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Best Mattress For Heavy People

A complete guide to the top rated beds for an overweight person or someone that's just heavy

Maybe you’re a linebacker, or maybe you just sleep next to a large person. Either way, we’ve tried and tested the top rated beds for the big guys (and gals) out there that need a lot of extra support and are really concerned with the durability of your mattress. These are the absolute best mattresses for morbidly obese and overweight people.

Factors For A Heavy Or Obese Person

When it comes to finding a new mattress, your weight is very important to consider. It will determine which types of materials you should look for and which you should avoid. On one hand, being heavy makes selecting a bed easier since you’ll have a smaller list of possible beds to choose from, but on the other it means you have fewer options, which is not generally a good thing for consumers. With all of that in mind, here’s our list of the best mattresses for heavy and overweight people:

In this post we’re going to cover our list of the best mattresses for heavy and obese people. Now, you may be wondering how we would know which bed is better or worse for heavy people. Well, we have a team of editors and production staff, some of which are over 200 lb and they are our in-house experts on the subject.

They’re going to help you to hopefully avoid getting a mattress that will last all of nine months. Wouldn’t that be a major disappointment? It would totally suck. And trust me, we have tested some beds that broke down completely after just a few months with a big guy or overweight individual sleeping on them.

You should be extra diligent in finding the right mattress, especially if it’s a bed in a box, since the stakes are higher for you, particularly if you’re a morbidly obese person. And I don’t say that to make you feel bad or to twist the knife, but the fact of the matter is anyone with a larger body type will need to be vigilant in looking for the right mattress. Having said that, however, we do feel that we’ve done most of the heavy lifting (pun not intended) for you on this. And we sincerely hope this post is helpful for you, and that is whether you’re a stomach sleeper or side sleeper, or something in between.

big fig mattress review coupon

Best For Back & Stomach sleepers

$300 Off


This mattress is designed with overweight and large people in mind, including stomach sleepers. In fact, Big Fig stands for "Bigger Figure". As an aside, if you're a morbidly obese person, Big Fig very well could be your best option, particularly if you have back pain.
saatva mattress review

Affordable Luxury

$100 Off

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Saatva is a supportive innerspring hybrid mattress that's available in multiple firmness options. It also sports a fairly affordable price tag and would be a solid option for big guys and girls that have a limited budget.
titan mattress review deal

Budget Mattress

25% Off


Titan is perhaps the most affordable hybrid mattress for heavy people. The bed is made by Brooklyn Bedding, one of the most respected online mattress brands. Titan is Brooklyn's best option for plus size sleepers that need extra support. And yet, it's still compatible with adjustable bed frames.
dreamcloud mattress review coupon

Memory Foam Mattress

$200 Off + Gift

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DreamCloud is a thick memory foam mattress with coils for added support. It even comes with (wait for it...) a 365-night risk-free trial period. You can try this bed for a year before making a final decision. While it has 8" coils, the bed still ships in a box.
helix plus mattress review deal

Best For Couples

$100 Off + Gift

Code: SY100

Helix Plus is a coil mattress in a box that measures 12" thick and is really affordable. While it's designed with heavy people in mind, we see it as a nice mattress for overweight couples in particular. Helix, as a company, makes semi-custom mattresses for couples that simply cannot agree.


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Pay Attention To Mattress Foundations Also

Firstly, you should make certain that your mattress foundation can handle your weight plus the bed. From there you should ensure that it’s (a) compatible with your bed and (b) recommended by the manufacturer of your bed. We suggest that you look into a box spring, proper foundation, or metal slatted bed frame.

Wood bed frames might work, but metal will be a lot more durable for you. In either case, make certain that the foundation is rigid and has no flex to it. It should be as strong and durable as the floor. If you don’t select the right kind of foundation it could void the mattress warranty, as well.

Big Fig


  • Hot sleepers (firmness and cooling ThermoGel in the mattress topper)
  • People with back pain that need a firmer, extra-supportive mattress
  • People that want/need a foundation base (comes in two height profiles)
  • Folks that like more of an innerspring type feel (does have soft pillow top)
  • Back and stomach sleepers

Big Fig’s tagline is “the mattress for a bigger figure” and they mostly advertise to this niche. They address most of the issues that bigger folks tend to experience, such as mattress sag, body impressions, heating up, and poor edge support. They’ve created a very durable mattress comprised of a combination of pocketed coils, poly foam, and latex foam.

It’s a tad bit softer than the old Allswell Luxe Hybrid, though, so in addition to back and stomach sleepers, combo sleepers will probably be fine on this bed. The mattress will provide just enough pressure relief when you’re on your side. If you’re a strict side sleeper, however, there are better options out there for you.

The Big Fig mattress also has ThermoGel cooling technology in the topper that is designed to regulate your body temperature. This combined with the fact that the mattress is on the firmer side of the spectrum means most people will find this bed sleeps on the cooler side.

big fig mattress foundation
The Big Fig mattress comes with a strong base foundation

On the downside, the unboxing process is a little difficult, and it’s on the pricey side for an online mattress. Bottom line, Big Fig is a very nice, well-made mattress that can handle some really heavy people. Plus, it’s nice that the mattress comes with a sturdy foundation that is supposed to be 5x stronger than the average foundation base. We love that Big Fig includes the foundation, so that there’s no trouble with voiding the warranty or finding something that’s compatible.

How It Can Help Heavy People With Back Pain

The reason we’ve singled out Big Fig people with back pain is that it’s off the charts in terms of support. We also really appreciate the fact that it’s firmer, meaning you won’t sink in as much as with other beds. Remember, there is a difference between firmness and support, but suffice it to say that for heavy people with back pain, Big Fig is a stand out mattress.



  • Those who want a supportive, luxury mattress at a very affordable price
  • Eco-friendly people (nice, organic cotton cover)
  • Folks who prefer a more traditional innerspring feel
  • Stomach sleepers, and others, that want to select the firmness level of their mattresss

Saatva’s organic cotton cover is great for our eco-conscious customers or those who are sensitive to the typical off-gassing that a lot of other mattresses have. What’s also nice is that Saatva offers three different firmness options to choose from: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. In our opinion, that Luxury Firm option is a really great mattress for heavy stomach sleepers.

Regardless of which firmness level you choose, the Saatva mattress has a typical innerspring feel thanks to the dual layers of coils in the bed. And speaking of those dual layers of coils, that’s something that sets Saatva apart. This bed has a steel coil innerspring system for its main support system near the bottom, but then adds another layer of individually wrapped coils near the middle of the bed.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers
Saatva has a durable, comfortable construction

Most hybrid and innerspring beds only have one layer of coils, so you can understand why the Saatva mattress is an excellent choice for heavy people. Overall, it’s a solid, durable mattress that has a luxury look and feel. The only downside is that they don’t offer free returns, so be sure to be certain about which firmness level you prefer.

Perhaps the best thing about Saatva, however, is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg even though we consider it a luxury mattress. The queen size bed sells for just about $1,200, and that includes white glove delivery. Saatva isn’t one to offer discounts—mostly because their beds are affordable as is.

Titan by Brooklyn Bedding


  • Heavy people with a limited budget (Titan is way more affordable than you'd think)
  • All types of sleepers
  • Those who want a bed from a well-established, big name brand
  • Anyone that likes a neutral, soft-foam feel
  • If you want a bed in a box mattress for overweight or large individuals

Titan is one of the newer bed in a box mattresses on the market for heavy and obese people, but it’s made by, and owned by, Brooklyn Bedding, which is widely considered one of the best mattress manufacturers in the United States. And we really like the approach that they’ve taken with this mattress. Rather than go upstream by building the biggest, thickest mattress on the market, they decided to make a budget option that’s still highly durable, but costs way less than a lot of these other beds.

The MSRP for the bed in the queen size is $999, which alone makes it the most affordable bed on this list, but they typically offer discounts as well. You can visit TitanMattress.com to see their current deals and specials. We would not be surprised to see you get the bed for closer to $800.

titan mattress review from brooklyn bedding for heavy and obese people
Titan is a phenomenal budget-friendly option for heavy people

The Titan mattress is constructed with 2″ of base foam, 6″ pocketed coils (the king size has over 1,000 coils), 2″ of a proprietary TitanFlex Foam, and 1″ of gel memory foam that’s stitched into the cover. The overall feel is pretty neutral and flat—a bit like Big Fig—but we do find it to be really comfortable, especially considering the bed will feel softer for heavier people. Here’s an interesting video from Brooklyn Bedding about the design and construction of the Titan mattress:

It might not be our top pick for the morbidly obese, but it’s certainly a nice budget mattress for plus size sleepers. And that’s clearly what Brooklyn Bedding was going for with Titan.



  • Anyone that loves memory foam, but wants the support provided by 8" coils
  • Primarily side sleepers (if they're heavy)
  • If you're frequently return stuff (365-night trial period)

$200 Off + Gift

Discount in Cart

DreamCloud is quite comfortable at around a medium to medium-firm with respect to the firmness scale. We think it’s fine for all sleeping styles even though it’s now softer than in previous generations. It’s not our favorite pick for heavy back and stomach sleepers, but we think it will be a nice side and combo sleeper option.

And while the bed does use a thick layer of memory foam near the top, the quilted cover somewhat balances it out meaning there isn’t much resistance when you go to switch positions. That said, you have to really like memory foam to get DreamCloud.

dreamcloud mattress review stomach sleeper
You can feel the memory foam top layers with DreamCloud

Like the Stearns & Foster Addison Grace, DreamCloud is a super thick mattress (15″) that incorporates coils and multiple layers of firmer transition foams. Again, this means heavier body types will find the mattress provides a good amount of bi-directional support and will have a long, useful life.

Overall, this mattress has a lot to offer, especially if you’re open to trying a bed from a newer brand. It’s comfortable, supportive, durable, and responsive. We really like the DreamCloud mattress, particularly for heavier individuals that want a bed that can accomodate various sleeping styles. Remember, a medium firmness bed will feel softer to heavier people.

Helix Plus (aka Nightfall)


  • Someone that wants a neutral-foam feel
  • All types of sleepers
  • Hot sleepers that want the option to buy a compatible cooling cover
  • People that specifically want a bed in a box mattress

As far as feel, Helix Plus has more of a soft, neutral-foam feel, but you do get a little bit of bounce because of those coils. As such, it’s great for people who don’t like that sinking, contouring, and hugging feel that you get with a lot of memory foam beds.

helix mattress review nightfall bed for heavy people and obese
Helix Plus is made just for heavier individuals (like ex-college football players)

As for the construction of the bed, it starts with a dense layer of support foam, followed by thicker gauge pocketed coils that are 8″ tall, and several layers of comfort foams. It even has reinforced coils along the perimeter to make the edge support better for couples that share a smaller size mattress. Helix actually has an entire page on their website dedicated to the Plus mattress.

helix nightfall review mattress for heavy people
An inside look at the coils and foam that make up the Plus mattress

As you can see in the image above, the coils are taller than what you’ll get with most innerspring beds, and because Plus has literally hundreds of XL coils it does a really good job of supporting you. So much so, that the company claims it can handle two 500 lb sleepers.

Review Team

Dillon Payne

Dillon Payne

Combo Sleeper

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper


Owen Poole

Side Sleeper


JD Christison

Combo Sleeper

How We Created This Mattress Guide

As I mentioned above, we have an entire team of individuals that help us test beds and form our opinions of them. We’ve basically taken this very large list of mattresses that we’ve reviewed and narrowed them down to only those that we’re confident will be suitable for someone that’s, for example, over 200 lb or 250 lb. We perform various tests on these mattresses, including tests for firmness, support, motion transfer, temperature regulation, and others. Now, to be clear, we aren’t spending tens of thousands of dollars on testing equipment or laboratories. Instead, we perform practical tests that will apply to normal mattress shoppers.

Factors That Are Important For A Heavy Person

There are several items that you should be cognizant of if you’re a heavier individual. If you’re over 200 lb, you’ll need be pretty selective. In the following sections, we are going to run through the most important elements to look for in a mattress.

Support Has To Be There For Large People

This is by far the most important thing to check for. You need a supportive mattress. If you think the bed is supportive now, it will soften up and break in over time. The mattress that you sleep on today will feel quite a bit different after a year. As such, in general, you should be looking for either a hybrid / spring mattress or a very dense all-foam mattress.

Mattresses For People With Back Pain

As it relates to heavy individuals with back pain, you need extra support. The firmness level is important as well, but support is your number one concern. Often times if you’re heavy and have back pain, you have a bed that’s wilting or sagging. That’s obviously not good. You need something that retains its shape and helps to keep your back in neutral alignment. If you’re back pain isn’t made any better, make sure to discuss with a chiropractor or your physician.

Coil Beds Are Best For Larger Individuals

These are generally accepted to be the best option for a large person. Coil mattresses tend to be more durable and therefore last longer. If you plan to keep your bed for many years, you should firstly look into a coil mattress. There are two major types of coil beds: (1) innerspring and (2) pocketed coils. Innersprings are the more traditional system comprised of a larger system of interconnected coils. They move together, flex together, and support together. They also allow for great airflow. A foundation of interwoven steel springs will naturally be more durable than foam.

A mattress with pocketed coils has a series of steel coils that are individually wrapped and only lightly connected. They flex and compress separately, but still provide great support. With pocketed coils, however, it’s not uncommon to find micro-coils, which are only a few inches tall and therefore less supportive over the long haul than 7.5” pocketed coils. As such, it’s probably best that you stay away from micro-coils, especially if you’re a self-described fat person. You should be looking for coils in the 5-8” range. Pocketed coils do have the added advantage of being more efficient in terms of limiting motion transfer. With innersprings, the whole system sort of compresses and moves together. With pocketed coils, however, you get more localization, so the compression on one part of the bed doesn’t necessarily transfer to the other side. For this reason, we say pocketed coil mattresses are preferable for couples, especially for anyone that’s a light sleeper.

We Can’t Recommend Foam Mattresses To Overweight People

In general, we don’t really recommend foam mattresses to especially heavy people simply because they tend to lack the long-term durability that you’re looking for. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. For example, a memory foam bed that has a thick, very dense layer will be pretty darn supportive and durable. If you can’t afford a coil bed or are simply opposed to the idea, then you might look for a foam mattress, but I wouldn’t consider them as ideal.

Mattress Thickness

This is almost as important as the materials themselves. You should probably only get a bed that’s 11” thick or thicker. The heavier you are, the thicker a bed you should get, generally speaking. For example, the Casper Element mattress at 8.5” thick is certainly not a viable option for fat people, or if you’re just large. It’s not a bad mattress, but it just won’t be the right mattress for you. Conversely, Avocado mattress uses 8” pocketed coils and at the very minimum is 11” thick in total. That’s a supportive mattress. So just make sure to examine the thickness of the mattress, as it’s very important.

Bed In A Box Mattresses Options

If you’ve spent any amount of time on our site you know that we’ve published an article about bed in a box mattresses. We spent countless hours selecting those mattresses, however, for this list we are focusing just on the best bed in a box mattresses for heavy people. A few of the beds that come to mind are WinkBed, Titan, DreamCloud, and Helix Plus. Now, that’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a fairly good start nonetheless.

What About Firmness?

This is important, as well, but it’s different than support. Softness or firmness refers to the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) of a mattress. ILD is basically how easy is it to make a certain indentation with a certain amount of pressure. In general, 0-25 ILD is soft, 25-30 is medium, and 30+ is firmer. Having said that, the heavier you are, the softer the bed will generally feel to you and the quicker you’ll soften up the bed. So don’t completely discount what others would consider firm. For example, we have a team member that’s 95 lb and she thinks every bed is firm.

Different Types Of Comfort Layers

You will usually see one of the following types of middle/top layers on a bed:

  • Memory Foam — Very common. Can be supportive, durable, and yet still offer pressure relief. The only thing is that it may leave you feeling stuck in the bed and it will heat up. If you sleep hot, but like memory foam, you should look for a gel memory foam bed or one that has a phase change material in the cover.
  • Latex Foam — More bouncy and responsive than memory foam. Also stays cooler at night. Some people don’t love it because it can feel a little sponge-like.
  • Other Foams — Could be a proprietary foam or polyurethane foam. You should judge these on a case-by-case basis.
  • Air — Usually adjustable, but durability could be a concern.
  • Gel Materials — Great for airflow and keeping you cool, but the thickness will determine how supportive they are.

Rotating The Mattress

If you sleep alone or with a partner that’s much lighter than you are, you should consider rotating the mattress fairly frequently, or the bed will break in unevenly. You will simple apply more pressure and stress to the bed than your lighter counterpart. In this case, it’s advisable that you rotate the bed or switch sides every few months. This applies to all beds, even if they say that they don’t need to be rotated.

A Mattress For Large And Overweight People

If your partner and you are both overweight, you should be even more diligent with looking for a supportive, durable mattress, but I think I’ve already belabored that point enough. Instead, we should talk about edge support and motion transfer. Edge support is how well the mattress keeps its shape along the perimeter. If it compresses excessively you will probably get a roll-off sensation that’s annoying and uncomfortable. You tend to get poorer edge support on all-foam beds than on coil mattresses, but that’s not always true. You can have all-foam beds with great edge support and also coil beds with terrible edge support. We make a point to discuss edge support in all of our reviews.

Motion transfer is often overlooked, as well. It refers to how well the mattress deadens motion. If you (or your partner) are active in your sleep, you’ll want to seek out a bed that’s at least decent at limiting motion transfer. Fortunately, most mattress brands are well aware of motion transfer and have taken plenty of steps to ensure that their bed doesn’t transfer much motion. Innersprings tend to be the worst here, but pocketed coils really aren’t that bad. All-foam generally is the best for motion isolation.