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Best Mattress For Couples

Best Mattress For Couples

Finding the top rated mattress for couples of different weights and preferences is no easy task. Luckily, we've done all the hard work

Last Updated: September 10, 2020

Jeff Rizzo

Research has shown that sleep is directly linked to happiness. Obviously, a bed that is comfortable for both partners is incredibly important! We’ve selected, and published reviews about, some of the best rated mattresses for couples, including those with different sleeping preferences and weights.


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Outline For This Best Bed For Couples Review

Best Bed For Couples

We placed no price or size restrictions (minimum or maximum) as criteria when putting together this list. We tried to include beds that accommodate a variety of different sleeping preference because, at the end of the day, that’s what couples need. Now, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s take a look at our list of the best mattresses for couples:

  • Best Bed For Couples With Different PreferencesHelix Sleep
  • Best Mattress For Couples With Different WeightsWinkBed
  • Best Flippable Mattress For CouplesLayla Sleep
  • Best Pillow Top Mattress For CouplesNest Alexander Hybrid
  • Best Soft Foam Mattress For CouplesMuse

We hope you enjoyed that video, which hopefully gave you a good intro to our best mattress for couples picks. Read on below to learn more about these beds and what is important to consider for buying a bed for couples.

Top 5 Couples Beds

Since couples’ needs vary based on their size, weight, sleep style, and more, we think the mattresses on this list held up to be some of the most accommodating beds for those who co-sleep.

Important For Couples With Different Weights

There are a few different factors that come into play in terms of mattress construction. The first has to do with coils. Beds that have coils (innerspring or hybrid mattresses) tend to have a lot more bounce than all-foam mattresses.

This makes the mattress a little more responsive and also better for sex. However, there are plenty of people out there that don’t like a bouncy type feel to their mattress. They like to sort of sink into their mattress instead.

Next is the overall weight and thickness of the mattress. Thicker and heavier mattresses tend to be more durable and hold up longer. This is especially important for heavier couples given the extra stress they exert on the mattress. Or even if just one person in the partnership is on the heavier side, you might want to think about going with a thicker, more durable mattress. If you’re a lighter couple, though, the thickness and weight of a mattress isn’t as big of a deal. In fact, this is a small point, but some couples may actually dislike having a super thick mattress because they can be hard to lift, move, and make.

Helix Sleep – Best Bed For Couples With Different Preferences

If you and your partner want to be 100% sure you will both be comfortable at night–and are interested in a semi-custom bed–look into Helix. You can take a Sleep Quiz on HelixSleep.com, and the company will suggest a mattress that best fits your size and sleep style.

helix luxe moonlight mattress back sleeper
Helix offers over 10 different mattress models, including a Luxe series

All Helix mattresses combine pocketed coils and several different types of foams, which not only means that they’re all supportive, but also that Helix has several levers to pull in order to find a way to accommodate all sleepers.

Most of the beds have a fairly neutral feel, but they will have either more or less memory foam depending on the specific model that you select. We just really appreciate that Helix offers so many beds, and yet they’ve made the selection process easy via their Sleep Quiz.

WinkBed – Best Bed For Couples With Different Weights

WinkBed makes some of the best mattresses, full stop. They all have two layers of coils and a big, fluffy pillow top, and that is regardless of whether you get the Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, or Plus model.

WinkBed—and WinkBed Plus in particular—is a fantastic option for plus size couples that need extra support. It’s also accommodating for all sleeper types, thanks to its range in firmness levels.

winkbed mattress review main image wink bed cover of bed
As WinkBed likes to say, “If you find a nicer mattress, marry it.”

The big reason that we included WinkBed on the list is just that it checks a heck of a lot of boxes for couples. For starters, all four models are highly durable and well constructed, not to mention really comfortable. Additionally, they give you the opportunity to choose which firmness level is right for you (i.e. Softer model for side sleepers).

The overall feel of the beds is pretty neutral and inviting as well, which means the majority of people will find it comfortable. The edge support is pretty good and the beds do a solid job of isolating motion given that there are two layers of coils inside.

Layla Sleep — Best Flippable Mattress For Couples

Layla is one of the best gel memory foam beds online, and for several reasons we think it will be a great bed for couples.

For starters, it has a “Soft” side and a “Firm” side so you get two bites at the apple with this mattress and it accommodates a wide range of sleeper types. At under $1,000 for a queen size, Layla is a really nice mattress.

layla mattress review sleeper type and body type
You can see the “Soft” side (light grey) and “Firm” side (black/grey)

Because this is essentially two mattresses in one, let’s dissect both sides individually, starting with the “Soft” side. We consider this side to be about a medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale. 

If you flip the bed over, you will have the exact same, soft-to-the-touch cover as on the “Soft” side, only in a dark grey/black colorway. We rate the “Firm” side at about a medium to medium-firm, which means it will be suitable for all sleeping positions if you weigh under 230/250 lb.

Nest Alexander Hybrid — Best Pillow Top Mattress For Couples

Nest Alexander Hybrid is a nice option if you want a softer, yet supportive bed with a big pillow top

We could go on and on about how comfortable the bed is, but the real reason it cracked the list is that (like Helix) Nest Bedding offers split models where you can get two different firmness levels on one bed. As of now, they offer three different firmness selections, which can be fused together.

nest signature hybrid edge support
One of the most comfortable beds money can buy

It comes in multiple firmness levels, but the most popular is the medium, which is fantastic for side sleepers, including perhaps those with hip, shoulder, or upper back issues.

Muse — Best Soft Foam Mattress For Couples

Some of the mattresses on our list are borderline expensive, and we recognize that not everyone wants to drop a huge chunk of change on a mattress. If you fall in that category, but still want a comfortable bed for two, we recommend Muse.

This is a comfortable bed made of a responsive memory foam, which most people will enjoy, especially given that you have your choice of three different firmness levels. If you and your partner have different sleeping preferences, you might want to opt for the Medium model because it will be able to accommodate all sleep styles. That said, if you need something softer or firmer, they have that.

muse mattress review
It’s hard to poke holes in the Muse mattress once you factor in the price

Muse also has fairly solid edge support for an all-foam bed. This means you can get a smaller sized mattress, and not feel like your partner is pushing you off the bed.

The big reason that we included Muse is that we see it as a pretty good mattress for co-sleeping for a number of reasons. Firstly, we’ve acknowledged that it has a neutral, accommodating feel—that’s good. Secondly, while co-sleeping can be dangerous, for younger couples with children, we wanted to include a more affordable mattress. This bed is also great for all sleeping positions.

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Why Listen To Us

We can think of a few good reasons why you should trust us. First, we know a lot about mattresses. We’ve reviewed over 150, including cheap mattresses.

We spend the majority of our days — and all night! — working with mattresses, and we’ve been doing it for a while. We’ve tested 6”-thick foam mattresses, all the way up to 15” thick hybrid luxury mattresses, so we consider ourselves educated on what a good bed is (and what’s not).

We also stay informed on industry trends. We regularly hold calls with industry experts, research and development teams, and recent customers to receive their feedback on new mattresses.

Let’s also make this clear: We are not backed by any mattress brand or mattress-related entity. That gives us an unbiased head start over many other websites. We also don’t accept payment for any of our reviews or videos. We retain full editorial control over the content we produce and are not swayed by money to provide a positive or negative review.

Our goal is to provide honest, helpful, and concise content that helps consumers make a purchase decision, because buying a mattress is a big decision.

Lastly, we have a diverse testing team. It’s not just a one-man band. We like to get input and feedback from all our team members. That’s super important when it comes to mattresses because everyone is different. There’s no one size fits all mattress. There are many factors at play when trying to choose the right mattress. For example, weight, body type, and sleeping position preference all make a big difference in which mattress suits you best. That’s why we are so proud of our testing team. 

How We Decided On The Best Mattress For Couples

When we put together this list, we tried to include beds that accommodate many different sleep preferences, that are good at isolating motion, and that have great edge support.

Partners typically don’t have the same body type or sleeping style, and we often see partners who have the opposite preferences. One person, for example, is a petite female who sleeps on her side and stays cool. The other is a larger male who sleeps on his back and tends to heat up at night. So in this instance, a side-sleeper bed wouldn’t be the best option. And neither would a bed made for a back sleeper.

You also want a mattress that will limit motion transfer when you or your partner move or get up while the other is sleeping.

In addition to that is edge support, which is just as important, because it prevents you or your loved one from feeling like you are going to fall off the mattress due to a saggy side.

Bed For Couples With Different Preferences

This is pretty self explanatory and quite possibly the feature couples disagree about the most. The feel of a mattress can vary quite a bit. Like we stated earlier, there’s no one size fits all mattress. There’s no one mattress available that every single person thinks is just right. It can be tough to find a mattress that both partners agree on. At the end of the day, both people will have to compromise a little, but there are enough choices out there that you’ll be able to find one mattress that provides most of what both people want.

There’s all-foam mattresses that can feel quite different depending on what type of foam is used.

Common Mattress Materials 

Memory foam 

has a very dense, soft foam feel. It slowly contours to your body and sort of hugs you. Some people hate that feeling, some people love it.

Latex and proprietary foams 

have a more neutral-foam feel. They tend to be a little lighter and a little more responsive than memory foam.

Innerspring mattresses 

are the other popular types of bed for couples. This is the type of mattress that most people grew up on, with a thick layer of steel coils. These types of beds tend to have a more rigid, firm feel. I’ve heard some people compare it to laying on a thick bed of grass (i.e. it’s somewhat soft, but you can definitely feel the dense earth below).

Hybrid mattresses 

are beds that have coils or innersprings as a base layer, and they incorporate multiple layers of foam on top. These types of beds tend to have a soft foam feel, but also a lot more bounce than all-foam mattresses.

If both people love memory foam, great, go with an all-foam memory foam bed or a hybrid bed with a memory foam top layer. If one person dislikes memory foam, it’s probably a better idea to go with a bed that has a thick top layer of proprietary foam or latex foam.

You could also go with a super unique bed like Purple, which utilizes a patented material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer that has a gel-like feel.

Start With A Coil Bed

For anyone that weighs over 250 lb, you may as well write off all-foam beds entirely. I know that sounds harsh, but I’d rather speak straight to you than have you be disappointed. You want to look for an extra durable, supportive mattress. Both of the aforementioned mattresses (WinkBed and Big Fig) will work, but there are plenty of others as well. For instance, Saatva and Brentwood Home both make mattresses with dual coil layers. The Bear Hybrid mattress uses 8″ pocketed coils. And there are even cheaper beds like Allswell Hybrid that have coils despite being extremely affordable. Bottom line: if you’re plus size or just large, you need a different class of mattress—fortunately, plenty of them exist.

Find The Best Mattress Firmness For Couples

This is another subject in which a lot of couples disagree. One person likes a soft bed while the other prefers a firm one. It can be a dividing topic. However, there are a couple other factors at play here. The first being weight. Your weight plays a role in how firm you perceive a mattress to be.

A lighter person (150 lb or less) will feel like most mattresses are on the firmer side of the spectrum. That’s because they place a minimal amount of pressure on the bed. There’s virtually no sinkage.

Heavier individuals (250 lb or more), on the other hand, will generally feel like most mattresses are on the softer side of the spectrum. That’s because they exert quite more pressure and stress on the bed. Often, heavier individuals will sort of sink right through the first layer of the bed.

This perceived firmness discrepancy can sometimes be a positive for partners with big weight differences. For example, say the lighter sleeper of the pair prefers a firmer bed while the heavier person in the pair prefers a soft bed. In this case, the couple would probably want to go with a mattress in the medium-firm range because it would feel firm for the lighter sleeper, yet also feel soft for the heavier sleeper due to his or her extra weight.

One thing to keep in mind about firmness is that support and firmness are not one in the same. A lot of people make the mistake of bundling those two terms together. Yes, most of the time, a firm mattress will generally provide good support, but there are exceptions. It’s entirely possible to have a soft feeling mattress that also provides the necessary support.

 Likewise, it is possible to have a firm feeling mattress that doesn’t provide much support (e.g. a bed that has a lot of sag around your hips, leaving your lower back exposed). Support to us means the bed is able to keep your spine properly aligned no matter what position you sleep in. Generally, anyone looking for a mattress for sciatica pain will gravitate toward firmer beds.

Best Mattress Size For Couples

Of course not all couples require the same size mattress, but our opinion is that the best mattress size for couples is the king mattress. In order of comfort, we like the following beds for couples:

  • King (76 x 80 inches) – quite large; suffices for most any couple
  • California King (72 x 84 inches) – slightly longer; good for tall couples
  • Split Mattress (Can be king or queen)
  • Queen (60 x 80 inches)
  • Full Size

Here’s a detailed post about the different mattress sizes

Notice that we didn’t list twin, 3/4, or twin XL, because we don’t think they apply. For taller couples, for example, the California king gives you the most room and makes the most sense. Otherwise the king size is the way to go. That said, you know the size of the room you’re working with better than we do, so if you think your room will be uncomfortably full with that big of a bed, that might not be best for you.

For couples with different weights, the mattress size doesn’t matter all that much. You just need an extra supportive bed, especially if one person is heavy.

For couples with different preferences, you want to get an accommodating bed, a split mattress, or one that has dual firmness, of which there aren’t many.

Sleeper Type

The position in which you sleep also makes a big difference as to which mattress is best for you. As such, this is another area where couples tend to have different preferences. 

Generally, back sleepers and stomach sleepers will want a mattress that is on the firmer side that provides a little extra lumbar support. 

Side sleepers, on the other hand, will most likely want a softer mattress that provides more pressure relief for their hips and shoulders.

As you can see, it can be tough to find a mattress that will accommodate a couple that sleeps in different positions. If you do fall into this category, you’re most likely going to want to get a mattress that falls near the medium range on the firmness scale. Most of the mattresses in this range have a good balance between the pressure relief and support.

Temperature Regulation

Different body types also mean different sleeping temperatures. Typically heavier individuals tend to heat up during the night more so than lighter individuals. A lot of that is due to the fact that heavier body types sink further into a mattress creating more of a hugging friction with the bed. But then there’s people who just naturally sleep hot or cool (e.g. the person who always wears a sweatshirt and sweatpants to bed or the person who refuses to wear anything but underwear).

Construction also plays into how warm or cool a mattress sleeps. Certain materials, like memory foam, tend to retain heat more than other materials. To combat overheating at night, a lot of mattress companies these days are using special materials in their beds to help disperse heat and create temperature regulation. Some common materials we’ve seen used are graphite, copper, gel, and phase change material, among others. In fact, some of these companies do such a good job that their beds are actually cool to the touch. It’s pretty amazing. Check them out in this list for Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot & Sweaty Sleepers.

Other Areas That Are Important For Couples

Above, we discussed some of the main topics couples tend to disagree about when choosing a mattress. Most of the those topics were on the subjective side. These next few topics are a little more concrete. Couples will generally want to get a bed that excels in the three categories below.

Edge Support

Here’s a common situation most couples face: one person rolls over in the middle of the night, taking up the majority of the mattress and leaving the other only a bit near the edge. As such, it’s crucial that the perimeter of the mattress is constructed to properly support the person. No one likes that “about to roll off” feeling.

To avoid this, make sure you pay special attention to our reviews. We always make sure to discuss edge support in detail. In short, innerspring and hybrid beds tend to offer better edge support than all-foam beds due to the coils.


Not only is sinkage a dangerous topic in terms of individual spine alignment, it’s also a concern for couples. In practical terms, we’re talking about how far the mattress sinks down under the heavier parts of your body (hips and trunk). Generally, you want a mattress that doesn’t have much too much sinkage. A little bit of sinkage is normal, but too much can throw your spine out of alignment. For couples, too much sinkage can mean that both sleepers will be drawn together throughout the night.

Motion Transfer

This is perhaps the first feature that comes to mind when talking about couples. Motion transfer refers to the amount of movement one person feels when the other person rolls over, switches positions, or gets up off the mattress. The less motion or movement the better. No one wants to be bothered in the middle of the night when they’re sleeping. The more times you wake up, the more restless you become and the more tired you are the next day. Generally, all-foam mattresses are able to deaden movement a little better than innerspring or hybrid mattresses because of the lack of bounce from the coils.

Best Beds For Motion Isolation

Overall, soft foam beds compensate for movement the best, because many coil-constructed beds add bounce to a mattress. But many modern coil mattresses are made with pocketed coils, where each coil is individually wrapped, which helps with motion isolation. In the older systems, or “innerspring” beds, whenever one spring moved, they all did. Pocketed coils move independently of each other, which is great for beds for couples. We’ve also posted a list of the Best Mattresses for Motion Isolation and Light Sleepers.

Buying A Mattress In Store vs Online

Try it before you buy it has long been at the forefront of the online mattress-purchase process. After all, who wouldn’t want to know what a mattress feels like before they make the time (8-10 years!) and financial commitment to a product. Online mattress sellers have done away with the frustration of in-store shopping.

As Consumer Reports notes, bed-in-a-box mattresses perform consistently well in the lab, at good or excellent levels, even for sleepers with varying body weights and sleep styles.

While some of the large online companies have showrooms in larger cities, most don’t. That’s why you’ll find no-hassle purchasing and return options online. Usually, online companies will allow for 100 to even 365 night trial periods. Then, if you don’t like the mattress, you can (usually) ship it back free.


What bed is best for couples with difference preferences?

If you and your partner don’t have the same sleeping preferences, you have a few options. You could get a split king or split cal king where you essentially have two separate mattresses. You could get a “fused firmness” mattress where you have two different firmness levels on the same bed. Or you could both compromise on firmness and get something in the middle.

What mattress is best for couples with different weights?

If one partner is lightweight and the other is heavy, you want a supportive coil mattress. You need to pay more attention to getting a bed for the heavier individual.

What is the best size mattress for couples?

You either want a king mattress or California king mattress. If you absolutely have to, the queen size will suffice, but nothing smaller.

How do shipping and returns work?

Almost all of the online mattress brands offer completely free shipping and 100-night risk free trial period. If you don’t like the bed inside those first 100 nights, you can return the bed for a full refund!

How long will my mattress last?

We typically say that a good mattress should last you about 8-10 years.

Will I get a trial period for my mattress?

Yes, most online companies will give you at least 90 days of a free money-back trial period. Some companies go so far as one full year.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is free and comes directly to your house. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you’ll ship it back free of charge.

How often do online beds offer discount codes?

Quite often. We share many of them throughout our site, and many online stores offer holiday discounts around July 4, President’s Day, etc.