best foam mattress reviews online

Best Foam Mattress Reviews

We compiled a list of the top rated foam beds online, including soft and firm ones, memory foam options, latex, bed in a box, and more.

The term "foam mattress" isn't very specific, but at least that gives you a lot of options. In this review we will go one-by-one and discuss our favorite mattresses. You will notice that we did not include any luxury picks. We figured the cutoff should be $1,000 for this list (queen size).
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Bear is a softer foam bed with a special cover that's designed to help promote restful sleep and increased circulation.
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Bowery is a budget-tier mattress that's perfect for college students, kids, teens, guest rooms, and anyone that wants to spend less than $600 on a new queen-size bed.
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Zoned Support$75 Off


Casper is one of the pioneers in the bed-in-a-box space. The mattress has a special construction that provides more support under your hips and more pressure relief under your shoulders.
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Cocoon Chill is one of the most affordable cooling mattresses available today.
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Latex MixUp to $200 Off

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GhostBed combines three different types of foams for a comfortable, unique feel. It also happens to be one of the most affordable beds to incorporate latex foam.
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Flippable$135 Off + Gift


Layla is a memory foam bed with a "soft" side on top and a "firm" side on bottom. This is a really unique mattress.
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Nectar is a memory foam bed that's great for budget-shoppers because it almost always comes with two free pillows.
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Nolah is a great option for strict side sleepers that are really concerned with getting the maximum pressure relief.
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Puffy has a unique, fluffy memory foam feel that we think a lot of people will really enjoy. It also happens to be backed by a lifetime warranty.


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Finding The Best Foam Mattress

Finding the right mattress is not easy, but I’m glad to see that you’ve at least narrowed your list to only foam mattresses. That’s good. There’s a lot of people that are starting from 0—you’re at least on level 1.

That said, there’s still no scientifically-proven perfect foam mattress for everyone. You may end up doing a bit of trial and error. Certainly this is how it will work if you go into a mattress store. You’ll walk through and test mattress after mattress and that’s not a bad strategy. With online brands you probably want to do a good deal of research and then try out your first option.

From there, if that doesn’t work, return it and go on to the next. Hopefully this list is going to be your best resource, but of course, we encourage you to look elsewhere if we haven’t answered all of your questions. We also have a Mattress Finder Quiz, which can be very helpful for anyone with specific requests. For now, let’s cover some areas of consideration when looking for a foam mattress.



  • Side and combo sleepers
  • People that live an active lifestyle (read more about Celliant cover below)
  • If you want an accomodating feel that mixes neutral foam and memory foam


  • Strict back and stomach sleepers that weigh over 150 lb

Why Bear is one the list — The primary reason we included Bear is that the mattress has a special cover that very few other beds have. In addition to the cover, however, Bear is a highly affordable mattress with a comfortable and accomodating feel that we think a lot of people can get behind. We’d consider it a safe pick for side sleepers and anyone that lives in active lifestyle.

bear mattress review side sleepers
Bear has a Celliant cover that can apparently help with recovery times

Celliant Cover  — On both the original Bear mattress and Bear Hybrid there is a Celliant cover which is supposed to help with a number of things, including circulation, recovery, and restful sleep. According to this press release, Celliant has been ok’d by the FDA as a “medical device” and a “general wellness product.” This is part of the reason that so many athletes sleep on a Bear mattress, including apparently Super Bowl champion Chris Hogan of the New England Patriots.

Overall Feel — Bear uses mostly polyurethane foam (aka “neutral foam”), though it does have a top layer that is graphite gel memory foam. As such, the bed has a neutral profile with a tinge of memory foam. We think a lot of people will find the bed comfortable.

Firmness / Sleeper Type — Bear sits about a medium-soft to medium, which means it will be best for side sleepers and combo sleepers that weigh under 230 lb. That said, petite individuals (i.e. 150 lb or under) should be just fine in any sleeping position.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery


  • If price is your #1 concern
  • All sleep styles
  • Individuals weighing under 230 lb
  • If you just want a comfy, softer bed with a neutral feel


  • People that want a firm bed
  • Heavier individuals

Bowery had to be the budget pick — We selected Bowery for this list mostly because it’s really affordable and very comfortable. Considering the bed is made in the USA and sells for around $600 after-discount (queen size), we think it makes a lot of sense for budget shoppers out there.

brooklyn bedding mattress review bowery mattress review foam mattress
Bowery is a great option for people on a tight budget

Feel — Bowery feels like a general, soft foam bed. In fact, it doesn’t really have a signature feel. It really just is like laying on a soft slab of foam. It’s responsive and comfortable, but doesn’t feel at all like memory foam. We’d consider it a safe pick, and would wager that about 70% of people would be just fine on Bowery (as long as they weigh under 230 lb).

Firmness — Bowery is about a medium in terms of firmness, though, the heavier you are, the softer the bed will appear. We think it has enough pressure relief for side sleepers, but still enough support for some back and stomach sleepers.



  • People that want to buy from mega mattress brands
  • All sleeping positions
  • If you want a safe pick in terms of comfort
  • If you're intrigued by the Zoned Support System


  • Heavier individuals (i.e. around 230-250 lb)
  • If you want a true memory foam bed

Why Casper is on the list — Casper is the quintessential foam mattress online. It’s one of the largest and most respected brands—plus we happen to think the original Casper is just a comfy bed that a heck of a lot of people will enjoy. It also has a special “Zoned Support Framework” that you won’t find on many other beds.

casper mattress review side sleepers combo sleepers
We can totally understand why so many people like the Casper mattress

Zoned Support — A bit like the Casper Wave, Zoned, and Level Sleep mattresses, Casper has a three-zone construction. You can read our full review for more info, but the short story is that the center of the bed (where you hips and trunk will lay) is a hair firmer and more supportive. On the top and bottom of the bed, there is (slightly) softer foam for your shoulders and hips to get better pressure relief.

General Feel — Casper is the original “soft foam” bed. It does use memory foam, but you can’t really feel it. Instead, the bed just has a flat, neutral profile that it’s hard not to like. If you were to take 100 individuals weighing under 230 lb, we’d expect about 70% of them would be just fine with Casper. We think it’s very comfortable.

Cocoon Chill


  • Hot sleepers
  • People that like memory foam
  • All sleep styles, though, it is best for back/stomach in particular


  • Anyone that does not like memory foam
  • Side sleepers that want something extra-soft

Why Cocoon Chill is worth your consideration — For hot sleepers, Cocoon is just about the best option if you’re on a somewhat limited budget. This is a memory foam bed with a phase-change cover that actively cools you down throughout the night.

cocoon classic mattress review back and stomach sleepers
Cocoon Chill is an affordable, cooling mattress

Cooling Cover — Without getting into the weeds, the cover uses a special phase-change material that pulls heat away from the surface. The net result is a cover that almost feels wet it’s so cold.

Firmness Profiles — Another reason we give Cocoon Chill the “cooling bed” designation is because of its firmness level. You technically have two options to choose from, but both of them are around about a medium-firm. This means that you’ll end up sleeping more on the surface of the bed versus being sucked into the bed. Yes, it uses memory foam, so there will be an element of that sink-in feel, but it’s generally on the firmer side.

Sleeping Positions — Given that Cocoon Chill is about a medium-firm, it’s best for back and stomach sleepers, (slightly) heavier side sleepers, and combo sleepers that don’t mind the feel of memory foam.



  • People that are interested in a latex mattress, but don't want to spend over $1,000
  • All sleeping positions
  • Budget shoppers (GhostBed typically runs large promotions)
  • If you want a bed with an extra-long warranty


  • Individuals that want a truly soft or firm bed (GhostBed sits in the middle)
  • People that want a prototypical memory foam feel

Why you should consider GhostBed — In the world of online mattresses, latex beds are usually among the most expensive. This is part of the reason that we included GhostBed on the list. Not only is it a fairly good value, but also the bed has a top layer that is latex foam and it has an accomodating overall feel.

ghostbed mattress review side sleepers
GhostBed is a three-layer bed with poly foam, memory foam, and latex foam

Construction — While memory foam is known for offering pressure relief, latex foam is responsive, supportive, and durable. GhostBed combines the best of both worlds. You get the pressure relief of memory foam and the bounce/support from latex foam. Also, having that top layer of latex foam should help to regulate temperature within the mattress since it tends to be a naturally cooler material overall.

Feel — Now that we’ve covered the construction, we should discuss what the bed actually feels like. Because it has three different types of foams, it has a mixed feel. If you’re lighter, you will feel more of the latex foam. If you’re around 200 lb, you will feel more of the memory foam. We think, in general, people will like laying on the GhostBed mattress.



  • Fans of memory foam (Layla is really comfy)
  • If you want to be able to try two firmness levels with one bed
  • All sleeping positions
  • If you want a bed with a lifetime warranty (fairly rare to see)


  • If you want something extra-firm

Why you might like the Layla mattress — Of the dozens of the mattresses we’ve tested, very few have been doubled-sided/flippable, which is part of the reason that we like the Layla mattress so much—it’s unique, comfortable, and has a design we think most people will like. The bed combines poly foam and copper-infused memory foam for a light and airy memory foam feel. The bed also comes with a lifetime warranty, which as you’d expect is fairly rare to see as well.

layla mattress review sleeper type and body type
The “soft” side is the light grey and the “firm” side has the dark grey pattern

Soft/Firm Side — There is no “main” side to the Layla mattress. It really just depends on your sleeping preferences. If you want a softer mattress with a fluffy memory foam feel, try out the “soft” side. It’s best for side sleepers that want a lot of pressure relief. If you want a firmer mattress that’s in the medium to medium-firm range (good for all sleeping positions), try out the “firm” side. It will have less of a memory foam feel since the actual layer of memory foam on the “firm” side of the bed is only about 1″ thick. Also, keep in mind that all beds soften with use, so even though the “firm” side might be a touch too firm from the outset, it will soften after the first few weeks of sleeping on it.

Super-Soft Cover — In addition to having a really cool and unique look to it, the cover on the Layla mattress is extra soft. Apparently, Layla uses a special softening process, and you can tell. This is one of those covers that you don’t want to put sheets on because it looks so neat and is so comfortable.



  • People that love memory foam
  • Price-conscious buyers (Nectar is really affordable)
  • If you're in the market for pillows as well (they usually come with the mattress)
  • All sleeping positions
  • Individuals weighing under 250 lb (though Nectar is one of the better foam beds for heavy people)


  • Petite individuals that sleep exclusively on their side
  • If you only buy American-made products

What you should know about Nectar — This is a budget-level memory foam bed that has a true, dense, viscose feel to it. In other words, if you like memory foam or are on a tight budget, Nectar is a nice option for you. It also comes (almost always) with two free pillows, which is another reason that budget shoppers seem to really like Nectar.

nectar mattress review gel memory foam bed in a box
Nectar has several layers of foam, including a quilted gel memory foam cover

Feel — We have other beds on this list that have a fluffy or airy memory foam feel, but Nectar we would characterize as having a dense memory foam feel. It has plenty of pressure relief, but starts out firmer than the other beds. And, like most memory foam mattresses, Nectar will feel firmer in colder rooms and softer in warmer ones. So, just keep in mind that your firmness rating will depend not only on your weight/heigh, but also the temperature of your room. If you want a firmer bed, keep the room colder—do the opposite if you want it to be softer.

Firmness Rating — We place Nectar at about a medium (to medium-firm). To heavier individuals, it will feel closer to a medium. To petite individuals, it will feel more like a medium-firm bed.

Two Free Pillows — Nectar typically offers a cash discount and throws in two pillows with your order of a mattress. The pillows wouldn’t be our favorite in the world, but they get the job done if you’re watching your wallet.



  • Side sleepers that are looking for a "plush" foam mattress
  • Animal lovers (Nolah donates money to the Defenders of Wildlife)
  • If you want a bed with a mixed feel (i.e. half memory foam / half soft neutral-foam)


  • Back and stomach sleepers that weigh more than 150 lb
  • People that weigh over 230 lb

Why Nolah made the list — Simply put, Nolah is one of the best foam mattresses for side sleepers. It’s soft and offers ample pressure relief—plus it has a unique feel that is somewhere between neutral-foam and memory foam.

nolah mattress side sleeper
Nolah is a comfortable foam bed that most side sleeper should really like

Feel — As mentioned above, Nolah has a blended feel with elements of neutral-foam and memory foam. The net result, though, is a softer bed that’s great for anyone that needs a lot of pressure relief. Nolah calls its foam “Nolah AirFoam” and we think that’s an apt description. It does feel airy and comfy.

Defenders of Wildlife — Nolah is the only company that we’re aware of, in the mattress space, that donates a portion of each mattress sold to the Defenders of Wildlife, a nonprofit that helps protect endangered species, among other things. You even get to adopt an animal at checkout.



  • People that like memory foam, but want a fluffier, lighter feel
  • If you want a bed with a lifetime warranty
  • Most sleeping positions, though, it's not our favorite for strict back and stomach sleepers
  • If you watch the Ellen Show (she apparently endorses Puffy)


  • If your scale reads over close to 250 lb
  • People that aren't open to a memory foam bed

Why we included Puffy — For fans of memory foam, Puffy is a really nice option. The bed, however, doesn’t utilize your standard memory foam. Instead, it has a fluffy/airy quality to it. But that’s not the only reason that we included Puffy on this list. We also are encourage by the fact that the bed comes with a lifetime warranty.

puffy mattress review bed in a box
Puffy is a unique feeling memory foam mattress

Firmness — Remember that firmness level is subjective, but for the most part Puffy is about a medium (i.e. not too soft or too firm). We see it as a nice mattress for side sleepers in particular, but we think individuals that weigh around 170 lb (or under) should be fine sleeping in any position.

Feel — At the risk of belaboring the point, Puffy has a lighter memory foam feel—maybe even a little more neutral in fact. It’s not as deep and viscose as certain memory foam beds, but we think that’s a good thing. We could see a good deal of memory foam fans enjoying the Puffy mattress or the Puffy Lux mattress.

Ellen — Puffy is apparently the only mattress that’s been endorsed by Ellen. She even featured the mattress on her TV show.

Review Team

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Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper

Dillon Payne

Dillon Payne

Combo Sleeper


Owen Poole

Side Sleeper


Kaite Johnston

Combo Sleeper

What Do You Mean By Foam Mattress?

We should clarify this first and foremost since I don’t want any confusion. When we refer to foam mattresses, we’re talking about all-foam beds that only contain foams. We’re excluding spring and hybrid mattresses as well as completely unique beds such as Purple. From what we’ve seen, however, all-foam beds tend to be the most popular online because they’re (a) generally more affordable and (b) much easier to pack and ship. That said, there are plenty of great online bed-in-a-box mattresses that don’t just use foam.

Different Types Of Foam Beds

There multiple different types of foam mattresses, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, as you’d expect. As such, you should think critically about the material type and whether or not it fits with your sleeping habits and preferences.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These are probably the most popular type of foam mattress. You’ve probably heard the story before, but memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1960s, but was first popularized in the early 1990s with the TempurPedic Swedish Mattress. Since then, memory foam has been criticized and praised for myriad reasons and it has evolved quite a bit as a result. For example, gel memory foam offers many of the advantages of memory foam, but crucially helps to cool down hot sleepers. There are a few types of gel memory foam, but from what we’ve seen the most prominent is memory foam with gel beads that help to dissipate heat.

lull mattress review construction and layers bed in a box
You can see the gel memory foam top layer

So that’s just a little background. Now let’s discuss more about how the actual material feels as well as some of its pros and cons. As an aside, if you see the term “viscoelastic foam” they are referring to memory foam. That’s because it’s still mostly polyurethane foam, but with chemicals added to make it denser and more viscose.

Memory foam is usually praised for offering great pressure relief and support, but despised for heating up throughout the night. Let’s unpack that a bit. Memory foam tends to soften when pressure is applied (i.e. you lay down) and/or when it warms up. Therefore, when you first lay down you probably won’t feel immediate pressure relief, but if you give it a second you’ll feel the bed give way a little and start to cradle your body. Keep in mind that this is all in general, but we’ve seen it work this way with a lot of beds. As your body starts to transfer heat to the memory foam, it can retain the heat and thus ensues a vicious cycle of you heating it and it heating up. That’s why people complain of memory foam being hot. The other chief concerns are that it (a) changes firmness throughout the year (i.e. softer in summer and harder in winter) and (b) it can leave you feeling a bit like you’re stuck.

This is all the reason that we say test memory foam beds and form your own opinion. You may absolutely love the pressure relief and support and can deal with the temperature regulation issue. You may also find that gel memory foam is the best of both worlds. And you should also keep in mind that memory foam comes in varying densities, thicknesses, and feels (i.e. firm/soft). Therefore, not all memory foam beds feel the same. If you’ve never tested a memory foam bed, it might be worth your while to visit a mattress retailer to test one in person.

Don’t Forget About Latex Mattresses

Some people are a bit off-put by the term latex since it sounds rubbery or artificial, but it’s actually quite the contrary. Latex foam has a number of positive elements and characteristics that people completely overlook. But before we discuss those, let’s walk through what latex foam is and its various forms. Latex foam is made from the sap of a rubber tree primarily found in South America. It’s a naturally and biodegradable material—a lot of latex mattresses end up on our list of the best natural/organic beds. You will typically see either Talalay latex or Dunlop latex. Both are usually aerated (i.e. have holes) due to the manufacturing process.

Dunlop is usually denser and feels firmer than Talalay, which has been described as “pillow-soft”. In either case, you still get a number of benefits that are worth exploring. Latex tends to have better responsiveness than does memory foam. That means it returns to shape quickly and therefore makes switching positions relatively effortless. Additionally, they are airy and therefore are cooler. Therefore if you’re concerned with temperature regulation, latex is definitely a viable option. In general also, you’ll find it to offer ample support and pressure relief. Just because you probably haven’t experienced many latex foam beds does not mean you should avoid them. In many cases, latex mattresses can be a wonderful, yet typically more expensive, option.

Proprietary Foams Are Becoming Increasing Popular

In an effort to differentiate their products, several mattress brands have started creating and marketing proprietary foams. Generally these are still polyurethane-based, but a ‘secrete sauce’ mixed in. Tuft and Needle, for example, has their T&N Adaptive Foam and Casper has a few in-house foams. Sometimes the brand holds the patents and other times the actual manufacturer just whips up something new for the brand. In either case, there’s no hard and fast rule for evaluating them. Usually the foams are altered to increase airflow and we’ve been pleased with them, but still, you can’t say all are good or bad—you just need to judge them on a one-by-one basis.

Polyurethane Foam Is In Almost Every Mattress

You will usually see a dense, thick layer of poly foam used as the support system for all-foam beds. It’s an affordable material, but also comes in different densities, which makes it the perfect foundation for a mattress. You will occasionally see a top layer that is poly foam (or mostly poly foam). That can be pretty common for more budget-tier / cheap mattresses. Nothing wrong with that, just make sure to form your own opinion.

Advantages Of An All-Foam Mattress

There are a few big advantages that you get from most all-foam beds. The first of which is reduced motion transfer. Again, this is in general, so keep that in mind. Motion transfer refers to how much motion travels across the mattress when we move someone or something on the other side. The real-world scenario usually involves one partner moving around and that motion disturbing the other partner. The better the mattress is at reducing motion transfer, the less likely you’ll be to constantly wake up when your partner rolls around at night. That’s obviously a good thing. On top of that, all-foam beds are lighter and therefore easier to move around and setup. And related to that, they tend to be more affordable.

Disadvantages Of Foam Beds

Foam beds aren’t without their downsides, of course. For example, heavier individuals generally should err on the side of looking for more support with a bed and therefore end up preferring coil mattresses since they tend to be more durable over the long haul. So, durability is one concern with all-foam beds. To be fair though, there are several elements that affect durability, including density and thickness, but in general coil beds are more durable. Additionally, there are the downsides related to each type foam such as the heat problem with standard memory foam.

What About Returns And Warranties?

We almost always tell consumers to pay close attention to returns and warranties. Even if you’re confident that you’ll love a mattress you should protect yourself on the downside. Most retailers offer some sort of exchange/return policy, which is nice. You should confirm that with the retailer. For online brands, they will typically offer 100-night trail periods or more where you can test the bed for yourself. If you love it, great, but you should take at least 2-weeks to form your final opinion. It’s also a good idea to walk on the mattress to soften it up so that you get a good idea of what it will feel like after the initial trial period. In the event that you don’t like the bed-in-a-box and you’re still within the trial period, they will usually give you a 100% refund and even send someone to your house (for free) to remove the bed. Lots of downside protection there. As you can see, there are upsides and downside to order in-store and online.

Regarding warranties, you should insist on at least a 10-year warranty. If the bed has a 5-year warranty, move on to the next. You’ll probably keep the bed for at least 7 years so make sure the warranty is long enough. We’ve seen a few bed companies even offer lifetime warranties, which is pretty amazing. All this is to say that you should (a) look into the warranty and (b) don’t settle on anything with less than a 10-year warranty.

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