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best pillow top mattress reviews online bed in a box firm and plush

Best Pillow Top Mattress

If you're looking for the best rated pillow top mattress, this is the list for you.

Pillow top mattresses can be extremely comfortable. You have a few extra layers to nestle into and they usually have really nice quilted covers. They might not be cheap, but they tend to be durable and supportive beds for people that are willing to make an investment. We’ve made sure to include both plush and firm pillow top mattresses so you have plenty to choose from.

The Top Rated Options Right Now

“Pillow top mattress” is actually a fairly vague term as you can have all sorts of different beds that come with a pillow top. All it really says is that you have an added fluffy layer on top that usually provides more pressure relief and creates a mattress that you want to nestle into.

With that in mind, we selected a diverse group of mattresses that range from soft to firm and also differ in terms of their material makeup–all of these beds also come in a king size. No sense in wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at the list of the best pillow top mattresses:

We hope the video above was helpful. Below you can find more information about each bed that made the list. Keep in mind that we’ve also posted individual reviews of each of the beds.

nest bedding hybrid review coupon

Lifetime Warranty

$400 Off


For the money, the Nest Alexander Hybrid is a solid mattress. This is a supportive, well-constructed bed that's offered in multiple firmness options. It even has a lifetime warranty.
saatva mattress review

Firm Pillow Top Mattress

$100 Off

Discount in Cart

Saatva's most popular model is a medium firm pillow top mattress with several layers of foam, coils, and an organic cotton cover. It's luxury at an affordable price. Given how supportive this bed is, we think it's a nice mattress for back pain.
brentwood home oceano mattress review coupon code discount

Plush Pillow Top Mattress

$175 Off

Code: SYBH

Brentwood Home Oceano is the quintessential plush mattress. It has two layers of coils and a fluffy, super-soft pillow top that we can't foresee anyone disliking. Oceano is a fantastic mattress for side sleepers that want a pillow top mattress.
winkbed review coupon

Extra Supportive

$300 Off

Code: SLEEP300

WinkBed mattresses just scream luxury. They have two layers of coils, several comfort foams, and a big fluffy pillow top cover that's made with plant-based fibers. If you're dealing with back pain, look no further than WinkBed.
avocado mattress review coupon code promo code discount bed in a box

Natural & Organic Mattress

$175 Off


Avocado is one of the best natural and organic beds that money can buy. And if you're willing to pay just a little more you can get a pillow top on the mattress, which really kicks things up a notch.


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Typical Company Policies

You’ve probably noticed that online mattresses have some great company policies. If you ask us our opinion, we’d say that you should always look for a mattress that has the typical company policies like a trial period, return policy, and warranty.

Most of the products we review, including the king size mattresses, have free shipping (but you’ll have to unbox it and set it up yourself), a 100-night trial period, free returns within that trial-period including free pick up, and a 10-year warranty.

Most companies offer free returns because they have very low return rates, and they also usually donate the mattress to a local charity in need of beds. The trial period is so that you can test out the bed without being rushed. Other in store mattresses only let you test out the bed for a couple of minutes, and usually after a long work day or a couple hours spent walking around the mall, so of course they feel comfortable. The 100-night trial period ensures that you can really see if the bed you have is the best bed for you.

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid


  • If you want a really nice bed at a fair price
  • Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers
  • People that want a bed that's covered by a lifetime warranty
  • If you like options (Nest Alexander comes in 3 firmness profiles)

Nest Alexander is one of our all-time favorite coil beds. It comes in three firmness options, but the “Medium” version is their most popular, and is the one we’re thinking of for this list. It has a fluffy pillow top—a bit like that of the Oceano mattress—and support coils for a little bounce.

The “Medium” option is somewhere between a medium-soft and proper medium on the firmness scale, but it should work for all sleeping positions. That said, if you want something firmer, they have that too. And if you need something even softer, you guessed it, they have that as well.

nest alexander signature series mattress review cover
Look at that fluffy pillow top

We also appreciate that Nest Alexander Hybrid is affordable with a retail price of about $1,500 for the queen bed. That’s before discounts, which typically end up bringing it down closer to $1,300. Again, for the money, it’s a pretty darn great pillow top mattress.



  • All body types
  • People that want a firm pillow top mattress, or even a plush model
  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers
  • If you want a really nice coil bed for (barely) over $1K
  • People with back pain that need a lot of support

The “Luxury Firm” model from Saatva is not just a firm pillow top mattress, it’s a durable and thick bed that is made up of foam and two layers of coils. This is the type of bed that you sleep on top of, which is why we really like it for back and stomach sleepers in particular. Combo sleepers will be just fine as well, but petite individuals and those that spend the night on their side probably want to go with the Plush Soft mattress model.

saatva mattress review
You can see Saatva’s organic cotton pillow top

Saatva uses a combination of two layers of coils, memory foam and a mounded euro top to make a bed that’s extremely supportive and comfortable—pretty much a great option for people with back pain. From the start, it will be about a medium-firm to firm, but it will soften over time and end up somewhere closer to a medium-firm. The more time we’ve had with Saatva, the more we like this bed.

Brentwood Home Oceano


  • People that want to nestle into their mattress (Oceano is a big, plush mattress)
  • All body types, given that Brentwood Oceano has dual coil layers
  • Eco-conscious buyers that want a bed with certain natural elements
  • Side and combination sleepers (also, lightweight back/stomach sleepers)

Oceano is not only the company’s most popular bed, but it could also be the internet’s. This is just a fantastic mattress that’s really comfortable, fairly plush, and pretty darn supportive. It actually has two layers of coils, plus memory foam, and who could forget about the pillow top? Oceano is one of those beds that you get lost in, and never want to leave.

brentwood home oceano mattress review cover
Oceano is the ultimate cuddling mattress

The entire Oceano mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment, which is a certification that’s extremely difficult to achieve. Among other things, it means that the bed is indeed safe and free from certain toxins and heavy metals. The bed doesn’t even have any chemical fire retardants

Oceano also comes with free shipping, a full-year test window, free returns, and a 25-year warranty. Hard to get much better than that.



  • Heavier folks or people with back pain who need ample support and durability
  • Anyone who wants multiple firmness options to choose from (they offer firm and plush mattresses)
  • Those who like the idea of a hotel luxury style mattress
  • All sleeper types and body types (you can choose the model that suits you best)

WinkBed mattresses are big and luxurious. They look very nice and you can tell right off the bat that they’re well-made, quality mattresses.

You can choose from a few different firmness levels—Softer, Luxury Firm (their most popular), or Firmer, or you can opt for the Plus option, which is designed to handle people that weigh up to 500 lb. Any option will provide plenty of support, though, as long as you take your own body type into consideration.

winkbed reviews side sleepers for this mattress
WinkBed offers a good value and a giant pillow top

WinkBed feels like a more traditional innerspring bed with a plush and airy pillow top. It’s no surprise they have some of the innerspring bounce since there are two layers of coils—one layer of larger pocketed coils to help you maintain proper alignment, and then a layer of pocketed micro “airsprings” for better airflow and some bounce.

These are all-around luxury style mattresses that have a lot to like about them (although they really should have handles on a bed this heavy) and we think Wink is a solid option for a lot of sleepers. Bottom line: this is a very nice mattress, among the best.

Avocado Green Mattress


  • People that want a natural/organic bed with health certifications galore
  • All sleeping positions, though, it is a little on the firm side
  • All body types (Avocado is not short on support)
  • Fans of latex foam

Avocado very well could be the most popular natural and organic mattress in the world, let alone online. And we can totally understand why. The bed is clearly built to a higher standard and uses various organic and natural materials such as organic certified cotton and latex. It also has 8″ steel coils for its foundation, which means it’s bouncy, responsive, and extra supportive.

avocado green mattress review
A look at the Avocado mattress with the optional pillow topper

By default Avocado is not a pillow top mattress, but you can add one. It costs more (in some cases $500 more), but we think it’s the way to go since it takes the bed from being truly firm to about a medium-firm, and therefore opens it up to other sleeping positions.

We think it’s a really nice, really comfortable bed, but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s a firmer, very responsive bed (i.e. this isn’t the mattress that you sink into). As a result, however, it ends up being a nice solution for hot sleepers. The coils help with air circulation, the latex foam is a naturally cooler material, and the firmness level means you sleep more on top of the bed.

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Other Types of Mattresses

Some may argue that pillowtop mattresses are the most comfortable, but there are many different types of mattresses on the market to choose from.

Hybrid – hybrid mattresses usually utilize both springs and foam, or some other comfort material. The springs are typically categorized as innerspring, pocketed coils, or micro-coils, mixed with any type of foam (which we’ll explain in the foam section of this text). Hybrid or innerspring mattresses tend to be the most supportive and durable type of mattresses. For this reason, we recommend these mattresses to heavy people or those who are looking for a mattress that will last them a long time. Hybrid beds also usually have some bounce to them, which makes them great for jumping on the bed during pillow fights. Usually the coil beds are best for individuals with back pain.

Foam – all foam beds are great. They’re a staple of the bed-in-a-box industry, with popular brands including Tuft & Needle, Casper, Layla, Nectar, and more. There are multiple types of foam to choose from, though. Polyurethane foam or neutral foam is a common one. It can range from soft to firm but is usually responsive and supportive. Memory foam is another popular foam used in all-foam beds. Memory foam lets you slowly sink into the material as it sort of molds around your body, and then it’s slow to respond while moving around. Memory foam mattresses tend to be polarizing though; people tend to either find it super comfortable or don’t like how it makes them feel sort of stuck. Another type of foam is proprietary foam, which is a blend that the company creates so it can be unique to them. They tend to be hit or miss regarding comfort, but usually just feel like a blend between poly foam and memory foam.

Latex – we’re giving this foam its own category, because it’s so unique in its feel and manufacturing process. Latex mattresses are actually made from the sap of rubber trees, and has a bouncy yet sponge-like feel. Latex foam tends to stay pretty cool, because it’s aerated for proper airflow. It’s also super durable; much more so than the other foams listed above. But because of all these great features, you might notice that latex beds come with a high price tag.

Gel memory foam – this is just like memory foam, but cooler. Memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot because it absorbs body heat and retains it through the night. If you’re a hot sleeper who hates waking up all sweaty but you also like the feel of memory foam, look into a gel memory foam mattress.

Air mattresses – We haven’t reviewed many air mattresses at the Slumber Yard as of this post, but from personal experience we know that they’re great for crashing on your buddies floor, camping in style, or even floating on a lake with. We wouldn’t recommend air mattresses for people with back injuries, though.

Water beds – don’t get a water bed. Every time you move a fraction of an inch, the whole bed will move. Plus, what is your back up plan for if it pops and floods your room? Exactly, do don’t have one. Trust us and go for the many other wonderful mattress options on the market like the ones talked about above.

Bed’s with gel-like materials – we’re mainly talking about Purple mattresses here, as they’re the leader in the unique mattress materials category. Purple uses their patented material dubbed Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It feels like silicon and is laid out in a grid format. The end result is a mattress that’s super supportive yet pressure relieving, and cool temperature wise because of the great airflow.

Why A King Size Mattress Is The Best

We have several items to cover in this section, but we should start by acknowledging that king size pillow top mattresses are just the best. And when we say the best, we do mean the best—in almost every way. They combine the two most important thing when it comes to sleep: comfort and space. King size mattresses allow you plenty of room to sprawl out and they also pack a major punch in terms of comfort, thanks obviously to the pillow top.

There are also a few key elements that you need to keep in mind if you plan on sharing your mattress with someone else. Most people don’t think about these aspects before purchasing a mattress, so it’s a good thing you found this post, because we thought of it for you.

The first feature is edge support. Edge support refers to how well (or not well) the bed holds it shape around the edges of the bed. If a bed completely compresses on the sides, you might find yourself falling onto the floor, especially if you and your partner tend to spread out across the mattress instead of cuddling in the middle. On the flip side, we’ve seen some mattresses that have excellent edge support, but are then softer in the middle. This can result in the edge pushing you back towards the middle of the bed, so that you and your partner are right next to each other in the middle of the bed. We find that hybrid beds usually have the best edge support, so you won’t have an issue with either the edge being too soft or too firm, but you have to take it on a case by case basis.

The other feature to take note of is motion transfer. This is very important if you sleep next to a restless sleeper who tends to toss and turn all night. Mattresses with good motion isolation will deaden any motion, so that you can’t feel when your partner sneaks out of bed for late night snacking. Foam beds tend to have good motion isolation, as well as hybrid beds with pocketed coils, as they localize support to reduce motion transfer. If you’re a sensitive sleeper or sleep next to an active sleeper, make sure to pay attention to the mattresses motion isolation abilities.

Other Important Factors: Your Weight

Your height and body type are going to affect how firm or soft a mattress feels to you, because it determines the pressure that you put into the surface of a bed. Don’t blame us, blame gravity. The lighter you are, the firmer a mattress will feel. This is because you’re basically laying on top of the bed instead of in it. To factor in light people and how they will perceive each mattress, we make sure all of our team members have a chance to test out the beds we review.

Heavier body types might notice that beds typically feel softer to them, because they put more pressure into the mattress and sink down into it more. In some cases, sometimes heavier folks can sometimes sink through comfort layers and will feel the support materials, instead. Most of the guys on our team are over 150 lb, so they give us a better outlook on how our mattresses will feel for heavier people. If you’re suffering from back pain, a firmer pillow top mattress is probably the best place to start—or at the very minimum a supportive pillow top bed.

Your Sleeper Type

Different sleeper types need different types of mattresses. We categorize sleeper types into three different categories: back and stomach, side, and combo. Back and stomach sleepers need firmer mattresses so that their hips, neck and shoulders are properly supported. This will keep the spines of stomach and back sleepers aligned, for good back health. Side sleepers put more pressure into the mattress with their shoulders and hips, so they will usually want a softer mattress that is pressure relieving. If side sleepers sleep on a mattress that’s too firm, the surface will push against them, not accommodate their curves. For those of you who are combo sleepers, we recommend finding a happy medium mattress on the firmness scale or go with whatever position you think that you may sleep in more.

Hotter Sleepers And Cold Cuddlers

Keep what temperature you like to sleep at in mind when shopping for a new mattress. Hot sleepers who find themselves sweating through the night or waking up because they’re too warm should look for mattresses with either great airflow or cooling agents. They should also probably stay away from memory foam, because memory foam tends to absorb and retain body heat, making you stay warm through the night. But, we realize that some people like to sleep warm, because they often find themselves shivering at night. Cold sleepers might want to check out memory foam or other soft foam mattresses to stay warm.