best mattress for stomach sleepers

Best Mattress For Stomach & Belly Sleepers

Our list of the top rated beds for anyone that sleeps on their stomach

There are a lot of mattresses out there, but not all are created equal, especially when you start thinking about sleeping positions. Anyone who sleeps mostly on their stomach should (usually) be looking for a firmer mattress. Here are the beds that we think will be best for strict stomach/belly sleepers.
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A budget-tier mattress that’s specifically designed for stomach and/or back sleepers.
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A thick, durable, firm mattress that’s created specifically for heavier individuals.
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Nectar is one of the most popular memory foam beds on the market. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's affordably priced.
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This is a supportive, durable, and responsive mattress that also happens to be double-sided, which should help to extend the useful life of the bed. Oh, and it’s very comfortable to boot.
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Innerspring Check Current OffersIf you’re looking for a more traditional, innerspring type feel, you’ll probably like Saatva. It’s affordable, but also very well made.


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Best Mattress for Stomach & Belly Sleepers: Overview

How in the world are you supposed to know exactly which mattress is right for you? There are literally dozens of brands and hundreds of models to choose from. You can shop in-store or online or even via Craigslist. How do you know you got the right bed and one that will last for the next 7+ years?

The short is answer it that you need to test the bed or at least have a very good idea of what you need in a mattress. We can’t really help you in terms of testing a new bed, but most online mattress brands do offer completely free shipping and returns alongside a 100-night (or more) trial period.

As for learning more about which type of bed you need, that we can help with. That said, we can’t tell you which bed to get, but we can give you some context and a few things to think about. Given that a new mattress is an investment (that you’ll use nearly every night for years), you should do your research and think intently about whether this is the exact bed you need. Don’t settle. Now, with that in mind, here are our picks for the best beds for stomach sleepers.

There’s only so much information we can fit into one video, though. Stomach sleepers need to keep a variety of factors in mind when researching mattresses. Keep reading to learn more about these beds.

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep


  • Anyone on a budget (young professionals, college students, etc.)
  • If you want more of a neutral feel (no stuck-in-the-mud feel)
  • If you want a bed with a lifetime warranty


  • Memory foam lovers
  • Heavy individuals (250 lb or more)

The Love & Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding is an affordable all-foam mattress that’s best suited for stomach (and back) sleepers. It uses a blend of various foams, but has more of a neutral feel, which we’ve found to be highly accommodating.

nest love and sleep mattress review love & sleep
The Nest Love & Sleep mattress comes with a lifetime warranty

It usually elicits “Oh, wow, this is actually really comfortable,” from most of the people that we have lay on it. Since it is only about 11” thick and is made entirely of foam, it’s best for medium and petite individuals, but if you find yourself in that bracket, you’ll probably really enjoy this mattress. And the icing on the cake is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Big Fig


  • Heavy individuals that need extra support (name is actually short for “Bigger Figure”)
  • Anyone that wants a bed that comes with a foundation
  • Hotter sleepers


  • People that don’t want to spend over $1,000 on a mattress
  • Anyone that plans to move living situations frequently (it’s heavy and doesn’t have handles)

Big Fig is the mattress for a person with a “Bigger Figure.” That’s straight from the company. This bed is built specifically for heavy people and is quite firm. As such, if you find yourself in the 250 lb range (or more) Big Fig is a bed that you might want to look into more seriously.

It has coils and latex foam that ultimately make a very supportive, but still very comfortable (especially for stomach sleepers) bed. And with the purchase of your mattress, you get a Big Fig Foundation that is designed specifically for their mattress and takes any guesswork out of the equation in terms of finding a suitable foundation for your new bed.

big fig mattress foundation
The Big Fig foundation is 5x stronger than the standard foundation

The big sell with Big Fig is that it’s thick, durable, firm, supportive, and cool-sleeping. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, well then, sounds like Big Fig could be the one.



  • Memory foam enthusiasts
  • Folks who want two pillows with your purchase (they almost always run this promotion)
  • Budget-minded shoppers
  • Not only back sleepers, but also side and stomach sleepers


  • Anyone that wants a bed that’s made in the USA
  • People that dislike memory foam

Nectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress sold online. That’s partly because it’s really affordable and partly because it’s just a nice mattress (if you happen to really like memory foam).

It’s more of a dense memory foam that cradles your body, but is also  fairly supportive. It wouldn’t be our favorite strict side sleeper mattress, but for stomach sleepers you should appreciate the overall firmness of the bed.

nectar mattress review stomach sleeper
The Nectar mattress has a dense memory foam feel

Other things that you should know are that it has almost zero motion transfer (that’s a good thing) and it typically comes with two free pillows. It also happens to be wildly popular among college students, young professionals, and people that like memory foam, but don’t want to worry about testing a new bed in-store. And to boot, it comes with a 365-night risk-free trial and a “Forever” warranty.

IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid


  • Anyone that wants a flippable, responsive mattress
  • Small, medium, and heavy individuals (plenty of support)
  • Hot sleepers


  • Anyone on a really tight budget
  • Individuals that prefer a bed with zero bounce

The IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid is an underrated mattress. It’s supportive, double-sided, durable, comfortable, and (unfortunately) largely overlooked.

This is a latex and coil mattress, which means it’s responsive and bouncy, but also ideal for strict stomach sleepers. They even allow you to customize the bed by side, so you can have a Firm top and Firm bottom, Soft top and Soft bottom, or a Firm top and Soft bottom.

idle latex hybrid mattress review
The Slumber Yard team flipping the IDLE Latex Hybrid mattress

For stomachs sleepers, we’d say check out the Firm/Firm combination. And since it is using coils and latex foam—and happens to be firmer—the bed sleeps notably cool at night. The only real downsides that we could find are that it’s a little more expensive than your typical online mattress and it’s not the best bed for motion isolation. Even so, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is flippable—that’s really unique.



  • People of all shapes and sizes (supportive, durable bed)
  • Individuals that want more of a traditional innerspring feel
  • Those who want a luxury bed at a fair price


  • Coupon clippers (Saatva almost never offers discounts)
  • Anyone that wants completely free returns ($99 return fee)

Saatva is the original luxury mattress sold online. The bed not only looks a cut above most bed-in-a-box mattresses, but also is extremely well made. It actually has two layers of coils for support and is offered in three different firmness levels (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm). For stomach (and back) sleepers, we’d say look into the Luxury Firm or Firm models.

saatva mattress review stomach sleeper
The Saatva mattress comes in three different firmness levels

Saatva even comes with free white glove delivery (and optional mattress removal), which means a local delivery company will bring the mattress by and set it up for you. This is particularly helpful if you’re in a high rise building or aren’t fit to set up your new bed.

The only real downside with Saatva is that they charge a $99 return fee if you decide that you don’t want the bed. That just goes to cover costs associated with transit.

Review Team

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Jeff Rizzo

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Your Body Composition Matters

We try to always add this section in whenever we review mattresses. It’s very important than you consider your body type before buying a mattress. If you’re heavier, you’re more inclined to think a bed is softer and sleeps hotter than a petite or average sized person. You’ll find yourself nestling into the bed more and possibly even heating up.

Therefore, it’s important to consider just how firm the bed is. If a 100 lb person thinks it’s firm, you probably won’t. Just keep that in mind. Also, you will need a far more supportive mattress, regardless of whether you’re a stomach, back, or side sleeper. We generally recommend spring and hybrid mattresses simply because they tend to outlast their all-foam brethren, especially if you’re heavier. Heavier body types put more stress on the bed, so a lot of cheaper, all-foam beds just won’t do if you’re, say 250-300 lb or more. That said, there are some all-foam beds, such as GhostBed Luxe, that are quite durable and thick, so they’d be a viable option for someone over 225 lb.

What’s Best For A Stomach Sleeper?

Keep in mind that this is a generalization, but chances are that it applies to you. Stomach sleepers, like back sleepers, tend to go with firmer mattresses. We are not doctors, but we did consult with a chiropractor to produce this, and other, reviews. You want to make sure that you keep proper spinal alignment by avoiding any excess sag under your hips where most people carry the bulk of their weight. As we mentioned before, firmness is a subjective point, so if you’re very heavy, you might prefer (and require) a firm, coil mattress. If you’re petite—like one of our team members who is only 100 lb—you can pretty much get by with any mattress as long as you feel supported enough.

Keep in mind that all mattresses soften over time, so the bed that you try out on day one will feel a little different than the one at day 365. Therefore, it might be best to try a slightly firmer bed than you want, simply because it will soften as you continue to sleep on it. And if you want to expedite that break-in process, you can walk on the bed each day for about a minute. That will help to evenly soften the bed and create a more realistic feel for you.

Material Preferences For Your Mattress

As you probably know, there are plenty of material choices when you get a new mattress. Since finding the right mattress for you is a subjective decision, there is not single best material to select. Here’s a short explanation of the popular types of foams and other materials.

Memory Foam — As the name states, this foam remembers your shape. It does a great job of cradling your body and conforms to your exact frame. Memory foam comes in various densities, thicknesses, and firmness levels, so there’s not a hard and fast rule for it. Typically, though, people either love or hate memory foam. It tends to give you a little of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling, which you may or may not like. In either case, memory foam tends to be fairly durable, but will soften over time and when exposed to heat (i.e. when you lay on the bed). It also tends to firm up during the colder months and soften during warmer months. Again, you might not care or you might hate it. You really need to try out a memory foam bed to form your own opinion. We’ve tested plenty of beds with memory foam that are supportive and comfortable, yet will be great for stomach sleepers in particular.

Latex Foam — Slightly lesser known, but still a good option for stomach sleepers. Latex mattresses tends to be responsive, making it easy for you to switch positions at night, but it can also feel spongy, which can be bother some folks. It does, however, typically sleep much cooler than memory foam (and even gel memory foam).

Poly Foam — A lot of the budget beds out there will use poly foam. It’s not a bad option at all, considering memory foam starts out as poly foam. It’s typically responsive and comes in various thicknesses, densities, and firmness levels, as well.

Air — Not used on a lot of beds, but the advantage is that it’s adjustable, which is very neat. Sleep Number is the biggest brand in the space and they make some really nice mattresses.

Water — Don’t get a water bed. Plus, a lot of apartments will require that you put down a water bed deposit, which isn’t fun.

Coils — You might see a traditional innerspring system or pocketed coils. Both tend to be very durable and responsive, but pocketed coils do a better job of localizing support and isolating motion. We’ve all experienced a bed that transfers motion like crazy. Every time you switch positions it disturbs your partner and visa versa. Pocketed coils help to prevent this because there’s no larger metal frame that connects the coils. For the record, you can get a coil mattress in basically any firmness level, ranging from super soft to hard as rock. Coil and hybrid beds tend to be better mattresses for heavier individuals as well.

Proprietary Foams — These are always hard to judge, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the comfort of these various proprietary foams. Usually, they’re some combination of poly foam, latex foam, or memory foam, so they’re not completely unique, but still something worth looking into.

Make Sure To Look Into The Return Policy And Warranty

Most bed-in-a-box mattress companies have a lax return policy where you can essentially test their bed for 100 nights (if not more) to see if it’s the one that you’d like to keep. That’s your opportunity to see if it’s perfect for you, especially with regard to how your back feels and how supportive you expect it to be. Some of them will require that you sleep on the bed for a minimum of 30 nights in order to have your body adjust to it and let it soften up a bit. After those first 30 days, you can return it for free and get a full refund. Other online brands simply say if you don’t like it, you can return it at any time during that trial period.

Shopping for a mattress in-store doesn’t quite allot you that much freedom, although plenty of the stores have a trial period, as well. They just don’t usually offer free returns. And they’re typically not returns, as they require you exchange it, as opposed to getting your money back.

In either case, you should look into the warranty. From what we’ve seen, the typical mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. These include cracking of materials, excessive sagging, and other issues unrelated to you physically damaging the bed. The companies aren’t looking to trick you. They just want to make certain that the issue is on their end, not yours. Additionally, they will make certain that you put it on a proper mattress frame or box spring, so read their FAQ section in order to follow the guidelines. Bottom line: Don’t settle for a warranty that’s shorter than 10 years and make sure your read it in its entirety.

How We Know All This Stuff

We do a lot of research and do consult with experts on the subject of spinal health and mattresses. On top of that, we have a team of individuals of varying weights, ages, etc., that grants us a unique perspective on how beds will feel to different people. Even more, we have individuals on our staff that sleep predominately on your their stomach, which makes selecting our favorite bed for stomach sleeping a lot easier.

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