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Best RV Mattress Reviews

Best RV Mattress Reviews

These are the top rated RV mattresses that you can buy online.

Making recommendations in general is difficult, but RV mattress reviews in particular are even more hit or miss. We don’t know your situation, vehicle, or preferences, but we do know what most people are looking for. With that in mind, we compiled our list of the best mattresses for someone with an RV. All of these beds are available in the standard sizes: twin, full, queen, and king.


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Best RV Mattresses 2021

As we often say in our best lists, we are trying to be helpful and can only base our selections on search trends. If you didn’t quite see the right mattress for you, keep in mind that we’ve tested well over 100 beds and have an entire mattress reviews page that you can peruse.

Best RV Beds Overview

Whether you own a Winnebago, Airstream, or a high-end RV, getting the right mattress is key. Sizes can be tricky because they completely depend on your vehicle, but if you’re looking for a standard twin, queen or king mattress your options are plentiful. That said, short queen mattresses are in somewhat—no pun intended—short supply from the big-name brands. In this guide, you can find a combination of standard beds and RV mattresses we think adventurers will really love.

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What Makes These The Best RV Mattresses?

If you’re looking to upgrade your RV mattress, there are a few key things you should know before pulling the trigger on an expensive purchase. For starters, you’ll want to measure your RV’s mattress surface, a.k.a the wooden board or frame you place your mattress on. You could technically measure your old RV mattress, but you’ll get a more accurate number from the surface because beds can shrink or expand due to change in temperature.

Some RV’s may be able to fit a standard size mattress, and for others, you’ll need a special RV size. We’ve included some of the most common sizes for RV mattresses at the bottom of this article.

PlushBeds RV: Best Cheap Foam Mattress

Why PlushBeds is a great RV mattress — The PlushBeds 6″ Original RV Mattress made this list because it’s a comfy, simple bed that sells at reasonable prices, and still comes with free returns. Even more, it’s specifically made in a queen short to fit most RV brands as well as an “RV Special.”

plushbeds rv mattress
Made just for RV beds

The PlushBeds RV Mattress is the definition of a simple mattress. It’s 6″ thick and includes just one layer—a softer neutral foam. That said, the simple design of this mattress is what makes it such a natural fit for an RV. Interestingly, the bed carries the coveted GREENGUARD Gold certification that means it has passed rigorous health safety tests. It’s rare to see such an affordable mattress with such a difficult-to-achieve certification.

According to the PlushBeds website, this mattress is compatible with the following RV brands: Country Coach, Fleetwood, Winnebago, Safari, Monaco, Teton, Gulf Stream, and about ten others. Again, MobilePlush is made specifically with RV owners in mind.

Brooklyn Bowery: Best RV Queen Short Mattress

Why Bowery is a good RV mattress — We selected Bowery Hybrid for this list mostly because it’s really affordable, comfortable, and comes in several RV specific sizes. Considering the bed is made in the USA and sells for around $650 after-discount (queen size), we think it makes a lot of sense for budget shoppers out there.

brooklyn bedding bowery hybrid mattress review

Bowery feels like a general, soft foam bed with coils for support. In fact, it doesn’t really have a signature feel. It really just is like laying on a slab of foam with bouncy. It’s responsive and comfortable, but doesn’t feel at all like memory foam. We’d consider it a safe pick, and would wager that about 60% of people would be just fine on Bowery.

What’s also nice is that while it’s not technically a mattress for heavy people, it’s a really nice solution if it’s just your RV mattress (remember, it has coils).

Bowery is about a medium-firm in terms of firmness, though, the heavier you are, the softer the bed will appear. It doesn’t really have a ton of pressure relief for side sleepers, but you should be ok, so long as it’s not your every-night mattress for months on end. For back and stomach sleepers, though, you’re good to go.

Brooklyn Signature: Best RV King Mattress

Brooklyn Signature is an RV specific mattress — This mattress is one of our favorites, and when we found out that it’s available in RV mattress sizes as well, it was a no brainer for this list. To be honest, we selected it as the “Best RV King Mattress” but it does come in other RV specific sizes as well, including the queen short. We just see this as a tremendous option if you are spending a lot of time in your RV.

brooklyn bedding signature mattress review hybrid bed
Available in regular and RV mattress sizes

Unlike many RV mattresses, BB Signature is available in a Soft, Medium, and Firm, so you can choose the firmness profile that you prefer. Not only that, but it has an accommodating feel and supportive base. So, whether you’re a petite stomach sleeper or a heavier back sleeper, there should be a BB Signature mattress for you.

What’s also great about this particular bed (and the others from Brooklyn Bedding) is that it’s available in just about every RV mattress size you could ever want. You can see them all on Brooklyn’s website, but here are the main sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Short Full
  • Queen
  • Short Queen
  • Olympic Queen
  • King
  • Short King
  • RV King
  • CA King

Like I said, just about every RV size you could ever want. They even make three different size RV king mattresses.

Nectar: Best Memory Foam Mattress

Reasons Nectar is a good RV mattress — In recent years, Nectar has emerged as the cheap memory foam bed, with thousands of 4-5 star reviews. Not only is it affordable (i.e. under $1K for a queen), but also it has an accommodating feel for those that love memory foam. For these reasons, and others, we see Nectar as a natural fit as an RV mattress—that is, if you can accommodate a standard size bed.

nectar mattress review back sleepers
Nectar is a solid pick for all sleeping positions

In general, all memory foams will feel firmer in cold rooms and softer in warmer rooms, so keep that in mind as you go through this post. In terms of what Nectar feels like, it has a more typical memory foam feel. It has the sink-in feel and it does contour nicely to the shape of your body. When you lay down, it takes a few seconds for the materials to soften around you, but from there on you should get a nice amount of pressure relief. And, since the bed is about a medium or medium-firm, it should be just fine for all sleepers, unless you had your heart set on an extra-soft bed.

Excluding, Amazon mattresses, Nectar is among the most affordable bed-in-a-box mattresses out there. As mentioned above, you can get a queen size Nectar mattress for under $1K, after discount. You can check the current offers on

Part of what makes Nectar so affordable is the fact that almost always you will get two pillows with your purchase of a mattress. They aren’t the fanciest pillows in the world, but for someone that’s concerned with price and sticking to a budget, they don’t hurt.

The Allswell: Best Mattress for Back Pain

Why Allswell is good for back pain — The main reason we selected Allswell is that we consider it a nice mattress for back pain sufferers, particularly as it relates to your RV. We say this because it’s (a) supportive and (b) firmer. It’s a really nice option for back and stomach sleepers, and yet side sleepers will be fine on it as well, so long as it’s not your everyday mattress.

Most of the time, however, people with back pain are working with an unsupportive mattress and spend most of the night on their back or stomach. Allswell is a good fit if this is the case for you.

allswell mattress review hybrid bed for heavy people
Allswell is a 10″ innerspring mattress that comes in standard sizes

Allswell is like laying on a very thick bed of grass with a little bounce. It’s actually more comfortable than you’d think, and, again, offers plenty of support for people sleeping in your RV. The bed technically has memory foam, but you won’t feel it like you will with the Nectar mattress.

In addition to The Allswell, the company sells two other beds: The Supreme and The Luxe. These are thicker and softer than The Allswell, but might be worth your consideration if you want more cushioning and you can fit normal size mattresses in your RV. You can see all the beds on

Puffy Mattress: Easiest Mattress to Clean

Why Puffy made the list — Puffy is one of those beds that you can safely assume the majority of people will find comfortable. It might not be for everyone, but it has an accommodating feel that we think a lot of people will really enjoy. That’s good news for RV owners.

Even more, however, Puffy comes with a removable, washable cover, which is great for people that like to thoroughly clean their RV. To be frank, we’ve tested other beds with covers that are easier to remove, but Puffy is among a small group of mattresses with a “washable” cover.

puffy mattress review stomach sleeper
Comfy and comes with a washable cover (i.e. a good mattress for an RV)

Most bed-in-a-box companies offer a 10-year warranty, which is fine, but Puffy has the full lifetime warranty, which you can read about on Puffy’s website.

Puffy is about a medium on the firmness scale and will be ideal for all types of sleepers, so long as they weigh under about 230 lb. As mentioned above, it has a fluffy foam feel—almost like the memory foam has little air pockets built-in. It’s unique and comfortable, but won’t feel like a standard memory foam.

Puffy has been endorsed by perhaps the biggest celebrity out there. That being Ellen. Not sure if she sleeps on a Puffy mattress, but fans of Ellen might be intrigued either way.

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What Is An RV Bed?

True to its name, an RV bed is designed to offer the comfort of sleeping in your home even while you’re on the road in an RV. RV beds need to be designed to fit into small spaces, so they usually have different dimensions than a normal bed you can find in your home. 

While inside an RV, it’s also important for RV beds to withstand more movement. RV beds are usually designed to help sleepers through motion isolation, which means it absorbs movements better than your average bed. 

To offer durability, support and motion isolation, RV mattresses are usually made of a few common materials: 

  • Memory Foam – Memory foam mattresses are best known for offering pressure relief. For life on the road, they can be especially helpful for active users who may need more soft comfort after hiking, swimming, biking and more. The main negative with memory foam mattresses is that they tend to heat up quickly, so they may not be a good option if you travel with your RV often through tropical and hot climates. 
  • Latex Foam – Most often, latex foam is a better choice for RV mattresses. Not only is it more breathable, but it’s also a highly durable material. It can also be hard to keep RV’s completely clean, but a latex mattress ensures your sleeping space will be. Latex foam is antimicrobial and resistant to mold and mildew, so it’s excellent if you’re traveling through humid, wet and tropical climates. 
  • Polyurethane Foam – Polyurethane foam mattresses are some of the cheapest options on the market, but that also means they can be lower quality than other options. If you’re a neutral sleeper that isn’t too picky, a polyurethane mattress would work great. It’s also a good option if you know you’ll have multiple people staying in your RV since it can accommodate different sleepers’ needs. 
  • Innerpspring – Innerspring mattresses are best for heavy-weight sleepers. The springs offer the highest form of support for all different body types. The spring construction also allows more airflow, meaning it can help keep you cooler than standard foam.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid mattress use elements from foam and innerspring mattresses so you can have the best of both worlds. A hybrid mattress is usually best for maximum support and additional pressure relief. Though they can be a bit bulkier than other options, they’re important to consider if you have a lot of sleeping preferences.

Common RV Mattress Sizes

  • RV Bunk: 28” x 75”
  • RV Twin: 38” x 75”
  • RV Full: 53” X 75”
  • RV Three-Quarter: 48” X 75” or 48” x 80”
  • RV Short Queen: 60” x 75” or 60” x 74”
  • RV Queen: 60” X 80”
  • RV Olympic Queen: 66” X 80”
  • RV King: 72” x 80”
  • RV Cal King: 38” x 75”

You probably won’t find any RV mattresses at your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Ashley Furniture, but large camping supply stores nearby will probably have them. You can also look online for RV mattress retailers near you, or check out an online RV mattress retailer (which there are plenty of). If you can’t find a mattress with your required dimensions, you can spend extra money to have an RV mattress custom made for you. Keep in mind, however, this can get a little pricey.

More Things to Consider When Buying an RV Mattress

Aside from construction, there’s a couple other considerations you should have in mind before purchasing an RV mattress. Review the following considerations below and make a list based on your preferences and needs. 


Before shopping for your mattress, consider how you like to sleep. Do you sleep on your side, back or stomach? Softer beds are usually better for side sleepers, while firm mattresses help support back and stomach sleepers. Do you also tend to run cold or hot at night? Understanding your temperature can help you choose the mattress materials since some run hot like memory foam, and others like innerspring mattresses help distribute more airflow. 

Number of Beds

The number of beds you need can help you determine which type of mattress to buy. If you’re accommodating a large RV, you may want to buy more budget-friendly mattresses so you aren’t breaking the bank. You’ll also need to consider the different types of sleepers who will be staying inside the RV. Can everyone handle the same type of mattresses, or do you need to accommodate different preferences?


How often will you be using your RV mattresses? If you only use your RV for vacations, you can get away for a less durable mattress that’s more focused on comfort. Yet, if you use your RV for long-term use, you may want to find a mattress that’s just as long-lasting as a home mattress. The best beds for an RV will hold up to short- to long-term use.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation for RV beds has to do with your preferences along with where you’ll be traveling. If you tend to run cold while you’re sleeping, a memory foam mattress can help you feel warmer. Yet, if you’re traveling through the summer or in tropical climates, you may need an option that will help you cool down. 

Company Policies For Top RV Mattresses

Many times when you buy a mail-order mattress online you will most likely get a few policies by default regardless of the brand and product you choose. For instance, you can expect the following: free shipping, free returns, and at least a 10-year warranty. If you get a mattress that’s terribly low-priced, you might not get free returns or a full 10-year warranty, but most of the other brands do still follow the industry norm.

Mattress Returns 

Now, let’s take a second to unpack returns with an online RV mattress. Most of the time, even if you get a queen or king-size mattress, you can try the bed for the 100 nights before you have to give it a thumbs up or down. Three months is more than enough time to come to a final conclusion, especially with a mattress for your RV. The brands stand behind their products so much that they will allow your money back if you don’t like the bed. Having said that, Amazon mattresses are a little tricky and do not always come with free returns. The return policy will differ from brand to brand. You can learn more about the policies for each of the beds on this list in our respective mattress reviews.

Best RV Mattress Price Comparison

Note prices are before discounts, and most brands do run promos.

MattressRV TwinRV Special or twin XLRV FullRV QueenRV King/Cal King
Brooklyn Bedding RV Bowery HybridN/AN/A$749$799$1049
Brooklyn Bedding RV SignatureN/AN/A$849$999$1,249
The Allswell $265$295$345$375$465
Puffy Original$795$825$995$1,150$1,350

Best RV Mattresses 2021 Overview

MattressBest of TitleFirmness Level
PlushBedsBest Cheap Foam MattressSoft, Medium and Firm
Brooklyn Bedding RV Bowery HybridBest RV Queen Short MattressMedium-Firm
Brooklyn Bedding RV SignatureBest RV King MattressSoft, Medium and Firm
NectarBest Memory Foam MattressMedium to Medium-Firm
The AllswellBest Mattress for Back PainMedium-Firm to Firm
Puffy OriginalBest Easy to Clean MattressSoft to Medium-Firm


What is an RV mattress?

An RV mattress is a bed that fits in an RV. They don’t have to be special RV mattress sizes, but in most cases they are (i.e. RV queen, RV king, etc.)

What is the most popular size RV mattress?

The most common sizes are RV Twin, RV Short Queen, RV King, and RV Cal King.

What are the dimensions of an RV Short Queen mattress?

Usually the RV Short Queen measures 60” W x 75” L or 60” W x 74” L.

How much does an RV mattress cost?

Usually they will range from $300 for a cheap twin mattress to a $1,200 for an RV Cal King mattress.

What is the best type of RV mattress?

Typically, for an RV, you will get a foam mattress, however, there are plenty of innerspring RV mattresses. These actually could be preferable if you have back pain.