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best mattress for hot flashes

Best Mattress For Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Menopause

Our top rated list of beds that will help to keep pregnant, menstruating, and menopausal women cool

Whether you’re pregnant, going through menopause, or just tend to sweat during the night, we handpicked these beds to help women sleep as comfortably as possible.
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Easy To Clean

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Puffy is an all-foam mattress that has the rare option of a removable and machine washable cover.
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Soft Mattress

$135 Off + Gift


A flippable mattress with copper-infused memory foam that helps to disperse heat. It has a "Soft" and "Firm" side, both of which are tremendously comfortable.
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Cooling Mattress

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Possibly the coolest sleeping bed money can buy. Plus, the Aurora is available in multiple firmness levels for different types of sleepers.
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Latex Mattress

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A flippable hybrid mattress that is thick, durable, and has a nice, organic cotton cover. You can create a bed with a firmer side and softer side. This really is a unique, highly supportive mattress that naturally does a great job of dissipating heat.


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Best Mattresses for Hot Flashes & Night Sweats: Overview

Sorry boys, but we’ve curated this list specifically for women. Especially women who are looking to cool down while they sleep. This could be because of menopause, pregnancy, or just the extra hormones we women have to deal with on a daily basis.

So, I (Slumber Yard team member Kelsie) have personally not had a baby yet, nor have I gone through menopause, so I am by NO MEANS an expert, but I did do a lot of research about pregnancy, including from the American Pregnancy Association (“APA”) and other sources. We have also reviewed a lot of mattresses from some of the biggest (and smallest) brands out there.

From my research, I learned that pregnant women should sleep on their side, especially once they start to develop a bump. The APA recommends to sleep specifically on the left side, as this will optimize the amount of blood and nutrients that go to the baby.

Sleeping on your back is not recommended as it leads to your abdomen resting on your intestines and major blood vessels, which can cause back aches, trouble breathing, and low blood pressure. And obviously, sleeping on your stomach is a no-go, as well. As such, we took the proper sleeping positions into consideration as we created this list.

Furthermore, I learned menopause typically happens to women in their 40s and 50s and can cause problems with sleeping, hot flashes, and extra sweating (thanks for the info, Mom). Besides the mattress tips provided for you in this post, I also recommend you should wear loose cotton pajamas, keep your bedroom well-ventilated, and avoid spicy foods before bed. These tactics should help you sleep more comfortably at night.

So if you’re going through changes like this in your life, and you need to find a new mattress, we’ve handpicked these beds to hopefully make the process a little easier for you. We made sure to pay special attention to cooling features, sleeper types, and women’s body types, because this post is for the girls.



  • Those who want a bed with a removable and machine washable cover
  • All sleeper types
  • Anyone looking for just a comfy foam bed

Like a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses out there, the Puffy is a comfortable foam mattress, but what sets it apart is its removable and machine washable cover. We thought this would be a great feature for women who experience night sweats (rejoice clean freaks, myself included), and even mothers who let their little kids into the bed. All yucky sweat and spills can be washed away!

In terms of feel, we rated Puffy as a medium (to medium-firm) on our firmness scale, which should be good for all sleepers, but perhaps slightly more ideal for back, stomach, and combo sleepers from the get-go.

puffy mattress review bed in a box
Puffy is a comfy foam mattress, but the best part could be the cover

Although this bed is made with memory foam, it feels more like neutral foam because it responds quickly and you don’t get any of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. It also has surprisingly good edge support for an all-foam bed, so feel free to creep away from your partner who sleeps at 100 degrees (we’re talking about you, men).

Overall, Puffy is a comfy bed, but it really doesn’t have a signature or unique feel. It reminds us of Tulo or Leesa in that it kind of just feels neutral—almost like a big slab of softer foam. And that’s not meant as a negative. If you know that don’t like memory foam, you might really appreciate the feel of Puffy. This is a very accommodating mattress.



  • Those who love a softer, memory foam bed
  • People intrigued by a two-sided, flippable mattress
  • All sleep styles
  • Shoppers who want a bed with a lifetime warranty

$135 Off + Gift


Layla is a flippable mattress with a Firm and a Soft side, as designated by the light and dark grey in the image below. The Firm side is really more like a medium to medium-firm on our firmness scale, and the Soft side is a medium-soft.

Layla is a really nice mattress for side sleeping, which is how pregnant women should be sleeping, because it provides lots of pressure relief for their hips, baby, and shoulders. Combo sleepers should be fine, but if you’re a strict back/stomach sleeper, you’ll definitely want to stick to the Firm side.

layla mattress review sleeper type and body type
The Soft side of the Layla mattress is ideal for side sleepers (e.g. pregnant women)

Because this bed has a classic memory foam feel, you’ll find that you get a little of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling on the Soft side (none on the Firm side), but if you like memory foam, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Again, in classic memory foam fashion, this mattress does a good job of deadening all movement, so you won’t feel your partner moving around in the middle of the night, but is awful for jumping on the bed and pillow fights.

You’re probably thinking, Doesn’t memory foam get super hot? Well, Layla actually uses copper-infused memory foam, which helps to disperse heat within the mattress, and keeps the bed pleasantly neutral in terms of temperature. This should help with those hot flashes, night sweats, or particularly hot sleepers who still love the feel of memory foam. To be clear, it’s not a cool-sleeping mattress—it’s just cooler than a standard memory foam bed.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora


  • People looking for a soft, neutral-foam feel
  • Folks who want their pick of firmness options
  • Those looking for an extremely cool sleeping bed
  • All body types

Hot sleepers, listen up—you’re going to sleep pretty darn cool on this bed. This is because this mattress has active cooling technology in the Energex foam top layer and a phase change material in the cover. So if you like to sleep cool (or should I say cold?), this bed is great.

The Aurora is a hybrid bed that comes in multiple firmness options: Soft, Medium, and Firm. As you’d expect, the Medium option is the most popular. In terms of firmness it’s about a medium-soft on our scale.

brooklyn bedding aurora mattress review side sleepers
The Brooklyn Aurora is literally cool to the touch

The Medium option is going to be great for side sleepers because it offers excellent pressure relief. Strict back and stomach sleepers will most likely want to go with the Firm option, but combo sleepers who move around might be fine on the Medium model (as long as you’re on the lighter side). Still, given both the cooling nature of the bed and the pressure relief, the Aurora will be nice for pregnant women.

Overall, this mattress feels like a bouncy innerspring bed with a soft, neutral foam on top (regardless of the firmness level you choose). This is great for little kids who like to jump on the bed, but the motion isolation of the foam topper does a good job of deadening motion, so don’t worry—they won’t get too much air and fly off onto the floor.

IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid


  • Eco-friendly people (natural latex foam + organic cotton cover)
  • Those who want a choice of firmness options (both sides of the bed)
  • People looking for a responsive, resilient, and durable mattress
  • People who want a bed that's made in the USA and is backed by a lifetime warranty

The IDLE Latex Hybrid very well could be the most durable mattress on this list. First of all, it’s flippable, which means you can access both sides of the mattress, in addition to rotating it on occasion.

You also have the option to choose between having the bed be Firm on both sides, Soft on both sides, or one of each on either side. Just so you know, the Soft side isn’t really soft—it’s more like a medium or medium-firm. As such, we think the IDLE Latex Hybrid is a nice option for all types of sleepers (back, stomach, side, and combination).

idle sleep latex hybrid mattress review organic cotton cover
We love the organic cotton cover on this mattress

The fact that this is a two-sided, flippable mattress also means that it’s an interesting and viable option for pregnant women—or even women who plan to get pregnant—because you can sleep on the softer side while pregnant and then flip back to the firmer side after you’re no longer pregnant.

This mattress is also super durable because it’s made with coils and natural latex, which is a bouncy foam material made from the sap of trees. Latex in general is a fairly durable foam, which, along with the coils, means this bed will last a long time.

In addition, latex mattresses tend to stay a little cooler throughout the night because the latex foam doesn’t quite hug your body or trap heat the way memory foam does. It’s also eco-friendly, and will be nice for those of you who have allergies.

Overall, this is a totally underrated bed that has very few downsides, other than perhaps the price tag.

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