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Best Luxury & High End Mattress

Our list of the top rated premium and luxury mattresses in the world.

There are a lot of mattresses out there, especially in the budget and moderate tiers. But there are some people that are exclusively looking for a luxurious, premium mattress and price is mostly irrelevant. That’s exactly why we created this list. While value is important (arguably the most important thing), we largely ignored pricing in the creation of this list, and selecting the best luxury mattress brands.


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The Best Online Luxury Mattresses

So you need a new mattress and you’re not constrained by a budget. Well, that can be good news and bad news. The good news is that there are a ton of durable, comfortable and luxurious beds to choose from online. The bad news is that the large selection can often become overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve already done all the research. We’ve tested well over 100 of the most popular beds available online and methodically selected what we think are the best high-end mattresses in the world right now.

To be clear, we did not include a price constraint when selecting this list of premium beds. We simply tried to put together what we thought are the most exceptional beds available to purchase online. We figured people looking for a high-end mattress typically aren’t too worried about price or discounts. If that describes you, great, we hope the list below is helpful. If that’s not you, though, you should check out our list of the Best Mattresses Under $1,000. Enough build-up, let’s discuss the best high end mattress brands.

WinkBeds Classic Pillow Top $300 Off Code: SLEEP300WinkBed is a thick, durable hybrid mattress that includes a comfortable euro pillow top. In our opinion, it’s one of the best mattresses you can purchase online.
Purple Hybrid Unique $125 Off Discount In CartPurple Hybrid is a coil mattress that features a proprietary comfort layer called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s a unique mattress thats comfortable and great for hot sleepers.
Loom & Leaf Memory Foam $200 Off Discount In CartLoom & Leaf is one of the nicest, most luxurious memory foam mattresses online. It comes in two firmness profiles and has an organic cotton cover.
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Soft Foam 25% Off Code: INDEPENDENCE25Aurora is one of the best cooling hybrid mattresses online. It’s made in the USA, comes in multiple firmness options, and has a cool-to-the-touch cover.
Helix Dawn Luxe Mixed Foam $150 Off + Gift Code: SY150Dawn Luxe is an upgraded pillow top mattress from Helix Sleep. If you want a firmer profile and a luxury mattress, Dawn Luxe is worth considering further.

Getting A Brand New Premium Mattress

It’s important we discuss a few policy details that you’ll commonly see when shopping for a mattress online. Pretty much all online mattress brands offer free shipping. Depending on the company, the mattress will either arrive compressed in a box or protective covering or be hand-delivered and set up by an actual person (white-glove delivery).

From there, most companies offer a risk-free trial period so you can test the mattress. This is their way of competing with brick-and-mortar stores where you can actually lay on the mattress before purchasing. Most companies offer a 100-night risk-free trial, but there are quite a few companies that offer even longer trial periods. For example, DreamCloud offers consumers 365 nights (a full year) to test their mattress.

If you decide you don’t like the mattress you purchased at any point during the trial period, the return process for most companies is very simple. All you have to do is give the company a call (most companies don’t allow you to initiate a return via instant chat) and give them a little feedback.

From there, the company will schedule a third party logistics company to come pick up the mattress from your home. Once the mattress has been picked up, just email the company your pickup receipt and they will issue you a full refund. Pretty easy, right? All in all, expect the return process to take 2-3 weeks.

Most online mattress companies also back their products with a 10-year limited warranty. That’s pretty standard for the industry. And considering a normal mattress should last 8-10 year before needing to be replaced, it should be good enough for most people. However, like with the trial period, some companies go above and beyond the industry standard.

WinkBed is a self-described “Hotel Luxury” mattress. It’s basically the bed that you’d find at the Waldorf Astoria or the the Ritz London. It’s extra supportive with two layers of coils, but also has a soft, airy pillow top that makes the bed very comfortable.

winkbeds review hybrid mattress
Comfortable mattress for all types of sleepers

In total, WinkBed measures in at a whopping 15” thick and is made with premium, high-quality materials. It comes in three different firmness levels and there’s even a Plus version for anyone that’s over 300 lb. There’s a lot to like with WinkBed, especially if you’re looking for a supportive, comfortable mattress that’s going to last a long time. Our favorite model is the Luxury Firm mattress from WinkBed.

Purple mattresses might just be most unique products in the bedding industry. Instead of using a foam as their top layer (like you’ll see on almost every other mattress), Purple uses a proprietary, patented gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

It’s laid out in a grid format. You can read our full review to get all the details on Purple and Hyper-Elastic Polymer (located to the right), but the bottom line is that some people will absolutely love it, and others will find it simply too odd.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
This is the comfort layer on every Purple mattress

It’s a material that you almost have to try to fully understand, but it certainly has plenty of notable advantages, including allowing for a lot of airflow, and being supportive, yet pressure relieving at the same time.

purple mattress review stomach sleepers
Purple has several options for you to choose from

What makes the three Purple Hybrid models among our favorite mattresses, though, is that they combine Hyper-Elastic Polymer with pocketed coils, resulting in a supportive, ultra-bouncy, buoyant mattress—it’s almost a weightless experience. Again, it’s not for everyone, but if you think Purple sounds intriguing, there’s a good chance you’ll like the bed.

For the longest time, Saatva was the luxury mattress available online. The brand was really built on the idea of providing a luxury-tier bed at an affordable price point.

The Saatva mattress comes in three different firmness levels (Plush-Soft, Luxury-Firm, and Firm) and looks like something you’d find inside Hearst Castle. It’s covered in gold patches, stitches, and an off-white, organic cotton material.

saatva mattress review back sleepers
The Saatva mattress uses two layers of coils and comes in multiple firmness options

Beyond looking like it’s fit for a king, Saatva is super supportive with two levels of coils and a soft euro pillow top. It also feels more like a traditional innerspring bed, so if that’s what you’re looking for, chances are you’ll be all about Saatva.

But wait, let’s get to the best part about this mattress – its price point. The Saatva mattress is actually just as affordable as a lot of all-foam beds on the market. You can snag a queen size for around $1,300, which is pretty crazy considering the bed’s high-quality construction. Overall, we think it’s an excellent value. It even made our list of the Best Mattresses For The Money.

We Love Their Luxury Firm Mattress

It’s the most popular model offered by Saatva, but also the most versatile in the sense that it will work for back, stomach, and combination sleepers. The bed is also available in the two different height profiles.

If you’re looking for a premium memory foam mattress, look no further than Loom & Leaf. It’s sort of known, along with TempurPedic, as the high-end memory foam mattress brand on the internet, which shouldn’t come as a huge shock considering Loom & Leaf is owned by Saatva (discussed above).

However, it’s worth noting that Loom & Leaf is generally more affordable than the high-end TempurPedic memory foam beds. As such, just like Saatva, we think Loom & Leaf is a great value considering what you get. I know this is a luxury list and price might not be that big of a concern but hey, we figured most people are still interested in a getting a good return on investment.

loom and leaf mattress review side sleepers
The Relaxed Firm option accommodates all types of sleepers

The bed has a comfortable memory foam feel and is available in multiple firmness options. You can choose between a Relaxed Firm option and a straight Firm option. The Relaxed Firm option is the most popular model and accommodates back, stomach and side sleepers. The Firm option is great for back and stomach sleepers who need/want extra support.

The mattress is noteworthy for other reasons beyond just comfort, though. The bed uses an organic cotton cover as well as a special center cooling strip that’s designed to aid in temperature regulation. The cooling gel that the center panel incorporates is often found in burn units to help treat and relieve fire victims. It’s pretty cool (pun intended).

There’s a lot to like about the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, but the biggest reason that you’d get this mattress is that it sleeps cool—very cool. It’s probably the best bed out there in terms of actively cooling you down at night. It’s great for hot sleepers and anyone dealing with night sweats or hot flashes.

The bed is constructed with 8” pocketed coils—for support, bounce, and airflow—as well as various foams, such gel memory foam and cooling Energex foam. On top of that, it has a phase-change cover that is literally cool-to-the-touch. All of this makes the bed sleep cool throughout the night, which will be a much needed refuge for especially hot or sweaty sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Eurotop Mattress Review
The queen size Brooklyn bedding Aurora mattress with a Euro-top and cooling cover

Beyond its cooling properties, the Aurora does come in three different firmness levels (Soft, Medium, and Firm), with Medium being the most popular feel. As such, all types of sleepers will be able to choose a firmness profile that meets their particular needs. We’d recommend side sleepers go with the Soft or Medium options (depending on your size) and back and stomach sleepers go with the Firm option.

Helix is a little different than most online mattress brands in that you can take a sleep quiz to figure out which of their models best suits your particular sleeping habits and preferences. It only takes a few minutes to complete but it will definitely help you narrow down which of the six Helix Luxe mattress models is right for you.

Regardless of which model you end up getting matched with, you’ll have one heck of a mattress on your hands. The Helix Luxe beds are 14″ thick and use six layers in total, including coils, memory foam and a soft pillow top. It’s worth noting that the coils in the bed are even somewhat custom. In short, the coils are split into three different zones. The section under your upper back and shoulders are designed to be slightly more forgiving, while the section under your lower back and hips are slightly firmer for added support.

helix luxe moonlight mattress back sleeper
Helix offers six different Luxe models to choose from

In terms of feel, all the different models have an ultra-comfortable, pillow top type feel. However, when it comes to firmness, it obviously depends on which model you select. The beds range from soft and plush (Moonlight and Sunset models) to firm and extra supportive (Dawn and Twilight models).

All in all, we really like the Helix Luxe beds. We see them as a great option for consumers who often get overwhelmed with too many options. If you’re the type of person who just wants to answer a few simple questions in order to be matched with a premium, comfortable bed, then Helix is your ticket.

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About The Slumber Yard Team & Our Review Process

There are three primary reasons why you should trust us. First, we know a lot (or at least like to think we do) about mattresses. We’ve slept on and tested mattresses from nearly all the big online brands out there. That’s what we do. We literally spend all night and most of our days testing out every nook and cranny of each mattress. Further, we like to stay up on what’s going in the industry. We regularly hold calls with brand executives, other industry experts, and customers to hear their thoughts about the industry as a whole, as well as get their input on particular mattresses.

We are a fairly young, privately-owned company that is not backed by any mattress brands or related entities. We retain full editorial control over the content we produce. We do not accept any money from brands to produce reviews. That means brands can’t pay us to provide a favorable rating or review of their bed. This is one of our guiding principles. There’s a lot of shady behavior that transpires in the industry and our commitment is to stay as far away from all that stuff as possible. Our ultimate goal is to produce honest, helpful, and concise content that helps consumers make purchase decisions. That’s the long term view we take.

At the end of the day, if we recommend a bed because a brand paid us to and you then purchase the bed and end up hating it, that reflects on us. That will leave a sour taste in your mouth and you’ll most likely never come back to the Slumber Yard website or watch one of our videos again. That’s why we are so meticulous about always being honest and transparent. We love our viewers and want them to recommend us to all their friends and family, so we would never want to jeopardize the trust we have with them. Bottom line—our mattress reviews are 100% honest. There’s no funny business going on behind the scenes.

The last reason why we think we are a good source for mattress shoppers is the diversity of our testing team. We have several people test each mattress. It’s not just one person spouting his or her opinions. And that’s extremely important when shopping for a mattress because the same mattress will feel quite different to a variety of people. It’s not like shopping for a washer and dryer. It’s important for you to get input from several people when researching mattresses, especially from someone that has a similar body type and weight. For that reason, we’re proud that our testing team consists of a diverse mix of people ranging from women that weigh 95 lb to men that weigh over 225 lb. All of our team members are able to voice their unique opinions and feedback.

How We Test Mattresses

There’s a lot to consider when buying a mattress. It’s not as simple as saying, “Hey, that bed seems soft, let’s go with that one.” Buying a mattress is a big deal. A good one will hopefully last you 8-10 years. That’s why we take our time testing each bed. We don’t rush into publishing our opinion until our team has truly tested every detail about each bed.

Our testing process usually begins with our team taking a deep dive into the construction of the bed. We like to get to know the science behind the mattress before we actually sleep on it, especially these days since so many online mattresses contain special materials (gel, graphite, copper, etc.). From there, we all get together and discuss what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what we think could be improved.

By setting up the testing process this way, we’re able to gather data points from a wide variety of people. As I mentioned above, our testing team is pretty diverse in terms of gender, weight, body type, sleeping position, etc.. Once everybody is done testing, we’ll also perform our final tests on th e mattress to confirm or disprove any of our testing members’ thoughts and theories. In all, the entire testing process usually takes our team 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

A List Of Major Luxury Mattress Brands

This list is about individual mattresses, however, we thought it would be a fun exercise to go over the best luxury mattress brands.

  • Avocado
  • Beautyrest by Simmons
  • Brooklyn Bedding
  • Helix Luxe
  • Loom & Leaf
  • Purple
  • Saatva
  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • Sleep Number
  • Stearns & Foster
  • WinkBeds
  • Zenhaven

Primary Factors When Considering A New Mattress

When we test mattresses, there are 8-10 primary factors we evaluate. Here’s a little background information on each topic.

Terms And Conditions

The vast majority of online mattress companies offer free shipping and free returns. However, they can differ quite a bit when it comes to risk-free trial periods and warranties. It’s important to note these differences when shopping for a new mattress.

Mattress Construction & Layers

The construction and materials used in online mattresses can vary quite a bit. There are innerspring and hybrid mattresses that contain both coils and layers of foam and then there are all-foam mattresses, which can have different feels, weights, textures, etc.. Each type of mattress has their own positives and negatives that need to be considered.


The feel of a mattress is very subjective. Each foam feels different and attracts different kinds of people. For example, memory foam is very soft and slowly conforms and sort of hugs your body. An innerspring mattress, on the other hand, will have a much more rigid, firmer feel. At the end of the day, which is best for you depends a lot on your personal preference, your weight, and your sleeping position.

Luxury Firm Mattresses

Luxury firm is basically the same thing as saying moderate firmness. The majority of mattresses are a true medium, but the luxury firm sector is popular as well. Typically, the beds work for all sleeping styles, though, are most often best for stomach and back sleepers.

Other Firmness Levels

This is another area that is very subjective. How soft or how firm a mattress feels is largely dependent on your weight. Lighter people will generally think mattresses are on the firmer side, while heavier people will think most mattresses are on the softer side. You’ll notice in our reviews that we like refer to a firmness scale that ranges from soft to firm. However, keep in mind, when we rate each mattress, it’s through the eyes of an average sized sleeper (about 170-180 lb).

Sleeper Type

How you sleep (back, stomach, or side) makes a big difference when it comes to which mattress is right for you. Generally speaking, side sleepers will want a softer mattress that provides more pressure relief, while back sleepers and stomach sleepers will want a firmer mattress that provides a good amount of support.

Temperature Regulation

It’s important that your mattress does not overheat at night. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night dehydrated, uncomfortable, and drenched in sweat. Instead, you’ll want one that promotes a lot of airflow and stays decently cool (or at least neutral) at night. This will help you get a more restful night of sleep. Generally, innerspring and hybrid beds perform better than all-foam mattresses in this regard, but more and more companies that offer all-foam beds are infusing special materials like graphite, cooling gel, and copper to help with temperature regulation.

Motion Transfer

This is an important subject for couples who share a bed. Motion transfer refers to the amount of movement the bed disperses as one person tosses and turns or gets up. The less the movement the other person notices the better. Basically, you’ll want your mattress to deaden as much movement as possible. This will help both people get a more restful night of sleep. Generally, all-foam beds deaden movement better than beds with coils because they don’t have the same amount of bounce.


This refers to how fast the mattress pops back after releasing pressure. You’ll generally want a mattress that is on the responsive side of the spectrum. This will allow you switch between sleeping positions much easier. With mattresses that are slow to respond (i.e. memory foam beds), you’ll find it requires a little extra effort to switch from your side to your back or vice versa, which can make you more restless throughout the night. Slow responding beds are also more susceptible to permanent body impressions.


It’s imperative your bed provides the proper support. One that doesn’t won’t keep your spine properly aligned. That’s why we test sinkage. If a bed sinks too far below the heavier parts of your body, that’s usually an indication of poor support.

Edge Support

This is another important consideration for couples. A lot times with people who share a mattress, one person will end up hogging the middle of the bed and the other person is left to sleep on the edge. That’s why it’s extremely important that the edges have the necessary structural support. You’ll want to find a mattress that does not compress all that much near the edge. That way you won’t feel as if you’re about to roll off the mattress every time you get close to the edge.


What are the best luxury mattress brands?There are a lot of fantastic luxury mattress brands out there, but a few of our favorites are Saatva, WinkBed, TempurPedic, Beautyrest, and Purple.
What is a luxury firm mattress?Luxury firm is just another name for medium-firm.
How much does a luxury mattress cost?Typically the luxury mattresses out there are around $2,000-$3,000.
Will I get free shipping if I buy online?Interestingly, you will not only get free shipping, but usually free returns as well.