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Best Mattress Under 2000

Best Mattress Under 2000

Here are our selections for the top rated beds under $2,000.

Last Updated: September 10, 2020

Jeff Rizzo

We’ve posted dozens of mattress reviews for beds that span the entire price spectrum. For this list in particular, however, we’ve zeroed in on mattresses that sell for between $1,000 and $2,000 for the queen or king size after-discount. We’ve made sure to include the best memory foam mattress and more.


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Outline For This Best Mattress Under $2,000 List

Best King Or Queen Size Bed For Under $2,000

There are more mattresses than ever on the market right now. We still have traditional big-box brands such as Sealy and TempurPedic, but over the past ten years we’ve seen a wave of online-only mattresses emerge. And since we’re in such a good position from an options standpoint, let’s take a look at our list of the best mattresses under $2,000:

In this post we will go over what we consider to be the best expensive mattresses that you can buy for between $1,000 and $2,000. Want something cheaper? Make sure to check out these other lists: Best Mattress Under $1,000 and Best Budget Mattresses.

Saatva Classic — Best Innerspring Mattress Under $2,000

The Saatva is a highly supportive mattress with two layers of coils, memory foam, a European pillow top, and an organic cotton cover. We’d expect the price point for Saatva to be close to, if not over, $2,500 for a king mattress, however, it’s actually in the $1,800 range. You can see the current price and if there are any deals on Saatva’s website.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers
We like so much about the Saatva mattress

You can buy a Saatva mattress in one of three firmness levels—Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The Plush Soft option is ideal for side and combo sleepers. It has a giant, fluffy pillow top that’s extra comfortable.

The Luxury Firm is their most popular model, and it sits at about a medium-firm on our firmness spectrum—good for back, stomach, and combo sleepers. As you’d expect, the Firm model is meant for back and stomach sleepers.

Why we added Saatva — We love that Saatva gives you so many options when it comes to firmness levels, and you’re even able to choose between two thicknesses. Not to mention its ultra durable and supportive design, and use of luxury materials like organic cotton.

Purple Mattress — Best Mattress For Airflow Under $2,000

The simple fact is that Purple makes mattresses that do a great job of regulating temperature. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer material featured on all of their beds does not retain heat the way certain foams do, and, thus, the beds are able to remain at a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Additionally, the Purple Hybrid has a base layer of support coils, meaning it’s not only great for airflow, but also for support and long-term durability.

purple mattress review new purple 2 bed in a box
The Purple Hybrid does a great job of shedding body heat

Given that the top layer of the mattress is not a foam, the bed has a completely unique feel. It’s responsive yet pressure relieving and able to accommodate all sleeping positions. The Purple Hybrid is the firmest mattress that Purple makes currently. That said, we still think it will work for all sleeping positions.

Why Purple was picked — If you’re a hot sleeper, this is one of the most breathable mattresses that we’ve ever tested, considering all of the air pockets in the Purple Grid and innerspring base. If you combine that sentiment with the fact that it’s suitable for all sleeper and body types — you get one heck of a nice mattress.

Bear Hybrid — Highly Accommodating

We should first start by saying that Bear Hybrid could have easily been our “value pick.” The bed is highly affordable, particularly if you apply a coupon code.

Typically, after discount, Bear Hybrid is just above $1,000 for a queen size mattress. Some might consider it the best mattress under $1,500.

bear hybrid mattress review side sleepers
We can’t imagine many people not liking Bear Hybrid

As too-good-to-be-true as it sounds, the cover on Bear Hybrid and the original Bear mattress has been proven to help with restful sleep, recovery, blood flow, and more. The FDA even approved Celliant as a “medical device” and “general wellness product.”

Bear Hybrid is 14″ thick and uses 8″ pocketed coils, gel memory foam, and a responsive, airy foam. The net result is a bed that’s about a medium on the soft/firm scale that should be just fine for all sleepers.

Why we chose Bear Hybrid — Beyond its great price tag, Bear Hybrid made the list because it’s accommodating in terms of firmness, feel, and support — plus it has an x-factor element with its Celliant-infused cover that we’ve seen on very few other mattresses to date.

WinkBed — Best Mattress For Heavy Individuals

WinkBed looks and feels like it costs a fortune, but it doesn’t. This is a hybrid mattress with two layers of coils and a plush cover made of plant-based fibers.

WinkBeds are handmade in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the company gives you four models to choose from.

winkbed mattress review main image wink bed cover of bed
WinkBed is burly and very nice

The normal WinkBed models are about 15″ thick and are among the most durable and supportive beds you can buy online. 

WinkBed offers four different models – Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus. As you’d expect, the Softer version is best for side sleepers and will have a fluffy, bouncy feel.

The Luxury Firm still has the softer and airy pillow top, but adds a little in the way of firmness—not too much, though. The Luxury Firm is the most popular and is just fine for all sleeping positions.

What made us add WinkBed — WinkBed is an annual favorite on our Best Mattresses for Heavy People list as it’s incredibly accommodating and built to stand the test of time regardless of your body type. It’s a luxury mattress you could find in a fancy hotel, and has a firmness option for all sleeper types.

Helix Luxe — Best Custom Hybrid Mattress Under $2,000

Helix Sleep, as a company, is focused on the idea that no one person is the same, and, as such, our mattresses should be tailored to our exact sleeping preferences. The company offers over 10 distinct mattresses that run the gamut in terms of different levels of support, firmness, and coolness.

helix luxe moonlight mattress back sleeper
Like many of the beds on this list, it’s hard to dislike Helix Luxe

The company started with six core models and three specialty models, but recently added Luxe models that are more premium in terms of aesthetic, build, and features. They all have a cooling phase-change cover, a thick and plush pillow top, as well as zoned support coils.

Helix Luxe mattresses are a good deal more expensive than their normal beds, but if we, ourselves, were working with a budget of $2,000 we’d rather have a Luxe model. It might be the best expensive mattress.

Why Helix topped our list — Helix offers a ton of different bed options for those looking to “customize” their mattress to perfectly accommodate their preferences. They make the process super easy with their sleep quiz, and you get an incredible value no matter which Luxe mattress you end up with. Each has a hybrid design, a cover to help regulate temperature, and a support/firmness level that works best for your sleeper type.

Avocado — Best Natural/Organic Mattress

Avocado is widely considered the natural and organic mattress online. It uses recycled steel coils in the base that are individually wrapped, and certified organic cotton, wool and latex in the comfort layers. All together, it offers a supportive, bouncy feel with a bit of added plushness if you opt for the topper.

avocado green mattress review
We love the off-white, earthy color of the Avocado mattress

The base model of the Avocado mattress is rated a firm on our scale, but with the optional pillow-top, it adds a few extra inches of latex foam and comes out to be a medium-firm on our scale.

The Avocado mattress has certifications galore. Each bed is GREENGUARD Gold Certified that means they are indeed safe to sleep on and keep in your home.

The latex is sustainably sourced and is even certified by the eco-INSTITUT. The wool inside the mattress is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The cover is made of 100% GOTS Organic Certified Cotton.

We can’t imagine there being a better natural/organic mattress under $2,000. For the king mattress, it is under $2,000 if you don’t get the pillow-top, and the queen is in the $1,400 range.

Why we added Avocado — It’s not the most affordable bed on this list, but it’s really not trying to be. Avocado is designed specifically for people that want a natural/organic mattress and are willing to pay for it. They even offer a vegan mattress. We absolutely love Avocado, trust the brand, and think many people will really enjoy this mattress if they like a bouncy latex feel.

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Buying A Mattress Under $2,000

Why would a person spring for more expensive mattresses you ask? If you’re a single and healthy millennial with an entry level job and an overwhelming amount of college debt, a high-end mattress may not be of the utmost importance to you. If you’re a businessman or woman who just landed a great new promotion, and your significant other has been constantly complaining about the dinky 10-year-old mattress in your bedroom because they have back problems, you may want to consider a high-end product.

While there are people who may argue that your regular run-of-the-mill mattress will get the job done at a lower price, this may not always be the case. If you sleep the recommended eight hours a night, you’re spending approximately a third of your life in bed. That’s far too much quality time with a mattress if you’re not getting exactly what you need from it. There are different characteristics found in high quality mattresses that you usually won’t see on the opposite side of the price spectrum, making it worth the extra dough for some folks.

Who Would A Premium Mattress Be Beneficial For?

There could be many different reasons why somebody would rather opt for the mattress with a higher price tag than other less expensive options on the market.

You Suffer From Pain

Maybe you suffer from hip, back, or shoulder pain — a quality mattress that properly accommodates you can make the difference between a restful sleep, and a sleep full of tossing and turning. 

You Want Natural and Organic

You also might want a premium mattress if you’re particularly interested in a natural and organic mattress. Beds with natural or organic certifications are non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, flame retardants, fillers, polymers, and other nasty substances you don’t want in your mattress. Since these beds are sourced responsibly and use premium materials, they tend to be much more expensive than your average bed. 

For Additional Support

Let’s say you’re a heavier individual or an athlete—you should probably consider a luxury mattress that accommodates large sizes and offers targeted support for the body.

Whatever your reason, there’s a variety of different mattresses you can choose from that will fit your specific needs.

Queen vs King Size Mattress

When you’re trying to decide between a king or queen size mattress, there are a few things you should consider.

  • The space in your bedroom — If you have a master bedroom, by all means, you’d probably be happier with a king size mattress. If you have a smaller room in an apartment, however, we suggest the queen size.
  • Budget — King size mattresses can be several hundred dollars more expensive than queen sizes, so you can opt for a queen size bed if you’re looking to save money, but you want more space than what a full size bed can offer.
  • Single or co-sleeping — If you sleep alone, you should have plenty of room on a queen size bed. If you sleep with a partner, on the other hand, a king mattress offers more room for you and your partner to spread out and comfortably sleep.
  • How tall you are — If you’re anything like our resident tall guy JD who stands at 6’5, you’re a little too long for a queen size mattress and would sleep more comfortably on a king bed.

Mattress Types And Construction

Mattresses come in a wide range of softness or firmness, materials, and sizes. Here are a few options you have when trying to decide which mattress is right for you.

Innerspring or Coil Mattress

If you’ve ever jumped up and down on a bed and were actually able to catch some air, chances are it was on a spring or coil mattress. These are the types of mattresses your grandfather and grandmother are probably more acquainted with. Traditional innerspring beds have an interlocked system of coils that work together to provide support, while newer coil beds usually have individually pocketed coils the provide support, but also better motion isolation than innersprings. Generally, the more coils there are in a mattress, the more support it offers. We recommend innerspring or coil mattresses to people who weigh more than average, like those athletes we mentioned earlier, because they’ll usually last longer for those who are heavier than a foam bed would.


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in multiple firmnesses
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • Noisy
  • Some don’t offer a ton of pressure relief 

Memory Foam

One of the most popular mattress types on the market is memory foam. Many people would consider them to be comfortable since they’re really soft and the foam offers pressure relief to the hips and shoulders. Memory Foam also limits motion transfer, meaning you won’t feel your partner get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night. It also has a slow response rate after you apply pressure to it, as opposed to an innerspring or coil mattress that has a bounce aspect to it. There are other people, however, who don’t prefer memory foam due to the deep viscous feeling the dense foam gives you. Plus, it’s been known for getting a little warm because it can retain body heat, so if you’re a hot or sweaty sleeper, memory foam may not be the best mattress material for you.


  • Good pressure relief
  • Inexpensive
  • No noise


  • Can run hot
  • Potential off gassing odor

Latex Foam

Latex foam can be somewhat characterized as a combination of coil and memory foam. While it doesn’t contain actual coils, the way it bounces back after application of pressure mimics the responsiveness of coil mattresses. Latex foam is a high quality material and is also hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice if you’re somebody with allergies or are health-conscious.


  • Long lasting and durable
  • Good for pressure relief
  • More breathable than memory foam


  • More expensive
  • Tends to have a firmer profile 

Polyurethane Foam

Also known as neutral foam, polyurethane foam is a popular choice among bed-in-the-box companies because it’s considered to be comfortable for most people who lay on it and it’s generally quite cost effective. If you aren’t looking for a true memory foam feel and prefer something a little more neutral and safe, you may want to consider going with polyurethane foam.


  • Very inexpensive
  • More responsive than memory foam 


  • Off gassing odors

Gel Memory Foam

It’s essentially memory foam with an added gel component to make it considerably cooler than your traditional memory foam mattress. One of the main concerns people have with memory foam is that it gets pretty hot during the night after hours of hugging your body and retaining its heat. The gel memory foam was the mattress companies’ response. Often, the lower end mattresses will claim they have a cooling agent, but fall short of expectations. Make sure you’re on high alert for these types of brands and double check that they have a risk-free trial offer, so you aren’t obligated to keep the mattress if you aren’t fully satisfied.


  • Good pressure relief
  • Better temperature regulation than traditional memory foam 


  • Sometimes fails to meet cooling claims
  • Potential off gassing odor

Gel-Like Mattress

This category is almost exclusively saved for brands like Purple, who use a gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer on top of foam (foam and pocketed coils with the newer models) to provide a unique sleeping experience for anyone who tries it out. If you used Jansport backpacks back in the glory days, you have probably felt the gel-like material in the straps before. Now, whether you like it or not it all depends on the way you associate the word “unique” with a mattress. Some people enjoy the gel-like ice cube tray structure, while some don’t care for it at all. One thing is for sure, the mattress is incredibly breathable and good for hot sleepers who are looking for a bed with good airflow. If you’re somebody with money to spend and you’re open to a new, non-traditional mattress, Purple might be for you.


  • Unique characteristics
  • Sleeps cool


  • Limited availability
  • More expensive

Consider Your Sleeper Type

“Sleeper type” refers to the position or positions that you are most comfortable sleeping in. You either prefer sleeping on your back, stomach, side, or a combination of all three. It’s important to find a mattress that caters to your sleeper type for maximum comfort and support. Think about it this way: If you have flat feet and are a size 10 shoe, you’re probably not going to purchase a size 8 with terrible arch support. If you do, you’ll most likely feel some pain and be in need of a foot rub at the end of the day. Same thing goes with your mattress!

Back and Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your back or stomach, we recommend you look into a firmer mattress so it can provide support to the areas your body will need it most: your hips, shoulders, neck, and trunk area. With a soft mattress, these parts of your body will sink into the bed causing your spine to be misaligned for the duration of your sleep. Similar to the shoe example, you’ll likely wake up in the morning with aches or an overwhelming urge to crack your back (and not in a good way).

Side sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper, you should consider a softer mattress so the curves of your body are supported where needed and have space where necessary. A soft mattress will contour itself to the shape of your shoulders and hips as opposed to a firm mattress that will push up against you, causing that pins-and-needles feeling, cut off circulation, or uncomfortable compression.

Caring For Your New $2,000 Mattress

If you choose to invest (because it really is an investment) in a high-end mattress, it’s probably a priority for you to make it last at least eight to ten years to get your money’s worth. Even though you have a bed with high quality material, upkeep on your mattress is important to ensure it stays that way.

Chances are, your mattress won’t have a machine washable cover. Some brands claim the cover is removable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re machine washable. In our opinion, if you can’t wash the cover then it’s a little unnecessary to remove it. Some mattress covers are also really difficult to put back on after removal, so unless a brand specifically states their mattress cover is machine washable, we recommend you use a different method to wash it. If having a machine washable cover is an absolute must for you, take a look at Yogabed or Novosbed.

Spot Clean

Say it’s your anniversary with the spouse and you pop open that bottle of Dom Perignon you’ve been saving for a special occasion, but you spill a little on the mattress. You can use a mild detergent and a damp microfiber towel to spot clean the spill. Be careful, however, to not get the mattress too wet or saturated with detergent as that can damage the foam. Wait until it dries to put your sheets back on.

Mattress Protector 

If you want to avoid spills on your mattress completely, we recommend purchasing a mattress protector. A lot of brands offer mattress protectors on their sites, but it isn’t necessary to get the “matching” protector for your bed. Any protector of the right size will do and you can find a decent variety of affordable options on Amazon. With a mattress protector, you can have peace of mind that whatever you spill on the mattress won’t leave an everlasting stain, and it will help protect against regular wear and tear.

Overview Of The Best Mattress Under $2,000

MattressBest of TitleFirmness 
Saatva ClassicBest Innerspring MattressMedium-soft, medium, or medium-firm
Purple HybridBest Airflow MattressMedium
Bear HybridHighly AccommodatingAbout a medium to medium-firm
WinkBedBest Mattress For Heavy IndividualsMedium-soft, medium, or medium-firm
Helix LuxeBest Custom Hybrid Mattress Under $2,000Soft, medium, firm
AvocadoBest Natural/Organic MattressFirm w/o topper
Medium-firm w/ topper

Best Mattress Under $2,000 Price Table 

MattressTwinTwin XLFullQueenKing/Cal KingSplit King
Saatva Classic$799$949$1,199$1,299$1,699$1,899
Purple HybridN/A$1,399$1,599$1,699$1,999$2,798
Bear Hybrid$1,090$1,190$1,290$1,390$1,690N/A
WinkBed$1,049$1,149$1,299$1,599$1,799 /$1,849N/A
Helix Luxe$995$1,249$1,499$1,799$2,199N/A
Avocado $899$999$1,199$1,399$1,799N/A


Should I get a queen or king mattress?

If you plan to share your mattress with someone else, you should get a king or California king mattress. If you absolutely must, a queen size will do, but it’s typically best for one person.

Should I get a firm mattress, or a soft one?

That all depends on you. If you sleep more of the night on your back/stomach, you’ll prefer a firmer bed. If you favor sleeping on your side, you’ll likely want a softer mattress.

How do I clean my mattress?

It’s typically best to spot clean stains, but some brands will offer beds that have removable/washable covers. You should definitely consult the brand’s website before you start washing your mattress cover though.

How long are the warranties?

Most of the time your mattress will come with a 10-year warranty, however, we have seen plenty of brands offer 15-year warranties, if not longer.

How much should I spend on a new mattress?

Ultimately only you know how much you have available for a mattress purchase. Considering that you can spend roughly one-third of your life in a bed it makes sense to find the mattress that is most comfortable for you and the type of sleeper you are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot. There are some great mattresses for under $2,000. The best course is to test out a variety of mattresses in your price range and then select the one that will be best for your sleeping comfort.