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best hybrid mattress review

Best Hybrid & Innerspring Mattress Reviews

This review contains the top rated hybrid and innerspring mattresses available online.

Despite all the excitement over the last decade about memory foam mattresses, there are many people who are still looking for a hybrid mattress that is perhaps more familiar to them. Mattresses that incorporate coils have the benefit of generally being highly supportive, durable, responsive, and a good value for the money. Here are our favorite spring mattresses.

Choosing The Best Mattress For You

So you’ve started the search for your next mattress. It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Chances are, you haven’t done this for about seven years and things have really changed since your last trip to the local mattress store.

Buying a mattress online is pretty much the way to go nowadays, but there are so many options and it’s hard to know where to start or what to choose when you can’t actually test a bed without buying it and having it shipped to your house. Having said all of that, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a peek at our list of the best hybrid and innerspring mattresses for the money on the market today:

And that’s where we come in. We do a lot of testing and research and then provide you with all the information you need to choose your new mattress. In this post, we’re focusing on mattresses with a hybrid or spring construction, meaning they incorporate both foam and coils. We’ll give you our top rated picks and a short breakdown of why we like them. For even more detail, keep in mind that we have full-length reviews of all of the beds mentioned in this guide.

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For The Money

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature is an American-made mattress in a box that comes in multiple firmness levels and is a surprisingly great value for the money. Simply put, it is one of the best pocket coil mattresses—we find it difficult to say negative things about BB Signature.
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Best For Hot Sleepers

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w/ Mattress Purchase

The Purple Hybrid mattresses use a combination of coils, poly foam, and patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer to make supportive, comfortable beds with great airflow for hot sleepers.
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Highly Accommodating

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A supremely comfortable bed with supportive pocket coils, a soft, plush pillow top, and a Celliant cover to promote restful sleep. The vast majority of people will find this to be a comfortable mattress and a wonderful value for the money.
saatva mattress review

Firm Innerspring Mattress

$100 Off

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Saatva could be the best luxury innerspring mattress for the money. The bed has two layers of coils, an organic cotton cover, and a price tag you won't believe. People that want a firm mattress should definitely take the time to investigate Saatva further.
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Best For Heavier Individuals

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The classic WinkBeds mattress has plenty to offer. For instance, it has a fluffy pillow top and comes in multiple firmness levels—not to mention it's backed by a lifetime warranty. But perhaps the best thing about WinkBed is the level of support that it offers—it could be the best innerspring mattress for the money.
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Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

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GhostBed Flex is a new hybrid mattress from a recognizable, big-name brand. It has supportive coils, as well as a bouncy, neutral-foam feel (even though it does use memory foam). DreamCloud is also a nice pickup if you like memory foam and want a mattress in a box.
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Custom Hybrid Mattress

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Helix makes semi-custom coil mattresses that range in firmness and support level. We love their concept and we really like their beds, especially the Helix Luxe line. If you're having trouble finding the right innerspring mattress for you, you should definitely look into Helix.


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More About The Best Innerspring Beds

The Slumber Yard team has tested dozens of bed in a box mattresses. We’re no newbies to mattress reviews and we’re very familiar with the online mattress industry. Our aim here is to give you accurate information, so we test all our mattresses via practical methods and make sure to consider how different people will experience each bed. We also have complete control over our content. All of our opinions are 100% our own.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature


  • Those who want to choose from multiple firmness options
  • If you want a softer foam feel with the support of coils
  • Back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers
  • People that want a fantastic mattress for the money

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is an accommodating mattress that comes in multiple firmness levels, allowing shoppers to choose which one is best suited for their body type and sleep style. You get a soft foam feel (more neutral, not memory foam), as well as the support of coils.

Brooklyn Signature mattress review hybrid bed
The Brooklyn Signature is a great value

Ultimately, the choice of firmness levels along with the hybrid construction make Brooklyn’s Signature mattress a good bed for a wide range of people. Plus, Brooklyn actually manufactures their own beds and the Signature isn’t going to break the bank.

While this is a hybrid mattress that’s quite nice, it retails for about the same price as a lot of these all-foam beds. Typically, you can get a queen size bed for under $800! You can click here to check current deals on BrooklynBedding.com. This is definitely one of the best values out there.

Purple Hybrid Mattress


  • Anyone willing to try a non-traditional, unique mattress
  • People who get too hot during the night and need extra airflow
  • All body and sleeper types (there are three Purple Hybrid models to choose from)
  • People who need lots of support, as well as pressure relief

Purple mattresses have been somewhat of a game changer in the mattress industry because they’re unlike anything else out there. And since the Purple Hybrid mattresses added coils to the construction, they’re all-around accommodating beds for all sorts of people—assuming you like the unique feel (and not everyone does).

Purple uses the usual materials, like pocketed coils and poly foam, but they also have a grid layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer and that’s what makes their beds stand out. It’s a really responsive material that provides pressure relief and really great airflow. You can learn more about the material on Purple.com.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
The top layer of every Purple mattress

Plus, you still get plenty of support from the foam and coil layers. To figure out which model (Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3 or Purple Hybrid Premier 4) is right for you, you can check out our Purple Mattress Comparison where we break it all down.

Bear Hybrid


  • Anyone interested in a Celliant cover (Bear is one of very few brands that use this material)
  • All sleeper types (back, stomach, side, and combo)
  • Anyone looking for a bed that can only be characterized as "supremely comfortable"

The Bear Hybrid mattress is an insanely comfortable bed—the kind of bed that makes you say “aaahhh” when you hit the sack at the end of the day. We actually think it’s Bear’s best bed.

The coils not only give the bed a little bit of a bounce, but they also provide plenty of support for all sleeper types—back, stomach, side, or combo. Because it’s such a thick, hefty mattress, it can handle all body types, heavier folks included, without bottoming out or withering away.

It also has a Celliant cover. Celliant technology has been tested and proven to promote healthy circulation, muscle recovery, and restful sleep (according to the manufacturers of Celliant).

bear hybrid mattress review side sleepers
The Celliant cover on the Bear Hybrid is a big selling point

Overall, if you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive, thick mattress, and Celliant technology sounds interesting, the Bear Hybrid might be right for you. The bed even has thicker coils and better edge support now that it was updated at the beginning of the year.



  • Those looking for a luxury hybrid mattress
  • People who want the option of multiple comfort levels
  • Heavier folks looking for support and durability (thanks to the spring design)
  • Anyone that wants white glove delivery (i.e. someone else carts around the bed and sets it up for you)
  • If you want a firmer mattress (check out the "Luxury Firm" model)

The Saatva mattress is a luxurious version of a fairly traditional innerspring bed. Saatva has two layers of coils—a steel innerspring system for durability, and individually wrapped coils for more precise support that contours to your body.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers
The Saatva mattress contains dual layers of coils for added support

With the organic cotton cover and Euro pillow top, the bed gets a bit of cushioning, too, though it’s still quite firm if you go with the Luxury Firm or Firm comfort level. The Saatva mattress is very supportive, very durable, and has a bit of bounce to it. It also sleeps pretty cool, which many sleepers count as a plus.



  • Anyone that wants a luxury bed that offers 10/10 support
  • Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers (remember, WB has three firmness profiles)
  • If you want a bed with a breathable, plant-based cover
  • Heavy people that weigh up to ~450 lbs (WB offers a "Plus" model)

WinkBed is a hotel luxury product that we consider also to be a really nice value and, better yet, a phenomenal mattress. It’s a little more expensive than Saatva, for example, but it too has dual coil layers and is offered in numerous firmness profiles.

winkbed mattress review main image wink bed cover of bed
WinkBed is also a nice innerspring mattress for heavy people

And, just so you know, WinkBed comes with a lifetime warranty and the free returns option. WinkBed will also have more of a fluffy, puffy pillow top than many of the mattresses that you’ve tested.

And, if you’re heavy or overweight, you might want to look into WinkBed Plus, which is designed just for heavy people—that weigh up to about 450 lb. You can check WinkBeds.com to see all the models and prices.

GhostBed Flex


  • Those who like a bouncy, neutral-foam feel
  • People who tend to sleep too hot (it has an active-cooling cover)
  • Petite, medium, and heavy sleepers
  • All sleep styles

GhostBed Flex has some of that traditional innerspring bounce you may be used to, but also has a neutral-foam feel to it, despite the fact that it actually has memory foam in the comfort section. The pocketed coils provide plenty of support for all sleep styles as well. In other words, you can sleep on your stomach, back, or side on the GhostBed Flex mattress.

We also think GhostBed Flex could be a good pick for hot sleepers—the cover has special cooling fibers, which help to regulate heat. Even more, the pocketed coils allow for good airflow and the firmness means you sleep more on top of the bed as opposed to down in it.

ghostbed flex stomach sleeper review
GhostBed Flex has a soft, neutral-foam feel that most people will like

Overall, if you want a somewhat cool-sleeping bed with a little bounce, but still prefer a foam feel, GhostBed Flex is definitely a nice option. We have no shortage of thumbs-up comments to make about this bed.

A close runner up with GB Flex is DreamCloud, a hefty 15″ thick mattress. It has five layers of foam materials and a layer of 8″ pocketed coils. If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress with a memory foam feel, that’s exactly what DreamCloud is—even more so than GB Flex.

dreamcloud mattress review side sleeper
DreamCloud has a thick layer of memory foam near its surface

While we think this is a nice mattress for heavy folks, it’s now actually softer than it used to be. We previously rated DreamCloud a medium-firm, but with the latest changes it’s now just a hair softer.



  • Consumers confused by the mattress shopping process (Helix has a quiz to make it easy)
  • People who want a hybrid bed in a box mattress
  • All types of sleepers (you can get a soft, medium, and firm mattress)
  • If you want a luxury-tier bed in a box mattress with plenty of support
  • People that like a spring mattress

We saved Helix for the end of this review because if all else fails Helix probably won’t. The company makes over ten different models, but in an effort to avoid any confusion they created a special sleep quiz to line you up with the right mattress for your exact sleeping preferences, as well as those of your partner if you have one.

All Helix mattresses have 8″ pocketed coils for their main support structures. The only difference between them will be in the comfort layers (i.e. density and firmness of the foams).

helix luxe moonlight mattress back sleeper
If you don’t like a single Helix mattress, we probably can’t help you

While Helix has the sleep quiz to make things easy for you, they also have different names and colorways for each of their beds. That way, if you know what you’re looking for you can go straight to it and select the bed. Their mattresses range from plush to firm and fairly supportive to highly supportive.

Helix even has a series of high end mattresses, which they call Helix Luxe. These beds add an extra pillow top and special zoned support coils. These are also hybrid mattresses.

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How We Selected The Best Innerspring Mattresses

As we already mentioned, we’ve tested a lot of beds. To put this list together, we considered our past reviews and comparisons and picked out our favorite hybrid and spring beds.

We also tried to include a variety of mattresses when it comes to feel and firmness. Although these are all going to have similar constructions, sleeper types and preferences still vary within the group of people looking for coil mattresses. So in trying to cater to everyone’s best comfort, we provided information on the firmness level of each mattress and some notes on what kind of sleepers will likely get a good night’s sleep on each bed.

Policies For Bed In A Box Mattresses

The bed in a box mattress industry has some fairly standard policies regarding shipping, returns, trials periods, and warranties. Generally, they include free shipping, a 100-night risk-free trial period, free returns within that trial period, and a 10-year warranty should you keep the mattress. This is the reason we continue to tell people that online beds offer a great value for the money.

While that’s all standard, it’s still important to check the company’s site to be sure about their policies. Some mattress in a box companies actually step it up from what’s standard and will give you even longer trial periods (we’ve seen up to a whole year) and much longer warranties (we’ve seen up to forever).

That trial period is key to successfully buying a mattress online because, as we mentioned before, you don’t get to try out the mattress before you buy it. But with that trial period, you have the option of returning the bed if it isn’t right for you and you have plenty of time to figure that out. If you decide to return it, all you have to do is call up the company to have it picked up and refunded.

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

Just like how a Toyota Prius runs on both gas and electric, a hybrid mattress is made out of two dissimilar materials to achieve a certain feel. Hybrid mattresses utilize two different materials; usually, it’s innersprings and some type of foam, such as memory foam, latex foam, or polyurethane foam (a.k.a. neutral-foam).

Another example of a hybrid mattress is one that features foam and some sort of gel material, like what you see with the Purple mattress. This is still technically a “hybrid” since it’s blending two dissimilar materials.

In general, a hybrid design offers you the best of both worlds — the support of an innerspring bed (sometimes) combined with the comfort of an all-foam mattress.

Hybrid vs Innerspring Mattress

The easiest explanation here is that an innerspring mattress is almost always a hybrid mattress, but a hybrid mattress doesn’t necessarily have to be an innerspring mattress (i.e. Purple).

Innerspring mattresses are beds that have coils as a support base. It’s likely that there’s an innerspring mattress in your grandma’s guest bedroom or somewhere in the back corner of your garage collecting dust. That isn’t to say they aren’t good mattresses, they’re just very traditional.

Now-a-days, you see a lot more hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils because they can tend to help isolate motion better. You still get a lot of support, but with reduced motion transfer, which is, objectively, a good thing.

Different Types Of Coil Mattresses

There are two basic construction types for mattresses nowadays: all-foam and hybrid mattresses. Interestingly enough, hybrid technically encompasses both inner spring mattresses and pocket coil beds mattresses. The difference between them is:

  • Inner spring mattresses have a coil support structure that’s more traditional. It’s basically one big steel chasis.
  • Pocket coil mattresses also use coil supports, but they are individually wrapped and can act independent of one another.

Having said all of that, for the average person, innerspring and pocket coils are interchangeable terms.

Non Spring Mattresses

All-foam beds are exactly what they sound like—made with all foam. The specific layers and types of foams used vary from company to company. We’ll talk about the different types of foam materials a bit later in this post.

Hybrid vs Foam Mattress

An all-foam mattress is exactly that, a mattress made from multiple foam layers. We’ve reviewed a ton of all-foam beds on this site like Tuft and Needle or Casper Mattress. They’re definitely comfortable, but there’s a reason why a majority of brands are also releasing hybrid models of their mattresses.

Hybrid beds tend to offer up more support than all-foam mattresses. For a heavier person, typically a 12” hybrid mattress will last longer, and feel more supportive than a 12” all-foam mattress. They also give the bed an extra bounce factor, especially if the system of innersprings is paired with a layer or two of latex foam.

Additionally, if you’re a hot sleeper, hybrid mattresses can sometimes help you sleep more temperature neutral than some all-foam beds—especially if you’re sleeping on a traditional, viscous memory foam mattress.

Who Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For?

Now that you know what a hybrid bed is, why would somebody purchase one? For starters, typically they’re ideal for those who are looking for a little extra support — i.e. heavy sleepers, folks with back pain, or back and stomach sleepers.

The innersprings work together to provide localized support, and the bed as a whole can tend to hold up longer for heavier folks than an all-foam bed will.

Mattress Materials That You Will Commonly See

Mattresses are made with a variety of different materials and what goes into the construction determines the feel and firmness of the bed.

Memory Foam — Memory foam is a denser foam that softens over time and when heat is applied. You’ll get that sink-in feeling if you lay in one spot. For some people, this feels like being comfortably cradled, but for others it’s like being stuck.

Polyurethane Foam — Poly foam is usually used as the support for all-foam mattresses because it’s affordable and comes in many different densities. As a general rule, the denser it is, the firmer it feels. It’s just slightly cooler than memory foam, but this depends on the density, as well. It generally has a lower point elasticity than memory foam, so when you press on one area, it affects a larger area.

Gel Memory Foam — Gel memory foam is a newer technology that incorporates gel into the foam to boost temperature regulation. Basically, it helps cool people down. It’s not a perfect solution, though, because the bed can still warm up a bit.

Latex Foam — It has more of a sponge-like feeling. It’s very bouncy and airy and stays cooler than memory foam. Here’s our list of the best latex mattresses.

Pocketed Coils — These are individually encased coils that are only woven together with the fabric. They have really good airflow, support, bounce, and responsiveness. They’re also fairly good in terms of motion transfer control since the coils are individual. You get much more precise support with pocketed coils than with non-pocketed coils.

Innersprings — Innersprings are more than likely what’s in your 12-year-old mattress. These are larger coils all connected together. This is the traditional system. They’re great for airflow, bounce, and support, but terrible with motion transfer since the whole system sort of moves as one. Very low point elasticity.

Gel/Hyper-Elastic Polymer — This material is heavy and feels odd, but is great for airflow, responsiveness, pressure relief, and support. It also tends to have high point elasticity (i.e. press on one area and it doesn’t spread too much to the other side of the mattress), which makes for low cross-bed motion.

The Best Size For Your Mattress

We’ve posted throughout our website about different sizes of mattresses, but no matter how you look at it, the king size mattress is the best. And because you’re interested in more robust, premium mattresses chances are good that you have a partner. As such, there’s no arguing that the king size mattress is your top choice. A smaller bed would cramp your style. If you can afford it, we highly recommend stepping up to a king bed.

Sleeper Type

“Sleeper type” refers to the position you sleep in—on your back or stomach, on your side, or a combination of all of them. And your sleeper type plays a pretty significant role in what kind of bed you should be sleeping on.

Back and stomach sleepers generally need a mattress that’s on the firmer side. They need support so that their hips and shoulders don’t sag and cause alignment issues for their spine. Here are two related best lists: Best Mattress for Back Sleepers and Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers.

Side sleeping generally want to look for a bed between soft and medium on the firmness scale. When you sleep on your side, you need plenty of pressure relief in their shoulders and hips. If the bed is too firm, they’ll have issues with their shoulders, scapula, and hips. Here’s our list of the best mattress for side sleepers.

Combo sleepers generally want a medium-soft up to a medium-firm bed. They still need support and pressure relief, so somewhere in the middle of the firmness scale is ideal. How far you lean which way varies person to person. Our selections for the best mattress for combo sleepers.

The Best Innerspring Mattress Brands

There are a lot of innerspring mattress brands out there—literally dozens. In fact, the innerspring mattress might the most common type of mattress. As such, it’s understandable that you’d want to know which mattress brand is the best. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Avocado
  • Bear Mattress
  • Brooklyn Bedding
  • GhostBed
  • Helix Sleep
  • Nest Bedding
  • Purple Mattress
  • Saatva
  • WinkBeds

To be fair, there are about 10 other innerspring mattress brands that we really like, but we tried to keep things short and sweet for you. Our gut tells us that you’ll be just fine with at least one of the innerspring mattress brands listed above.

How Weight Affects Mattress Feel

Every mattress is going to feel different to every person. One person may think a certain hybrid bed is exactly the right firmness, while their much heavier partner may find that same bed to be way too soft for them.

So remember this mattress rule of thumb: If you’re a heavier person, a mattress may feel quite soft to you, but that same mattress will feel a lot firmer to someone who’s petite. It’s not a complicated thing to understand, it’s just something that can easily be forgotten when you’re reading comments or descriptions, or watching a video review.

Be sure to always keep your own body in mind when considering feel and firmness descriptions. And with our content in particular, we do our best to include disclaimers about how a bed will feel for different body types.