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Best Crib Mattress

Best Crib Mattress

If you’re a parent trying to find the best mattress for your crib, we’ve pulled the best to choose from.

There are many challenges that parents face when making decisions for their babies. Picking a crib mattress may seem like a simple task, but with all of the options the modern market offers, it can be hard to choose which one is the best for your child, mainly because they cannot speak for themselves. We have cultivated a list of the best baby mattresses to make the search easier.

Best Baby Mattress List Overview

Some beds will come down to personal preference and what your goals are for your baby’s mattress like breath-ability or natural/organic materials. We have curated a list of pros and cons for each mattress we chose to make it easier to narrow down which crib mattress is ideal for your baby and their sleep needs.

Top 5 Best Crib Mattresses

Avocado — Best Natural and Organic Crib Mattress

The Avocado Crib Mattress is an affordable organic option for parents looking for a non-toxic alternative to traditional crib mattresses. Avocado prides this mattress by being made with high-quality materials parents can trust like organic cotton, latex, and wool. It is a safe GREENGUARD Gold certification option for parents looking to invest in a mattress that will grow with their child as they transition into a toddler bed.

The Avocado Crib Mattress stands out to us as the Best Natural and Organic Crib Mattress for several reasons. Many organic mattresses can often be on the warmer side; the Avocado Crib Mattress is made out of breathable organic cotton to ensure ideal sleeping temperatures for its infant and toddler users.

It also has a dual-sided design. One side is made specifically for the sleep support newborns, and babies need. While the other side is designed for toddlers, so the mattress is not only affordable, but it is made to last and be adaptable for your child as their sleep needs mature with them.

Parents who opt for the Avocado Crib Mattress may want to consider purchasing a waterproof crib mattress cover. This crib has many desirable attributes for babies, but it is not waterproof. This may be a turnoff for some consumers, but nothing a waterproof cover can’t fix.

Brentwood Home — Best Flippable Crib Mattress

The Brentwood Home Two-Stage Wildfern Natural Crib Mattress is a natural mattress option that utilizes materials like organic coconut-husk layer and natural latex to create the perfect flippable crib mattress for parents looking to invest in a mattress that will withstand infancy and make it through the terrible twos. Brentwood Home offers free returns as well as a 10-year limited warranty.

This mattress is our ideal flippable mattress for babies due to its multi-layered design that offers breathability, natural ingredients, and longevity. This mattress provides a waterproof top layer that is quick and easy to clean, which is a modern parent’s dream!

This naturally constructed mattress is made with a coconut-husk layer that makes the mattress breathable for babies to ensure a comfortable sleep throughout the entire night. It features hypoallergenic, anti-static, and anti-microbial materials to ensure maximum comfort for baby and parent.

This mattress is certified GREENGUARD Gold, nontoxic and does not feature any harmful chemicals that many consumers find attached to the ingredients list on their mattresses like chemical fire retardants.

NaturePedic — Editor’s Choice For Best Crib Mattress

The Naturepedic Breathable Two- Stage Crib Mattress makes the list as our Editor’s Choice! Naturepedic provides a thoughtful and well-researched design that has offered optimum support for infants and toddlers and secured the trust of many parents. According to their website, their crib mattress tested as the mattress with the lowest risk of suffocation due to its unique design that allows babies to be able to breathe directly through the surface of the mattress.

This two-stage crib mattress is innovative in its construction by utilizing a patented wavesupport™ core technology that is strong and lightweight. For traditionalists, they also offer an innerspring option that offers similar breathability technology and makes the bed more durable.

Not only is this crib mattress scoring high with safety points, but it also provides an easy to clean waterproof covering consistent with the nontoxic goal of the design. Parents will find this mattress easy to look after through all the spills and blowouts all the way up to the transition to a toddler bed. All they have to do is flip the mattress to the toddler support side, and the mattress has a new life.

Beautyrest Black — Best Memory Foam Crib Mattress

The Beautyrest Black Foam Crib Mattress was created by Beautyrest, who has been a leader in the mattress industry for 140 years.

The Beautyrest Black Crib Mattress stands out with its quality in the midst of an affordable price range. This is a big selling point for parents with a limited budget who still do not want to compromise on the sleep quality for their baby.

What makes this crib mattress unique is it is infused with cooling gel to help maintain temperature regulation without actively cooling the bed. This mattress also carries a GREENGUARD Gold Certificate so parents can rest well knowing this mattress gives off low chemical emissions.

Like many of our favorite crib mattresses, this mattress offers a flippable design to serve parents and babies in two stages of their lives. The side designed for infants provides the perfect amount of firmness for the first stage of their lives. At the same time, the toddler side takes advantage of the AirCool Gel memory foam for a cooler sleep. This mattress is also an easy-care mattress that features a waterproof woven cover, so messes are no match for a quick wash.

Newton Baby — Best Breathable Crib Mattress

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress is ideal for parents who want a simple, yet ultra-breathable mattress for their babies and toddlers.

For those that are a fan of the Airweave Mattress, this is a similar find. The construction of the mattress is made up of 90% air, which is how the mattress brand claims to be the most breathable crib mattress on the market. Built by 10% food-grade polymer to keep its shape and support, we think this crib mattress is a great two-stage option for babies. The accessibility and two-stage function of the mattress makes this a practical mattress for parents looking for the best crib mattress to grow with their child.

Due to its low maintenance construction, it is also the only wholly washable crib mattress available – which is a huge plus for parents. Newton offers several different options, including an Essential, Original, and Waterproof version of this mattress in a standard and mini size.

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About Our Best Baby Mattress List

We specifically chose these mattresses to offer a wide variety of options while still making sure they met our high standards. The list above provides top prospects for a multitude of infant sleep needs. Especially as many of these mattresses are transitional from cribs to toddler beds, so it will grow with your child.

The brands we picked have been popular options for parents in recent years. They each offer parents generous warranty options, quality materials, and the comfort level needed for a child to grow.

How To Choose The Right Baby Crib Mattress


There are many options available for parents looking to choose the perfect material for their crib mattress. It all comes down to your goals for your child’s needs.

First, it’s essential to narrow down whether you want to opt for an organic or non-organic mattress. Many parents opt for organic crib mattresses because they lack the chemicals from fire retardants and cheap glues that have been known to cause respiratory issues and skin irritation.

In contrast, other parents believe that non-organic mattresses do not do much more to protect your child from various hazards and find them to be overpriced. After that, your options can narrow down further by ingredients you want to avoid and how breathable the mattress needs to be for your child’s needs.


Many parents would say they would look for any baby item that is waterproof. A waterproof mattress is often highly recommended for parents because where a baby is, spilled liquid of some sort is likely not far away.  Waterproof mattresses are typically more durable and will last a full needed lifecycle for your baby’s crib mattress requirements.

Size and Fit

When picking between a mini or a standard crib size mattress, it is important to first check and see the dimensions required for your crib — especially if you have one already. Your crib mattress should always fit snug inside the crib to ensure maximum support.

Firmness Level

Firmness in a crib mattress is ideal for babies and their rapidly growing bodies. Firm mattresses provide the support their skeletons need and decrease the suffocation risk – especially for tummy sleepers.

Crib Mattress Materials

Memory Foam


  • More breathable 
  • This option is typically more comfortable when transitioning to a toddler bed 
  • Memory foam is very lightweight


  • Memory foam can be too soft which can lead to safety concerns 
  • Memory foam may not offer enough support for the baby’s skeleton. Be sure always to test the firmness of your child’s foam mattress



  • One of the most popular choices amongst parents 
  • Reputably one of the firmest and reliable types of materials for baby’s 
  • Springs offer an excellent transition phase from a toddler bed to a standard bed


  • Innerspring mattresses are some of the heavier materials crib mattresses can be made from 
  • They are typically covered in vinyl pads which are more likely to tear and not last as long
  • Innersprings tend to be pricer than other materials 

Latex Foam


  • Latex foam tends to be very cost-effective 
  • Natural latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Most mattresses made of latex foam provide breathability and temperature control 
  • This option is typically more comfortable while also providing the firmness babies need. 


  • While most small children will not experience any irritation due to the lack of direct contact with the latex, it does have the potential to cause irritation should an allergy be present. 

Organic Cotton


  • Free from chemicals, fire retardants, and cheap glues
  • Considered one of the safest materials for babies and toddlers to sleep on
  • Typically contain safety and non-toxic certifications that have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure safety 


  • Can be overpriced because of the “organic” label 
  • Typically not found with a waterproof option 


While the materials listed above are the most common options, they are not the only options parents choose from. Crib mattresses like those produced by Newton Baby are often made with unique materials that make them ideal for parents looking for something that the industry standard just can’t satisfy. While these alternative options are typically on the pricier end, the benefits they bring are often ideal for parents. For example, Newton Baby Crib Mattress is one of the only crib mattress on the market made of 90% air and completely washable.

Mini vs. Standard Crib Mattress

It is important to note when making a crib mattress purchase that parents understand what dimensions they need. Many crib mattresses come in standard and mini sizes to suit the two most common crib sizes. Pay attention to the size that would be best suited for your crib.

The standard size is most often 52” L x 28” W x 5.5” H and the mini’s dimensions are typically 38” L x 24” Wx 5.5” H.

Two-Stage Flippable Crib Beds

It is highly recommended that parents looking to purchase a crib mattress invest in a two-stage bed for their child. One of the most significant advantages of this is the longevity of the mattress. The mattress will serve your family well while you have a baby, but when it comes time to move to a toddler bed, all parents have to do is flip the mattress over for their child to have the ideal support for their age group.

How Much Is A Crib Mattress?

Crib mattresses can vary between $90 to $400 depending on the quality and features the mattress offers. Slumber Yard recommends that parents invest in a mid-range to a higher-priced mattress that focuses on breathability and has a two-stage feature, so the mattress has safety and longevity perks. This will ensure your baby will have the best sleep quality, parents will have peace of mind, and the mattress will serve both of them longer than a cheaper one-stage crib mattress.


What type of mattress is best for babies?

Babies typically require more firm mattresses that offer their bodies the support they need. It is ideal to prioritize investing in a mattress with optimum breath-ability and a two-stage feature so the mattress will grow with the baby.

When will my baby outgrow their crib mattress?

Parents who opt for a two-stage mattress will find that the investment will last through the toddler years. These mattresses are specifically designed to be flipped once it’s time to transition to a toddler mattress so parents can get the most out of their investment.

Can I buy a crib mattress online?

Yes! You can buy a crib mattress at any of the online retailers we linked above. Most of the brands offer a generous sleep trial and warranty on their mattress, so parents do not have to worry about taking a risk.

How firm should a crib mattress be?

A crib mattress should be more firm to support the baby’s sleep needs. Children transition to toddler beds when they need a softer mattress that provides pressure relief. All two-stage mattresses take this into account and offer the ideal support level for each age range.

What size crib should I buy?

The crib mattress you invest in should fit snugly in your child’s crib. Make sure you are aware of the dimensions needed before purchasing a crib mattress. However, even if you make a miscalculation, the brands above offer generous sleep trials and flexible return policies.