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There are easily over 100 different online brands to choose from, but we did the grunt-work for you and hand picked our top six favorite mattresses from the online bedding space. Continue on below for an overview of each mattress, and additional information you’ll find helpful during your search for a new bed. You can also find other online mattress reviews on our site, including a review on the popular Casper Mattress and the Best Mattress under $500.

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Top 6 Best Online Mattresses Of 2021

Saatva Classic – Best Online Innerspring Mattress

The easiest way to describe Saatva is that it’s the quintessential innerspring mattress, although it’s sold almost exclusively online. It has a springy, supportive feel with a Euro top cover made of organic cotton.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers

Saatva can be found in three firmness options, including Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. If you like a softer, cloud-like feel, you’ll likely prefer the Plush Soft version. If you like medium-firm mattresses, the Luxury Firm is the best bet. And if you want a truly firm mattress, the Firm model is the way to go.

Why we chose this mattress – Saatva is a luxury mattress made with premium materials, and it’s offered in a range of different firmness levels so there’s an option for almost all sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature – Best Value Mattress Online

For the money, we’re not sure you can find a nicer mattress online than Brooklyn Bedding Signature. Not only is this bed-in-a-box mattress made in the USA and has pocketed coils, but also it comes in three firmness options. For side sleepers, the Medium and Soft options are likely preferable, but for strict stomach and/or back sleepers, the Firm model should be about perfect.

brooklyn bedding signature mattress layers

As much as we think you’ll like the bed itself, we also expect that you’ll really like the price tag. Most coil beds sold online are upwards of $1,100, however, Brooklyn Signature sells for well under $1,000 for the queen. The bottom line with this bed is that it’s comfortable and accommodating for those that like more of a traditional coil mattress feel.

Why we picked this mattress — Hybrid beds have a tendency to be more expensive, but Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a quality mattress with a price tag that’s comparable to popular all-foam beds.

WinkBeds Classic – Best Online Hybrid Mattress

For those of you suffering from back pain, WinkBed should be a great place to start because it’s incredibly supportive. It’s made in the USA and actually has two layers of coils.

winkbed reviews side sleepers for this mattress
WinkBed suits any sleeper type — including side sleepers like Owen

But support is not the only thing we know you care about. The bed also comes in multiple firmness options and has a soft, fluffy pillow top cover. It’s hard to imagine many consumers not liking WinkBed, unless you’re looking for a memory foam feel.

Why we love WinkBed — WinkBed is one of the most durable beds we’ve come across, and at the same time, is nice enough to fit in a luxury hotel. It’s also accommodating for all body and sleeper types.

Avocado Green Mattress – Best Natural/Organic Bed Online

The Internet’s favorite natural mattress has to be Avocado. Rather than use foams derived from petrochemical products, Avocado has certified organic latex foam that’s derived from the sap of a rubber tree. Not only that, but it has recycled steel coils for support, New Zealand wool, and organic cotton. The entire bed looks and smells earthy and healthy.

katie laying on the avocado green mattress pillow top version
Katie Kale prefers the pillow top

We also like how comfortable it is. Avocado has a firm, responsive feel, making it a suitable option for hot sleepers, those concerned with support, and anyone that dislikes the “sink-in” quality of memory foam. You can find Avocado in two versions: with and without a pillow-top.

Why Avocado is on our list — We have to add a natural and organic option, and Avocado is admittedly one of our favorites. Not only is it made with certified organic materials, but the pillow-top adds a more plush feel that you don’t find in many latex beds.

Purple Hybrid – Best Cooling Mattress Online

Calling all hot sleepers. Purple is known for being a unique, comfortable mattress with tremendous amounts of airflow for those of you that tend to get uncomfortably hot during the night. You also may know them from their hilarious commercials.

purple mattress hyper elastic polymer
A look at Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer

It actually uses a special material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which helps with temperature regulation, responsiveness, and support. Somehow, Purple beds end up being soft and firm at the same time. They truly are unlike any other bed you’ve tried in the past.

Why we picked Purple Hybrid – Not only does this mattress support all body types and a wide range of sleeper types, but the airflow is impeccable in this bed thanks to its hybrid and Purple Grid design. In fact, there’s probably more air in Purple’s comfort layer than there is Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Layla Hybrid – Best Online Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Hybrid is double-sided, meaning it has a “Soft” side and a “Firm” side. That said, only the “Soft” side is properly named since it truly is soft. The “Firm” side is still quite plush. All in all, if you’re more of a side sleeper or like a mattress with a “sink-in” cuddly feel, we think you’ll like Layla Hybrid.

layla hybrid mattress for side sleepers
Layla Hybrid is the best online memory foam mattress for side sleepers

Why we chose Layla Hybrid — So far, we have covered everything but a memory foam mattress, and to be frank, there are dozens of great memory foam beds out there. With that said, we selected Layla Hybrid because of how versatile and comfortable this mattress is.

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About Our Online Mattress Review Process

For each mattress you see listed above, you can rest easy knowing we weren’t paid to add any of them to our best lists. We provide completely independent reviews, based on the findings of our helpful review team. Our team members have different weights, heights, and sleeping preferences, so we are able to test our out beds from all different perspectives. When a company sends us their bed, we  provide our honest, educated opinion in return and do not accept any form of compensation.

Buying A Mattress Online vs In Store

Like we mentioned before, the mattress industry has undergone big changes. There’s a chance the process is much different from the last time you remember buying a mattress.

Buying A Mattress In A Store

When you visit a store, you have the opportunity to touch, feel, and physically lay on the beds you’re looking at. You also have more of a negotiating power when you’re in store, and can save some money if you’re a good haggler. Though, you must deal with transportation costs, and not all stores accept returns (like Ashley Furniture Store) — especially free returns.

Buying A Mattress Online

When you purchase online, you’re not able to physically touch or feel the mattress to tell if you love it. With that said, online brands try to make up for that caveat by offering lengthy trial and warranty periods.

You’re also granted free delivery, and some high-end brands like Saatva will offer free white glove delivery. So customers don’t have to worry about strapping a mattress to the back of their truck, or being sold on a bed they don’t want thanks to high-pressure sales tactics.

Best Online Mattress Brands

We’ve reviewed and tested products from just about every online mattress brand you’ve ever heard of. This gives us a great perspective as to who makes the best mattress. Here’s a quick look at our list of some of the best bed in a box online mattress brands:

  • Avocado
  • Brooklyn Bedding
  • Casper Mattress
  • Helix Sleep
  • Layla Sleep
  • Leesa
  • Nectar Sleep
  • Nest Bedding
  • Purple Mattress

To be clear, that’s not an exhaustive list of the best online mattress brands, but it’s a great place to start.

Online Warranty And Trial Policies

Let’s dive a bit deeper into online mattress warranty and trial policies.

Just about every online brand we’ve seen offers a risk-free trial period, and averages around 90-100 nights. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the longest trial periods we’ve seen is a full year. Some brands let their customers test their bed in spring, summer, winter, and fall before they’re expected to make a final decision.

If you purchase a mattress from Amazon, you’ll have to abide by the site’s return policy and not the brand’s. Accordingly, make sure you’re okay with a 30-day return policy if you’re set on buying your bed from the popular online retailer.

Online customers are also backed by a warranty policy. The average policy across the industry is 10 years, though, we have seen brands like WinkBed offer a lifetime warranty because they’re so confident in the durability of their mattress.

The Best Online Mattress Depends On Your Sleeper Type

The position you most commonly sleep in will help you determine what mattress firmness is the most accommodating. Here is a breakdown of the different sleeper types and their most viable firmness profiles.

Back sleepers Back sleeping is the second most popular sleeper position behind side sleeping. If you’re a back sleeper, you should opt for a bed with a medium firmness or firmer. If you’re over 230 lbs, lean towards the firm end of the spectrum for more support.

Stomach sleepers Stomach sleepers should also sleep on a firmer mattress to keep their spine in proper alignment. If you predominately sleep on your back or stomach and you buy a soft mattress, you might wake up with a sore back thanks to your trunk sinking into the bed all night.

Side sleepers — Side sleepers, on the other hand, are most accommodated on softer beds — especially if you’re more petite. The bed should contour to the sides of your body, and provide comfortable relief for those pressure points.

Combo sleepers — if you switch positions during the night, you have one of two options when it comes to firmness. You can cater to your most dominant sleeping position, or you can opt for a “medium” firmness level.

Most Common Online Mattress Materials 

Here is a list of some of the most common materials you’ll find in mattresses, featuring Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a material unique to the popular Purple Mattress.

Memory Foam — One of the most popular and most traditional mattress materials. If you remember the commercials with the wine class on the bed and a woman jumping around beside it — that’s memory foam. It’s viscous, slow to respond to pressure, and contours to the shape of your body.

Latex Foam — Latex foam can either be natural, derived from the sap of the Havelis Rubber Tree, or synthetically made. Either way, you’ll have a bouncy, rubber-like substance (in a good way) that’s supportive, and a lot more durable than memory foam or poly foam. Additionally, natural latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Polyurethane Foam — Polyurethane, or what we at the Slumber Yard like to refer to as neutral-foam, is a soft foam that’s more responsive than memory foam but not as bouncy as latex wither. It’s a classic, standard feel that most people seem to enjoy, whereas the “sink in” feel of memory foam can be a little divisive.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer — Like we said above, this material is exclusively reserved for Purple. It’s a supportive, gel-like material that’s extremely bouncy, malleable, and durable. It can stretch up to 15 times its size and feels like a comfortable, big Dr. Scholl’s insole.

Innerspring/Coils — Another traditional material, and it’s likely what your grandmother’s bed was made from. These beds contain a coil/innerspring base, and usually will have a pillow-top in the comfort layers to neutralize the supportive feel of the springs.

Hybrid — A hybrid mattress is a bed that contains innersprings and or coils, with an additional material such as memory foam, latex foam, or Hyper-Elastic Polymer. These beds are more supportive, more durable, and are usually thicker than all-foam beds.

Online Mattress Reviews Price Table

Here is a breakdown of the different prices on the bed’s mentioned on our online mattress list.

MattressTwinTwin XLFullQueenKing/Cal King
Avocado Green Mattress$899$999$1,199$1,399$1,799
Saatva Classic$849$1,049$1,399$1,499$1,899
Purple Hybrid$1,399$1,399$1,599$1,699$1,999
Brooklyn Bedding Signature$599$699$849$999$1,249
Layla Hybrid$1,199$1,299$1,499$1,599$1,799

Best Online Mattress Overview

MattressBest Of TitleFirmness Level
AvocadoBest Natural and Organic Bed OnlineFirm or Medium-Firm w/topper
SaatvaBest Online Innerspring Mattress2 Firmness Options
Purple HybridBest Cooling Mattress OnlineMedium to medium-firm
WinkBedBest Online Hybrid Mattress3 Firmness Options
Layla HybridBest Online Memory Foam Mattress2 Firmness levels (flippable)

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How long will my Mattress last?

The longevity of your bed depends on the type of mattress you get. An all-foam mattress may last around 7-8 years, while a hybrid or innerspring bed can last around 10 years or more.

Will I get a trial period for my mattress?

If you purchase your bed online, you will receive a risk-free trial period. Depending on the brand, it can range from around 90 days to a full year.

How does shipping work?

You will get free shipping right to your doorstep, and your mattress will show up in a box about the size of a set of golf clubs. Some brands, however, offer free while glove delivery and will also complete the set-up process for you.

How often do online beds offer discount codes?

Often, and we mean very often — not just holidays. Check the Slumber Yard’s Deal Page for all the up-to-date online mattress promotions.