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Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

We've compiled a list of the top rated mattresses for combination sleepers that rotate between several positions in their sleep

Many people shift positions throughout the night. That means they need a bed that will be supportive, yet pressure relieving, and also able to accommodate all sleep styles. Here are the best rated mattresses we’ve reviewed for combo sleepers that lay on their side, back, and/or stomach.

Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers Overview

Most sleepers tend to switch positions during the night, in fact, we did our own research survey and found that 91% of you changed sleeping positions while you slept. Since that’s the case, it’s only right that we make a best mattress for combination sleepers list that reveals our favorite choices. We’ve done our fair share of research, and have 151 beds stacked in our mattress room on deck for us to reference at any time. In fact, that’s how we made this best list!

In this post, we’ll cover what our team thinks are the best mattresses for combo sleepers. This means that the beds we selected will be comfortable for you even if you sleep in a variety of positions (side, back, and stomach). Below is a way to skip to any section of this review.

Please keep in mind that we are not physicians or chiropractors and this is not an offering of health advice. That said, we did consult with a chiropractor to help us firm up our opinions and select this best list.

Honest Combo Sleepers Mattress Review Video

We also have a video review for this best mattress for combination sleepers list that gives you a quick summary of each mattress mentioned in our post.

Top 6 Best Mattresses For Combo Sleepers

WinkBeds Classic – Best Pillow Top Mattress

winkbed mattress review construction and layers wink mattress
Check out WinkBed’s supportive construction

The first layer of this premium hybrid mattress is a slab of support foam, and on top of that are two layers of coils stacked back-to-back; one pocketed coil layer, and one microcoil layer. This provides a ton of support for all body types from petite to more heavy-set.

The top comfort layer is a thick, plush pillow-top and it makes the mattress feel really pleasant to sleep on. Luckily for combo sleepers, it’s available in three different firmness profiles. This means you can cater to your dominant position, or opt for something right in the middle of the spectrum. 

Compared to the other mattresses on this list, WinkBed is one of the more expensive next to Purple Hybrid coming in around $1,600 for a queen.

Why we added WinkBed — This mattress is made here in the United States and not only does it look like a four-star hotel bed, but it’s built to be long-lasting and supportive. We think combo sleepers will love the balance between support and pressure relief it provides, and the fact that there are so many firmness options.

Purple Hybrid – Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
It’s unlike any comfort layer you’ve seen on a bed before

The Purple mattress has quite a unique feel, thanks to the use of the proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. The closest comparison to the material is a Dr. Scholl’s gel insole, as it provides a soft and comfortable feel while also being very supportive. Not only that, but the Purple Mattress is covered in air pockets and has incredible airflow for those who tend to sleep warm.

On a scale from soft to firm we rated Purple around a medium, so we think it works well for all types of sleepers — especially for combination sleepers who favor their sides because it’s so pressure relieving and responsive. Though, we might suggest the Purple Hybrid Mattress to sleepers over 250 lbs because the original Purple bed isn’t quite as supportive. If you want even more support, check out the Purple Hybrid Premier or compare the purple beds.

Why we included Purple — The Purple mattress is a little more pricey than other foam mattresses, but it was chosen as the best bed for combination sleepers who sleep hot because it’s comfortable, bouncy, and supportive. Not to mention the fact that it’s one of the most breathable beds we’ve ever seen, being the best combo mattress for hot sleepers.

Leesa – Best Soft Foam Mattress

leesa adjustable base bed frame review for their mattress
If you’re short on time, Leesa is absolutely a safe pick for combination sleepers

The Leesa mattress consists of a 10″ layer of a combination of memory foam and a proprietary LSA200 foam. This gives the mattress a feel that’s a bit firmer than soft, but nothing that’s really unique to the mattress. That means it appeals to all types of sleepers, although we felt the tendency towards being a soft bed made it best for petite and medium-sized sleepers.

In addition to being suitable for back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers — the price point for the Leesa mattress is quite attractive. A queen size mattress comes in just under $1,000 and Leesa frequently offers discounts of 10-15%. If you’re looking for extra support or a great bed for couples, be sure to check out the Leesa Hybrid.

Why Leesa was chosen — Leesa is a great foam mattress for combination sleepers because it has a medium firmness profile, which is an ideal firmness for those who switch positions during the night. It also has a classic, neutral feel that we think most people will enjoy.

Amerisleep – Best Memory Foam Mattress

amerisleep mattress review edge support
JD testing edge support on the AS3 mattress

Amerisleep’s five main beds have all-foam constructions and are available in a range of different firmness levels, but combo sleepers may want to consider AS3 or AS2. They land around the middle of the firmness scale, and they’re lower in price than the brand’s softer models (AS4 AND AS5).

They have an all-foam construction and the top layer consists of conforming, dense memory foam. The bed is also fitted with a machine washable Celliant-infused cover. Celliant is a performance fabric that helps boost recovery, blood flow, and help improve the quality of your sleep.

Why we think you’ll like Amerisleep — If you’re a combo sleeper who loves memory foam but doesn’t want to spend the money on a TempurPedic mattress, we think you’ll enjoy the feel of AS3 a lot. It’s comfortable, and you can machine wash the cover!

Bear Hybrid – Best Hybrid Bed

bear hybrid mattress review side sleepers celliant cover
A closer look at Bear Hybrid’s quilted Celliant cover

The Bear Hybrid is constructed of a combination of pocketed coils and foam, hence the “hybrid” name. This construction makes it suitable for all body types, but is especially a supportive bed for heavier individuals. Another pro we’d like to mention about its design is its Celliant-infused cover, which is meant to help increase circulation and oxygen in your body, and contribute to a more quality night’s sleep.

We gave the mattress a medium rating on our firmness scale, which happens to make it an ideal choice for combination sleepers, no matter which position they tend to favor. This Bear mattress is a bit more expensive than your average online bed-in-a-box, as a queen size is around $1,390. But for what you’re getting, we think it offers an impeccable value.

Why we added Bear Hybrid — This mattress has a thick hybrid construction, and is available in a medium firmness level which is ideal for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night. Not only that, but we love its Celliant-infused cover, and we think the price is hard to beat for the features you get from this bed.

Tuft and Needle – Best Budget Mattress

tuft and needle mattress review side sleeper
Sleeping soundly on an affordable mattress

Tuft & Needle is an incredibly popular best budget mattress ($595 for a queen) as it has a simple, yet accommodating construction. This all-foam mattress is made up of only two layers, a dense support foam layer and a proprietary foam in the top layer.

The top layer is where combo sleepers will get most of their comfort from, and it has a very neutral, classic kind of feel. If you asked your mom, dad, brother, and little 10-year-old niece to try out the mattress, odds are, most of them wouldn’t have any complaints. It is one of the overall best mattresses you can buy.

It lands in the middle of the firmness spectrum, so most combo sleepers should receive an ample amount of support and pressure relief from this mattress.

We just wouldn’t recommend it to combo sleepers who weigh over 230 to 240 lbs. Heavier sleepers may want to consider a hybrid mattress because it offers more long-lasting support than all-foam mattresses.

Why we chose Tuft and Needle — For the price, we think it’s a comfortable and quality bed for combo sleepers under ~240 lbs. It has a neutral firmness level to offer both pressure relief and support, but it doesn’t give you a “sinking” type feel like memory foam does so it’s very easy to switch positions during the night.

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Creating This Best For Combo Sleepers List

We didn’t put any price restrictions in place when selecting this list, although we tried to include a variety of affordable beds. We also tried to include beds that accommodate a variety of different sleeping positions because, at the end of the day, that’s what combination sleepers need.

Again, we are not doctors or chiropractors, so please consult your doctor if you have any concerns, but we did consult with a professional chiropractor for some tips, which we use for all our mattress reviews.

Best Firmness Level For Combination Sleepers

One of the top considerations for combination sleepers is maintaining spinal alignment. The spine needs to remain aligned no matter which position the sleeper finds themselves in, and that makes support one of the key considerations in a mattress for combination sleepers. Support is determined by the firmness of the mattress.

Because contouring is also important, combination sleepers need a mattress that provides a balance between support and contour. For those with average body types, this combination is best found in a mattress with a medium firmness level.

With that being said, buyers also need to consider their weight when purchasing a mattress. Those weighing over 230 pounds often need a firmer mattress to keep from sinking in too much, while those under 130 pounds will often do best with a mattress that’s just a bit more on the softer side.

Common Mattress Materials

As you probably already noticed, there are countless mattress companies on the market right now and it seems like a new one is popping up almost every day. Each mattress uses a blend of different materials to achieve their desired result, but you can ultimately break down the different types of mattress materials into five categories. Of course there are other kinds of material, like air in an air bed or water in a waterbed, but we’re talking about beds you’ll use for the long term. We aren’t writing this post to talk about mattresses to go camping with, and especially not mattresses that should stay in the ’90s. Here are the most common types of materials you’d find in your mattress if you were to cut open the cover.

Memory Foam

After conducting research from a sample size of over 1,000 people, The Slumber Yard came to find that a majority of folks either liked or didn’t mind the feel of memory foam. 

It’s soft and contours to the shape of your body, so it feels like your bed is giving you a hug every night before you go to sleep. The downside is that it’s often slow to respond, so we usually wouldn’t recommend memory foam beds to combination sleepers unless you know what you’re getting yourself into, because it might be more difficult to change positions without disturbing your sleep.

That’s why we only included one memory foam mattress on this list, and the one we chose from Amerisleep bounces back much quicker than your traditional memory foam mattress. Another great memory foam mattress you can check out is the Puffy mattress.

Latex Foam

Similar to memory foam, latex foam has a soft feel to it, but it’s much bouncier and more responsive. We’d say it’s a little spongy, but in the best way possible. It doesn’t hug your body like memory foam does, so it sleeps cooler and it’s much easier for combination sleepers to switch positions on. Latex foam beds can be a little pricey, however, because quality latex foam or organic latex is naturally derived. There are less expensive synthetic latex foam mattresses out there, but you won’t get all the benefits you get with organic latex foam.

Polyurethane Foam

The folks in the mattress industry use fancy jargon to describe foam materials, so “polyurethane foam” is basically just a fancy term for neutral-foam. It’s light, gentle, and much more responsive than traditional memory foam is. That’s why you can find several neutral-foam mattresses on this list.

Proprietary Foam

Here’s another slightly over-complicated mattress term. It really just means a type of foam made specifically by a company for their own use. It’s common for a mattress company to make their own memory foam, or neutral-foam, and sometimes we see a company start from scratch and completely make their own kind of never-before-seen material like the Purple mattress you saw in this post. They came out with a mattress that uses a Hyper-Elastic Polymer along with foam or coils, and it’s one of the most unique mattresses we’ve ever tested out.


If you ask your grandparents or even parents what kind of bed they slept on growing up, there’s a strong chance they had a coil mattress. There’s even a good chance that the mattress up in grandma’s guest bedroom is an innerspring mattress. 

They’re bouncy and incredibly responsive to pressure, so they’re the best kind of mattresses for kids (or energetic adults) to jump up and down on. They’re also a good choice for combo sleepers because you’ll be able to roll around at your own leisure without struggling to switch positions.


When you see the term “hybrid mattress” we aren’t talking about a mattress that’s half gas and half electric. It means the mattress contains a combination of coils and foam. We really like hybrid mattresses because you get the best of both worlds; the support and responsiveness of coil mattresses, with the softness and pressure relief of a foam one. 

For this reason they tend to be a little more expensive, but it’ll be super accommodating for you combo sleepers and heavier body types. 

How Weight Affects The Feel Of Your Mattress

We included the mattresses’ different firmness levels throughout this post, but we generally give them their rating based on the way they feel to a medium-sized individual. If you’re under 140 lb or over 250 lb, a bed is probably going to feel a little different than how we described it. Let’s say you’re a 250 lb man laying on the 10” thick Leesa mattress we mentioned earlier. Your body is going to sink further into the mattress, making it feel softer than it would to say a 100 lb female. Vice versa, if the 100 lb female laid down on Leesa, she’d probably think it felt firmer than a medium because she isn’t sinking into the mattress enough to feel the softness of its top layers. We suggest always taking your weight into consideration so there aren’t any surprises when you finally get your online mattress delivered.

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers Recap

MattressBest of TitleFirmness RatingsQueen Price
Brooklyn SignatureBest Hybrid Mattress for Combo SleepersSoft, Medium, and Firm$949
Purple HybridBest Mattress For Hot Combo SleepersMedium$1,599
LeesaBest Soft Foam Mattress For Combination SleepersMedium$999
Amerisleep AS3Best Memory Foam For Combination SleepersMedium to Medium-Soft$1,499
Bear HybridBest Hybrid Bed For Combination SleepersMedium$1,390
Tuft and NeedleBest Budget Mattress For Combination SleepersMedium$595

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What is a combination sleeper?

About 90% of people are a combination sleeper, meaning they rotate sleeping positions at night.

How firm should the mattress be?

For most combo sleepers you want a bed that’s not overly soft or firm. The goal is to match the firmness to your dominant sleeping position since people usually have just one. In many cases, this means you will get a bed that’s between a medium and medium-firm.

How do shipping and returns work?

Shipping and returns are almost always free inside the Contiguous US.

What type of bed is best for combination sleepers?

There is no single best “type” of mattress for combo sleepers. Rather, it will all come down to your personal preferences with regard to materials, softness/firmness, temperature, and more.

How Does The Slumber Yard Come To Acquire All These Beds?

The Slumber Yard has a storage room filled to the brim with mattresses we’ve received in one of two ways: A mattress company sent us their mattress to review, or we bought the mattress ourselves so we could test it out. That means companies can’t pay or bribe us to write positive content about them and our reviews are 100% authentic.