″ model Linenspa Hybrid

A key part of this list was choosing beds that offer great values, or beds that offer ample comfort and support at a very reasonable price. The 12″ thick Linenspa Hybrid model offers exactly that.

While you can choose the construction of your Linenspa Hybrid bed (8, 10, and 12) we think the 12″ model is ideal because it’s thick, accommodates all body types, and is rated around a medium on our firmness profile. That means it should provide a nice balance between support and pressure relief, and accommodate all sleeper positions. Though, if you’re a petite sleeper you may find it a bit firmer, while heavier sleepers will find it to be a little softer than a medium.

We can’t talk about this bed without mentioning the extremely wallet-friendly price tag. Hybrid beds (mattresses made with coils and foam) tend to be a little pricier than all-foam ones, but the 12″ Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Hybrid is only $385.

Why we chose this mattress – This is one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses on the market, and it’s incredibly well received by customers on Amazon (not to mention us, too). It accommodates all body types, and just about all sleeper types unless you’re looking for a particularly plush mattress. It’s a durable bed and offers a great bang for your buck.

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Our Amazon Shopping Tips

Tip One: Read everything. Seriously, read everything. Most online bed-in-a-box mattresses come with the industry-standard free shipping, risk-free trial period, free returns, and extended warranties. But if you decide to go the Amazon route, as opposed to ordering directly from the company, it’s a good idea to double-check all of those things. Sometimes, purchasing a mattress on Amazon will negate that 100-night trial period that a lot of brands offer on their website. If that’s the case, you’ll most likely be stuck with Amazon’s 30-day return policy as your “trial period.”

Also, we have heard that you might have to jump through some extra hoops in order to return a mattress via Amazon. So again, it might be a good idea to email the seller before you actually purchase a mattress to inquire about how they handle trial periods, returns, and warranties via Amazon.

Tip Two: Pay attention to the seller. Just because you’re looking at nice, pretty, studio-shot photos of a mattress, doesn’t guarantee that’s what you’ll actually get. There are heartless scammers out there, people. Don’t let yourself be a victim of their disreputable ways. Check out the seller ratings and read the comments. Be safe, not sorry. Be conscious, not conned.

Tri-Tip (get it?): Don’t be seduced by low, low prices. You can find really affordable stuff on Amazon, but you still get what you pay for. Going for a cheap mattress on Amazon can save you a lot of money, and you’ll technically have a new mattress, but don’t expect it to outperform beds in the $1K-2K range. There might be a few exceptions, but as a general rule, assume the quality will match the price. As such, if you’re after the best mattress on Amazon, you have to ignore the price, or at least be somewhat price insensitive.

Tip Four: Do your research outside of Amazon, as well. Amazon reviews are convenient and can be a good place to find red flags as we mentioned, but they’re rarely comprehensive. It’s always a good idea to look for information on products from sources other than the seller or maker. And seeing as you’re here at the Slumber Yard, you’re already doing that. Look at you go.

Tip Five: Know your mattress types. If you want the best memory foam mattress on Amazon, you should know what that material feels like. Likewise, if you just want the best foam mattress, you should recognize that most of the time you’re looking for a proprietary foam or poly foam top layer.

Tip Six: Amazon does not always have the best price for cheap mattresses. For instance, if Nectar is running a sale on their website, they won’t necessarily always run that promotion on Amazon. Therefore, it might be the same mattress, but it’s not always best on your budget to buy a mattress on Amazon.

Tip Seven: If you’re on the hunt for the best mattress to buy on Amazon, you have to pay attention to return policies. Companies that typically offer a trial period may not offer that same trial period on Amazon. In fact, it depends on who is actually selling that bed. For instance, if you’re buying the mattress from Amazon, it most likely comes with a 30-day trial period, but if the actual vendor is the brand itself, often they will still honor their trial period.

The Best Mattress Brands On Amazon

In our opinion, Amazon is a great place to shop for a mattress, but it doesn’t necessarily carry all products from all mattress brands. But, since you’re interested in the best mattress brands on Amazon, here’s a look at some of our favorites:

  • AmazonBasics
  • Casper
  • Linenspa
  • Lucid
  • Nest Bedding
  • Tuft & Needle
  • Zinus

Of course, the list above is not exhaustive, but if you’re just starting your search, it’s a great place to begin. Of all of the mattress brands we’re familiar with, about 20% of them list their products on Amazon, so you will have a large pool of brands from which to choose.

The Best Memory Foam Mattress On Amazon

We have tested virtually all of the worthwhile memory foam mattresses on Amazon. Everything from the Lucid Hybrid to Nectar, and everything in between. So then, what makes a really great mattress, and can you actually find these beds on Amazon? In our opinion, the best memory foam mattress would be one that is comfortable, accommodating, and durable. Obviously, you will be balancing that out with price, but we’d still like to check as many of those boxes as possible. As for the second part of that question, yes, you can find some really nice memory foam mattresses on Amazon. For instance, we hold Nectar in high regard and that particular bed is widely available on Amazon. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at a our list of the best memory foam mattresses on Amazon:

  • Bear Mattress
  • Lucid Hybrid
  • Nectar Sleep
  • Linenspa
  • Zinus Green Tea
  • AmazonBasics

To be fair, above is not a fully exhaustive list, but it’s a good place to start. You’ll notice that certain beds on our list are not in our larger list above. We tried to keep that extremely brief and also call out other types of beds beyond memory foam ones. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions regarding the best Amazon memory foam mattress.

Caring For Your Amazon Mattress

When you buy a mattress, very few of them come with a machine washable cover. The only ones that immediately come to mind are Amerisleep Mattress and Yogabed. This means if you spill wine in bed or your dog has muddy paws, you’ll have to spot clean your mattress.

To do this, all you need is warm water and mild detergent. Wet a cloth and dab at the stain. Doing so can help you remove the stain without getting the mattress too wet. Additionally, in our best RV mattress list, we actually linked to a bed that comes with a machine-washable cover.

Additionally, in our best RV mattress list, we actually linked to a bed that comes with a machine-washable cover.

What Else Should You Look At On Amazon?

Amazon has a ton of products from A to Z, so you might as well shop for some other mattress-related goods while you’re there.

  • Mattress protectors: They protect your mattress from spills and stains. To clean them, simply remove the protector from your mattress and toss them in the washer.
  • Pillows: You’ll want to find pillows that keep your spine in proper alignment while providing a high-level of comfort. Amazon has a great selection of top-rated pillows.
  • Sheet sets: These sets include a fitted sheet, pillow shams, and more.
  • Bedding: When looking for bedding, you’ll want to keep the temperature in mind as some comforters are much warmer than others.
  • Bed frames: Amazon sells a variety of bed frames including wave, foldable, and platform to name a few.

Sleeper Type

Regardless of where you decide to do your mattress shopping, you’ll want to have a general idea of what kind of bed is comfortable for you. This is especially true when shopping online for a bed because you can’t actually feel the mattress, so you have to know what to look for in the description and reviews.

Here’s a breakdown of the basics, the need-to-know, the general info that all people who sleep on beds should have in regards to sleeper type:

Back and stomach sleepers should look for beds with ample support around your hips and trunk area. You want to be sure you keep your spine in alignment, which means you can’t have an uncomfortable gap under your lower back and you don’t want a bed that sinks too much all over. This generally means something on the firmer side, as opposed to a bed described as soft or medium-soft.  Here are our lists of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers and best mattresses for back sleepers.

Side sleepers need to look for mattresses that provide pressure relief. When sleeping on your side, you still want to keep your spine straight to prevent waking up sore. That means you need the bed to give around your shoulder and hips and you don’t want to have a gap under your stomach. Side sleepers usually need a softer bed than back and stomach sleepers. In particular, memory foam mattresses tend to be a good option for side sleepers, but of course, that depends on firmness and densities.

Combo sleepers (those who switch positions throughout the night) will want something that caters to both the need for support and pressure relief. Look for a mattress in the middle-ground in terms of softness/firmness and pay attention to the material used for each layer of the mattress. Here’s our list of the best mattresses for combination sleepers.


Will I like the AmazonBasics mattress?

There’s a chance you will, but keep in mind this is the most basic of basic mattresses. It’s just a comfy foam bed and nothing else. It’s really not meant to be your long-term mattress. Definitely the highlight feature is the price.

What is the number one selling mattress?

Linenspa earned the Best Seller designation on Amazon, though there are many popular brands on there that also do very well.

What mattress thickness should I get?

This depends on your weight, comfort preference, and other factors. The “standard size” mattress is eight inches, however; if you weigh more than ~230 lbs you might want a thicker mattress that offers you more comfort.  In this case, a hybrid mattress around 12” or more might be a more suitable fit.

How can I return an Amazon mattress?

Usually Amazon is really good with returns, even when it comes to mattresses. That said, returns can vary depending on the vendor you actually ordered from. You should make sure to read the FAQs about each bed on to figure out whether or not returns are free.

Is shipping free if I don’t have Amazon Prime?

Actually, yes, in most cases shipping is free whether you have Amazon Prime or not, at least when it comes to mattresses. Amazon Prime will just sometimes get you faster shipping.